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A Quantitative Study of the Role of Divorce and Remarriage on Female African American Millennials' Perceptions of Marriage A case study approach of the attitudes of African-American parents who have inracially adopted toward Caucasian-American parents who have transracially adopted African-American children A case study of collective thriving at work A case study of students' perceptions of social integration strategies to retain first-generation underprepared students at a private community college A culturally sensitive psychological treatment plan for immigrant Mexican-American women diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder with predominant pain A generic qualitative inquiry of the experiences of family separation among adult survivors of Hurricane Katrina A generic qualitative study of the contributors to successful graduation of college students with disabilities A grounded theory study of how executive coaches help professionals deal with workplace intimidation A grounded theory study of managerial mediation of culture-centered disputes A grounded theory study of the development of an environmentalist identity A phenomenological examination of Lakota (Sioux) grandfather caregivers raising their grandchildren A phenomenological study exploring clinical supervision experiences involving refugee clients A phenomenological study of dreams and their meaning at the final developmental stage of life A phenomenological study of employees' experiences of abuse in the workplace A phenomenological study of stay-at-home fathers seeking employment A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of active duty Army wives affected by tied migration A process model of suicidality using grounded theory approach with military veterans A qualitative exploration of the cognitive dissonance experienced by case managers encountering a systems change in social service delivery A qualitative inquiry into the experiences of general education teachers in inclusion classrooms A qualitative study exploring the religious orienting system and religious coping strategies of hospital chaplains A qualitative study of familial intimacy and bonding from the perspective of the adult adoptee A qualitative study of resilience following induced abortion: A generic-qualitative-inquiry approach A qualitative study: The lived experience of burn unit nurses A quantitative investigation of dream reports from girls ages 9--14 A quantitative investigation of employee motivation and cohesion with or without servant leadership A quantitative study of personal and institutional variables impacting social identity among correctional officers A quantitative study of the relationship between emotional intelligence and virtue ethics in accounting professionals A quantitative study to explore the relationship between work-related stress and depressive symptoms in a psychiatric hospital A quantitative study: Predicting the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and burnout of current nonprofit leaders A study of emotional intelligence and service ability among North Carolina mental health professionals: Implications for research and practice A survey of current practices in Canadian Aboriginal mental health A theoretical analysis of protestant clergy and their management of internal and external conflicts regarding congregants who have sexually offended A theory of thriving for small business owners: A grounded theory study ADHD and forgiveness: An examination of the effectiveness of forgiveness interventions on the reduction of anger present in college students diagnosed with ADHD Abusive workplaces and job satisfaction of human resource employees: A multiple regression study Academic integrity: The relationships between student experience and intellectual maturity Acuired immune deficiency syndrome and immigrants: A look at HIV /AIDS knowledge and risk behaviors among African immigrants in Guilford County African American female adolescent body image distress: Impact on self -esteem and life satisfaction Alcohol-related information on Facebook and perceptions of hiring managers An action research study of collaborative relationhips between psychotherapists and medical doctors An analysis of the impact of customer service training for non-medical personnel on patient satisfaction in healthcare settings An evaluation of the effectiveness of problem based learning advanced training for jF16 pilots An ex post facto study exploring the impact of parental level of education and parental support on first-year college adjustment An examination of the relationship between state of employment, skill set development, and motivation in professional women An examination of the role that positive physical contact plays in team sport performance and team dynamics in girls high school basketball An exploration of how family therapists use and understand intuition in their clinical practice An exploration of the lived experience of step-motherhood An exploratory study of the association between the static variables of the static-99 and successful or unsuccessful treatment completion An investigation of factors that influence academic achievement in Christian higher education: Emotional intelligence, self-esteem and spiritual well-being An investigation of the association between information technology service management and employee engagement An investigation on how a brief self-defense training course could change women's attitudes toward being a victim of violent crime Applying leadership skills for civic engagement: A case study of alumni who participated in youth leadership programs in Alabama's black belt region Assessing the experiences that contribute to a desirable quality of life Attitudes of African American clergy regarding the postvention needs of African American suicide survivors Autism spectrum disorder: The relationship between biomedical treatment and healthy family functioning Being Unfriended on Facebook: Does it Affect State Shame and State Self-Esteem? Best practices for workplace employee depression screening Bullying and nurses' work experience, coping self-efficacy beliefs, job satisfaction, and intent to leave one's job Burden of care and social support indicated by the spouses of oif and oef reverve veterans diagnosed with ptsd Career transitions following childbirth Chaldean mothers' perspectives