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"Let us make men": Investigating the causal impact of fraternity intake completion on leadership development in HBCU undergraduates 911 brings changes: School age children's experience with the Transportation Security Administration's airport passenger screening system, from the parents' perspective A case study approach of the attitudes of African-American parents who have inracially adopted toward Caucasian-American parents who have transracially adopted African-American children A case study of communication between parents of donor conceived children and other recipient parents A case study of how managers at an insurance company in Puerto Rico apply emotional intelligence competencies learned during training and coaching A comparison study of the satisfaction of American automotive supplier employees at Japanese subsidiaries and U.S. companies A generic qualitative inquiry of childhood experiences and their influence on marital satisfaction amoung African American women A holistic approach to work-life balance and job-life satisfaction: A multiple case study A phenomenological approach exploring the lived experience of members of alcoholics anonymous who have social anxiety A phenomenological approach to grandmothers' experience of parenting their grandchildren A phenomenological exploratory study of western expatriates' cross-cultural adjustment to Saudi Arabia A phenomenological research study that examines the experience of people who have left the faith of their family of origin A phenomenological study of childhood experiences of adult children who had parents with an alcohol use disorder A phenomenological study of falling out of romantic love as seen in married couples A phenomenological study of romantic love for women in later life A phenomenological study of the lived childhood experience of Black women and how these experiences impact perceptions of achieving marital satisfaction A phenomenological study on the meaning of marriage in fragile families A qualitative inquiry into the psychological and psychosocial experiences of young grandmothers A qualitative investigation of confidence of novice and experienced American Legion Baseball Umpires A qualitative study of female airline pilots and how they achieved their goals A qualitative study of mother-child relationships after leaving domestic violence situations for temporary residence A qualitative study of women of color balancing career and family A qualitative study of younger brothers' lived experience of having an older brother A qualitative study: Reflections on being a LGB adolescent in rural high school settings A quantative study to uncover predictor factors that differentiate between social or commercial entrepreneurs A quantitative investigation into perceived social status and impact on retention phenomenon within the aviation maintenance profession among student and regular members A quantitative study of forgiveness and divorce adjustment in divorce recovery groups A social cognitive approach to correlates of playing different genres of video games, self-esteem and self-efficacy among university students A study of marital satisfaction: The efficacy of premarital counseling programs in relation to marital satisfaction A study of parental attachment and eating disorders among female college students ADHD and forgiveness: An examination of the effectiveness of forgiveness interventions on the reduction of anger present in college students diagnosed with ADHD Academic self-efficacy and social role modeling in African American college students Accepting me as I am: Examining the coming-out experiences OF LGBT adults Acculturation and the subjective well -being of Somali immigrants in the United States: An explanatory mixed methods investigation Adolescent Black males living in poverty: Perceived sense of inadequacy, relations with parents and their relationship with attitudes to school and attitudes to teachers Adult Daughter and Mother Relationships After Adolescent Pregnancy: A Transcendental Phenomenology Study Adult attachment and value orientation in marriage Aggression, gender, and generational affiliation: A quantitative analysis Air Force single parent mothers and maternal separation anxiety Alumni foster children's lived experience of living in faith-based foster-care placements An Army National Guard military family program staff job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction study An Exploration of Individuals' Transition From Prolonged Solitude to Society: A Generic Qualitative Inquiry An adult daughter's perception of childhood maternal verbal abuse in relationship to attachment and social learning An assessment of guided imagery and guided reflection on the reduction of explicit weight bias An examination of attitudes toward gangs held by young adults from micropolitan and small metropolitan communities An experimental study on the effectiveness of a restorative justice intervention on the social aggression, social problem solving skills, and prosocial behaviors of African American adolescent girls An exploration into how live action role-playing game (LARP) participants experience leadership, decision making, and working within a group in non-game social interactions An exploration of parenting coordination as a form of alternative dispute resolution with high conflict parents: A qualitative study An exploration of the academic success