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A comparative study of virtual high school instruction versus traditional instruction of high school student outcomes and attitudes in physical education A mixed method evaluation of an undergraduate physical education and exercise science program as it relates to professional preparedness An analysis of scholar athlete attitudes and behaviors, and academic excellence An evaluation of the D.A.N.C.E. project among high school physical education students: A case study An examination of the relationship between mental skills training and bowling performance An inquiry into the use of video media by secondary students in the Digital Generation using peer coaching in an aikido class Differences in student academic achievement between students who participate in music programs and students who participate in athletic programs Gender differences in collegiate athletes' perceptions of cohesion: A comparison study using mixed methodology Implementation of individualized instruction supporting skill development in a women's roller derby training program: An action research study Influencing high performance: Partnership relationships supporting senior and junior elite athletes Interpersonal influence tactics as characterized by certified athletic trainers Interscholastic wrestlers' motivation in weight regulation techniques: A case study Leadership characteristics in high school athletic coaches and a link with winning records: An exploratory study Mental imagery in the athletic training classroom Perceived stress levels in relationship to win/loss records: A large urban public school district in Florida Preparing proficient practitioners: Problem-based learning in athletic training education Role accumulation rewards: A phenomenological study of women high school athletic coaches in selected Kane and McHenry County, Illinois schools Shaping minds of aspiring athletes: The impact of specific coaching strategies on individual athletes in collegiate baseball Slashing sports: A national study examining the correlation between athletic involvement and academic success Soccer coaches' leadership behavior: The perceptions and expectations of both NCAA Division I and professional German coaches: A comparison study Sports bounce GPAs: The relationship between athletic involvement and academic performance in high school students Strategies that high school athletic coaches can use to support academic performance of student -athletes: An analysis of different strategies and their effectiveness based on teacher evaluations The correlation between leadership behaviors, cohesiveness, and team building in women's community college volleyball The effect of extracurricular activities on the high school dropout rate of St. Louis County special education students The effectiveness of adult education principles in teaching the golf swing The effects of heart rhythm variability biofeedback with emotional regulation on the athletic performance of women collegiate volleyball players The impact of spiritual learning on the lives of adults in postsecondary martial arts educational programs The influence of an educational coaching model on children's perceived competence and self -esteem The relationship between live crowds, competitive anxiety, and performance for high school basketball players The relationship between self-efficacy and perceived effectiveness of female coaches among female athletes The stories behind solution-focused theory in sport psychology Toward a scientific method of evaluating quarterback potentials Use of the Medicine Ball Super Arms protocol on the National Football League's 225-lb repetition-to-failure bench press test: Analysis of effects Women who endure: A grounded theory study of Black female former student -athletes