on the mother-child relationship post divorce Coaches Working with Global Leaders to Support Change Management: A Case Study Cognitive styles and the acceptance of related myths Coloring outside the lines: A heuristic exploration of midlife career change in women Community college students' perceived effects of the home environment on academic success: A theory unveiled Comparing emotional intelligence scores between genders in food allergic and non-food allergic individuals Competitive and performance motivation in athletes with disabilities and athletes without disabilities: An investigation of two groups Contemplative pedagogy and student success: A mixed methods research study Correlation between teachers' perceptions of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and use of supportive instructional strategies Delay discounting rates, relapse, and treatment satisfaction in young adults Developing a measure of parental perceived self-efficacy for implementing Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for a child with autism Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders: A review of assessment methods in rural and urban Minnesota Differences in emotional intelligence and team cohesiveness in men's and women's community college athletic teams Differences in perceived mental health barriers by LG status and region of residence in the United States Differentiation of self, family of origin, and supervision predictors of countertransference scores Dimensions of family satisfaction: A relationship between family size and family satisfaction Discovering the efficacy of the pursuit planning paradigm: A plan for planning Discrimination experienced by lesbian families who have been denied equal marriage protections: A generic qualitative study Disordered eating attitudes and behaviors in undergraduate dance majors: A study of female modern dance and ballet students Documenting experiences of blue-collar workers who believe they have been excluded Does causality orientation moderate the relationship between assignment choice and academic achievement in Air Force Officers performing the nuclear mission? Dressing the wounds: A generic qualitative study of nursing leaders' behaviors addressing conflict in culturally diverse workgroups Drug Use And HIV: The Experiences of Drug Use Among HIV Positive Gay Men Dual stigma: Exploring the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) college students who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Emotional intelligence: Risk factor for caregiver burnout Employee attitude toward diversity training compared between appreciative inquiry- based and problem solving-based framing Employee reflections on developing resilience: A grounded theory study Employer attitudes and perceptions of job applicants with distant learning degrees Employment status, choice, and psychological need fulfillment as predictors of individual well-being in highachieving mothers Equine-assisted psychotherapy in a residential substance abuse treatment program for male adolescents Ethical decision making during executive coaching engagements: A Q-methodological study of subjective decision structures Evangelical Christian counselor's perceptions about the use of corporal punishment in the parenting of children: A phenomenological study Experience becoming a role model among male African Americans, 18--30 years, who are role models to male African Americans, 6--18 years Experience of female nontraditional students enrolled in a community college Experience of psychologists who review the work of peers: A qualitative study Experiences and perceptions of depression in African American male baby boomers Experiences of close family members of individuals with fibromyalgia syndrome: A generic qualitative inquiry Exploring the effects of parasocial connection on relaxation exercise persistence in women Factors affecting the subsequent development of compassion fatigue in registered nurses Factors contributing to higher education online faculty frustration: What is the catalyst to burnout? Factors influencing the utilization of health -related Web sites in an older population Family diversity: A quantitative study of the impact of divorce and family structure on the academic performance of college students Fathers' experiences after their child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome: A phenomenological study Female firefighters in male-dominated environments: United States Virgin Islands fire service Female sexual assault survivors' perceived God-image and identified psychological distress Female students' descriptions of pursuing previous education goals in midlife Flow and spirituality: The relationship within undergraduate male and female varsity athletic participants Fostering Social Connectedness in Sexual Minority Youth Four sensations-seeking personality subtraits predicting the extent of ecstasy use in undergraduate college students From access to engagement: African American female students' engagement at a predominantly White university in the South From athlete to employee: A quantitative study of the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace---elite athletes versus nonathletes Gay men at middle age: Their experiences of pursuing committed romantic relationships Gender differences in the expression of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptomology: A program to address gender-specific externalizing and internalizing behaviors Happy women and the influence of enabling institutions Healing strategies for women survivors of both intimate partner violence and childhood sexual abuse How Christian leaders become their best-self: A generic qualitative study How fun works: A case study of Southwest Airlines' Fun-LUVing Attitude How mental health practitioners perceive resiliency in foster children: A generic qualitative research study How mothers experience and describe cosleeping with an infant Identified strengths of successful Chief Executive Officers leading psychiatric hospitals: A multiple case study Identifying the relationships between personality facets and leadership effectiveness International adoption of adolescent Russians: A qualitative study of resilient adoptees now emerging into adulthood Intrinsic motivation and planned behavior theory: Explaining banking-service referrals Investigating the relationship between attributional style and burnout