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A corporate cultural merger on the flight deck: A phenomenological study A phenomenological study of merger stress on the acquired manager A qualitative case study: Hospital emergency preparedness coordinators' perspectives of preparing for and responding to incidents A qualitative study of violence and victimization perpetrated against registered nurses in the workplace A study of burnout and intrinsic needs fulfillment among project managers Burnout and coping strategies among football coaches at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Crime prevention through environmental design: A federal agency active shooter study Exploring the efficacy of the United States Army Readiness Assessment Program to reduce accidents/mishaps Exploring the relationship of employee wellness and job performance Fibromyalgia in the workplace: Exploring the impact of chronic pain upon white -collar workers Police supervisory attributes that influence attitude towards Critical Incident Stress Management programs Relationship of direct-care staff injury and occupational self-efficacy in psychiatric residential treatment centers Repeating history: A Delphi methods study exploring the barriers to obtaining a safer work environment for firefighters Safety climate of Canadian electrical contractors The experiences of employed family caregivers who engage in health promotion: A generic qualitative study The impact of safety culture on worker motivation and the economic bottom line The influences of personality and work stress on sleep duration: A quantitative analysis The lived experiences of professional nurses working in a safe patient handling environment: A phenomenological study The patient's perspective of occupational lower back injuries The relationship between nursing assistants' wellness and caregiver satisfaction Touched by violence and caring for the violator: The lived experiences of nurses who were assaulted by their patients in psychiatric settings Work environment and job-related burnout: How organizational support mediates the effects