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"How welcomed am I?" A phenomenological study of the retrospective accounts of gay males in rural school environments A case study of fathers' perceptions of mandated child support A correlation between diversity and creativity in small nonprofit organizations A correlational study of academic achievement and the 40 developmental assets with middle school students A correlational study on attachment style and gpa of students at an alternative education center A gendered quantitative examination of performance and pay fairness A generic qualitative study of deployment separation of Air Force nondeployed partners A mixed method exploration of characteristics of federal government employees and their knowledge sharing preferences A multidisciplinary approach to cyberbullying: An action research study A phenomenological case study of ethnic minority Medicaid diabetic patients in Virginia: Providers' viewpoints A phenomenological study of childhood experiences of adult children who had parents with an alcohol use disorder A phenomenological study of merger stress on the acquired manager A phenomenological study of the lived experience of aging Nigerian professionals living in exile in the United States of America A phenomenological study of undergraduate college student perceptions of academic support groups for at-risk students A qualitative case study on the re-entry experience of the repatriate spouse: Are you sure this is the right way home? A qualitative study of disaster preparedness, perceptions among law enforcement officers A qualitative study of the impact Oneida language learning has on the preservation of Oneida culture A qualitative study: Retention of first-year learners in higher education A quantitative analysis of factors that influence small business owners and managers to engage in social initiatives A quantitative study of perception of traditional and nontraditional domestic abuse A social cognitive approach to correlates of playing different genres of video games, self-esteem and self-efficacy among university students A spatial coalition game theory approach to hastily formed networks: A case study of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake relief effort A statistical examination of the relationship between workplace anger and hatred A study of African American pastoral attitude and experiences with health promotions in a rural community A study of African American pastoral attitudes towards collaboration with other African American pastors and their congregations to provide faithbased social services A study of body image perceptions related to appearance, fitness and health orientation among Black women A study of emotional intelligence and service ability among North Carolina mental health professionals: Implications for research and practice A study of resilience and locus of control among homeless and non-homeless adults Acculturation as it correlates to obesity among Hispanic young adults Addressing key factors to increase quality of life in individuals with MS: An action research Administering change to domestic violence -- A phenomenological study of nonprofit administrators of domestic violence programs in South Carolina African American adults perspectives on child/adolescent bullying: Attitudes and knowledge African American families and autism: A phenomenological investigation of the lived experiences of African American parents who care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) African American single mothers: Intergenerational transmission, parenting styles, educational, and professional attainment After a late life divorce: A phenomenological exploration into the adjustment process and experiences of ten Latino women living in New York City Alternative prison-based educational programs for women: A phenomenological inquiry of Girl Scouts Beyond Bars in a central Midwestern state An Empirical Study on the Impact of Social Capital on Operational Alignment and IT Value An analysis of person-organization fit factors and problematic Internet usage across generational groupings An examination of the situational effects of types of prisons on in-prison death 2000-2012 Assessing a community's adverse childhood experience related programs Barriers preventing involvement between nonresident African American fathers and their biological children Barriers to treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids among African American women Beyond race: The impact of physical appearance on police officers' decision making Binge drinking behaviors among new and experienced male and female firefighters Body image perception of African American women attending an all-female, historically Black college Brainstorming lessons from working in ambiguous environments Breastfeeding duration in a social context: A predictive analysis Case study of local emergency planning committee (LEPC) compliance and proactivity experiences Characteristics that make an effective nonprofit behavioral health board Childhood conditioning and consequences vs. deviant behaviors and adolescent development: A perspective of social learning theory Children of incarcerated parents: In the children's own words Children's adjustment following parental divorce: How effective is sandtray play therapy? Clinicians' experiences and cognitive processes treating medicinal marijuana users: A qualitative inquiry Cognitive functioning and substance abuse treatment Collaborative action for women's shelter programs improvement: An outcome-based evaluative case study Correlation between self-efficacy and transfer of training in the virtual team environment Counseling male victims of domestic violence: A phenomenology study Couple relationship satisfaction and