and persistence of first-generation, ethnic minority female college students An exploration of the perceived experiences of social alienation of non -birth mothers in lesbian parent families An exploratory study of adolescents' experiences with their divorced parents' parenting plans An investigation of the child abuse reporting practices and attitudes of clergy in the state of Indiana An investigation of the processes that contribute to African Americans becoming divorced An investigation of the relationship between risk and protective factors for disordered eating among female athletes Assessing the relationship between parenting stress and parental involvement of African American fathers of young children Associations between volunteer motives and service persistence with race among adult mentors in cross-racial youth mentoring relationships Attachment and caregiving in adults: Global and relationship-specific patterns Attitudes and opinions of caregivers employed in group homes for adults who have been diagnosed with mental illness Attitudes of African American clergy regarding the postvention needs of African American suicide survivors Autonomy and control in the workplace: Assessing managerial styles and employee perceptions of work climate Barriers to success and positive outcomes of single mothers: A phenomenological study Beginning romantic relationships online: A phenomenological examination of internet couples Being Unfriended on Facebook: Does it Affect State Shame and State Self-Esteem? Beyond race: The impact of physical appearance on police officers' decision making Binge drinking behaviors among new and experienced male and female firefighters Black racial identity attitude development: An assessment of nigrescence among African American college students Breaking the barrier: An integrative approach to addressing the needs of adolescent non-suicidal self-injury Breaking the silence: A phenomenological study of the effects of asynchronous voice conferencing on the formation of identity, community and presence in online learning Breastfeeding duration in a social context: A predictive analysis Burnout in human services: Cognitive behavioral therapy and music relaxation techniques Can resiliency in Black adolescent males be correlated with parenting style? Casino gambling: The lived experiences of women over the age of 40 Causal and predictive relationships among race, implicit racial bias, and simulated treatment recommendations Chaldean mothers' perspectives on the mother-child relationship post divorce Childhood sexual abuse's impact on Pakistani women on their intimate romantic relationship with their partners Clinicians' experiences and cognitive processes treating medicinal marijuana users: A qualitative inquiry Cognition, behavior, and communication: Does awareness of self improve relationships among married couples? Cognitive styles and the acceptance of related myths Collaborative learning aimed at ensuring psychological safety in high reliability teams Communicator style, cohesiveness, and conflict management style: Differences between African-American male and female athletes Competitive and performance motivation in athletes with disabilities and athletes without disabilities: An investigation of two groups Computer technology, digital transactions, and legal discovery: A phenomenological study of possible paradoxes Coping dispositions: A study of the correlations between social beliefs and coping styles in White North America Corporate philanthropy and its effect on an organization: A qualitative study Counselor assessment of clients from the baby boom era Creating space for the female voice: Sociocultural influences on being raised in a single parent home Cross -cultural adjustment and the expatriate spouse: A case study Cultural conflicts and crises in marriages among the Igbo ethnic group of Nigerian -Americans living in metropolitan New York Cultural influences and the impact of workplace bullying Development and performance of distributed teams: Examining differences between asynchronous and synchronous communication in planning task execution Differences among temperament identification, racial affiliation, and gender as they relate to perceived social competence of children in kindergarten Differences in cultural congruity, university environment, and ethnic identity on measures of persistence for undergraduate Lakota students in a Lakota higher education tribal college Differences in leader self-efficacy based on mentor relationships and leader gender Disabled adults' description of the experience of seeking employment: A phenomenological study Discrimination experienced by lesbian families who have been denied equal marriage protections: A generic qualitative study Dissonance and discourse in higher education administration: Approaching a lingua franca for leaders of academia Do age at the time of parental divorce and gender impact academic performance among high school sophomores? Documenting experiences of blue-collar workers who believe they have been excluded Domestic violence and trauma: An examination of how licensed mental health professionals assess, diagnose, and treat victims of domestic violence Domestic violence and working women: The relationship between employment status and women who seek assistance Domestic violence: Case study of twelve Muslims living in the United States Dual stigma: Exploring the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) college