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A case study of congregational design and implementation of adult Christian education A case study: Assessing and improving voluntary financial transparency in Black Baptist churches A correlational investigation: Individual spirituality's impact upon workplace stress A correlational study of childhood religiosity, childhood sport participation, and sport-learned aggression among African American female athletes A management systems perspective of Islamic terrorism: A case study of Islamic Law A phenomenological investigation of counselors' experiences discussing religious and spiritual issues in clinical supervision A phenomenological research study that examines the experience of people who have left the faith of their family of origin A phenomenological study of psychologists' experience of spiritual development as it relates to therapy practice A phenomenological study that explores the lived experience of Lutheran laypeople who have forgiven an interpersonal transgression A quantitative study of leadership style and church organizational culture A sacred affair: A case study of the sociopolitical activist traditions of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church A study of African American pastoral attitude and experiences with health promotions in a rural community A study of African American pastoral attitudes towards collaboration with other African American pastors and their congregations to provide faithbased social services A study of senior pastor turnover and organizational performance in local churches A study of the leader behaviors necessary to lead churches of different sizes: A quantitative study A theoretical analysis of protestant clergy and their management of internal and external conflicts regarding congregants who have sexually offended African American pastors' experiences and perceptions of suicide prevention and postvention services All men are created equal: The plight of African American female pastors Alumni foster children's lived experience of living in faith-based foster-care placements An Assessment of Religion In the Substance Abuse Treatment Process An analysis of the leadership practices of the churches of the Plymouth Brethren movement in the United States Attachment, religion, and reporting behaviors of Black women who are victims of intimate partner violence Attitudes of heterosexual Christian counselor educators toward same-sex orientation Buddhism and the American college: A phenomenological view of the college student's experience Consumers in the pews: Exploring the relationship between consumption experience and emotional brand attachment in a megachurch context Defining and managing a denominational economy: An investigation of a conceptual model Developing action strategies to alleviate problems associated with poverty: A case study of Catholic Charities Divine intervention: A study of spirituality and chemical dependency Do Christian college students develop into more ethical leaders? An evaluation of moral development and transformational leadership Does faith matter? A correlational study of spirituality and nonviolence among high school students Does religious involvement predict client preferences in psychotherapy? Double-edged sword: A comparative case study of leadership styles among women CEOs in the faith-based nonprofit sector Entrepreneurial orientation and church planting: Exploring the effect that entrepreneurial orientation of church planters has on planting effective /healthy churches in three northern districts of the Assemblies of God Evangelical Christian counselor's perceptions about the use of corporal punishment in the parenting of children: A phenomenological study Faith-based organizations and the community: An appreciative inquiry Filling the priest gap: A study of Roman Catholic lay leadership experiences Fostering leader -follower interaction as a consumptive experience in the Baptist Church: An investigation of the dramaturgical value of servant leadership Gender inequality in role leadership in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination: A phenomenological research study Getting and staying involved: What motivates volunteers in a non-profit organization Heart rhythm coherence and affective state of the prayer agent as differentiated by personal or intercessory prayer Identifying motivators of African-American male volunteer-engagement in religious nonprofit organizations Improving leadership effectiveness in the nonprofit sector: A quantitative study on the impact of clarification of values and expression of beliefs on codependency in religious organizations In what ways does prayer create integration between intuitive and logical decision-making processes for the Christian business leader? A Grounded Delphi Method exploration Infusing theology and technology: Instructional strategies that build community in online theological courses Intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity and sexual compulsivity with Christian males: Understanding concepts and correlations based on race, age and socioeconomic status and marital status Investigating relationships between spiritual well-being, stress coping skills, and quality of life among African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos Jews, Judaism, and attitudes toward alcohol Job spirit: How soul and spiritual leadership capacities impact human performance Leader-follower dynamics: A research synthesis case study of a megachurch Managing employee performance in faith-based organizations: A qualitative study Military commaders' attitudes towards religious diversity: A qualitative study Parenting among Pentecostal Nigerian Yoruba in the United States: A phenomenological approach Pastoral burnout and leadership styles: A mixed-methods study of Southern Baptist pastors in Central Florida Perceptions and roles of the African American church community in increasing adoptions of African American foster children Priorities of the Latter-Day Saint woman: Stay-at-home mother or higher education? Psychotherapist's spiritual experience with their clients in psychotherapy: A phenomenological inquiry Redemption of pseudotransformational leaders: A narrative study Religious involvement, life satisfaction, and spiritual well-being among young adults in a Black church Religious practice and treatment attitude of african american christian bible study attendees Senior pastors in African American megachurches leadership development process: A grounded theory study Southern baptist clergy: Experiences and attitudes with psychologists as resources for their congregation Spiritual leadership within the service industry: A phenomenological study interpreting the spiritual leadership experiences of eight business executives Spiritual well-being and responding to secondary trauma among human service professionals Spiritual well-being and self-esteem among pre-adolescent children enrolled in a religious school Spirituality and church views in Madison, Wisconsin: Implications for adult Christian education Spirituality as positive predictor of coping with stress for individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions The accountability of intermediary organizations in faith-based transnational partnerships: A grounded theory study The decision-making process for seeking support among Christian, African American parents of youth experiencing mental health challenges: A grounded theory The effect of religiosity and spirituality on mate selection and relationship stability among African Americans The experience of being physically healed at a religious service: A heuristic inquiry The experience of mindfulness and learning: A qualitative research study The impact of religion and spirituality in the lives of African American women: A generic qualitative study The influence of an individual's definition of forgiveness, level of religiosity, and gender on the ability to forgive self and others The influence of religiosity on risky sexual behavior in African American women ages 18--25 The lived experience of Tibetan Buddhist monks in managerial leadership roles The lived experience of a spiritual transformation in the everyday lives of alcoholic men new to recovery: A phenomenological study The lived experience of highly religious Orthodox Jewish students in graduate programs in psychology and social work The perceived leadership crisis within the Baptist Church: An exploratory empirical investigation of selected churches in Memphis, Tennessee The psychological processes of discerning the vocation to the Catholic Priesthood The relationship between narcissism and spiritual well-being in Roman Catholic seminarians The relationship between personality and IQ in Christian glossolalics The role of religion or spirituality in the lives of aging persons residing in independent senior living facilities The role of the African American church and knowledge of the Charitable Choice Act The role religion plays in Christian women's decisions to remain or leave an abusive relationship Through the eyes of future leaders: An exploratory study of seminarians' perceptions of persons with disabilities in their churches Transcendental leadership: The impact of spirituality on the effectiveness of women small business owners Transformational leadership in the United Methodist Church: An empirical investigation of selected churches experiencing growth and decline in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky, district Understanding African American clergies' experiences with incidents of domestic violence among female congregants Veterans' experience of posttraumatic growth through Christian spirituality: A heuristics study Women's spirituality and resilience