parenting style among nonmarried parents of children in Head Start programs Crime and safety programs in American public schools Criminogenic risk, community characteristics, and parolee recidivism Cultural competence: The impact of training on rural child welfare professionals Cultural competency in emergency responders Cultural influences and the impact of workplace bullying D.A.R.E.: The message and the messenger---Perspectives of the officer Dangerous residents: Residency placement of violent felons and sex offenders in long-term nursing facilities, A qualitative analysis Defining the authentic self: A study of how young adult women develop authentically and the role of their religious/spiritual experiences and sexual development Developing a sports club management competency model for Albania: A Delphi study Differential perceptions of neglect for Native-American families: An experimental design Digital divides and socio-demographic factors: A longitudinal quantitative study of internet users in U.S. from 2000 to 2010 Disaster preparedness network information connectivity gaps and emergency management agency members Do factors of social disorganization influence the decertification of law enforcement officers? Does helping parents help? A study on a consultative parent advocacy program and reading achievement Does substance abuse treatment change incidents of intimate partner violence? Does theory matter in social movement practice in the midwest? A descriptive study Domains of risk in the prediction of divorce in women Downsized, laid off, and outsourced: Action research for performance improvement in outplacement Dropping the flag: Female gang members deciding to leave Effects of attitude, norms, and perceived behavior control on intentions to become a teen father Effects of mentoring on transitioning from the foster care system to independent living: A study of emancipated youth in metropolitan Washington, DC Elementary and middle school bullying: A Delphi analysis of successful prevention programming Employment for the developmentally disabled via one-stop centers End the silence: African American women's challenge to reconnect after a cancer diagnosis Evaluating cultural competency: A theory-driven integrative process/outcome evaluation of an associate degree program Evaluating the effects of housing status on victimization in Prince William County, Virginia Examining the difference between law enforcement wellness programs and operational stress Examining the privacy concerns, perceptions, and behavioral intentions of online weight-loss social network users Exceptions to the rule: Detained status offenders: A regional secondary data analysis Experiences of professionals working with custodial grandparents during adjustment to raising a grandchild after maternal incarceration Experiences of victim advocates who work in human trafficking commercial sexual exploitation: A phenomenological analysis Explaining IT professionals' organizational commitment based on age, gender, and personality trait factor Exploring experiences of formerly at-risk African American males and mentor relationships during K-12 school years Exploring positive relationships in the workplace: Reconciling the multiple realities of I and we Exploring the applicability and viability of lean within professional association membership based organizations Exploring the feminine journey of gifted women regarding career self-efficacy and emotional well-being Exploring the lived experiences of older father caregivers of adult children with intellectual disabilities Exploring the lives of homeless women in Anchorage, Alaska: A generic qualitative study/thematic analysis Exposure to traumatic death events and traumatic event-related stress in crime scene investigators: A multiple regression analysis Factors of disaster readiness in private sector, for-profit businesses in the United States Factors that influence self-disclosure for job seekers using social networking: A qualitative case study Focal concerns and federal sentencing guidelines: an examination of federal drug offenders Forecasting anger and aggression: An analysis of anger management treatment for misdemeanor offenders Former foster youth: a qualitative inquiry of what works in learning independent living skills Foster care alumni giving back to children in care Fostering social and emotional competencies in students diagnosed with dyslexia: Teachers' perspectives Free speech or bias: A study on the impact of hate speech in higher education From praxis to profession: Exploring attitudinal professionalism among Florida's emergency management practitioners Generational challenges of nondenominational church leaders: An exploratory qualitative inquiry using a focus group design HIV/AIDS in Cameroon: A quantitative correlational study of knowledge, attitude, and behavior of women regarding unprotected sex Health behaviors: A study of New Jersey college students Homeless parents seeking employment: A phenomenological study Homogeneous decision-making's impact on African-American males seeking leadership positions How therapists describe working with children ages 5-12 who have been diagnosed with adhd and have a history of trauma Ideal versus reality: A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experience of retirees achieving retirement expectations Identifying indicators for a tenant accountability instrument to supplement the Enterprise Income Verification system Impact of paternal alcoholism on intimate partner relationship satisfaction among college students Impact of using teachers as check & connect mentors for middle school students at risk for educational failure Improved A1C readings for diabetic patients who receive feedback via text messaging Improving cross system