students who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Education, work and mental health: Impacts on senior volunteerism: A qualitative study Effects of a Chapman Love Language intervention with Hispanic couples: A quasi -experimental study Electronic media choices and their relationships to social adjustment among college students Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution styles: Implications for United States National Guard leaders Employees who are deaf: Descriptions of the experience of social interactions in the workplace: A generic qualitative research study Employees' descriptions of the experience of surviving layoffs and downsizings in their organizations: A qualitative descriptive study Employment status, choice, and psychological need fulfillment as predictors of individual well-being in highachieving mothers Evaluating the relationship between the level of leaders' trait hope, the level of followers' state hope, and the positive outcomes of groups: A case study of U.S. Community of Christ congregations Evidence-based practice and family outcomes within a county juvenile justice agency in the western states Exemplary informal caregiving of older adults in rural Maine Exploration of attachment-focused family therapy utility: Parenting sexually abused adopted children Exploring the effects of parasocial connection on relaxation exercise persistence in women Exploring the lived experiences of older father caregivers of adult children with intellectual disabilities Family background, parental involvement, and parent child interactions as predictors of fifth-graders behavior problems Family experiences of the terminal illness and death of a family member Flow and spirituality: The relationship within undergraduate male and female varsity athletic participants Forensic interviewers' perspectives of children who disclose abuse or neglect Free speech or bias: A study on the impact of hate speech in higher education Gay men at middle age: Their experiences of pursuing committed romantic relationships Gender differences in collegiate athletes' perceptions of cohesion: A comparison study using mixed methodology Heuristic inquiry: The experience of being involved in a *relationship with a chemically dependent mate How awareness, development, and maintenance of personal attributes impact the performance of HPI practitioners: A phenomenological study How law enforcement officers describe the experience of interrogating juvenile suspects: A qualitative generic study How mothers experience and describe cosleeping with an infant How young women describe the process of understanding their life plans after college: An exploration using grounded theory Identity as a function of acculturation for Afro -Caribbean immigrants in the U.S.: A heuristic approach Implications of literacy to perceived wellness and positive self-concept: A causal comparative analysis of enrolled versus non-enrolled adults in literacy programs Incentives that increase user-generated-content production in virtual environments: A quantitative analysis of crowd-sourced labor productivity over time Individuals involved in online dating sites description of the process of developing a relationship: A grounded theory study Influences that buffer against self-objectification in adolescent girls Instructional leadership, change, and political culture: The relationship between superintendents' perceived self-efficacy with policy implementation and student achievement Interscholastic wrestlers' motivation in weight regulation techniques: A case study Intimacy, passion, and commitment as predictors of couples' relationship satisfaction Jury perceptions, personality, and self -esteem Leadership in social enterprise: A phenomenological investigation of the experience of leadership in not-for-profit for profit organizations Leadership without a leader: An exploratory study of collaborative leadership Level of depression as a function of the human -animal bond and attachment -related avoidance features Lived experience of law enforcement personnel in the application of deadly force after surviving an armed encounter: A phenomenological inquiry Lived experiences of adoptive parents of Chinese girls impacted by disrupted bonding: A phenomenological study Lives reshaped: A heuristic study of workplace bullied targets Longitudinal peer influences on female juvenile offenders: A quantitative study Managing employee performance in faith-based organizations: A qualitative study Marriage and sex: A study comparing sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction in age and gender Maternal perceptions of their infants: Do perceptions predict maternal motivation to nurture? Military spouses: Experience with relocating multiple times Millennial volunteerism: Predicting future volunteerism through logistic regression analysis of current attitudes Minority male athletes' description of their experiences with controlling aggression in non-sport settings: A case study Moderating effect of job satisfaction on the relationship between emotional intelligence and employee organizational justice perceptions Moral reasoning and political affiliation in liberal and conservative voters: Applying a model of hierarchical complexity Mothers' description of raising two children with an autism spectrum disorder: A case study Mothers, autism and attachment: An exploration of parenting, perceived attachment and maternal