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"To teach me, you have to know me": Illuminating successful teaching strategies for at-risk Latino students at the secondary level A Delphi study of online course development by secondary school teachers A case study of Appreciative Inquiry as an intervention to improve the professional climate of a public middle school A case study of how a school-based program serving pregnant and parenting students impacts teen fathers A case study of secondary school teachers' experiences of frustration in teaching A case study of the first Catholic school in the nation to be named a "National School of Character"...a model for others to consider A case study: How school empowerment impacts organization for instruction A community of bloggers: A study of secondary school English class blogs A comparative analysis of Jesuit secondary school curriculum and constructivist methodology A comparative study of student athletes' academic performance, attendance, and behavior in -season versus out -of -season A comparative study of virtual high school instruction versus traditional instruction of high school student outcomes and attitudes in physical education A contextualized school effect study of mathematics achievement at New York City public high schools (Region #6) using higher order linear modeling A correlational study of the levels of school violence and the school's physical environment as perceived by teachers A correlational study on attachment style and gpa of students at an alternative education center A descriptive analysis of alternative schools in Texas A descriptive study of freshman academy program data in multiple areas: Student achievement, discipline and attendance A mixed methods study of the affective perceptions held by non -proficient middle school readers toward the process of learning to read A mixed methods study on the effects of social promotion practices on at-risk ninth graders who are placed in high school A mixed-methods study of mathematics and science achievement of refugee students in homogeneous and heterogeneous groups A model school in Iraq: How to create a K--12 model school in order to serve Iraqis returning from the West A narrative inquiry of graduates from an alternative rural education program A phenomenological study of a rural public high school's parent involvement program A phenomenological study of the emergence of leadership among female secondary school principals in Nigeria A positive and proactive approach to teaching students with behavior difficulties in junior high A qualitative analysis of the experiences, opinions, and reasons given for dropping out of high school by African American students A qualitative study on the perceptions of Mexican Americans regarding the conditions of teen pregnancy A quantitative study of Michigan high school students' perception of parents' role in their academic success A spectrum of change: Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in middle school A study comparing the academic achievement of African American male students enrolled in two types of nontraditional high schools A study comparing the results of a school system's quarterly assessments and the state high-stakes test in eighth-grade mathematics A study of Georgia's hidden curriculum: Institutional discrimination in the eighth grade A study of discrepancies between high school students' grades and standardized test scores A study of large, academically successful, comprehensive high schools: Leadership practices and organizational components A study of sixth grade students and college freshmen: Habits of learning and dispositions of learning A study of teacher efficacy in secondary American Sign Language-English teaching A study of the impact of single sex classes on the self -efficacy of urban African American adolescent males A study of the learning styles of middle and high school deaf and nondeaf students in public education A study of the relationship between principal leadership style and student achievement A study to examine relational contingencies using the Girls and Boys Town Education Model to manage successful classroom behavior Academic success of at-risk African American male students who receive culturally relevant teaching, college readiness preparation, and mentorship Academic success: Are virtual high schools working in Georgia? Academically at-risk adolescents in a Texas detention facility: Factors related to the non-completion of high school Advancement Via Individual Determination: A model for equity in secondary mathematics African American girls' perceptions of their adjustment from coeducational elementary schools to a single-gender middle school, and how they believe educators can best support this transition: A case study African American male school dropouts: Empowered voices charting the course toward change All iPads, all the time: A qualitative study of high school teachers' experiences with and perspectives on the use of exclusive technology Alternative programs: Assuring graduation for high school students with emotional and behavioral disabilities Alternative to high school programs: A descriptive study of the impact of New York City's Young Adult Borough Centers on disconnected youth An Exploratory Qualitative Analysis of African American Parents: Sharing Their Experiences When Helping Their Children Succeed in Secondary School An action research project to determine the effectiveness of a ninth grade transition program An action research study on students' perceptions of pursuing postsecondary education An assessment of assistive technology devices and services used at the secondary school level in an urban Enugu, Nigeria, public school district An award -winning school: The impact of transformational leadership on teacher morale in the middle school An evaluation of a personalized education program for