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"Turn it up": A diversity workshop to prepare preservice teacher candidates for multicultural classrooms A critical ethnography of the Hmong experience in the Upward Bound Program A foreign affair: A phenomenological study of barriers to adult Liberian refugees' success in the American college classroom A narrative inquiry of the school experiences of African American males who dropped out of high school A phenomenological study of the educational learning experiences of African American college students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) A qualitative inquiry of the benefits of diversity training for leaders in global mergers and acquisitions A study of racial stereotypes and self-efficacy in high-achieving African American adolescent males A study of the relationship between multicultural teaching training methods and teacher attitudes about diversity in rural schools A utilization-focused program evaluation of Lead for Diversity African American male school dropouts: Empowered voices charting the course toward change An examination of the shared challenges that impede success in the lives of single, multi-cultural mothers enrolled at a two-year community college: A case study An exploration of strategies used by experienced K-5 teachers in response to mid-year mobility of Marine Corps-connected students Asian Indian perspectives: Cultural competencies needed to work effectively with Americans on intercultural project teams Bicultural leaders' cultural competence and language skills: Managing diversity by influencing multicultural team processes Collaborative acculturation: The role of community in the process of becoming intercultural College life in America: Perceived stress among English-speaking Caribbean students studying in American universities Community college student perceptions regarding personal development during a study abroad program according to Arthur Chickering's seven vectors of student development Crossing the cultural bridge: Instructional interventions contributing to effective transfer learning with newcomers Cultivating a passion for excellence in African American and Latino college males: Mentor experiences in multitheoretical organizational ethnography Cultural competence of faculty in baccalaureate degree nursing programs in Georgia Diversity preparedness: A reflection on pre-service teacher preparation in private, faith-based colleges Effects of an international studies nursing program on cultural competency Evaluating cultural competency: A theory-driven integrative process/outcome evaluation of an associate degree program Exploring the group processes, dynamics, and individual and collective experiences of academically at-risk, adolescent Latino males Fighting through resistance: Challenges faced by African American women principals in predominately White school settings First generation college students experiences of academic success in Ecuador First year experience courses and latinos in higher education Great expectations: The lived experiences of high-achieving college graduates with faculty expectations as self-fulfilling prophecy High-stakes tests: Comparative study examining the impact on the achievement gap that causes minority students continued failure Identification of the competency level of cultural awareness for the senior semester baccalaureate degree nursing student Immigration and bilingual education perceptions of educators: A study of educational barriers Intercultural competence and study abroad in a language -neutral environment: An analysis of undergraduates at Arcadia University Mental health counselor trainees' advocacy identity development: A qualitative study Multicultural competence of school social workers within a South Atlantic state: Perspectives on training, demographics, and work performance Multicultural self-efficacy: A study of the differences of high school counselors in relation to the principal-counselor relationship Multiculturalism in nursing education: A study of associate degree faculty experiences incorporating multiculturalism within didactic nursing courses Native American student resiliency within southwestern tribal colleges Nurse educators as change agents: Exploring diversity among nursing students Passing the totem: Successful high school graduation of Native American students Perception of minority students and faculty regarding multicultural education and support services at a community college Perceptions of change: In-service teachers' reflections on multicultural education, culturally responsive teaching, and transformative learning Perspectives of international students returning to persist in a GED preparation course: A case study Phenomenological study into the lived experiences of youth in the hip hop culture Preparedness of international students from the British Bologna process degree for the completion of a master of science degree in the United States Processes and strategies school leaders are using to move their multicultural schools toward culturally responsive education Relationship between teacher efficacy and professional development in international schools Relevance and effect of culture on the academic achievement of African American students Retention and ethnic diversity: An historical study of Filipino nurse migration to America during 1965--1985 School counselors' multicultural counseling competence: An exploratory study School social workers: Impacting the educational opportunities of culturally diverse students Spirituality in counselor education: An investigation of trainees' spiritual beliefs, preparation, and competence The critical role of positive race-relations to avoid cultural discontinuities with African-American male students from disadvantaged families The impact an integrated workforce of a rural southwestern school district has in the making of a blue ribbon school The impact of musical performing arts on the academic achievement of Black males The literacy abyss: A study of English Language Learners with learning disabilities in reading The non-English speaking Hispanic parents' experience raising a child in an English-speaking education: A generic qualitative approach The principal's instructional leadership influence on East African immigrant at-risk students in a K--8 charter school in Minnesota The relationship between factors of age, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status and supervisors' cultural competence The road to retaliation: How anti-LGBTQ microaggressions ignite protests, business boycotts, and organizational retaliation: A hermeneutic critical discourse analysis What is the impact of faculty development workshops in multicultural education for teachers?