knowledge Motivation to change: A qualitative study on women recovering from opiate dependency Motivational factors of suicide prevention hotline volunteers Motivational profiles of adult males in the precontemplation stage of change for alcohol dependence Negotiating identities: The transition to motherhood in young urban adolescent mothers Objective and subjective career success: A quantitative study examining the role of endurance athletic and motivational styles Older children adoptions: Effects on marital satisfaction and parenting stress Oppression and trauma: Examining the relationship between perceptions of racial oppression and the presence of trauma symptoms in Black Americans Optimism, psychological well-being, and quality of life in females with Fibromyalgia Syndrome Organizational commitment in a technology -focused organization: An investigation of military, government service, and contracted personnel Parenting alliance in blended and intact family systems Parenting behaviors in mothers of children diagnosed with developmental delay: A grounded theory study Parenting styles: Their impact on adolescent separation and college adjustment Parents bereaved by drug related death: A grounded theory study Participation in sports as a source of meaning in successful aging Perceptions of belonging among older adult learners in an intergenerational classroom Perceptions of retirement and aging as experienced by self-identified lesbians ages 51 through 60 Perceptions of the experience of participation in the Dance for PD movement program: A qualitative study of individuals with Parkinson's disease Perceptions of the role of a father: The perspectives of Black women from low-income environments Post deployment, self -reporting of mental health problems, and barriers to care Predictors of social workers' non-judgmental and supportive attitudes toward teen mothers Presence of optimistic bias and illusion of control in information security risk perceptions Prevalence of substance abuse screening of teenagers by pediatricians Protection against child maltreatment: A factorial analysis of service programs Prototypical thinking of teachers regarding students labeled with a disability Psychological distress among adult children of divorce who perceive experiencing parental alienation syndrome in earlier years Psychological leadership effects on cultural behavior in global corporation Psychosocial-behavioral experiences of human-animal interactions for 18- to 25-year-old young adults Psychotherapists' life experiences related to treating sex offender clients who show denial behaviors in treatment: A generic qualitative inquiry study Qualitative research exploring fathers' experience of alienation and court interventions in the process of divorce involving child custody Racial differences in applicants' stress appraisals of tests based on selection policy Receiving and training a service dog: The impact on combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Relationship of a measure of academic entitlement attributes to successful completion of a first nursing course Relationship of early use of alcohol to women's adult life circumstances Relationships among academic dishonesty, moral obligation, and fraud detection software Relationships between organizational commitment, interpersonal misbehavior, and organizational misbehavior Relationships between perceived racial discrimination and self-efficacy: The roles of race, gender, and resilience Religious practice and treatment attitude of african american christian bible study attendees Resilience development through humor Resilience theory, social capital of neighborhoods and adolescence: The effect of neighborhoods on competence demonstrated during adolescence Resiliency and adolescents: Protective factors from family and community Risk factors associated with non-suicidal self-injurious behaviors among incarcerated male adolescents Romance and reality: The impact of viewing romantic media on changes in women's attitudes toward romantic partners Rumination, age, and years of experience: A predictive study of burnout Salsa dancing as an intervention increasing the self-efficacy levels of nonregular exercisers School influences on the level of teen volunteerism: A secondary data analysis Second -generation Iranian-Americans: The relationship between ethnic identity, acculturation, and psychological well-being Senior leaders' experiences with vulnerability: A multiple case study Sexual negotiations and satisfaction in midlife marriages: When she earns more Sexual seduction of children in cyberspace: A content analysis of Internet deviance and pedophilic criminality Sexually or gender non-conforming adults' description of the meaning of difference within a rural high school context: A grounded theory study Social cognitive theory: Adolescent alcohol initiation decision Social desensitization and DWI in New Mexico: A phenomenological study of the social influence upon the decision to drink and drive Social recognition of love: The experience of being denied marriage Social responsibility: A phenomenology of perceived-successful private sector leadership experience Social support use by Chamorro women on Guam diagnosed with breast cancer Stigma reduction initiative to increase community integration for those living with a persistent mental illness Team member perspectives on individualism-collectivism: Generational differences and their perceived