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A comparison of coping styles between mothers and fathers of children diagnosed with cancer: A specialized focus on fathers Breast cancer in African American women: A qualitative study End the silence: African American women's challenge to reconnect after a cancer diagnosis Grief management: A qualitative study of the continuing education needs of oncology nurses related to the bereavement process Indirect and direct costs associated with breast cancer related lymphedema treatments The daughter's experience of her mother's having breast cancer: A phenomenological study The effects of a practice of gratitude on quality of life and depression in head and neck cancer survivors The effects of physical exercise on physical, psychosocial, and depression side effects of cancer treatment The experience of aftercare for women diagnosed with breast cancer and are in remission for at least six months: A qualitative inquiry The lack of African-American participation in cancer clinical trials: Mistrust of medical researchers The lived experience of lung cancer for never-smokers Understanding productivity and technostress for oncology nurses using an electronic health record (EHR) to increase safety, quality, and effectiveness of care for patients with cancer