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A quantitative inquiry into national wealth creation: A study of 62 Project GLOBE societies A study of the experiences of alternatively certified special education teachers related to the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Exploring follower-centered leadership in U.S. federal government: A quantitative study Influence of local government policies on entrepreneurship in St. Charles County, Missouri Interdependence and differentiation: Evaluating a structured equation model for Enterprise Resource Planning system business impact using a public sector environment Judicial characteristics and their impact on incarceration rates of minority youth Moral reasoning and political affiliation in liberal and conservative voters: Applying a model of hierarchical complexity Personnel in a central state one stop: Impact and effects from administrative burden and burnout on performance Plea bargaining: The lived experience of female prosecutorial discretion and decision-making Stress: Crossover factors among probation and parole officer The challenge of leadership in times of crisis: A case study of Hurricane Katrina The effects of knowledge and retribution on capital punishment support: Revisiting the Marshall hypotheses Training evaluation within the federal government Transformational leadership in sub-Saharan Africa: An exploratory qualitative study of the application of leadership tenets in Cameroon Women in the senior executive service of the United States federal government: An exploratory quantitative investigation