impact on teams Telemental Health Care Services Acceptance among Primary Care Physicians The Experience of Interpretation and Use of Text Messaging Techniques with the Substance Use Disorder Individual in Post Recovery: A Grounded Theory Approach The Interrelationship of the Actions and Processes Described by Women Working as Life-Coach and Entrepreneur: A Qualitative Study The Lived Experience of Caribbean Women and Their Experiences as Senior-Level Leaders: A Phenomenological Study The Lived Experience of Married Couples Who Share Expressive Writing: A Phenomenological Study The Predictive Relationship of Prayer Behavior, Spirituality, Religiosity, Demographics, and Marital Fidelity with Marital Satisfaction The Puerto Rican mother's experience of the coming out process of her homosexual child The Relationship Between the 16PF Global Factors and Stress-Related Responses of Professionals Providing Therapeutic Interventions to Victims The couple as a pair bond and the lived experience of dyadic coping with fibromyalgia: A phenomenological study The development of a preventative bullying policy: An action research approach The differences among new, experienced, and inactive court-appointed special advocate volunteers' functional motivations, satisfaction, future intent, and volunteer-related burnout The differences in African American women and their gender role identity The earliest warning signs of intimate partner violence The effect of child's input in custody placement on one's adulthood adjustment The effect of emotional intelligence on marital satisfaction: Is there a protective function to the satisfying marriage? The effect of religiosity and spirituality on mate selection and relationship stability among African Americans The ethics of self -care: Burnout among substance abuse professionals The experience of Jewish women in a second marriage: A qualitative study The experience of a female being raised in an isolated polygamous community in British Columbia: A heuristic study. The experience of active membership in Addictions Victorious: A multifocus addiction twelve-step self-help group The experience of anxiously attached heterosexual adult women while in romantic relationships: A phenomenological study The experience of being a single mother during adolescence: A qualitative study The experience of equity in long term African American marriages: A descriptive phenomenological study The experience of gay male caregivers of people with aids a qualitative inductive analysis The experience of male financial institution risk managers asserting nonconforming viewpoints to the organizational credit risk framework The experience of public library staff in dealing with disruptive patrons and visitors to the library: A multiple case study The experience of single parent adult learners who have obtained an undergraduate degree: A generic inquiry The experiences of African Americans when encountering Caucasian Americans The experiences of Facebook for adults over the age of 25: A case study The experiences of adult women ages 30-44 who log on to Facebook daily using their smartphone: A generic qualitative study The experiences of community volunteers in caring for young orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania The experiences of female Black mentees in a graduate-level degree program while enrolled at a predominantly white institution The experiences of individuals attending counseling after HIV diagnosis The experiences of non-heterosexual collegiate athletes: A phenomenological investigation The experiences of the parents of a depressed child The impact of attachment styles on the quality of romantic relationships among African American adults as measured by support, depth, and conflict The impact of military deployment on the lives of significant others: A multiple case study The impact of peer support programs on the process of recovery from mental illness: A comparative analysis The impact of social comparison on the judgment-based Angoff method The impact of team composition on wraparound boundaries The influence of social support systems on the degree of PTSD symptoms in the elderly The intimate experience of parents participating in multisystemic therapy (MST) The issues considered in the choice to initiate a divorce by women who have chosen to initiate divorce: A generic qualitative investigation The lived experience of adoptive mothers raising children diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A phenomenological study The lived experience of adult children during and following a parent's entry into nursing home care The lived experience of being raised by single alcohol-dependent father: A qualitative heuristic study The lived experience of being raised in Quaker silent meeting: A heuristic inquiry The lived experience of being spiritual for an atheist: A heuristic inquiry The lived experience of caregivers of the developmentally disabled in group homesettings -- A phenomenological approach The lived experience of dignity and independence: A phenomenological study of Arkansas assisted living The lived experience of highly religious Orthodox Jewish students in graduate programs in psychology and social work The lived experience of honor among first generation Levantine Arab American women: A heuristic study The lived experience of police officers who are members of an internet crimes against children task force: A phenomenological study The lived