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A church based cardiovascular disease awareness program for African American women on increasing awareness behaviors and physical activity A qualitative exploration of physical fitness characteristics in a German urban population Educational intervention: An action research approach in a psychiatric rehabilitation program Effectiveness of virtual worlds in public health preparedness training Evaluation of the impact of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities obesity prevention programs and policies in Buffalo, New York Identifying parental attitudes and behaviors toward factors contributing to childhood obesity in Northwest Georgia Impact of medical assistants with the CMA (AAMA) credential on patient safety, patient education, and quality of care Improved A1C readings for diabetic patients who receive feedback via text messaging Leadership style best practices for new United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps officers Leadership under extreme conditions: A qualitative study of volunteer firefighter leader's experiences Positioning during labor and the relationship with adverse maternal outcomes in low risk pregnancies The relationship of mindfulness in the morning on employee wellness using the five factor model of wellness