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"I noticed something wrong": Lived experiences of women of color who faced a protracted journey to diagnosis with lupus A mixed methods investigation into the relationship between co-morbid depression and level of social impairment in adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome A multi-faceted emotional wellness program for LGBT youth: Forging a brighter future A phenomenological approach exploring the lived experience of members of alcoholics anonymous who have social anxiety A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experiences of recovered clients diagnosed with dissociative indentity disorder (DID) during participation in a psychotherapy group A phenomenological study exploring clinical supervision experiences involving refugee clients A phenomenological study of parental estrangement A phenomenological study of spiritual values in secular-based marriage and family therapists A policy on teaching nurses effective communicatio skills with parents of female adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury A process model of suicidality using grounded theory approach with military veterans A prospective study of the timing of PTSD symptoms: Implications for criterion C as an early indicator of PTSD A qualitative analysis: Housing options for adults with severe mental illness in a rural community A qualitative exploration into the parenting experiences of bipolar mothers A qualitative study exploring the religious orienting system and religious coping strategies of hospital chaplains A qualitative study of integrating complementary alternative medicine A self-administered problem gambling screen (FLAGS-II) as motivational intervention for problem gamblers A study of organizational culture and its impact on levels of motivation and burnout of workers in the field of mental health A study of relationships between counselor education, social justice advocacy competence, and likelihood to advocate A survey of current practices in Canadian Aboriginal mental health ADHD treatments for children: African American single mothers' perspectives Acculturation and the subjective well -being of Somali immigrants in the United States: An explanatory mixed methods investigation Action research to expand HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) teams in the United States Addiction professionals and smart recovery(RTM): Discriminants between referring to and not referring to this twelve-step alternative program Addressing key factors to increase quality of life in individuals with MS: An action research Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and effortful control in adult women African American born-again Christian counseling clients' spiritual and religious experiences: Implications for counselor education and supervision African American mothers of children with autism and their experiences of receiving support: A generic qualitative study African American pastors' experiences and perceptions of suicide prevention and postvention services African American women and mental health: Exploring the perspective of African American women on mental illness who attend predominately black baptist churches African American women coping with the lived experiences of limited mental healthcare access in rural North Carolina An analysis of efficacy regarding the integrated use of the Hwa -Chim acupuncture method and expectancy in the treatment of depression in women An analysis of personality types as a preventive measure towards burnout in mental health practitioners An analysis of the role of preexisting internal factors in collegiate alcohol abuse within membership of social groups/organizations An archival study of certified peer support specialist interventions: Outcomes for recipients of Community Mental Health Services Program An enhanced, simplified group therapy protocol utilizing theatrical methodologies An evaluation of the perceived versus demographic barriers inhibiting physical activity among women as measured by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) An examination of factors related to reoccurring relapses from schizophrenia and bipolar disorders An examination of the cognitive therapeutic approach to comorbid disorders of alcoholism and depression An exploration of how family therapists use and understand intuition in their clinical practice An exploration of parenting coordination as a form of alternative dispute resolution with high conflict parents: A qualitative study An exploration of social interest therapy as a treatment for depression in the elderly An investigation of the personality features and treatment response of buprenorphine treated clients grouped by preference for heroin or analgesics An outcome study of seeking safety: A treatment program for co-occurring substance abuse and trauma Are alternative therapeutic treatments professed more effective for children utilizing mental health services? Are they content with care? A correlation study on new mothers diagnosed with substance use disorders and patient satisfaction Assessing the impact of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among wives of veterans: A phenomenological study of life changing experiences of wives of war veterans diagnosed with PTSD Assessing the mental health needs of returning deployed: An action research study Assessing the need for enhanced mental health services on a college campus: An appreciative action research inquiry Assessment of depression, anxiety and stress among community technical colleges lacking mental health