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A grounded theory approach to creating a new model for understanding cultural adaptation of families in international assignments A phenomenological study of nonprofit leaders' call to serve A transcendental phenomenological study on Hawai`i tourism's impact on N? Kumu Adult attachment and value orientation in marriage An analysis of the relationship of leadership styles, satisfaction with the leader, and leadership effectiveness among generations: A quantitative study An assessment of the effectiveness of Transition Assistance Program (TAP) with U.S. military veterans' transition after returning to civilian life Cultural influences and the impact of workplace bullying Designing effective organizational communications: Uncovering the transformative nature of communications technologies of a past age for a better understanding of communications technologies in the digital age Examining the trigger effect in altered states: Transpersonal hypnotherapists perceptions of effective triggers in inducing hypnotic altered states Got God? A contemporary study of the relationship between spirituality and marital satisfaction Leadership under extreme conditions: A qualitative study of volunteer firefighter leader's experiences Perspectives of spirituality, aging and caregiver stress among adult caregivers Preparing for the PMP exam: A quasi-experimental study on project management training and task management self-efficacy Productive and successful virtual teams: An analysis of trust and collaboration The Relationship of Work and Family Life Balance to Job Satisfaction for Senior Executive Service Members: A Quantitative Correlational Study The association of awareness and perception on household emergency preparedness for hurricanes The challenging overlapping roles for juvenile detention officers as parents The identification theory: A quantitative study of women's charitable giving motivation The lived experience of contemplating purpose and meaning in life The relationship of students' awareness on drug policy, procedures, and intervention programs to the drug and alcohol use on college campuses: A correlational study The utilization of leadership development training and strategies within a non-profit organization: A multiple case study Towards a model of moral progressivism: Exploring the relationship between ethical business decision making and an applied framework of moral development Women in human services: Transformational and transactional associations of self-esteem in leadership