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Comparing relationships of employee satisfaction, organizational size, years with firm, and age Contributory success factors for projects with the project management profession: A quantitative analysis Corporate social responsibility in refinery operations: Examining accident rates, causes, and injuries Cost-savings motivation, new technology adoptation, regulatory compliance burden, and adoption of online banking services for Russian credit unions Differences in airport operational efficiencies and environmental impact: An examination of U.S. large and medium hub commercial airports Diversity management: The common thread binding compliance, organizational culture, and best practices Employed disabled veteran issues of workplace discrimination: A qualitative exploratory investigation Exploring the professionalization of the emergency management field: A qualitative analysis Job roles and burnout among clinical research staff in non-academic community cancer centers Leadership and organizational performance in a global, "Fortune" 500 Six Sigma operating company: A correlational research study Leadership of risk decision making in a complex, technology organization: The deliberative decision making model Portfolio management: Perceptions of the project manager Selection of quality and process improvement projects: A critical link between planning and execution Successful implementation of patient self-check-in kiosks from a frontline service employee perspective: A qualitative study of best practices The effects of intraorganizational resources and dimensions of supply chain integration on firm performance The impact of virtual collaboration and collaboration technologies on knowledge transfer and team performance in distributed organizations Towards the development of a model for hardware standards in information technology procurement: Factors for consideration Trading one uniform for another: An examination of Army health care specialist service as civilian emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and other emergency medical professionals