services Attitudes and opinions of caregivers employed in group homes for adults who have been diagnosed with mental illness Baha'i faith members' experiences contributing to long-term substance abuse recovery Battered women of interpersonal violence Psychological issues of shame, guilt, and self-blame Bereaved parents' perceptions about their participation in an equine assisted grief-group experience Blended skills treatment for high functioning autistic individuals entering young adulthood Breaking the barrier: An integrative approach to addressing the needs of adolescent non-suicidal self-injury Breast cancer and the couple relationship: A qualitative analysis Burden of care and social support indicated by the spouses of oif and oef reverve veterans diagnosed with ptsd Caregiver wellness: An inquiry of health risks among frontline direct caregivers of the elderly and disabled Children's resilience following trauma in farm settings: A phenomenological study Clinical social workers' perspectives on cultural countertransference: A phenomenological study Community-based clinical experiences and mental health nursing student attitudes: A correlational study Conducting psychotherapy with children suffering from multimorbidity: A case study Conflict and collaboration in a wraparound project: Taking action through research Correctional officers' experiences with mentally challenged individuals Counselor perspectives: Adult females who had an abortion during their adolescent years Counselors' emotional reactions when treating couples facing infidelity: A generic qualitative inquiry Counselors' lived experiences working with adolescent girls who self-injure Culturally expanded perspectives: A grounded theoretical study of a drug court program De-stress: A qualitative investigation of EMDR treatment Decision-making in a national sample of stalking victims: A quantitative analysis Developing Florida's community mental health: A co-occurring approach Differences in male and female counselors' attitudes toward male and female sex offenders Do consumers of mental health services favor pursuing online education as opposed to education in more traditional settings? Domestic violence and trauma: An examination of how licensed mental health professionals assess, diagnose, and treat victims of domestic violence Dual diagnosis and spirituality: A study of recovering persons' experiences Early childhood sexual abuse and self-destructive behaviors: Observations of mental health professionals Effectiveness of mental health follow-upon recidivism of psychiatrically diagnosed released inmates Effectiveness of the mental health/juvenile justice system across diagnostic categories: An analysis of recidivism Effects of culturally and linguistically sensitive mental health services on referred, at-risk Hispanic elementary students' academic achievement Electronic health records: Overcoming obstacles to improve acceptance and utilization for mental health clinicians Emotional behavioral disorder students and the need for psychological (mental health) services Emotional intelligence, burnout and turnover among direct care staff: A correlational study Environmental, psychological, and sociocultural issues involved in the treatment of depression in the African American male population Evaluating outcomes for Medicaid waiver and grant in aid funded day habilitation programs for the mentally retarded Examining Kouzes and Posner's five leadership practices in statewide mental health consumer advocacy networks: A multi-site descriptive survey study Examining non-medical prescription drug addiction in Southern Appalachia: A qualitative study Experiences of job loss grief among working-age adults with disabilities Experiences with a prescribed emotional support animal: A qualitative inquiry Exploring dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) fidelity and reimbursement, an action research inquiry Exploring generational differences among African American men's attitude toward seeking mental health treatment Exploring mental health professionals' experience in the divorce process in Pennsylvania: A phenomenological study Exploring metacognition, relapse, and stress as an integrated outcome measure Exploring the experiences of inpatient mental health care administrators during a financial crisis: A generic qualitative study Exploring the lived experience of significant others as caregivers of veterans with traumatic brain injuries: A phenomenological study Exploring the lived experiences of rural African Americans accessing mental health services Exploring the perceptions of African Americans who used pastoral care in their places of worship for life issues Exploring the professional experiences of counselors' clinical work with the severely and persistently mentally ill: Informing counselor education training Facilitator perceptions of mobile ACHESS for social support in addiction relapse prevention Factors related to successful case closure of transitioning students with disabilities: A quantitative study Female sexual assault survivors' perceived God-image and identified psychological distress Female, hatha yoga students' lived experience of body image: A phenomenological study Finding and filling the gap in mental health services for pregnant women: A mental health assessment program Followership in the outpatient mental health setting: A multiple case study Got God? A contemporary study of the relationship between spirituality and marital satisfaction Hatha yoga: Its impact on job burnout among rehabilitation counselors Healing strategies for women survivors of both