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A case study of career change professionals in middle school teaching A comparison of academic achievement of urban students in 21 st CCLC after school programs to students not enrolled A comparison of burnout among honors, regular education, and special education K-8 teachers A correlational study of academic achievement and the 40 developmental assets with middle school students A correlational study of the levels of school violence and the school's physical environment as perceived by teachers A descriptive comparative study of differences in mathematics achievement of eighth grade students enrolled in Common Core remediation courses A phenomenological study of middle school early adolescents: Understanding the perspectives and life experiences that contribute to disruptive behaviors A positive and proactive approach to teaching students with behavior difficulties in junior high A quantitative examination of grade configuration and achievement of eighth-grade students in Georgia on the mathematics and reading Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests A quantitative study comparing the academic achievement of seventh grade reading students exposed to two types of reading strategies A study of problem-based learning content acquisition and academic achievement in career and technical education courses at the middle-school level. A study of the academic progress of students with disabilities in urban public middle schools in Georgia A study of the learning styles of middle and high school deaf and nondeaf students in public education A study to examine the perception of middle school teachers on bullying Ability grouping: The perceptions of the administrators, teachers, and parents Adolescent African American males and motivational values: An exploration of middle school student motivational values systems in education Advance organizers in an online social studies unit to promote self-regulation in middle school students Against the odds: A basic qualitative inquiry that examines teachers' perceptions of how motivational factors contribute to the academic achievement of African American male students An evaluation of professional development to improve teachers' perspectives and behaviors: An action research study An examination of facilitated mentoring on school performance within an urban middle school An examination of the relationship between intelligence and state achievement test scores in relation to the perceived parental expectations, involvement and parenting style of middle school students An investigation of teacher perceptions and implementation of differentiated literacy instruction with advanced students An investigation of the relationship between parent involvement and student motivation Are middle school principals effective enough to improve the academic growth of students with disabilities? A study of effectiveness of middle school principals Assessment of students' and teachers' perceptions of bullying in the middle school environment Attaining and sustaining school success: Examining winning Blue Ribbon elementary and middle schools in Georgia Behavioral interventions utilized with middle-school children with autism spectrum disorder Benefits of single-gender education: Perceptions of middle grade teachers Building a concrete foundation: A mixed-method study of teaching styles and the use of concrete, representational, and abstract mathematics instruction Correlational study of the variables of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and academic success in a population of Native American students Differences between mathematics test assessment scores for middle school Hispanic students Differentiating instruction on the basis of cognitive tools: A case study of honors and mainstream middle school classes Digit's digital world: A study of mathematics, technology, and student achievement Disruptive child in the classroom: Challenges teachers face Distributed cognition minicourse: An instructional intervention to improve the effectiveness of one-day environmental education camps Do rewards work: The effects of positive behavior interventions and support on state test scores Do teacher efficacy, teacher understanding, and professional development influence the implementation of a character education program? Does social development affect academic performance in eleven to fourteen year old African American males: Academic success for middle school males E-learning styles: A study of algebra achievement for the middle school e-learner E-readers in middle schools: An analysis of the impact on cognitive load, knowledge acquisition and perceived mental effort Eighth grade criterion reference competency test outcomes as a predictor of academic success in high school Social Studies classes Eighth-grade writing: A mixed-methods study of the impact of criterion-referenced peer feedback on students' writing achievement Elementary and middle school bullying: A Delphi analysis of successful prevention programming Emotional consequences of learning disabled students who have been bullied at the middle school level Expelled middle school students: A study of the effects of a short-term, after-school reading intervention program Experiences of general education teachers in Judaic studies in implementing an inclusion curriculum Exploring the effect of professional learning communities on teachers' competency in the classroom Factors influencing middle school teachers when referring English language learners to special education Factors regarding the effectiveness of accommodations on student achievement for students with learning disabilities in the inclusion classroom Failure is not an option: A study on the effects of Personalized Education Plans on adolescent African American males Handwriting proficiency: A critical foundation for middle-school success High stakes testing: Students in grades four through eight report effects of standardized testing How congruent is a strict uniform policy with enhanced academic achievement and self-beliefs in early adolescence? How does Understanding by Design influence student achievement in eighth grade social studies? ICT literacies: An investigation of the digital divide in middle and high school classrooms Improving student achievement in after school programs through technology: An action research study Improving the achievement gap between English language learners and English speakers using a Modified Guided Reading approach Integrating technology-based instruction in middle grades language arts: Motivating and engaging at-risk learners in reading comprehension Interactive writing is teaching: A correlational study of eighth-grade writing Is it cool to go to school? An examination of the