among police officers Jews, Judaism, and attitudes toward alcohol Job readiness training: A qualitative study of program participants in Wisconsin Job satisfaction among paralegals: A qualitative case study Leader-follower congruence and its relationship to follower self-efficacy Leadership in social enterprise: A phenomenological investigation of the experience of leadership in not-for-profit for profit organizations Leadership styles and perceptions of organizational culture: Does degree type make a difference? Lessons learned from low-socioeconomic-status parents with high-achieving elementary school students about parental involvement Lived experience of law enforcement personnel in the application of deadly force after surviving an armed encounter: A phenomenological inquiry Locus of Control, God Image, Task Value, Self-Efficacy and Instrumentality as Predictors of Willingness to Use Faithbased Health Coaching Members of Southern Cameroonian young male diaspora in the United States: Descriptions of their acculturation strategies Minority male athletes' description of their experiences with controlling aggression in non-sport settings: A case study Motives of marathon runners in training: Investigating the differences between gender, experience level and age Native Hispanic long-term English language learners' experiences in the public school system Nontraditional female students in rural communities: Motivational factors that contribute to re-entry and success in baccalaureate programs Normative ethics: Quantitative prediction of follower ethical leadership perceptions in telecommunications corporations Observational learning among older adults living in nursing homes Observational learning: The impact of the aggressive actions portrayed on WWE professional wrestling on juvenile behavior Occupational stress and coping in professional rock musicians: A grounded theory Online assistance for substance abuse and dependence: Exploring the experience and dimensions of online self-help programs Organizational components within local health departments and overall performance: A predictive analysis Parental perceptions of committee on special education meetings as interpreted through the literary criticism of Mikhail Bakhtin Participatory action research on emerging practice in psychosocial interventions for survivors of religious persecution Participatory action research: Threat assessment team training and team membership at universities Patients lived experience of information shared between one's family and service providers Perceptions of motivation of collegiate football student athletes: A thematic analysis Perceptions of sexual harassment experiences and tolerance levels: A study of the commonalities and differences between male and female equal opportunity advisors Personal experiences of Muslim women immigrating to the United States Predicting the presence of childhood trauma exposure in children with ADHD symptomology Predictors of involvement in online teaching among faculty in technical colleges Privileging the voices of Nigerian children: A phenomenological study of their lived experiences following the loss of loved ones to stigmatized death Project inform: Understanding beliefs and attitudes that young gay and bisexual men hold towards methamphetamine experimentation Promoting resiliency in at-risk adolescents: Exploring the link between community afterschool recreational programs and youth resiliency Psycho-educational factors in the prediction of academic buoyancy in Second Life(RTM) Psychology instructor viewpoints of the efficacy of qualitative research Psychotherapists' life experiences related to treating sex offender clients who show denial behaviors in treatment: A generic qualitative inquiry study Qualitative research exploring fathers' experience of alienation and court interventions in the process of divorce involving child custody Qualitative study of NCAA Division 1 men's ice hockey experiences of psychological momentum Racial differences in applicants' stress appraisals of tests based on selection policy Reactive Attachment Disorder and parenting challenges: A qualitative inquiry Relating narcissistic personality traits to leadership styles Relationship of leadership style to Latino employees' satisfaction with leadership and job motivation Relationships between college students with early maladaptive schemas and their instructors Religious practice and treatment attitude of african american christian bible study attendees Resolution of grief and loss after participation in a grief resolution group program Romantic Attachment and Religious Commitment as Predictors for Marital Satisfaction Rumination, age, and years of experience: A predictive study of burnout Satisfaction with computer assistive technology and work skills confidence among individuals with spinal cord injury: A quantitative analysis Self-efficacy in compounded-stress assessment and reported life satisfaction among virtual first responders: A predictive study Social Networking Profile Reviews in The Employee Selection Process: A Multiple Case Study Social determinants underlying the secure base: How Miller's relational-cultural theory interacts with Bowlby's attachment theory Southern baptist clergy: Experiences and attitudes with psychologists as resources for their congregation Spouse's symptoms related to veteran's military PTSD: Pilot study of a community based intervention program Stressful experiences of urbanized small town police officers: A case study Substance dependent persons in self-help groups and in a pharmacotherapy study: Demographics, predictors, and outcomes Succeeding as an entertainer: The experiences and descriptions of the process of reasoning used in shaping career aspirations for the successful entertainer: A grounded theory study Teachers' perceptions of students' needs for family counseling and attitudes toward school-based family counseling Teaching in rural Georgia: The experience of stress in the classroom Telemental Health Care Services Acceptance among Primary Care Physicians The Experience of Interpretation and Use of Text Messaging Techniques with the Substance Use Disorder Individual in Post Recovery: A Grounded Theory Approach The Experience of Pursuing a GED among Low-Income Single Mothers: A Generic Qualitative Inquiry The Lived Experiences of Working Mothers Using Persuasive Technology in the Form of an Internet-Based