at -risk ninth grade students An examination of differences in motivation as measured by the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire and cumulative grade point average of high school female athletes in comparison to high school female nonathletes An examination of emotional intelligence: Its relationship to academic achievement in Army JROTC and the implications for education An examination of teacher beliefs regarding teaching practices and social interactions in a Central Missouri school district secondary school setting An examination of teacher efficacy: Leaving no child or teacher behind An examination of the influence of self efficacy, locus of control, and perceptions of parent involvement on academic achievement of urban high school students An inquiry into the use of video media by secondary students in the Digital Generation using peer coaching in an aikido class An investigation of contributing factors for retention and attrition for a Florida school district's alternatively certified teachers An investigation of musical knowledge and transfer of learning to application skills in the middle-school choir Anxiety and middle school English language learners Are kids learning?: A study of high school social studies instruction Are secondary special education teachers prepared to guide student to adult life: A study of secondary special education teachers felt preparedness Are two heads better than one? A case study for cooperative learning in a middle school Argumentation through policy-analysis: Designing effective standards-based mathematics for social justice instruction At-risk and successful students' perspectives on academic performance and absenteeism At-risk high school seniors: Science remediation for Georgia's High School Graduation Test At-risk high school students and online learning: Characteristics and instructional design strategies At-risk student experiences with project-based learning: A phenomenological study Babes in baccalaureates: A multivariate analysis of accelerated learning programs in the state of Florida Barriers that impede parental involvement in urban high schools: The parents' perspective Behind closed doors: A case study of the impact of peer visits to combat isolation and develop reflective practice in high school teachers Beliefs of high school teachers and progressive instructional theory Block scheduling: A causal-comparative study examining the impact on Hispanic student achievement Blogs as learning tools in a high school science class for at -risk learners: An ethnography Bob Marley's lyrics: Understanding and explaining their pedagogical value Bridging the communication gap: An action science research study of teacher collaboration in distance learning Building boys into men: The relationship between discipline and spirituality in high school males Career education: Addressing career indecision and career decision in middle school students Career planning without a regular diploma: A study of high school students who received "special" diplomas Case study: The perception of online tutorials---habitually absent students with familial or socioeconomic circumstances Charter school sustainability: A quantitative descriptive study of charter school academic performance Cheating, plagiarizing, and false excuse making: A study in student ethics Classroom mastery of performance standards College student perception of block scheduling and their experiences with it: A qualitative study Common planning time and its impact on the academic program at an urban high school: An action research study Comparison of instructional techniques of high school economics teachers in Georgia and Shenzhen, China Connecting teaching and learning: High school teachers' application of professional knowledge Correlational study of the variables of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and academic success in a population of Native American students Creating and sustaining a professional learning community to impact student achievement on a high school campus: An action research project Creating connections: Teachers attitudes toward computer technology and the impact e -mail has on parental involvement Crossing the cultural bridge: Instructional interventions contributing to effective transfer learning with newcomers Defining assessment: Taking the guesswork out of student evaluation in career technical education Designing for learner metacognition and academic inquiry: An investigation of the stripling inquiry model Developing a new school plan addressing bullying incidents at a private military high school in a region of Georgia Digit's digital world: A study of mathematics, technology, and student achievement Discovering the experiences of hearing, regular education American Sign Language students Do math achievement scores for 10th graders in Hawaii's charter schools have a relationship to student perceptions of school quality? Does hypertext promote self-efficacy? A study of hypertext in syllabus design Does small school reform influence literacy achievement of African American students at two urban high schools? Dropout crisis: Can teaching reading in content areas reduce the dropout rate for African American students? Educators' perceptions and value of career and technical education programs Effect of memorization of the multiplication tables on students' performance in high school Effective co-teaching in secondary classrooms: Strategies that best support special education students with deficits in reading comprehension Effectively preparing secondary foreign language students: A study on the effectiveness of the teacher -centered and the student -centered approach Emotional behavior disorders: The lost population of special education End of course grades and standardized test scores: Are grades predictive of student achievement? Engaging online learners: A systematic approach