relationship between the Black-White achievement gap and hip hop music and culture Is teaching a matter of personality? A study of teacher personality and student academic achievement Leadership that promotes teacher empowerment among urban middle school science teachers Making the grade: Latino male students quest for academic achievement, cultural identity, and academic success Meeting the academic needs of middle school students with attention deficit disorders: A study of instructional strategies utilized by educators Meeting the needs of middle school mathematics students in charter schools: An examination of problem-based learning Middle school Response to Intervention: Using PLCs to implement RtI Middle school adolescents' views on dating violence: An exploratory study Middle school educators describe the process of revitalization after having experienced burnout Middle school response to intervention and student achievement Middle school science curriculum design and 8th grade student achievement in Massachusetts public schools Middle school science teachers' perspectives of using virtual labs with low-socioeconomic status students in a Title I school Middle school teachers' conception of college readiness One-to-one laptop programs: Do students in some Title I schools have an advantage when high stakes assessments are computer-based? Over 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education: Perceptions of academic achievement Overcoming obstacles to implementing student advisory programs: Effective leadership practices Parental involvement, is it real? A study of viewpoints promoting parental involvement that enhances student performance Positive behavioral interventions systems and test scores Predicting performance on the Georgia Criterion Referenced Competency Test based on the measures of academic progress in mathematics and reading Predicting student performance for grade 6 in reading: A correlation between Alabama STAR reading scores and performance Preparation for change: Middle school students with an emotional/behavioral disorder transition to high school Problem-based learning versus traditional science instruction: Achievement and interest in science of middle grades minority females Problems with engagement: Problem based learning strategies effect on engagement in middle grades technology education classes Quality special education programs: The role of transformational leadership School counselors' perceptions of the Comprehensive School Counseling Program and student academic outcomes Single -gender mathematics and science classes and the effects on urban middle school boys and girls Single gender classrooms: A study of gender in relationship to math performance Single-gender instruction: What educators think about separating the sexes during the middle school years Strategies to change disruptive behavior in a junior high school learning environment Student grouping for successful online asynchronous discussions in a middle school literacy program Student perception of collaborative and competitive instruction when used to engage world language students in the classroom Student stress and contemplative practice in the special needs classroom: Practice and possibilities Supplemental literacy instruction: Examining its effects on student learning and achievement outcomes: An action research study Teacher use of achievement test score data Test scores soar: A comparision study of 7th grade students with disabilities math achievement in full inclusion and self-contained special education programs The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program and achievement in grades six through eight The analytical writing program: An objective teaching and learning model for academic writing in secondary learning environments The discovery of student experiences using the Frayer model map as a Tier 2 intervention in secondary science The effect of an attrition intervention program on middle school band students: An action research study The effects of a standards -based middle-level summer school program as an intervention to increase academic achievement as measured by standards-based assessments The effects of study guides that feature taxonomically structured question sets in sixth grade social studies The effects of vocabulary instruction on reading improvement in a middle school health education classroom The evaluation of professional development on improving teachers' self-efficacy at a middle school: An action research project The four-day school calendar: A comparative study of student performance indicators in a Colorado school district The impact of burnout on teachers' perceived efficacy within the middle school setting The impact of inclusion and pullout on middle school students' standardized test scores The impact of parental involvement on students' academic success for grades 6--12 in urban alternative schools The impact of single -gender classes on a school's environment The impact of written text and narration on learning in an online middle school math lesson The lived experiences of teachers in implementing differentiated instruction in the inclusive classroom The next generation of teachers: A phenomenological study of brain-based professional development for the new middle school teacher The relationship between relational aggression and emotional intelligence among adolescents in the private middle school setting The relationship between school effectiveness and student achievement: A study of middle school performance in Palm Beach County, Florida since the implementation of NCLB The relationship between supplemental education programs and middle school students' academic progress in mathematics The relationship beween after-school programs, sense of belonging, and positive relationships among middle school students The relationship of sports participation to self-esteem in female middle school students The relationships between cyber bullying, academic constructs, and extracurricular participation among middle schoolers The socialization crisis of at-risk middle school African American male students: The impact of a social support system Traditional and charter schools: A comparative analysis of student achievement Transforming African American students' lives: A study of the effect of No Child Left Behind Act on grade promotion Understanding and use of online formative assessment data to create individualized learning plans What students have to say: A qualitative study of middle school students' experiences learning mathematics in middle school mathematics classes Who is being left behind: A study of inclusive disabled and nondisabled urban eighth-grade students based in Florida Word problems: The effects of learner generated drawings on problem solving