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A comparative analysis between accelerated reader scores and student performance on the Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test+ in Central Alabama A comparative study of traditional/constructivist teaching methods used in algebra classes for preservice elementary teachers A contextualized school effect study of mathematics achievement at New York City public high schools (Region #6) using higher order linear modeling A descriptive comparative study of differences in mathematics achievement of eighth grade students enrolled in Common Core remediation courses A metacognitive-based tutoring program to improve mathematical abilities of rural high school students: An action research study A phenomenological study of how adult community college students developed strategies to pass remedial mathematics coursework A phenomenological study of parents' involvement in mathematics instruction A reusable learning object design model for elementary mathematics A study comparing the results of a school system's quarterly assessments and the state high-stakes test in eighth-grade mathematics A study of instructional best practices in online mathematics A study of the relationship between math anxiety and select demographics Achievement gap in mathematics among Black and White students in South Carolina Advancement Via Individual Determination: A model for equity in secondary mathematics An action research of teachers' perceptions and attitudes of professional development: Integrating music into mathematics An analysis of the effect of STEM initiatives on socially responsible diversity management in the US aerospace and defense industry An effective co-teaching model to improve student achievement in mathematics at the elementary school level An examination of how general education teachers implement instructional accommodations for SLD students when teaching mathematics in inclusive classrooms An investigation of the effectiveness of pullout and augmented models of Georgia's Early Intervention Program for first- through fifth-grade students Analyzing learning domains: A study of preferred learning styles and age levels of learners enrolled in developmental mathematics courses at a local community college Argumentation through policy-analysis: Designing effective standards-based mathematics for social justice instruction Attitudes and performance of community college students receiving metacognitive strategy instruction in mathematics courses Balancing the equation: The effect of alternate course formats on retention and performance of adult elementary algebra learners Building a concrete foundation: A mixed-method study of teaching styles and the use of concrete, representational, and abstract mathematics instruction Clashing symbols: A study on the use of multiple meaning math symbols Class modality, student characteristics, and performance in a community college introductory STEM course Community and videos: An action plan to increase success rates in California community college developmental mathematics Comparing similar schools: The effects of the Malcolm Baldrige National Criteria for Performance Excellence on Kansas fourth-grade mathematics achievement Constructivist scaffolding and test-taking performance in elementary mathematics: A quasi-experimental research design Cooperative learning and its effect on fourth-grade mathematics students' achievement, motivation, and self-efficacy Data driven math intervention: What the numbers say... Developmental mathematics: Instructor perceptions of compressed courses in developmental mathematics at the community college level Differences between mathematics test assessment scores for middle school Hispanic students Differentiated instruction in developmental mathematics classes and achievement of ethnic minority students Digit's digital world: A study of mathematics, technology, and student achievement Do clickers open minds? Use of a questioning strategy in developmental mathematics Do math achievement scores for 10th graders in Hawaii's charter schools have a relationship to student perceptions of school quality? Does differentiated instruction raise student performance in mathematics: An action research study Dynamically annotated instructional designs: Effects on underprepared mathematics learners E-learning styles: A study of algebra achievement for the middle school e-learner Effect of an after -school remediation program on the academic achievement of students with disabilities Effect of memorization of the multiplication tables on students' performance in high school Effective developmental math instructional practices that facilitate learning and academic success of community college students Effective institutional and instructional practices in developmental math education: A study of a southeastern community college system Effects of discussion postings in online elementary statistics community college classes Effects of graphing, goal setting, and conferencing on reading and math achievement Effects of online interaction via computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools on an e-mathematics learning outcome Effects of professional development on the mathematical instructional practices of elementary school teachers: An action research study Elementary mathematics instruction: Traditional versus inquiry Embracing the math crisis: The impact of learning communities on student achievement and teaching practices in algebra I classrooms in a large urban school English language proficiency in mathematics on large -scale assessments: A study of eighth graders Enhancing performance in high school algebra: Using guided homework as an instruction strategy Evaluating the effectiveness of the Camelot Learning Math Intervention Curriculum for program implementation Evaluating the effects of professional development on direct math vocabulary instruction on teachers' practice: An action research study Evaluating the implementation of a constructivist course redesign model for online college-level mathematics Evaluation of performance of the petals trial in two "at risk" high school math classes: Measurement of student gains Examining teacher-assigned math grades as predictors for high-stakes testing Examining the effects of collaborative learning on performance in undergraduate mathematics Examining the effects of the flipped model of instruction on student engagement and performance in the secondary mathematics classroom: An action research study Exploration of supportive practices in instructional design for undergraduate online developmental pre-algebra/math courses Exploring positive learning experiences in the community college mathematics classroom in a midwestern state: A qualitative study Factors influencing learner satisfaction in online calculus instruction: A case study Factors that cause the achievement gap in mathematics in Anne Arundel County Public Schools Five-year trends in 10th grade alternative high school students' reading and mathematics