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A culturally sensitive psychological treatment plan for immigrant Mexican-American women diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder with predominant pain A mind -heart connection: A study of vagal reactivity to a prompt of perseverative cognition of personally relevant stress A study investigating the relationship between patent foramen ovale and depression A study of correlation between the values of the Amen Brain System Checklist and the cerebral blood flow values of SPECT scans of treatment resistant patients Age -dependent effect of cerebrolysin and glucose on old -aged memory Attachment styles, sleep quality, and emotional regulation in severely emotionally disturbed youth: A psychobiological perspective Consumers in the pews: Exploring the relationship between consumption experience and emotional brand attachment in a megachurch context Conversations with senior adults about spirituality, death, and dying Cultural variance in personality trait structure: The NEO PI -R and Haitians Examining the relationship of instructional time to student achievement How Appalachian fathers acquire parenting practices: A grounded theory study Neuropsychological markers of intoxicated aggression in college students Survey of hearing children with deaf parents regarding their role as sociolinguistic agents Teachers' beliefs and practices regarding neuromyths The difference in severity of depression in women with fibromyalgia syndrome and both fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome The efficacy of using feature films as case study to teach psychology The experience of being a burn survivor with a physical disability The experience of being physically healed at a religious service: A heuristic inquiry The importance of the aging process and marital satisfaction through the life span of the marriage The relationship between deployments and the marital satisfaction scores of civilian male spouses The study of cognitive performance in buprenorphine treated opioid dependent individuals: A repeated measurement approach