intimate partner violence and childhood sexual abuse Healthcare reform and quality for the transition from child to adult healthcare services Help is on the way! Enlisting faculty and staff support for students with mental illness Hospice family members' descriptions of the stressors experienced with family members terminal illnesses at home How equine facilitated psychotherapists describe their experiences with adults diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) How ethical codes define counselor professional identity Implementing cultural and linguistic competence in systems of care Implications of counseling mentally ill parents seeking family reunification Implications of literacy to perceived wellness and positive self-concept: A causal comparative analysis of enrolled versus non-enrolled adults in literacy programs Improving outpatient service delivery for criminal offenders with serious mental illness: An appreciative action research inquiry Incorporating wellness and self-care into clinical supervision: Current practices of faculty supervisors in CACREP-accredited counseling programs Integrating mental health services into routine healthcare for women of childbearing potential Interpersonal connectedness and postpartum depression symptoms: A group intervention for mothers and their infants Investigating the relationship between sources and strength of social supports, self-esteem, and exhaustion and disengagement in female mental health professionals Job satisfaction among qualified professionals working in community-based mental health and substance abuse agencies Job satisfaction in behavioral healthcare: The child and adolescent mental health clinician's perspective Juvenile offenders' perception of barriers and facilitators to mental health services and associated recidivism Licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor (LCADC) practice: Professional challenges,changes, and adaptations Listening to the Experiences and Perceptions of Parents of Children with Mental Illness Lived experiences of adoptive parents of Chinese girls impacted by disrupted bonding: A phenomenological study Lived experiences of grandparents raising grandchild(ren) with conduct disorders Ma'poksai: Lived experiences of Chamorros raised in kinship Marital adjustment, coping and demographic traits for spouses of partners who exhibit adhd symptoms in childhood -- A quantitative study Mental health care barriers facing Haitian Americans Mental health counselor trainees' advocacy identity development: A qualitative study Mental health workers who work with suicidal clients: A qualitative study Mentoring to reduce employee turnover among mental health practitioners: A descriptive study Military spouses: A study of the shared experiences of those who lost a mate due to a war casualty Motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapies in treating adolescents who abuse cannabis Neuropsychological markers of intoxicated aggression in college students Off and practicing: Online counseling learners experience as they transition from online coursework into internship fieldwork Parental perception of post-adoption depression in adoptive mothers of Eastern European children: A qualitative case study analysis Patient care: A case study of young working women with breast cancer Perceived level of mental health recovery as an outcome indicator in community support programs Perceived social support and depression: Their relationship among older men Perception of counselor ethical behavior: A quantitative look at dual relationships in Maine Physical discipline and child behavior disorders: An examination into the perceptions of African American parents rearing childen with behavior disorders Police officers' experience of seeking treatment after a work related trauma: A generic qualitative study Post deployment, self -reporting of mental health problems, and barriers to care Predicting mental illness with the MAYSI-2 Predicting success and self management in telephonic wellness coaching for depressed patients Predicting the influence of substance abuse counselors' personal recovery status and education on clinical orientation Predictors of caregiver burden among older parents caring for their child with an intellectual or developmental disability Prisoner reentry: Examining the lived experiences of wives of ex-offenders Privileging the voices of Nigerian children: A phenomenological study of their lived experiences following the loss of loved ones to stigmatized death Professionals' Experiences When Treating Women with Vulvodynia Providing better coordinated care for the mentally ill through the role of the care coordinator in an emergency department setting: A case study Psychiatric patients and criminal activity: Research into arrests of the mentally ill Qualitative analysis of the experience of individuals who attended residential schools for the deaf as children and/or adolescents Quality of life of post-release offenders with schizophrenia participating in a community support program Ready or not, here we come: A qualitative study of successful transitions for people with intellectual disabilities Receiving and training a service dog: The impact on combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Reducing seclusion and restraint use in mental health settings: A phenomenological study of hospital leader and staff experiences Relationships among locus of control, perceived self-efficacy, and medication adherence in members of Double -Trouble in Recovery or Dual Recovery Anonymous self -help groups Residential treatment experiences of baby