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A comparison of the Children's Functional Assessment Rating Scale and the Child Behavior Checklist used in a wraparound program A comparison of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument(TM) and the Extended DISC(RTM) Behavior Profiling Tool: An attempt to create a more discerning management perspective A cross -cultural analysis of tribal differences of American Indian children on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children -III (WISC-III) A methodological look at structured interview reliability: Interrater agreement versus parallel forms A quantitative study to explore the relationship between work-related stress and depressive symptoms in a psychiatric hospital A quantitative study: Predicting the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and burnout of current nonprofit leaders A study of the measurement of wisdom in the Missouri State Judiciary An analysis of learning style as a predictor for students self-selection of introductory psychology courses An exploratory study of the association between the static variables of the static-99 and successful or unsuccessful treatment completion An investigation of biases and framing effects for risk analysis: An information technology context Black racial identity attitude development: An assessment of nigrescence among African American college students Civilian aviators' attitudes and opinions toward psychological assessment Comparing artificial neural net with multiple regression in a biodata criterion validation study Comparing the intellectual profiles of exceptional students using the Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scale (MIDAS) Comparison of Roberts Test for Children -Second Edition (Roberts -2) profiles: Children with high-functioning autism/Asperger syndrome versus normative sample of clinical and nonclinical children Differentiation and job satisfaction: Does the Differentiation of Self Inventory (DSI-R) predict job satisfaction as measured in the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS)? Estimation of premorbid intellectual abilities in children with traumatic brain injury Evaluating expertise of knowledge workers through structural dimensional analysis of mental representation (SDA-M) Gender, race, reading achievement, education level, and crime type: A quantitative study in forensic psychology Identifying at risk young children: A comparison of the Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales, Second Edition and the Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition Is the MMPI-2 appropriate for use with people with vision loss? Job type as a moderator of the relationship between situational judgment and personality Lived experience of law enforcement personnel in the application of deadly force after surviving an armed encounter: A phenomenological inquiry Organizational components within local health departments and overall performance: A predictive analysis Pre-entry characteristics: A study in the use of an Internet-based self-assessment survey for predicting persistence in adult online education Predicting mental illness with the MAYSI-2 Predicting violence among incarcerated male adolescents in Texas: The role of resilience Presurgical psychological evaluations: What relates to patient satisfaction of a spinal implant for pain control? A retrospective study Self-efficacy, gender and tenure: Determinants of work engagement among student affairs personnel Surgeons' leadership style and stress: The impact on communication within multispecialty team members The MMPI and MMPI-2 scores: Predicting use of force complaints in criminal justice The development of an objective survey instrument for diagnosing a learning organization The diagnostic efficacy of the child behavior checklist and youth self-report in outpatient youth ages 6 to 18 The efficacy of substance abuse treatment, as regards patient gender, life stage, primary diagnosis, and level of care: A retrospective analysis The impact of social comparison on the judgment-based Angoff method The psychometric profile of adolescent Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Toward a scientific method of evaluating quarterback potentials Volunteers leading volunteers: How leader commitment relates to follower's commitment, turnover and recruitment