experience of women who have had a child through egg donation: A phenomenological study The lived experience of workplace reintegration for reserve component servicemembers following an extended period of combat deployment The lived experiences of the army officer's wife to an army commander's toxic leadership: A phenomenological study The lived-experience of spiritual awakening for members of alcoholics anonymous with long-term sobriety: A phenomenological study The maternal lived experience of conceiving through in vitro fertilization and raising triplets: A heuristic study The meaning of family storytelling among Mexican American adults: A phenomenological study on the construction of reality through the transmission of multigenerational family structure, traditions, values, and wisdom The military experience: Perceptions from senior military officers' wives The nature of the improved subjective well-being of adult children of alcoholics The predictive value of committed relationships and confidence on self-perceived mate value The prevalence of traumatic life experiences in homeless women: A phenomenological study The process of overcoming domestic violence over two - three generations: A grounded theory investigation The process of trust in intimate relationships for adult children of a parent with an alcohol-use disorder The recovery process of African American female survivors of childhood sexual abuse: A case study The relationship between chronic pain, social support, and depression in college athletes The relationship between differentiation of self, marital expectations, and marital satisfaction for the middle and later stage married adults The relationship between fathers' pre -natal involvement with the mother and post -natal involvement with the child(ren) The relationship between involuntary unemployment, self-esteem, intrinsic motivation, and subjective vitality of adult professionals The relationship between perceived social presence and development of interpersonal trust in a virtual environment The relationship between professional burnout and marital satisfaction The relationship between spirituality and marital satisfaction in Christian heterosexual marriages The relationship between therapeutic foster parenting style and placement longevity The relationship between trait forgiveness and marital adjustment in heterosexual individuals The relationship between young adults' spiritual well -being and attachment to God and their recollections of parental and faith -group spiritual influences The relationship of forgiveness to psychological resilience and health among African American women The role of Emotional Intelligence in Transformational Leadership Style The role of adult attachment styles within virtual workplace teams The role of gender and individual conflict-handling style as predictors of coworker-initiated, coworker-targeted indirect workplace aggression The role of reflection in leader identity formation in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) The role of social and temporal distance on college student decision making The role of social identity and learning community participation in students' perceptions of academic persistence The sacrifices of civil liberties for security in schools: The correlates of parent's attitudes The sex offender and his experience of sexual assault: A phenomenological study The sexual and social experiences of adult African American/Black men who have sex with men (MSM): A qualitative study The spiritual intelligence differences between internal and external locus of control of working adults The study of adult attachment styles, communication patterns, and relationship satisfaction in heterosexual individuals The use of iPads in a retirement home community to increase social skills: An action research approach The use of rituals and routines in military families experiencing deployment The work-life balance of first-time fathers utilizing unpaid paternal leave Therapeutic relationship building: Experiences of clinicians who treat reactive attachment disorder Understanding the newcomer socialization process: A phenomenological study Understanding the role positive peer pressure plays in proper police officer ethical decision making Understanding their ride: An heuristic phenomenological investigation of long-distance motorcycle riding Understanding well-being in appalachian women: A qualitative study of health perceptions Virtual Mate Poaching: A study of the tactics used to poach a potential mate on Social Networking Sites Well-being of mothers when an adult child is incarcerated What is the lived experience of becoming a parent as described by the working professional woman? A heuristic inquiry Who am I? Probing racial identity in young biracial children Who is more prone to sexually abuse inmates Without metaphor the vision perishes: Discourse analysis of charismatic leadership Women and spirituality: A phenomenological study Women leading men: A look into the phenomenon of leadership from the perspective of women officers in the military Work stress, hardiness, and burnout among nursing faculty Work values and generational differences: Using work values to understand generational differences in the Canadian workplace Work-family interaction, job satisfaction, and the mediating influence of motivation orientation Youth/adult perspectives: The involvement of youth in non-profit youth organization decision-making processes