boomers: A qualitative study Resilience and engagement in mental health nurses Resilience and recovery in substance-dependent healthcare professionals Resilience of direct care workers in adolescent residential treatment facilities: An exploratory study Resilience traits of African American women survivors of intimate partner violence (ipv): Mental health practitioner perspectives Resiliency among hospice care workers: A phenomenological study on the experience of compassionate giving Risk factors of prescription medication adherence as early predictive symptom of mild cognitive impairment among community -dwelling elderly School-based mental-health services in Georgia: The school counselor's perspective Seasoned licensed clinical therapists' perceptions of boundary setting with mental health clients Self-care to mitigate burnout: An action research study with licensed mental health independent contractors Spirituality as a coping resource in adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse Spouse's symptoms related to veteran's military PTSD: Pilot study of a community based intervention program Staff preparedness perceptions when confronting violent incidents in school: A qualitative inquiry Staff turnover of assertive community treatment teams: A matter of gender and ethnicity Stress training and mental health among soldiers: An ex post facto study Suicide grief in African American mothers: The roles of suicide stigmatization, attitudes toward suicide, and John Henryism Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and military occupational specialty (MOS): A causal comparative study Systematic change for the mentally ill: A qualitative study examining co-occurring individuals in the community Teaching methods and strategies used in a Christian high school for students with emotional and behavioral disorders Texting between client and therapist: An ethical dilemma or an effective tool? The Beck Depression Inventory(RTM) - FastScreen for Medical Patients compared to the Geriatric Depression Scale-15: Predicting depression in medically ill geriatric residents living in long-term care The MS Youth Program experience: Told by youth and parent (s) The Phenomenology of Single Parents Raising a Child with a Coexisting Diagnosis of ADHD and ODD The Professional Experience of Mental Health Professionals Who Work With Mentally Ill Prison Inmates The aftermath: Is post-traumatic stress disorder prevalent in medico-legal death investigators in the mid-Alantic states? The analysis of self-esteem, body image and sexual knowledge in single women 30--50 years of age: The study of their sexual satisfaction The association between Tai Chi and memory in older adults The association between life satisfaction and patriotism in military spouses The association between the presence of school-based mental health teams and office discipline referrals among middle school students in a K-8 setting The career trajectory of African American men who provide mental health services to African American populations The decision-making process for seeking support among Christian, African American parents of youth experiencing mental health challenges: A grounded theory The differences in American and Filipino mental health professionals' perception of the seriousness of suicidal ideation, and the predictive power of religiosity, spirituality, and diversity awareness The effects of a practice of gratitude on quality of life and depression in head and neck cancer survivors The effects of chiropractic care on adults who suffer from both chronic back pain and depression: An alternative treatment for depressive symptoms The effects of homelessness on the mental and behavioral health of children: A phenomenological study The effects of physical exercise on physical, psychosocial, and depression side effects of cancer treatment The effects of working memory training on adult ADHD symptoms The efficacy of substance abuse treatment, as regards patient gender, life stage, primary diagnosis, and level of care: A retrospective analysis The emerging leader: A phenomenological study of the woman of color mental health nonprofit leader The ethics of self -care: Burnout among substance abuse professionals The experience of aftercare for women diagnosed with breast cancer and are in remission for at least six months: A qualitative inquiry The experience of clinicians who provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to patients who self injure: A case study The experience of family caregiving of the terminally ill: A phenomenological study The experience of mothers who are raising adopted children with the diagnosis of reactive attachment disorder: A case study The experience of providing therapy services to victims of domestic violence: A case study The experience of yoga as a complementary treatment for depression: A qualitative study The experiences of compassion fatigue in mental health counselors who provide services to maternal ex-offenders The experiences of women who as teens aged out of foster care and became mothers: A transcendental phenomenological study The healing experiences of women: Psychodrama and eating disorders The impact of employment on severe and persistent mental illness: A community mental health study of self-esteem and symptomatology The impact of leadership styles and organizational cultures on employee job satisfaction in psychiatric residential treatment centers for children The impact of military deployment on the lives of significant others: A multiple case study The impact of natural supports on employment retention for TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) women with substance abuse The impact of psychological resilience on Army active duty military wives' mental and physical health The impact of the evidence-based practice movement on Pennsylvania licensed psychologists: A quantitative study The impact of traumatic life events and attachment styles upon compulsive hoarding in adulthood The influence of empowerment on recovery in psychiatric treatment: An exploratory study of therapeutic relationships The integration of mental health & education: A comparative review of mental health and social support programs for African American youth The interplay of leadership and job satisfaction in the organizational management of people with mental retardation The learning experiences in a college environment for African American students diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): A qualitative case study The lived experience of military wives with children during multiple deployments The lived experience of parents raising adolescents diagnosed with bipolar disorder The lived experience of pregnancy with a prenatal diagnosis of single ventricle heart defect: A heuristic The lived experience of primary family caregivers for combat disabled veterans The lived experiences of African American parents with elementary school-based mental health in South Carolina The lived experiences of gastric bypass patient's: Understanding their perceived supports before and after the surgery The lived experiences of obese gay men with weight stigma within the homosexual community: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of relapse episodes of chemically dependent women: The impact of *environmental and gender factors The lived experiences of the effects of companion animal ownership on adaptation to conjugal grief: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of veterinarians and personal pet loss: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of women with postpartum depression and medicine The lived-experience of spiritual awakening for members of alcoholics anonymous with long-term sobriety: A phenomenological study The moderating role of equity sensitivity on the relationship between motivation, self-efficacy, and burnout among mental health professionals The mortal healer: A heuristic study of the personal experience of illness in clinical practice The perceived experiences of parents who have received intensive in-home services for their children The prevalence of comorbid psychiatric disorders in adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder The process of burnout in community mental health counselors The process of equestrian therapy for adolescents with Asperger syndrome The psychological effects of obesity in native Hawaiian women The psychological structure of African Americans who terminate mental health treatment services after their initial sessions The relationship between a history of trauma and client satisfaction within a substance abuse treatment sample The relationship between deployments and the marital satisfaction scores of civilian male spouses The relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership practices of human services adminstrators The relationship between exercise and perceived coping efficacy and perceived stress The relationship between mass media and college women's perception of their body image The relationship between nursing assistants' wellness and caregiver satisfaction The relationship between the lunar cycle and the admission of adolescents to psychiatric facilities The relationship of forgiveness to psychological resilience and health among African American women The relationships among shame, working alliance and aftercare attendance to treatment outcomes The relationships between personality characteristics, age, number of years trying to conceive and posttraumatic growth in infertile women The stressors of a parent living with a child substance user The training of criminal justice system staff to manage, support, and work with an epidemic of mentally ill offenders Touched by violence and caring for the violator: The lived experiences of nurses who were assaulted by their patients in psychiatric settings Training elementary teachers about childhood anxiety: Perception and self-efficacy Transformative impact of childhood sexual trauma among substance abusing women who engage in prostitution Trauma-informed training and clinical supervision as moderators of compassion fatigue, when controlling for burnout and a personal history of trauma Underutilized mental health services: A grounded theory study examining African American perspectives Unilingual English speaking therapist working with limited English speaking (LEP) Haitian clients in substance abuse and mental health treatment Using mindfulness meditation intermixed with humor to reduce anxiety among nursing students during clinical practice Voluntary family counseling and therapy in the home: A theoretical framework When Eros meets autos: Marriage to someone with autism spectrum disorder When a soldier returns home from Iraq and/or Afghanistan with post -traumatic stress disorder: The lived experience of the spouse When female married Army war veterans return from Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars: A qualitative assessment of the husbands' lived experiences Women's perceptions of their physician's concerns for their mental health and the likelihood of being screened for post-partum depression relationship between characteristics and outcomes in adolescents who completed family preservation services