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A Correlational Study: Self-Determination and Intrinsic Safety Motivation in Public Employees A comparison study of personality types and brand involvement A correlational study of job burnout and organizational commitment among correctional officers A grounded theory study of the development of an environmentalist identity A phenomenological research study that examines individuals with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder and their experiences of self -esteem A phenomenological study of the protege's perceptions of the mentor's character traits A preliminary look at the relationship between psychological type and mentor competency A quantitative study of adolescent moral decision making A study of the measurement of wisdom in the Missouri State Judiciary A study of the relationship between personality types and the acceptance of technical knowledge management systems (TKMS) A study of the relationship between self-control and the approval of the use of excessive physical force An analysis of personality types as a preventive measure towards burnout in mental health practitioners An examination of the impact of the big five personality traits and work environment on the leadership behaviors of millennial generation employees An examination of the relationship between advisor/advisee personality similarity with student satisfaction and grade point average in a community college setting An examination of the relationship between personality type, emotional intelligence and employees' job performance An exploration of differences in coping strategies between introverts and extroverts suffering from insomnia An investigation of the development of expertise: The personality traits of Human Performance Improvement experts, as measured by the Neuroticism, Extraversion, and Openness (NEO) Personality Inventory-Revised (NEO PI-R) An investigation of the personality features and treatment response of buprenorphine treated clients grouped by preference for heroin or analgesics An investigation of the relationship between personality traits and intention to instruct online among college faculty Anxiety and A.A.'s 12-Step practices in remission: A correlational study in rural Hawaii Athletic identity and dispositional optimism as predictors of decision making when Division I collegiate athletes transition out of sports College students' perceptions of effective teaching personality traits: A quantitative analysis of traditional versus online education Comparison of the U.S.A. and India cultures: Linking personality and work -related values Conflict behaviors: Can personality type, culture, hierarchical status, and/or gender predict conflict behavior? Cultural variance in personality trait structure: The NEO PI -R and Haitians Do leaders use more humor Does personality matter?: An exploratory study comparing personality types as indicated by the Myers -Briggs Type Indicator between computer science and information technology professors Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution styles: Implications for United States National Guard leaders Emotional intelligence, burnout and turnover among direct care staff: A correlational study Examining empathy in team leader practices: A qualitative case study Foster care alumni: A qualitative inquiry of protective factors for healthy and effective adulthood Four sensations-seeking personality subtraits predicting the extent of ecstasy use in undergraduate college students Gender differences in entrepreneurship: A study of entrepreneurship in two Midwestern counties Gender, personality, and coping: Unraveling gender in military post -deployment physical and mental wellness Happiness in general and at work: A phenomenological study with U.S. southern professional African American women Hospice social workers: The incidence of compassion fatigue How personality affects HIV and AIDS awareness among Black men and their communities Identifying personality predictors of exercise training preference Identifying relationships between trait emotional intelligence and the propensity of an individual to trust others: A correlational study Identifying successful telework factors through the study of the relationship between personality and workplace isolation Impact of therapist demographics on the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder Is emotional intelligence the key to medical sales success?: The relationship between emotional intelligence and sales performance Is online teaching for you? A study of characteristics influencing instructor decisions to teach online Is the MMPI-2 appropriate for use with people with vision loss? Is your boss crazy: A study of leadership styles Job satisfaction within a nonprofit organization: An application of Hertzberg's motivation -hygiene theory Job spirit: How soul and spiritual leadership capacities impact human performance Job type as a moderator of the relationship between situational judgment and personality Jury perceptions, personality, and self -esteem Learning about me: The impact of relationship education on the emotional competence of college students Motivation and personality: An examination of the big five personality trait factors and their relationship with sales performance in a non-cash incentive program Narcissism in healthcare employees and its relationship to career derailment Parenting styles: Their impact on adolescent separation and college adjustment Perceptions of leadership and integrity: A correlation of followers' assessments Personality attributes in relation to technology commercialization: An exploratory study of technical doctoral degree holders at two technology -intensive industrial companies Personality profiles of police executives: An analysis based on the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey Personality traits and commitment to change: An empirical study of organizational change Personality traits of military executives and the potential for leadership Personality traits, the interaction effects of education, and employee readiness for organizational change: A quantitative study Predicting deception detection ability based on the concept of self-compassionate personality trait, openness personality structure, and agreeableness personality structure Predicting perceived relationship quality in long-term romantic relationships Profiling prospective leaders through emotional intelligence Reasons career changers choose public education: A profile Reinvented children: A causal -comparative study of resilience in young adults maltreated as children Relationship between critical thinking disposition and level of tolerance Relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational, transactional, and laissez -faire leadership styles of information systems project managers in virtual teams Relationship between personality traits, psychopathy, and future recidivism in juvenile offenders Romance and reality: The impact of viewing romantic media on changes in women's attitudes toward romantic partners Self -esteem: The relationship between urban and suburban fourth-grade girls' image of themselves Self-leadership and self-regulated learning: An investigation of theoretical relationships Spiritual and religious intervention: Psychotherapist and client perspective Stress levels in male sexual offenders and its relationship to probation type: A study to identify actuarial risk factors The Relationships among Shyness, Shame, and Attachment Style with Respect to College Student Persistence and Grade Point Average The academic performance of introverted and extroverted students in traditional and online business courses: An analysis based on the Myers -Briggs Type Indicator The construct and influence of shame in adult women ages 18 through 45 with opioid dependence and who are involved in the legal system The effect of child's input in custody placement on one's adulthood adjustment The effects of childhood trauma on adult perception and worldview The effects of media messages on body image satisfaction in introverted and extroverted women The experience of creativity: A qualitative generic thematic analysis The influence of an individual's definition of forgiveness, level of religiosity, and gender on the ability to forgive self and others The influence of gender identity on job satisfaction in female police officers The lived experience of compassion as described by adult mindfulness meditation meditators: A phenomenological study The nature of narcissism within organizational leadership The personality characteristics of homosexual entrepreneurs: An examination of gender and minority differences The personality of crisis clinicians: Inherent traits or proper training in working with suicidal or crisis populations The relationship among the common factor personality characteristics of empathy, approachability, acceptance and interpersonal skills and executive coaching effectiveness The relationship among the impostor phenomenon, self -esteem, and gender in high achieving African Americans The relationship between grief and personality -- A quantitative study The relationship between personality and IQ in Christian glossolalics The relationship between the emotional intelligence of hiring managers and the performance of those they hire The relationship between trait forgiveness and marital adjustment in heterosexual individuals The relationships between personality characteristics and student achievement: What contributes to student satisfaction in online learning environments? The relationships between personality characteristics, age, number of years trying to conceive and posttraumatic growth in infertile women The study of adult attachment styles, communication patterns, and relationship satisfaction in heterosexual individuals Using personality data in higher education: A preliminary examination of personality differences based on professional orientation and skill level Veterans' experience of posttraumatic growth through Christian spirituality: A heuristics study Violence in the family of origin: A research study of two military groups on levels of empathy, intimacy, and autonomy