to instructional design Engaging the 21st century learner: An exploratory study of the relationship between interaction and achievement in the virtual high school Enhancing performance in high school algebra: Using guided homework as an instruction strategy Evaluating effects of meeting with parents of at-risk students in community settings: An action research study Evaluating effects of parents' acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities on at-risk ninth-grade student achievement Examination of multiple intelligences in the Cisco Network Academy Examining and analyzing international high schools' teacher and student perceptions of the classroom learning environments Examining the relationship of instructional time to student achievement Exploring teacher and administrator perspectives of a vocabulary instructional intervention program Exploring the group processes, dynamics, and individual and collective experiences of academically at-risk, adolescent Latino males Extracurricular activities: Investigating the affects of participation -nonparticipation on the Georgia High School Science Graduation Test Faculty and parental perceptions of Engrade to communicate: An action research study Failing our best and brightest: Are eligibility criteria related to the underachievement of gifted high school students? Fetch, plug, and play: How secondary science instructors use digital learning objects in their classrooms Filling the gap between a magnet high school workplace readiness curriculum and the workplace General education teachers' perceptions and experiences of adapting instructional strategies for students with learning disabilities in the regular English classroom Heading toward the finish line: Effects of PLATO(RTM) online courses on credit recovery Health Literacy: The Earlier the Better High School Predictors of Post-Secondary Academic Success among Upward Bound Students High school readers: A study of sustained silent reading and academic progress High school students' perceptions of innovative instructional options at a California charter school: A multiple case study High school students' perceptions: Supporting motivation to engage and persist in learning High-school teachers' experiences with formative feedback and its predictive relationship to self-efficacy and job satisfaction High-stakes testing and student grades: A study of correlational significance Highly qualified teachers and the impact on academic achievement: A descriptive research study How can the impact of words and absorbed attitudes of others create a belief that can create barriers to learning? How dare they enter my classroom: A study of teachers' attitudes towards the inclusion process in a rural area in a South Atlantic state How instructional designers bridge learner - content transactional distances in virtual high school courses How urban high school teachers experience job displacement due to accountability sanctions Human Patient Simulation: An educational approach toward reduction of stress and anxiety among nursing students preparing for the first clinical ICT literacies: An investigation of the digital divide in middle and high school classrooms Identification of variables influencing high achievement among urban Black American middle and high school students in one county in North Carolina Identifying leadership styles in high school sports officiating: A case study of football officials in Houston, Texas Identifying ways to improve learner persistence in GED programs Implementing the Common Core States Standards: Processes and challenges of world language teachers Improving college access and career readiness for African American high school students Improving faculty collaboration through development of an online questionnaire at college preparatory academy: An action research study Improving male student enrollment in the high school choral program through the use of a youth barbershop program Improving math performance in high risk schools: A qualitative study Improving reading for secondary students through a focused program emphasizing phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension: An action research study Improving the reading skills of students with learning disabilitiesthrough individualized instructional strategies In search of higher-order thinking: Examining a secondary Physics I web-enhanced instructional design Inclusive high schools and dropout rates: A phenomenological approach Increasing the enrollment of African American males in advanced mathematics and science courses in high school Influence of mentoring on African American and Hispanic males in high school Informal communication: A case study of high school communication frequencies, patterns, and attitudes toward change Instructional design competencies for online high school designers-by-assignment: A Delphi study Instructional design practices in the design and development of Digital Humanities virtual environments (DH-VEs) Instructional skills of secondary special educators teaching students with mild-moderate cognitive disabilities in an inclusive setting International education for all: The implementation of an international baccalaureate program into a rural high school Is Study Island just a craze? A comparison of student achievement test scores in math before and after a technology-integrated intervention Is charter school an answer for inner-city students? A study of inclusion among disadvantaged Black male students with disabilities Is high school graduation an illusion? A study to determine the academic and graduation progression between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers in Georgia public high schools It is all in the percentages: Black -White achievement gap in 6--8 middle schools in South Carolina Job satisfaction among high school counselors in RAMP-designated schools Job satisfaction of principals in