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A Delphi study into the efficacy of clinical simulation performance assessment in credentialing healthcare providers A comparative study of the effects of environment on preoperative anxiety and pain levels and postoperative outcomes in an outpatient population Adherence impedances to HIV/AIDS medications among a rural six-county northeastern Pennsylvania HIV/AIDS-infected population Assessing screening approaches for type 2 diabetes among youth in an urban community clinic Career paths to program directorship in physician assistant education Changes in hospitals: The perceptions of hospital administrators Characteristics of a health system-sponsored leadership development program as they relate to the career advancement of physician leaders Critical thinking in respiratory therapy students: Comparing baccalaureate and associate degree students Deep vein thrombosis prevention in post major orthopedic surgery Does patient perception of quality impact health outcomes? Evaluating objective rubrics to validate student competence in technical college paramedic programs, an action research project Factors affecting treatment adherence of African American women with Chronic Kidney Disease who receive hemodialysis treatment: A quantitative study Indirect and direct costs associated with breast cancer related lymphedema treatments Integration of behavioral health methods in primary care: The experiences of primary care providers Life satisfaction post-organ transplantation: A stressvulnerability perspective Patient care: A case study of young working women with breast cancer Patient understanding of coordinated medical treatment success within the Minnesota medical home model: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Perspectives of hypothermia treatment for neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE): A heuristic inquiry Physician's acceptance of data from patient self-monitoring devices Professionalism in physician assistant education: A modified Delphi study Rural healthcare access: A Minnesota community and healthcare system perspective and recommendations Telecardiology's impact on rural-dwelling patient behaviors who suffer from congestive heart failure The effects of providing procedural and sensory information on preoperative anxiety and postoperative pain in patients undergoing ACL reconstructive surgery The experience of aftercare for women diagnosed with breast cancer and are in remission for at least six months: A qualitative inquiry The impact of completing authentic tasks on the development of critical thinking skills The lived experiences of gastric bypass patient's: Understanding their perceived supports before and after the surgery The patient's perspective of occupational lower back injuries The relationship between access to medicine and transformational leadership in Nigeria The rivalry between simulation and problem-based learning: A study of learning transfer in physician assistant students