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A case study of the United States Army recruitment process A comparative analysis of Naval Aviation and Air Force Squadron Commanders' transactional and transformational leadership characteristics A correlational study of resilience and social support among National Guard/Reserve families A correlative study on Marine Corps Expeditionary Warfare School delivery methods and success rates A generic qualitative study of deployment separation of Air Force nondeployed partners A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experiences of active duty Air Force mothers who have young children and have recently returned from a deployment A phenomenological investigation into the lived experiences of Air Force retirees finding a job as they transition to the civilian work force A phenomenological study of the use of intuition among senior military commanders A qualitative study of African American veterans transitioning to life after military service A quantitative analysis of Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets leadership preparedness: Perspectives post field training A quantitative examination of the impact of career fields, total force components, early promotion, and number of deployments on personality traits of senior officers in the armed forces A study of Gestalt teaching theory and how it compares to standard Air Force highly technical training for Air Force students A study of leadership differences between U.S. Navy Master Chiefs in carrier-based aviation squadrons African American generals: A multiple case study of motivation and success strategies After the downsizing: A case study of a commercial activities competition reorganization Air Force single parent mothers and maternal separation anxiety An Action Research of the Cadre's Perceptions and Experiences of the Resilience Training at a Warrior Transition Unit An Army National Guard military family program staff job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction study An action research intervention for improving soldiers' success in their off-duty education pursuits An evaluation of the Mentoring Program among U.S. Air Force enlisted personnel: A case study An examination of emotional intelligence: Its relationship to academic achievement in Army JROTC and the implications for education An exploratory study of the relationship between usage of civilian educational benefits and U.S. Army retention An exploratory study of why soldiers in a National Guard battalion did not reenlist after deployment to Iraq An investigation of learning style preference in United States Navy sailors pursuing higher education through online learning An investigation of the relationship between perceived self -efficacy and performance of U.S. Army combat lifesaver students Army leadership and human resource processes to attract, retain, reward, and develop a civilian workforce Army logistics knowledge management and the Single Army Logistics Enterprise: A paradigm for military logistics transformation Assessing the impact of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among wives of veterans: A phenomenological study of life changing experiences of wives of war veterans diagnosed with PTSD Assessing the mental health needs of returning deployed: An action research study Authentic Leadership in-extremis: A study of combat leadership Behind the fence: Examining domestic violence attitudes and behaviors between military and civilian wives Beyond the call of duty: A study of factors that influence soldier attitude and behavior with respect to the concepts of duty, loyalty, and commitment Biological weapons, the unseen menace: The correlation between individual factors and fear within United States Navy recruiters Bring about Change in the Public Perception of U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officers: An Action Research Study Building an army: A corollary study of group interaction and group productivity Burden of care and social support indicated by the spouses of oif and oef reverve veterans diagnosed with ptsd Career decisions among reintegrating military veterans: Implications for postsecondary and adult education Case study of proficiency loss and knowledge recovery of people in nuclear command and control critical jobs Character development at the United States Air Force Academy: A phenomenological case study of graduates' reflections Comparative analysis of soldiers' perceptions of a military leader's behavior within the dangerous and within the conventional context Comparing leadership competencies of U.S. Army Generals and U.S. Army civilian senior executives: A case study Completing a college degree program following a deployment in an active combat zone: A case study Convergence on the guidelines for designing a virtual irregular warfare internship: A Delphi study Corporate social responsibility orientation: An investigation of specific Department of Defense contractors Cross-cultural adaptability and satisfaction with Army way-of-life Crossing the military rank divide: A qualitative study of military leadership and motivation in the US Armed Forces Death anxiety and reenlistment intentions in airmen with and without combat zone experience Deployed electronic medical record compliance: An intra-departmental governance theory perspective Deployment and redeployment: The lived combat experiences of U.S. Army social work officers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during 2007-2009 Development of a communications plan to enhance organizational communications with course writers: An action research study Does a military spouse's employment status affect the retention of the active-duty spouse? A study of military spouse employment Does causality orientation moderate the relationship between assignment choice and academic achievement in Air Force Officers performing the nuclear mission? Effective leadership: An analysis of the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational climate Effects of diversity education on college students in military sponsored classes Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution styles: Implications for United States National Guard leaders Emotional reaction during deployment affecting reintegration: The perspective of active duty Navy single mothers Emotions and the military training instructor: A view from the inside Employee retention and succession planning for a Department of the Navy program office Examining personal constructs of veteran couples: A qualitative action research study Examining the effect of stress on retention rate: An exploratory study of the U.S. Army Installation Command Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Campbell, Kentucky Examining the forces, causes, and elements of practical drift: A case study Exploratory analysis of motivational climate in Army Reserve Officer Training Corps leader's training course Exploring military physician perceptions of medical error Exploring the efficacy of the United States Army Readiness Assessment Program to reduce accidents/mishaps Exploring the lived experience of significant others as caregivers of veterans with traumatic brain injuries: A phenomenological study Factors influencing resilience in military personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder Factors