Accelerometer: A Generic Qualitative Study The Phenomenology of Single Parents Raising a Child with a Coexisting Diagnosis of ADHD and ODD The Relationships among Shyness, Shame, and Attachment Style with Respect to College Student Persistence and Grade Point Average The Role of Spirituality in the Leadership Style of Organizational Leaders The Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Ability Test as a measure of player selection and success for Quarterbacks in the National Football League The association between father-child relationship, locus of control, and sensation-seeking The characteristics influencing the experience of intrinsic motivation in Chinese expatrate managers The construct and influence of shame in adult women ages 18 through 45 with opioid dependence and who are involved in the legal system The correlation between leadership behaviors, cohesiveness, and team building in women's community college volleyball The decision to remain married: A case study of at-risk users' recovery from Internet sex The development of Dialectical Behavioral Milieu treatment: A program for children in an urban inpatient psychiatric setting The differences among new, experienced, and inactive court-appointed special advocate volunteers' functional motivations, satisfaction, future intent, and volunteer-related burnout The differences in African American women and their gender role identity The educational experiences of being a graduate student with dyslexia The effect of acute changes in affect on emotional intelligence The effect of auditory integration training on the working memory of adults with different learning preferences The effectiveness of mandala creation in alleviating traumatic symptoms in college students The effects of a practice of gratitude on quality of life and depression in head and neck cancer survivors The effects of age range, gender, and presence of helpers in measuring the stress and strain of baby boomers caring for aging parents The effects of leadership on employee satisfaction in the project environment The efficacy of Reiki treatments in reducing state anxiety The efficacy of trauma focused cognitive behavioral theory vs. integrative treatment for traumatized children and adolescents within the child welfare system The emotional state, behavior, and self-concept of nondisabled siblings of children with disabilities The evolving relationship between drug court judge and offender The experience of adoptees in families with non-biological siblings: A generic-qualitative-inquiry approach The experience of anxiously attached heterosexual adult women while in romantic relationships: A phenomenological study The experience of being a single mother during adolescence: A qualitative study The experience of being physically healed at a religious service: A heuristic inquiry The experience of clinicians who provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to patients who self injure: A case study The experience of dreaming: A case study of re-entry participant process The experience of first-year African American male college students who did not achieve academic success: Case study The experience of gay male caregivers of people with aids a qualitative inductive analysis The experience of hospice caregivers providing animal-assisted therapy to hospice patients The experience of leaving home for emerging adults who grew up with a mentally ill parent The experience of motherless mothering The experience of mothers who are raising adopted children with the diagnosis of reactive attachment disorder: A case study The experience of obtaining employment for enlisted active duty service members' spouses: a phenomenological study The experience of racial microaggressions among faculty of color at community colleges: A generic qualitative inquiry The experience of recovery from addiction for people who have added a healthy diet and an exercise plan, and developed spirituality as dimensions of their recovery process: A phenomenological study The experience of servant leaders who work in the field of corporate information technology: A phenomenological investigation The experience of working in virtual teams among Baby Boomers: A phenomenological study The experience of yoga as a complementary treatment for depression: A qualitative study The experiences of Army enlisted veterans working in non-defense industries and the perceived influence this transition has on their self-identity The experiences of individuals attending counseling after HIV diagnosis The impact of goal setting on the use of self-regulated learning by at-risk community college students The impact of nonmonetary job benefits on job retention in rural healthcare The impact of organizational development interventions on stress and engagement The impact of the evidence-based practice movement on Pennsylvania licensed psychologists: A quantitative study The influence of employee engagement on organizational-level financial outcomes The influence of play therapists' cultural awareness on their adaption of the filial therapy modality with African American families The injured worker's description of the experience of lost time The lived experience of African American lesbians revealing their sexual orientation to their parents: A phenomenological inquiry The lived experience of clients treated with buprenorphine for opioid withdrawal protracted depression The lived experience of female labor union leaders The lived experience of former foster children who had to move their belongings in garbage bags The lived experience of honor among first generation Levantine Arab American women: A heuristic study The lived experience of lung cancer for never-smokers The lived experience of police officers who are members of an internet crimes against children task force: A phenomenological study The lived experience of pregnancy with a prenatal diagnosis of single ventricle heart defect: A heuristic The lived experience of self-trust in women during mid-life, aged 40--60: A phenomenological heuristic study The lived experience of the Green House resident The lived experiences of grandmother guardians The lived experiences of military spouses during the different stages of deployment The lived experiences of mothers raising a child diagnosed with bipolar disorder The maternal lived experience of conceiving through in vitro fertilization and raising triplets: A heuristic