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A study of the effects of constructivist-style lessons on novice players' abilities to play the game of chess Ability grouping: The perceptions of the administrators, teachers, and parents Academic achievement and the third grade African American male An assessment of multiple intelligences theory applied to the delivery of online history courses: A case study An effective co-teaching model to improve student achievement in mathematics at the elementary school level An exploration of strategies used by experienced K-5 teachers in response to mid-year mobility of Marine Corps-connected students An investigation of instructors' cultural competence and its impact on teaching and learning in diverse classrooms An investigation of teacher perceptions and implementation of differentiated literacy instruction with advanced students Brain-based learning: A study on how teachers implement strategies in the traditional classroom Bringing pedagogy to the virtual classroom: An instructional design application for classroom educators Clicking on the learning light for community college students Co-teaching as a solution to challenges faced by general and special education teachers College professors' description of the lived experience of working with first-year learners: A phenomenological study Conceptual elaboration sequencing: An external validation study in nursing education Could you say that in "bon francais", please?: How students experience oral corrective feedback in minority French language classrooms Designing a phase-based professional development program to improve andragogical effectiveness of faculty teaching online Developmental mathematics: Instructor perceptions of compressed courses in developmental mathematics at the community college level Does teaching experience matter? Relationship between length of teaching experience and course achievement in Early Childhood Education courses Effects of tutoring model (instructional versus assignment-assisted) on college undergraduate student reports of self-regulated behavior and academic motivational beliefs Enhancing student engagement using online, asynchronous, reflective discussions Ethnographic study of Nigerian early childhood educators' implementation of constructivist curriculum Experimental method to reduce teacher instructional practices variability and the correlational impact on student achievement Exploring the benefits of teacher-modeling strategies integrated into career and technical education Factors that impact regular classroom teachers' use of sheltering strategies for English language learners Faculty perceptions toward the scholarship of teaching Girls gone wild: Improving a self-esteem program for adolescent girls through participant input Graphic novels as great books: A grounded theory study of faculty teaching graphic novels How do teachers incorporate intuition into how they teach music? A phenomenological exploration Improving assessment strategies: An action research study of teacher performance reviews Improving the reading skills of students with learning disabilitiesthrough individualized instructional strategies Leave lecture behind: Team-based learning strategies in baccalaureate nursing education Listen to the teacher! An exploration of the teacher's voice regarding homework Nursing faculty experiences with innovative learning strategies: A qualitative study Online pedagogical quality questioned: Probing instructional designers' perceptions of leadership competencies critical to practice PLCs, perspectives, and performance: Examining the relationship between teacher perspectives regarding professional learning community success and student performance Pedagogical professional development needs of postsecondary faculty who teach online Practice to pedagogy: A study of the lived experiences of part-time nursing faculty transitioning from expert nurse to novice educator Preparing proficient practitioners: Problem-based learning in athletic training education Principles of universal design for learning: What is the value of UDL training on accessible pedagogy? Reshaping adjunct faculty training by employing an andragogical approach: An action research study Responding to student needs: The impact on classroom practice of teacher perceptions of differentiated instruction Scenario development for problem-based learning: Learners as developers Social constructivist learning, sense of community, and learner satisfaction in asynchronous courses Sojourners of the Master Mentor Program: A study of effective practice Strategies used to teach mathematics to special education students from the teachers' perspective Teachers' perceptions of using culturally responsive teaching strategies to impact classroom engagement: An action research study The developmental education dilemma in the community college system: The students' point of view The diffusion of a teaching practice: How secondary teachers describe adopting process drama to teach reading comprehension The effect of semantic dimensions on elementary school students' spoken word recognition The implementation and evaluation of formative feedback on students' attitudes and perceptions on their learning: An action research The next generation of teachers: A phenomenological study of brain-based professional development for the new middle school teacher WebQuest 2.0: An instructional model for digital learners Working smarter not harder: Using a pedagogical-based model in the rapid development of quality hybrid courses