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A correlational study of the relationships between music aptitude and phonemic awareness of kindergarten children A musical approach to reading fluency: An experimental study in first-grade classrooms A quantitative study of orchestra education and academic achievement A study of the relationship between instrumental music education and critical thinking in 8th- and 11th-grade students Adults' experiences learning traditional music notation: A phenomenological study An investigation of musical knowledge and transfer of learning to application skills in the middle-school choir Collateral damage: Music teachers and curriculum narrowing in upper elementary school Differences in student academic achievement between students who participate in music programs and students who participate in athletic programs Evaluating music educator effectiveness through student growth: An investigation of the Ohio teacher evaluation system Evaluating the effects of tenth grade students' music ensemble participation in relationship to the Graduation Exit Examinations mathematics and reading scores How do teachers incorporate intuition into how they teach music? A phenomenological exploration Improving male student enrollment in the high school choral program through the use of a youth barbershop program Instructional design implications about comprehension of listening to music before and during reading Investigation of music student efficacy as influenced by age, experience, gender, ethnicity, and type of instrument played in South Carolina Music and phonemic awareness: The kindergarten connection Music as a pre-reading education tool for non-music preschool teachers Professional development and teacher leadership in the era of NCLB: A study exploring elementary music teacher preferences Sight-singing assessment: A study of current beliefs and practices of Georgia middle and high school choral directors Student perceptions about the effectiveness and quality of online musical instrument instruction The attraction of the arts: A study of students' retention in arts education following enrollment in an elementary arts magnet school The effect of an attrition intervention program on middle school band students: An action research study The effectiveness of music mentoring at the True Music Workshop, Incorporated in an eastern city The effects of an integrated reading and music instructional approach on fourth-grade students' reading and music achievement