collaboration: An action research study to benefit foster care alumni In their own words: A program evaluation on elevated stress among grandparent caregivers Influences and effects of subjective post-Furman death-penalty aggravators on Oklahoma death penalty cases Influences on national incident management system implementation by law enforcement executives: A quantitative approach Interpersonal needs and job satisfaction of nonprofit female executives: A correlational study Interviewing in virtual worlds: A phenomenological study exploring the success factors of job applicants utilizing Second Life to gain employment Investigating relationships between spiritual well-being, stress coping skills, and quality of life among African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos Latino mixed status families and poverty: A phenomenological study Latino students' perceptions of their culture and how this affects their academic progress Leadership styles in life-threatening contexts: Exploring police officers' level of trust Lessons learned from a texas community emergency response team Life satisfaction of Air Force civilian male spouses Listening to their voices: A hermeneutic phenomenological study of teen pregnancy Logging in to find hope: Grief support in the internet age: A qualitative analysis Managing complexity in virtual project teams: Understanding the lived experiences of the traditional project manager through phenomenological research Marital adjustment, coping and demographic traits for spouses of partners who exhibit adhd symptoms in childhood -- A quantitative study Mental health care barriers facing Haitian Americans Millennial volunteerism: Predicting future volunteerism through logistic regression analysis of current attitudes Motivational factors in software development: A study to explore the relationship between work locus of control and contribution to open source projects Multiple role balance, professional quality of life, and wellness among women employed as professional counselors Native American leadership theory: A tribal perspective Noncustodial strain and criminality: A phenomenological study of fathers Nonprofit and military collaboration: An exploration of community based support beyond a focus on conflict Nonprofit policy and procedure: Ethical guidelines and social media Online assistance for substance abuse and dependence: Exploring the experience and dimensions of online self-help programs Parent to grandparent to parent again: Correlational study on differing parenting styles Parents bereaved by drug related death: A grounded theory study Participatory action for assessing civic engagement implications: Outcome based evaluative case study Path-goal leadership, organizational commitment, and turnover intention among generational cohorts Perspectives of risks and resiliency among African American grandparents as custodial guardians of their grandchildren Physical child abuse between siblings: Child protection workers and compensatory decision making Police officer perceptions of crime analysts Police supervisors' authentic leadership influence on employee work engagement: A phenomenological examination Police-public interactions during traffic and street stops: An analysis at the urban, suburban, and rural levels Poor suburbia: Understanding the experiences of Long Island nonprofits serving the poor Population density and rates of at-risk behaviors of crime and adolescent births: A quantitative correlational study Predictors of distress among grandmothers raising grandchildren: The role of community service utilization and social supports Predictors of repeat pregnancies in adolescent females Quantitative analysis: Education and experience effects upon emergency preparedness for special needs Reducing recidivism rates among the mentally ill: Effective case management solutions Rehabilitation counselors' training program experience to treat clients with polytraumatic disabilities: A generic qualitative study Relationship among length of combat deployments, spirituality, rank, finances, and marital satisfaction among Army couples Relationship between gender roles, parental attachment, and life satisfaction in young adulthood Relationship between placement type, time in placement and number of placements and juvenile delinquency: An exploration of African-American males in foster care Relationship of financial literacy to retirement preparedness among female baby-boomer cohorts Restorative justice alternative to the traditional criminal justice system in Nigeria Retention of firefighters in volunteer fire departments in suburban Nebraska School influences on the level of teen volunteerism: A secondary data analysis Stigma reduction initiative to increase community integration for those living with a persistent mental illness Succession pathways for leader development in California community colleges: A phenomenological study Surviving suicide: Understanding the lived experiences of bereaved parents Teachers' perceptions of safety and preparedness for acts of violence within schools in light of recent school shootings Telemental Health Care Services Acceptance among Primary Care Physicians The association between life satisfaction and patriotism in military spouses The association of awareness and perception on household emergency preparedness for hurricanes The correlation between heterosexism, resiliency, and authenticity in adult gay men The correlation between the sustainability ratings of multi-national pharmaceutical corporations and new product development in middle to low-income countries The correlation of head football coach's authentic leadership factor with degree of team success The differences among new, experienced, and inactive court-appointed special advocate volunteers' functional