urban high schools in New Jersey Kids crash and burn: An analysis of freshmen failing science end of course exams Latino students' perceptions of their culture and how this affects their academic progress Leadership and school reform: The effects of transformational leadership on Missouri assessments Leadership characteristics in high school athletic coaches and a link with winning records: An exploratory study Leadership to success: A study of the leadership behaviors of dropout recovery program leaders Leading adults through change: An action research study of the use of adult and transformational learning theory to guide professional development for teachers Leading schools with Emotional Intelligence: A study of the degree of association between middle school principal Emotional Intelligence and school success Learning to teach online: An interpretive study of high school teachers' experiences in developing online pedagogy Lived experience of stress in middle school teachers Location, location, location: Do school size, family socioeconomic status, and levels of rurality affect the outcome of WESTEST scores Making a child's education a priority: A case study of factors influencing the lack of parental involvement in a Georgia public high school Making a smooth transition to online postsecondary education for students with learning disabilities Making changes: The effect of school based mentoring on at-risk high school students Making the grade: Latino male students quest for academic achievement, cultural identity, and academic success Mapping the issues: A content analysis of elementary and secondary education news stories from 1968 to 2008 on television networks Maximizing math: A study of time and achievement Measuring co -teaching collaboration effectiveness among secondary general and special educators: Assessing needs in an inclusive, urban environment Measuring the efficacy of a Ninth Grade Academy on students with disabilities Middle school Response to Intervention: Using PLCs to implement RtI Modifying open-campus lunch policy to reduce discipline violations: An action research study More bang for your buck: The effect of Minnesota's Alternative Pay for Teachers on the math achievement of high school students Motivating at-risk African American secondary students to succeed: A qualitative case study of student perceptions of motivational strategies within an advocacy classroom Moving schools from good to great: A study of excellence in education Multicultural self-efficacy: A study of the differences of high school counselors in relation to the principal-counselor relationship Needs assessment of upward bound participants' attitudes and perceptions related to their study skills Ninth-grade academy impact on achievement of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds No African American male child left behind: Motivating African American male high school students No Child Left Behind Act: Transformational leadership and adjudicated students' achievement in secondary school No Child Left Behind: The impact of exit-level standardized testing on dropout rates and college readiness One year to learn: A mixed methods study evaluating Arizona secondary students' acquisition of English through English language development Overcoming obstacles to implementing student advisory programs: Effective leadership practices Parent connection to improvement of low attendance in high schools: An action research study Parental involvement in their child's education Passing the high school graduation exam: A comparative-description of Response to Intervention (RtI) in secondary education Patching the hole in the bucket: Addressing the problem of teacher attrition via teacher retention Perceived stress levels in relationship to win/loss records: A large urban public school district in Florida Perceptions of East Laurens High School Black senior students toward the achievement gap Perceptions of hiring managers regarding employment candidates with earned online degrees: Implications for the employability for graduates of online programs Perceptions of the persistent: Academic experiences of first generation community college students Perceptions vs realities: How high school principals view and utilize professional school counselors Postsecondary aspirations of rural high school seniors Print exposure and performance on the exit level science Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills: A correlational study of secondary students Probing success: Studying high school students' motivation in a problem-based learning environment Professional development for generalist teachers to meet the demands of 21st century instruction: A qualitative study of high school alternative education Professional development in language arts: Triggering the levers for teacher learning and student achievement Program evaluation: A study to evaluate the effectiveness of an alternative education program in a rural county of a mid-Atlantic U.S. state Program evaluation: The inclusion process at Chesapeake High School Project ExPreSS: Social studies and science remediation program for the Georgia High School Graduation Test Promoting success: Examining the principal's role in high school athletic programs Public high school administrator perceptions of the efficacy of and satisfaction with online dual credit courses Readiness for globalization in the post primary pre-collegiate public education system in Guyana Reading in the content areas: The instructional practices of high school English and history teachers Reception, perception, response: Ninth-grade African American and other ninth-grade Black students' sensitivity to culturally responsive teachers Reform, transformational learning from the point of view of high school students: A qualitative study Regular education teacher, special education teacher, and paraeducator attitudes towards the