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A case study of the effects the current community policing models have on rural police leaders in the south central United States A cross-sectional analysis of release method as a correlate of recidivism among female prisoners in the state of Georgia A holistic approach to work-life balance and job-life satisfaction: A multiple case study A multiple case study examination of municipal financial distress in Pennsylvania A phenomenological study of security awareness of community emergency response team trainers in Haiti A qualitative study of employment theory, private security, and emergency response efficacy A quantitative examination of the relationship between leadership styles and job satisfaction within the United States federal government A quantitative study of nonprofit and grassroots coalition factors that influence success in advancing advocacy A quantitative study of relationships between federal firearm licensees, firearms, purchaser characteristics, and time-to-crime A quantitative study of the impact of California's three-strikes sentencing practices on minority offenders A study of marital satisfaction: The efficacy of premarital counseling programs in relation to marital satisfaction A study of resilience and locus of control among homeless and non-homeless adults A summative program evaluation of the Houston Independent School District's Safe and Drug-free Schools and Communities program A transcendental phenomenological study on Hawai`i tourism's impact on N? Kumu A willingness to donate organs among members of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation in central Oklahoma Acuired immune deficiency syndrome and immigrants: A look at HIV /AIDS knowledge and risk behaviors among African immigrants in Guilford County Addressing federal welfare-to-work requirements through soft skill development: A return on investment study of employment zone Adolescent Black males living in poverty: Perceived sense of inadequacy, relations with parents and their relationship with attitudes to school and attitudes to teachers Adolescents' perception of the justice system based on interactions with police Adult public education for nuclear terrorism: An analysis of Cold War and War On Terror preparedness discourses An action research study to examine the health and social care programs for gay, lesbian, and bisexual older adults An exploration of rural police organizations: A generic qualitative study An exploration of the experiences of members of law enforcement tactical teams An investigation of a railroad safety training program on the relationship between self-efficacy and safety climate attitudes Basic household disaster preparedness decisional influences among male federal employees in the National Capital Region Case study of intergovernmental collaboration in federal emergency management: A leadership study Case study of local emergency planning committee (LEPC) compliance and proactivity experiences Caseworkers' and supervisors' perceptions of Ohio's Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System Challenges facing fragile states in the use of country public financial management systems for donor-financed projects: The case of Liberia Contextualizing accountability: The lived experience of nonprofit executives and its implications for nonprofit organizations Cross -sector collaborations: A phenomenological study of the nonprofit sector's experiences with successful cross -sector models Cultural competence: The impact of training on rural child welfare professionals Developing action strategies to alleviate problems associated with poverty: A case study of Catholic Charities Disabled adults' description of the experience of seeking employment: A phenomenological study Domestic violence and working women: The relationship between employment status and women who seek assistance Dynamics of police organizational change, learning -based interactions, and agency innovation and cooperation within community policing Economic self-sufficiency and resiliency among U.S. Virgin Islands TANF leavers Evaluating the effects of housing status on victimization in Prince William County, Virginia Evaluation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Section 2302 implementation Evaluation of the impact of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities obesity prevention programs and policies in Buffalo, New York Examining the relationship between leadership and job satisfaction among Nigerian prison officers Exploring hospital community benefit and population health in South Carolina Female and male recidivism: The effectiveness of correctional parenting education Focal concerns and federal sentencing guidelines: an examination of federal drug offenders Framing immigration issues in small town America: When security overrides ideology From private pay services to social entrepreneurship: A phenomenological study of the experiences of CEOs of nonprofit area agencies on aging Functionality of school resource officer arrests in schools: Influencing factors and circumstances Global health jurisprudence of international health regulations: A study of global regulations reporting and enforcement on the infectious disease filovirus Good governance in public procurement: An evaluation of the role of an e-procurement system Hidden violence: A phenomenological inquiry into the experieces of abused male partners Homelessness and helplessness: Correlating learned helplessness, locus of control, and perceived social support with chronic homelessness Homelessness: An evaluation of resident self-efficacy and worker burnout within county homeless shelters Hospice social workers: The incidence of compassion fatigue How funding impacts public health departments' emergency preparedness How nursing home administrators make the decision to shelter-in-place or evacuate Identifying indicators for a tenant accountability instrument to supplement the Enterprise Income Verification system Impact of right-to-work laws on business confidence and the business climate: A quantitative approach Impact of sex-trafficking directives on Maryland youth residential facilities: A multi-site case study In their own words: A program evaluation on elevated stress among grandparent caregivers Increasing service delivery and worker skill within line staff of Human Service agencies through expert -led, train -the -trainer, and second -generation training: A quantitative investigation Influence of local government policies on entrepreneurship in St. Charles County, Missouri Influences and effects of subjective post-Furman