leading to job satisfaction among the United States Air Force squadron recruiters Female officers who achieved general officer status in the u.s. army: A multiple-case study of motivation and success strategies First -line leadership development: Its impact on organizational performance aboard U.S. Navy ships First-Year Experiences of Male Student-Athletes at a Military College: A Generic Qualitative Study Foreign language learning and the efficacy of preparatory course interventions From soldier to student: A case study of veterans' transitions to first-time community college students Future Total Force: A phenomenological analysis of U.S. Air Force aircraft maintenance technicians Generational differences towards teleworking: A multigenerational comparative analysis of military and government leaders Global War on Terror: Requisite Army junior officer leadership skill -sets in a post -9 /11 terror environment Identifying and meeting the needs of military families: An appreciative action research Identifying critical skills, knowledge, and attributes of army personnel assigned to leadership positions: A case study utilizing a mixed methodology Increased enrollments in off-duty education through implementation of improved educational outreach on Air Force installations: An action research study Inferential analysis of Army Emergency Relief utilization in relation to U.S. Army posture and demographics Job satisfaction among U.S. Department of the Army civilians: An analysis based on the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire Job satisfaction of the U.S. Army Logistics Officer Corps: An empirical investigation within the ranks during the Global War on Terrorism Knowledge management and information technology in customer support: A quantitative assessment of the U.S. Navy's distance support program Leadership and productivity: A study of the perceptions of the non-supervisory civilian personnel at the Garrison Leadership development: The relationship between successful mentoring relationships and exemplary leadership practices among women proteges within the United States Navy Leadership in the U.S. Army: A qualitative exploratory case study of the effects toxic leadership has on the morale and welfare of soldiers Leadership liminality: How catalytic experiences develop leaders Leadership styles: a phenomenological study of transformational, transactional, and situational leadership styles employed by CIOs at military combatant commands Leave no soldier behind: A needs assessment of the HUD-VASH support group for newly vouchered and housed veterans Life satisfaction of Air Force civilian male spouses Male African American officers in the United States Coast Guard: The unique characteristics of those who reach the senior officer ranks Measuring resiliency among basic combat convoy course graduates: A secondary data analysis Mentor and protege core competencies in the Army Officer Corps: A qualitative study to align the mentoring process with current operations Mentorship fosters career commitment: The influence mentors have on U.S. Army service members Military commaders' attitudes towards religious diversity: A qualitative study Military instruction: A mixed-methods study of strategies for teaching critical thinking to enlisted military personnel Military police arrest decision in intimate partner violence incidents: The influence of police ideals, police officer, and incident factors Military readiness risks: A study of leader experiences with mandatory addiction referrals Military receptivity to hypnotherapy: An ordinal regression with associated factors Military spouses: A study of the shared experiences of those who lost a mate due to a war casualty Military spouses: Experience with relocating multiple times More than a capable mariner: Meeting the challenges of command at sea---Views from the bridge Non-prior service retention in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard: A quantitative study Nonprofit and military collaboration: An exploration of community based support beyond a focus on conflict Objectives, performance, and organizational goals in the United States Army On the homefront: The experiences of active duty army wives during an Afghanistan deployment Organizational behavior: Gender and its relationship to employee job satisfaction within the Department of the Army Organizational commitment and leadership styles of military wives: A multiple regression study Organizational commitment in a technology -focused organization: An investigation of military, government service, and contracted personnel Organizational learning, leadership and culture: A study of program managers in the Department of Defense Out of the closet, onto the battlefield: Life for gay servicemen before and after the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Overcoming barriers to pursuing an education online while deployed: A qualitative study Perceptions of leadership: An exploratory study of charismatic leadership in the Air National Guard Perceptions of sexual harassment experiences and tolerance levels: A study of the commonalities and differences between male and female equal opportunity advisors Perceptions of sexual harassment training received in the military: An exploratory investigation of U.S. Army Reserve attitudes Performance implications of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership: Toward the development of a self-efficacious military leader Personality traits of military executives and the potential for leadership Positive leadership in the military: An exploratory study Post deployment, self -reporting of mental health problems, and barriers to care Professional military corporations as force multipliers Prospect of civilian workforce transitions for noncareer Army veterans: A phenomenological study Reaching New Heights and Executive Development: Evaluation of leadership development Reflections on the use of power in the Army: An investigation of the effect on organizational commitment from the perspective of the soldier Relationship among length of combat deployments, spirituality, rank, finances, and marital satisfaction among Army couples Resilience: A phenomenological study of prior service members lived experience transitioning to civilian life Resistance to technology, evolving from paper contracting to electronic contracting: A case study of army contracting Secondary PTSD transmission among survivor families of World War II sailors of the U.S.S. Emmons: A descriptive and correlational analysis of reported and perceived long-term symptoms among veterans, their wives, and adult offspring Senior leader commitment to continuous process improvement: An exploratory study of a military organization State of the art analytics and managers in the defense industry Strategic leadership development in the U.S. Navy: A phenomenological study of Navy Rear Admirals Stress training and mental health among soldiers: An ex post facto study Successful entrepreneurial leaders with service-connected disabilities: A phenomenological study Support Group for Adolescents in Military Families Sustaining change: A case study of sustaining a bottom-up change initiative in a military training organization Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and military occupational specialty (MOS): A causal comparative study The Army Family