state-mandated test scores, school Adequate Yearly Progress, and dropout rates Implementation of peer-assisted learning in an intermediate algebra course at a community college Implementing math ability grouping to improve engagement of academically advanced students: An action research study Improving academic achievement through legislation: Correlating charter school laws against academic performance Improving math performance in high risk schools: A qualitative study Improving student math knowledge and math attitudes through small group instruction: An action research study Improving student success in developmental math courses at a two-year college: An action research study Improving students' performance in elementary math using iPad technology: An action research study Increasing the enrollment of African American males in advanced mathematics and science courses in high school Is Study Island just a craze? A comparison of student achievement test scores in math before and after a technology-integrated intervention Is math anxiety in the secondary classroom limiting physics mastery? A study of math anxiety and physics performance Is science in danger? A study of the decline in STEM graduates and the reaction by major research universities It is not known the impact or implications of a study skills class and its effect on high school students in relation to performance on math and science Georgia High School Graduation Test Language arts concepts infusion for improved math learning Learning management systems in community college mathematics: A study of the practice of formative assessment Mathematical communication: A study of the impact expository writing in the mathematics curriculum has on student achievement Mathematics achievement gap: Suburban students' perceptions of teaching and learning Mathematics anxiety in adult undergraduate business students: A descriptive study Mathematics teaching self-efficacy: A descriptive comparative study of teacher preparation and self-efficacy at low- and high-achieving schools Maximizing math: A study of time and achievement Planting seeds in rich soil: A quantitative study of the reading and math growth of gifted and talented learners Relationship of technology skill competencies and reading and math standardized test scores Relationships of mathematics anxiety, mathematics self-efficacy and mathematics performance of Adult Basic Education students Robotics: Assessing its role in improving mathematics skills for grades 4 to 5 Saxon Math: An analysis for middle school students at-risk of low performance Secondary mathematics designers-by-assignment: Design practice and training needs Single -gender mathematics and science classes and the effects on urban middle school boys and girls Single gender classrooms: A study of gender in relationship to math performance Strategies used to teach mathematics to special education students from the teachers' perspective Student perceptions of active instructional designs in four inner city adult education math classes Students' experience with using educational video games as supplements to remedial mathematics instruction Students' perceptions on the reduction of math anxiety Teacher grades and the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards: Is there a connection Teaching math with technology: A study of teachers' attitudes and beliefs Technology and math: The relationship between using computers in the fifth grade and demonstrating math competencies Test preparation curriculum and skills laboratory: An evaluation of a high school mathematics intervention program Test scores soar: A comparision study of 7th grade students with disabilities math achievement in full inclusion and self-contained special education programs The academic impact of co-teaching on non-disabled high school Integrated Math I students The algebra content knowledge of beginning teachers in California The attitudes of secondary mathematics teachers toward authentic assessment in their classroom The digital divide: Does computerized instruction improve reading and math scores of urban high school students? The effect of STEM education on mathematics achievement of fourth-grade underrepresented minority students The effect of an educator's teaching style on the math anxiety of adult learners The effect of brain -based learning with teacher training in division and fractions in fifth grade students of a private school The effect of computer mathematics games on elementary and middle school students' mathematics motivation and achievement The effects of First-Year Experience course on students' grades in remedial English and mathematics courses The effects of math manipulatives on student achievement in mathematics The effects of teacher perception of differentiated mathematical instruction on student achievement The effects of the Texas 4x4 Plan: A study of college readiness in mathematics The identification of effective models for developing professional learning communities The impact of a middle school mathematics intervention program The impact of computer assisted instruction: A comparative study on the course completion rates of remedial community college mathematics students The impact of written text and narration on learning in an online middle school math lesson The implementation and evaluation of an online math orientation seminar for developmental math students: An action research study The implementation and evaluation of study skills components in developmental mathematics courses: An action research project The influence of advanced mathematics units implementing reform-based discourse on grade 2 students' writing The influence of lesson plans on student learning: A mixed methods study The influence of stem initiative programs for middle and high school students on female STEM college majors The lived experience of math anxiety for female elementary school teachers The relationship between fifth grade number sense and ninth grade algebra The relationship between mathematics scores and family and consumer science education The relationship between social capital and English Language Arts/reading and Mathematics in charter schools The relationship between supplemental education programs and middle school students' academic progress in mathematics The relationship between video-based instruction and student achievement in an online math course The relationship of course work, grades, and ethnic variables on 10th-grade math FCAT scores The use of teacher-created common assessments and student achievement in mathematics Understanding achievement: A grounded theory study of how adult behaviors lead to high student achievement in high -poverty high-minority schools Understanding undergraduate students' perceptions of using cognitive load strategies in solving exponential expressions What students have to say: A qualitative study of middle school students' experiences learning mathematics in middle school mathematics classes Word problems: The effects of learner generated drawings on problem solving