death-penalty aggravators on Oklahoma death penalty cases Influences on national incident management system implementation by law enforcement executives: A quantitative approach International police advisor stress, self-esteem, and cultural diversity awareness in Iraq Interorganizational trust: Implications for public utility commissions and investor owned utilities Juvenile justice system stakeholder perspectives of the juvenile transfer process and the impact it has on juvenile offenders Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Adults: Transitioning from Foster Care to Adulthood Living gay in the USA: An examination of the Marriage Benefit Theory Living near sexual offenders and fear of victimization: A qualitative analysis Local public safety challenges of hosting a mega-event Management is management or is it? A study of private- and public -sector managers in Massachusetts using the Most Valuable Performers (MVP) survey Medicare prescription drug plan enrollment: Qualitatively exploring the perceptions of uncovered seniors Motivation to give back: Attributes of professional football players who support nonprofit organizations Motivational profiles of adult males in the precontemplation stage of change for alcohol dependence NIMS compliance as measure of hospital disaster preparedness in north central Texas National Incident Management System: A case study of collaboration and the 2012 Chardon, Ohio, high school shooting Nigerians' attitudes toward people with disabilities Nonprofit boards of directors: Perceptions of collaborative governance Offenders' unawareness of their own actions and its relationship to rational choice One-stop career centers: An assessment of satisfaction from customers using services of a disability program navigator Outsourcing an American high?: An examination of Texas law enforcement perspectives on the methamphetamine drug market in Texas and Mexico Parental use of the sex offender registry: A routine activities approach Participatory action to assess and improve public parking policy: An outcome-based evaluative case study Perceptions of health care quality as measured by the Modified Drain Survey Perceptions of the impact of United States federal government policies on solar energy technology adoption Personnel in a central state one stop: Impact and effects from administrative burden and burnout on performance Police decision making: Mandated discretion and risk assessment regarding emergency protective orders Predictors of patient portal use: Patient engagement through meaningful use Predictors of recidivism among runaway and homeless youths Preparing at -risk foster adolescents for independent living: Preparing to age out of the foster care system Problem based learning in law enforcement in-service training: A study of use of force Program effectiveness of job readiness training: An analysis and evaluation of selected programs in St. Louis, Missouri Quality health services in Wyoming: Access to primary care Realizing enhanced student interprofessional education through clinical teamwork (RESPECT): An interprofessional education project Relationships between demographic and criminal variables and the duration of homeless shelter use at a shelter in western South Dakota from 2000 to 2005 Servant leadership characteristics among senior executive service leaders in the U.S. Federal Government: A phenomenological study Significant predictors of forming police-citizen collaborative partnerships: A secondary data analysis Social and administrative impact of financial emergency management policy: An evaluative case study Sometimes they don't come back: A qualitative exploration of non-recidivating prison-based therapeutic community completers Stakeholders' experiences with U.S. hospital emergency preparedness Strategic network structures' influence on Canadian search and rescue management The North Carolina Justice Reinvestment Act: Quick dip confinement and its impact on supervised offenders The differential predictive validity of the SAVRY on juvenile probationers: A quantitative study The effectiveness of the Advocacy and Benefits homeless programs in reducing homelessness or at -risk for homelessness The effects of homelessness on the mental and behavioral health of children: A phenomenological study The evaluation of a North Carolina truancy intervention program: Is it culturally sensitive? The impact of increased security on the employment options and lives of people with severe disabilities The impact of natural supports on employment retention for TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) women with substance abuse The impact of stress on first responders: A phenomenological study The lived experience of the adult African American female who has lived in multiple foster care placements The lived experiences of female sex traffickers reintegrating back into mainstream society The motives and values of not -for -profit social service board members in Western Michigan: An investigation using the Motivations, Values, Preferences Inventory The psychological and physiological risks of adolescent homelessness: Barriers to normal development and mainstream functioning The reduction of volunteer emergency medical technicians in relation to policy implementation in the State of New Jersey The relationship between perceived levels of organizational support and levels of compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction among child welfare workers The relationship of perceived ethical climate, perceived organizational support and affective well-being: A survey analysis of a military unit The role of interdisciplinary networking in the adoption of innovative programming strategies for the hard-to-employ: A single case study The role of the African American church and knowledge of the Charitable Choice Act The sacrifices of civil liberties for security in schools: The correlates of parent's attitudes Training and mandated reporters' confidence levels: A correlational study Transformational leadership in sub-Saharan Africa: An exploratory qualitative study of the application of leadership tenets in Cameroon Triple jeopardy---homeless, Black, and female: Pathways to and from crime and homelessness Understanding help-seeking behavior of abused women: A quantitative analysis of domestic violence shelter archives Understanding the public's reaction to early warning notifications Understanding what African American teenage mothers need to attain a high school education: A phenomenological study Usefulness of traffic-calming-device policy program across residential neighborhoods: Utilization-focused evaluative case study