Team Building program: Facilitating a transformative learning process: An intrinsic case study The Career Education Program for special operations forces enlisted leaders: An action research study The association between life satisfaction and patriotism in military spouses The civilian workforce reintegration experiences of Army reservists following Operation Enduring Freedom deployment: A qualitative analysis The culturally aligned change message: How knowledge of organizational culture can improve support for organizational change The difference in cognitive processing in military veteran college students with and without PTSD The effect of neurofeedback training on PTSD symptoms of depression and attention problems among military veterans The effects of PTSD psycho-educational training on soldiers exposed to a traumatic experience in a combat zone The effects of deployment on partner harmony through a feminist perspective The experience of enlisted female veterans transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce The experience of growing up in a family in which a parent had been diagnosed with Combat PTSD The exploration of African American military service women's attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge regarding HIV: A generic qualitative inquiry The impact of deployment on married active duty soldiers The impact of military deployment on the lives of significant others: A multiple case study The impact of psychological resilience on Army active duty military wives' mental and physical health The lived experience of alcohol consumption by male, active -duty soldiers below the minimum legal drinking age: A qualitative study The lived experience of military wives with children during multiple deployments The lived experience of primary family caregivers for combat disabled veterans The lived experience of smartphone use in a unit of the United States Army The lived experience of workplace reintegration for reserve component servicemembers following an extended period of combat deployment The lived experiences of military spouses during the different stages of deployment The lived experiences of the army officer's wife to an army commander's toxic leadership: A phenomenological study The military experience: Perceptions from senior military officers' wives The perspectives of women leaders within the Department of Defense: Insights from their lived experiences The promotion of women to field grade officer ranks in the U.S. Army: A phenomenological study The relationship between deployments and the marital satisfaction scores of civilian male spouses The relationship between emotional intelligence and authentic leadership in Naval Special Warfare leadership The relationship between leadership style and courageous followership behavior among United States Air Force senior noncommissioned officers The relationship of monetary incentive on retention: An analysis of Special Forces noncommissioned officers The relationship of perceived ethical climate, perceived organizational support and affective well-being: A survey analysis of a military unit The relationship of reward structure and the performance of new military product teams: An exploratory analysis The relationship of stress and duty status on the psychological and physical health of Gulf War Veterans The relationship of the armed services vocational apptitude battery on job satisfaction: An analysis of sergeants' major The role of trust in leadership: U.S. Air Force officers' commitment and intention to leave the military The use of military forces for emergency management: A comparative case study of the United States and Israel The use of rituals and routines in military families experiencing deployment Trading one uniform for another: An examination of Army health care specialist service as civilian emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and other emergency medical professionals Transformative change in Army training: A case study Transformative change in the heavy maintenance industry Transforming tradition: A study of leadership and critical thinking in Army curriculum development Transition to a blended learning environment for joint Special Operations education Transitioning from the military to civilian employment: A qualitative phenomenological study on involuntarily separating U.S. Army soldiers Transitioning from the military to federal civil service employment: Preferential hiring and its unintended consequences on the mid-life career transition and workplace adaptation of veterans Transitioning from traditional to Web-based training in the U.S. Army Ordnance and Signal Corps: The instructors' perceptions Troops to teachers: Turning Kentucky soldiers to scholars Turnover decisions: A grounded theory study of successful aviation leaders who leave the military U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2012: A phenomenological case study of organizational change in the headquarters of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers United States Air Force reenlistment: Factors affecting a first-term Airman's decision to reenlist during a period of war United States Marine Corps reservists' perceptions of civilian leader behaviors: A comparative analysis United States Navy admirals and civilian senior executives: An investigation of Navy leadership User acceptance of new technology-based cross-domain solutions in the Department of Defense: A quantitative study Using Facebook to communicate with husbands while deployed: A qualitative study of Army wives' experiences Validating that Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction are Predictors of Retention among Past and Present Military Employees Veteran Student Persistence: The Lived Experiences of Veteran Students Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder While Enrolled in Online Degree Programs Veteran entrepreneurship: A phenomenological study of the lived experience of veterans' transition from military service to entrepreneurship Veterans academic achievement: The influence of the veterans Upward Bound Program on academic outcomes Veterans' experience of posttraumatic growth through Christian spirituality: A heuristics study Violence in the family of origin: A research study of two military groups on levels of empathy, intimacy, and autonomy Weekend warriors at college: A study of the factors affecting the academic persistence of U.S. Army National Guard soldiers What did you expect?: A study of the expectations of military parents whose children attend youth summer camp What is the relationship between implementing a patient-centered care model in a VA medical center and patient satisfaction scores? When female married Army war veterans return from Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars: A qualitative assessment of the husbands' lived experiences Why commanders lead: A study in leadership motivations of Air Force officers Why not the infantry: An analysis of African American army officer career path decisions Women leading men: A look into the phenomenon of leadership from the perspective of women officers in the military Work environment factors hindering training transfer: A case study of military intelligence specialists Workplace bullying: A phenomenological study of its human and organizational productivity effects among military personnel