practice of inclusion in Illinois public high school classrooms Respect is the key: At -risk high school students' perception of a supportive caring learning environment Response to intervention (RtI) in secondary schools: A comparison of the RtI service delivery model Restructuring for second order change in Washington State small high schools Saxon Math: An analysis for middle school students at-risk of low performance School counselors working with homeless students: A phenomenological study School is your job: A case study on school leadership and Black male achievement School leadership retention: A study of servant leadership and school leader satisfaction School resource officers: What high school teachers consider to be the most important tasks Secondary mathematics designers-by-assignment: Design practice and training needs Secondary teacher perception of student readiness for college Self-efficacy: An antecedent of burnout for high school teachers? Self-perceptions of a high school female adolescent with Asperger syndrome: A case history Sexual health education: The relationship between abstinence-only education and teen pregnancy in a southern state Sports bounce GPAs: The relationship between athletic involvement and academic performance in high school students Statistical analysis of secondary principals' demographics versus high school dropout rates Strategies and techniques successful white high school teachers employ to meet the academic needs of African American male students Strategies that high school athletic coaches can use to support academic performance of student -athletes: An analysis of different strategies and their effectiveness based on teacher evaluations Strategies that produce results: Reducing the dropout rate of overaged special education students Striking a balance in rural Georgia: A case study of the impact of career and technical education course participation and diploma type on academic achievement and high school dropout rates Student debt, problem-solving, and decision-making of adult learners: A basic qualitative study Student perceptions of teacher behaviors and their effects on academic performance Student performance on the georgia end-of-course assessment as compared to performance on the county gateway exam Student stress and contemplative practice in the special needs classroom: Practice and possibilities Student, parent, and teacher attitudes toward the importance of transition practices in the implementation of the (actual) activities Studying the effects of The PASSPORT Program on self-esteem with students who have learning disabilities Successful African American women school leaders in Florida Teacher burnout: A laughing matter Teacher perceptions of technology and learner motivation in the second language classroom Teacher recruitment and retention in a hard-to-staff, at-risk, rural school district in Southeast South Carolina that serves high populations of children of poverty Teachers' perceptions and implementation of professional learning communities in a large suburban high school Teachers' perceptions of differentiating instruction in a sixth grade science class of diverse learners in a Georgia urban school system Teachers' perceptions of integrating academics and career and technical education across the curriculum Teachers' perspectives on resilience: Theory and practice in secondary schools Teaching in secondary inclusive classrooms Teaching reading in the secondary content area classroom as perceived by secondary content area teachers Team teaching: The impact on students with disabilities in a middle school setting Technostress from the perspective of college students: A basic qualitative study The Black-White achievement gap in Georgia: Implications for school improvement and reduction of disparities The academic impact of co-teaching on non-disabled high school Integrated Math I students The achievement gap: Which teaching styles can help close it? The analytical writing program: An objective teaching and learning model for academic writing in secondary learning environments The attitudes of secondary mathematics teachers toward authentic assessment in their classroom The availability and use of 21st century technology tools in South Carolina secondary public school library media centers The change in leadership: Tracking the improvements of a Georgia high school? The correlation between dropout rates of a high school and reading levels of a middle school in a small city in northwest Georgia The correlation between teacher empowerment and principal leadership behaviors in high schools The correlation of Latin, Greek and the Classical Education model with learning other subjects The correlation of high school student achievement and diffusion of information technology in four urban school districts The credentials of Clear Creek Independent School District high school educators and the use of selected 21st -century skills in assignments The diffusion of a teaching practice: How secondary teachers describe adopting process drama to teach reading comprehension The educational and development benefits of utilizing alternative education methods in secondary schools The effect of computer mathematics games on elementary and middle school students' mathematics motivation and achievement The effect of graduation coaches and credit recovery programs on the dropout rate of at-risk Grade 9 students The effect of the implementation of a response to Intervention model on grade 9--12 student achievement/behaviors The effects of an after school program on at-risk tenth grade students' achievement in English/language arts and mathematics The effects of vocabulary instruction on reading improvement in a middle school health education classroom The evaluation of a North Carolina truancy intervention program: Is it culturally sensitive? The experience of eighth grade Language Arts