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A correlational study of childhood religiosity, childhood sport participation, and sport-learned aggression among African American female athletes A transcendental phenomenological study on Hawai`i tourism's impact on N? Kumu An analysis of the relationship between hospitality culture and customer-based brand equity in the lodging industry An econometric model for international tourism flows: A case study of Guam, 1997--2004 An examination of the relationship between mental skills training and bowling performance An investigation of the relationship between risk and protective factors for disordered eating among female athletes Differences in student academic achievement between students who participate in music programs and students who participate in athletic programs Factors influencing Japanese tourism to Hawaii: A macroeconomic analysis (1980--2006) Identifying leadership styles in high school sports officiating: A case study of football officials in Houston, Texas Identifying personality predictors of exercise training preference Participation in sports as a source of meaning in successful aging Psychological factors impeding older men from returning to recreational golf after knee joint replacement surgery Role accumulation rewards: A phenomenological study of women high school athletic coaches in selected Kane and McHenry County, Illinois schools Sales influence strategies within the retail scuba diving market Shaping minds of aspiring athletes: The impact of specific coaching strategies on individual athletes in collegiate baseball Slashing sports: A national study examining the correlation between athletic involvement and academic success Sports bounce GPAs: The relationship between athletic involvement and academic performance in high school students The business of video game development in 2009: Statistical representation of Indian video game player trends and habits The critical success factors of the Atlantic Coast Conference: A case study from the perspective of the conference leadership The development of a violence prevention program for parents, coaches, players, and referees in youth football organizations The effects of crime and tourism development in Jamaica The effects of heart rhythm variability biofeedback with emotional regulation on the athletic performance of women collegiate volleyball players The meaning and essence of traditional martial arts practice for experienced women martial artists The relationship of sports participation to self-esteem in female middle school students The role of participation in school -sponsored sports in assisting high school transfer students to gain a sense of belonging The stories behind solution-focused theory in sport psychology Toward a scientific method of evaluating quarterback potentials Why play golf?