study The meaning and essence of traditional martial arts practice for experienced women martial artists The military child: An examination of anxiety occurring during parental deployment The perceived sense of success of doctoral graduates within 12 months following graduation The personality of crisis clinicians: Inherent traits or proper training in working with suicidal or crisis populations The plight of mental health and comorbid substance abuse treatment in the criminal justice system: A grounded theory study The predictive relationship between religious fundamentalism, need for closure, and scientific reasoning in college students The process of achieving academic success in higher education for minority students: A grounded theory study The process of adjusting to college during the first-year for students with learning disabilities: A grounded theory study The process of adjustment to HIV diagnosis for HIV positive African American female baby boomers: A grounded theory study The process of developing spirituality for women in recovery from substance use disorder: A grounded theory study The process of developing teacher-homeless student attachment relationships: A grounded theory study The process of overcoming domestic violence over two - three generations: A grounded theory investigation The process of trust in intimate relationships for adult children of a parent with an alcohol-use disorder The psychological impact of civil litigation: A comparison of perceived anxiety levels in civil litigation as viewed by trial and alternative dispute resolution litigants The ra roller coaster: A grounded theory study of how young adult women experience life with rheumatoid arthritis The relation of individual-organizational perceived value congruence and service quality in predicting turnover intentions among hospital workers The relationship among the common factor personality characteristics of empathy, approachability, acceptance and interpersonal skills and executive coaching effectiveness The relationship between alcohol relapse and significant emotional attachments The relationship between emotional intelligence and decision-making style among healthcare leaders in Iowa The relationship between gender role attitudes, coping strategies, and satisfaction with life in Asian Indian women. The relationship between grief and personality -- A quantitative study The relationship between job satisfaction and intentions to quit among licensed professional counselors The relationship between narcissism and spiritual well-being in Roman Catholic seminarians The relationship between perceived social presence and development of interpersonal trust in a virtual environment The relationship between principal's leadership style and teachers' organizational citizenship behavior of contemporary educational settings The relationship between self-efficacy and perceived effectiveness of female coaches among female athletes The relationship between self-leadership and effective leadership behaviors The relationships between high performance cycle variables and job performance in Federal employees The relationships between personality characteristics and student achievement: What contributes to student satisfaction in online learning environments? The role of self-esteem and self-adequacy as mediators between perceived parenting and a student's preferred seat location via structural equation modeling The role of social and temporal distance on college student decision making The spacing and repetition of goal setting activities as it affects adjustment in college freshman The stories behind solution-focused theory in sport psychology The student teachers' description of pivotal moments during the process of the student teaching experience: A grounded theory study The systemizing quotient in adults with asperger's syndrome, adhd, and a control group The transition from bullying in middle school or high school to achieving academic success in post-secondary education: A qualitative study The work-life balance of first-time fathers utilizing unpaid paternal leave Therapeutic relationship building: Experiences of clinicians who treat reactive attachment disorder Training elementary teachers about childhood anxiety: Perception and self-efficacy Transfer of learning: The effects of different instruction methods on software application learning Treatment readiness and outcomes in clients with alcohol problems: Comparing blended versus continuing care as usual Understanding African-American adolescent males' experiences with aggression: A generic qualitative analysis Understanding facial expressions and emotions during states of deception and honesty Understanding help-seeking behavior of abused women: A quantitative analysis of domestic violence shelter archives Understanding the experience of therapists providing therapy to mothers sexually abused in childhood: A case study Understanding well-being in appalachian women: A qualitative study of health perceptions United States Air Force reenlistment: Factors affecting a first-term Airman's decision to reenlist during a period of war Urban teacher self-efficacy, professional learning, mentoring, stress, and professional commitment Utilizing child psychologists in marketing products to children: A phenomenological study of the ethical perceptions of child psychologists We're all uniquely human: The essence of efficacy in deaf education as experienced by strengths-based, humanistic, and visionary allies Wechsler adult intelligence scale (4th edition) and the validity of supplementary/core subtest substitution What is the life experience of growing up with a sibling with an autism spectrum disorder? What is the lived experience of becoming a parent as described by the working professional woman? A heuristic inquiry What is the lived experience of singing: A phenomenological study Who is more prone to sexually abuse inmates Willful ignorance: A grounded theory study of seafood purchase decisions Working despite illness: The relationship between employee demographics and job stressors in mental health organizations Working while living with chronic illness: A multiple case study of full-time, white-collar employees' experiences Working with sex offenders: Factors that influence attitudes of correctional officers Workplace aggression: An examination of three emotional intelligence factors as they relate to workplace aggression