students using Moodle in a Language Arts classroom The experience of mindfulness and learning: A qualitative research study The experiences of Recovery High School students: Using empirical phenomenology to garner knowledge The experiences of remedial instructors at one urban community college: A case study The family characteristics, parenting methods, and parental education philosophies, experiences, and expectations of Hmong parents and children The four-day school calendar: A comparative study of student performance indicators in a Colorado school district The hands-on equations system and its effect on students' academic performances and retention levels The high school challenge: Students with disabilities, testing accommodations and the prairie state achievement examination The impact of a freshman academy on science performance of first-time ninth-grade students at one Georgia high school The impact of academic reflective journaling on the self-efficacy of reluctant learners The impact of parental involvement on students' academic success for grades 6--12 in urban alternative schools The impact of technology-based reading programs on lower achievers' state reading assessment The impact of the least restrictive environment for American Indian high school students on an IEP The implementation and evaluation of an enhanced advisory period: An action research project The implementation and evaluation of an intervention designed to impact attitudes about writing: An action research project The influence of cultural, social identity and educational factors on academic achievement among African American high school males: A preliminary study The lived experience of dual enrollment: A qualitative study of high achieving African American male students The lived experiences of African American mild intellectually disabled students: Transition planning from high school to post-secondary activities and empowerment The missing link: Parental influences on student academic achievement The perceived impact of school restructuring on the veteran teacher: A phenomenological case study The perception of educators about professional learning communities in urban secondary schools The power of 2: A study of co-teaching in a secondary school setting The puzzle of Internet plagiarism and instructional design: Helping high school teachers put the pieces together The relationship among the use of corporal punishment, office discipline referrals, in -school suspensions, and out -of -school suspensions on middle school students' achievement in a Georgia school system The relationship between live crowds, competitive anxiety, and performance for high school basketball players The relationship between math anxiety, math self -efficacy, and achievement among a sample of eighth grade students The relationship between ninth-grade academies and academic performance as students transition from middle school to high school The relationship between preexisting teacher quality factors and high school student achievement The relationship between social capital and English Language Arts/reading and Mathematics in charter schools The relationship between spatial information processing and perception of learning in specific learning disabled high school students The role of participation in school -sponsored sports in assisting high school transfer students to gain a sense of belonging The social experiences of young adults with autism as they transition from high school to college The use of teacher-created common assessments and student achievement in mathematics The use of virtual school to improve at-risk student retention: An action research study The virtual classroom: A quantitative study of online education and high school graduation Thinking small in a large high school: A correlational study on the effects of small learning communities on student achievement and student attendance Transformational leadership and teacher motivation in Southwestern Arizona high schools Transforming high school to promote ninth grade success: A study of the factors in ninth grade that impact achievement Transition services and programs for students ages 18 to 22 with autism and intellectual disabilities Transition to inclusion in middle school: The role of the leader Tuning-in to close the gaps: A study of student engagement, ethnicity and achievement Turning the school around: The transformation of a secondary school from underperforming to highly achieving Understanding what African American teenage mothers need to attain a high school education: A phenomenological study Urban high schools learners' characteristics, their learning environments and collaborative learning design Using lesson study to infuse literacy standards into middle school teachers' instruction Using teacher-participatory action research to improve the performance of high school teachers of students with limited English Utilizing STEM experiential learning to influence attitudes, skills, and knowledge in urban high school Virtual alternative: Best practices in online secondary courserooms Virtual high schools and instructional design strategies to reduce transactional distance and increase student engagement: A Delphi study Vocational education in high schools: A future outlook What do virtual foreign language teachers report as the teaching practices that work so that their students can learn a foreign language in virtual schools? What happens when our students miss the "A" train: A de -tracking study to decrease the persistent achievement gap What is the impact of parental support on the literacy of high school students with a reading-related learning disability When students miss school they miss out: Evaluating the effects of face-to-face meetings on student attendance among high school students: An action research study Why "school sucks": A qualitative study inside the mind of the middle schooler