motivations, satisfaction, future intent, and volunteer-related burnout The effect of fathering skills training on the parental self-efficacy of single African American fathers The effect of geographical separation, mediated communications, and culture, on tester team member trust of other information technology virtual project team members The effectiveness of team decision making in Children's Division on child welfare outcomes The experience of being a burn survivor with a physical disability The experiences and perceptions of Ghanaian medical professionals towards the practice of passive euthanasia in Ghana The experiences of Recovery High School students: Using empirical phenomenology to garner knowledge The experiences of divorce among African American women with an absent mother The experiences of women who as teens aged out of foster care and became mothers: A transcendental phenomenological study The extent to which raising a young autistic child impacts the marital relationship of the parents The factors affecting learning transfer The impact of Sex Offender Registration and community notification on recidivism in Alabama The impact of deployment on married active duty soldiers The impact of income on African American women's decisions to leave abusive relationships The impact of nonprofit coordination services on social disorganization within bounded systems The impact of pre-matriculation variables on the persistence of freshman students to their sophomore year The impact of socioeconomic status on parenting styles of male single parents The influence of two-factor theory on recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters The intimate experience of parents participating in multisystemic therapy (MST) The issues considered in the choice to initiate a divorce by women who have chosen to initiate divorce: A generic qualitative investigation The lived experience of battered women in transitional housing The lived experience of engaging in Christian marriage counseling The lived experience of former foster children who had to move their belongings in garbage bags The lived experience of how adult nursing students blend lifestyle obligations with nursing school expectations The lived experience of stereotyping: A phenomenological study of minority mid- and low-level managers within organizations The lived experiences of African American girls in relation to the mentoring services utilized to address their participation in delinquent activities The lived experiences of African American men between the ages of 45 to 65 recovering from alcohol abuse: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of African American women during the decision-making process to leave abusive intimate partners The lived experiences of O.K. Program graduates: The journey from self-doubt to self-efficacy The lived experiences of female sex traffickers reintegrating back into mainstream society The lived experiences of welfare recipients: A phenomenological study of intergenerational dependency on the welfare system The recovery process of African American female survivors of childhood sexual abuse: A case study The relationship between differentiation of self, marital expectations, and marital satisfaction for the middle and later stage married adults The relationship between emotional intelligence and authentic leadership in Naval Special Warfare leadership The relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership practices of human services adminstrators The relationship between mentoring functions and career outcomes among women of color: A quantitative study The relationship between socialization processes of adjunct nursing faculty and their attitude towards organizational commitment and professional development The socialization of secure computing practices for home internet users: A quantitative analysis of individual perceptions The technology acceptance model and the communications interoperability problem: A correlational study The vulnerability of living near Vesuvius and Phlegraean fields: A quantitative study Through the eyes of future leaders: An exploratory study of seminarians' perceptions of persons with disabilities in their churches Trading one uniform for another: An examination of Army health care specialist service as civilian emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and other emergency medical professionals Training and mandated reporters' confidence levels: A correlational study Transcendental leadership in action: An exploration of how self-identified transcendental leaders build a culture of workplace spirituality Treatment experiences of adult substance dependent females: A qualitative study Uncovering risky sexual behaviors: HIV-postive female baby boomers speak out Understanding the newcomer socialization process: A phenomenological study Understanding the ways that program mentoring influences the decision of urban, at-risk, high school students to apply for college University faculty members' perceptions of group work: How knowledge and experiences guide practice Usefulness of traffic-calming-device policy program across residential neighborhoods: Utilization-focused evaluative case study Using social media for medical research: A correlation study Vicarious trauma among critical incident stress management teams Voices of our sons: A phenomenological study of African American adolescent males living with parents in a lesbian relationship Weighing the options: The lived experiences of human services administrators with decision-making processes What motivates people to volunteer? A survey research study to analyze characteristics and motives of individuals that donate time Women's leadership within the YWCA: After implementation of Steps to Absolute Change