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A case study of social media marketing practices related to volunteer management functions in nonprofit organizations A case study of the United States Army recruitment process A comparison study of personality types and brand involvement A determination of non -functional shopping motivations of Y -Generation online shoppers A grounded theory approach to examining design and usability guidelines for four-year tribal college web sites A retrospective data examination of customer loyalty in the e -banking technology services industry: Strategies for new successes A study of Generation X's and Y's perception of the customer experience when purchasing airline travel A study of customer value and loyalty in the supermarket industry A study of soft skills for IT workers in recruitment advertising A study of the effects of marketing on small business revenue generation as represented by small farms A study on the relationship between online branding techniques and brand personality for nonprofit organizations A typology of multichannel shoppers based on shopping motivations and product category Adaptive leadership and cross-sector collaboration: A correlational analysis of nonprofit CEO leadership styles and cause-related marketing Air travel in the U.S.: An investigation of the influence of perceived risk in service quality An evaluation of consumer buying criteria and its impact on the purchase of commoditized laptops Antecedents of online trust and acceptance of e-commerce: A survey of consumer perceptions Assessing brand management: A replication of United Way of America's National Survey Assessing the influence of organizational commitment on employee perceptions of superior customer value creation Assessing the relationship between demographic attributes with the acceptance of biometric security devices Attitudinal loyalty: A mixed method study of Apple fandom Blue oceans in the United States motion picture industry: Christian action films Cause-related marketing as a solution for companies with negative reputations: An exploratory investigation Channel of distribution restructuring: A cross-sectional time series study of Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors from 2006 to 2011 in the United States College student recall of age and gender-appropriate medications advertised on television Color strategy: Adding and extracting value leveraging color Consumer perception of marketing strategies used at home show exhibits: A mixed-method study Consumers in the pews: Exploring the relationship between consumption experience and emotional brand attachment in a megachurch context Creation and validation of the Salesperson Competency Analysis: A competency model for entry-level business -to -business salespeople in the services industry Customer loyalty: An exploration of the relationship between service quality and customer intent to return and willingness to recommend in the restaurant industry Customer satisfaction and corporate reputation: A correlation study Determinants of patient choice: Chiropractic vs. orthopedic care Determining and executing new product strategy: Integrating the product innovation charter and the fuzzy front-end Determining the reliability and validity of service quality scores in a public library context: A confirmatory approach Determining the significant statistical relationship between NBA fantasy and video game participation and the consumption of NBA-related products and services Distributor success: High performance work practices in the multilevel direct channel market Do Baby Boomers find brand placement acceptable in television programs? Does visual distinctiveness influence content memory in powerpoint presentations? Efficacy of Social Media Adoption on Client Growth for Independent Management Consultants Efficacy of social media in participant percpetion of brand in small to medium size enterprises Entrepreneurial boot camps: A case study to evaluate and improve the establishment of methods, goals, strategies and tasks Examining the relationship between the usefulness of multimedia messaging services and brand equity: A conceptual framework Exploring the branding relationship between Facebook and Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises Factors influencing Japanese tourism to Hawaii: A macroeconomic analysis (1980--2006) Factors that contribute to mortgage brokers adopting the use of social media Garbage in garbage out: Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of CRM systems from the perspective of CRM users HPI factors influencing membership retention rates in a nonprofit legislative advocacy association Hedonic consumption: A study of locus of causality and marketing How organizations and individuals achieve significant and sustainable increases in sales performance: A study of transformational learning in sales environments If you build it, will they come?: Marketing the human genome Improving the internal communication effectiveness of nonprofits through leader support Increasing promoters in the residential broadband service industry: Relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty using ordinal logistic regression Influence of e-learning on sales productivity Intrinsic motivation and planned behavior theory: Explaining banking-service referrals Is it used? A study of factors influencing the transfer of sales training Knowledge adoption practices among ASQ members: An assessment of culture, infrastructure, and personnel Louisiana small business owner stated problems during recovery from Hurricane Katrina: Outsider assistance within a dynamic environment Mainstream social science faculty uses and attitudes toward information technologies Market orientation and business performance: The role of positional advantage Market orientation in the nonprofit arena: Antecedent impacts on market orientation within the church Marketing a social norm: An investigation of a campaign's impact on culture change regarding alcohol use Marketing alliance portfolios: How managers capture synergies among partners within the professional sports league Marketing knowledge in the music business: A qualitative study of the levels of business acumen required of aspiring music artists to succeed in the music industry Marketing matters: A quantitative study regarding whether online universities' marketing messages can affect hiring managers' perceptions of online degrees Marketing through online leadership to retain invisible customers: Perceptions of online students Member perspectives of service quality: An exploratory investigation of the private club sector of the hospitality industry Millennial purchase trends: Private label versus national brands within supermarket pricing formats Millennials and e-commerce: The online shopping and purchasing behavior of Millennials attending college Mining the language of online discussions in the service of mass market communications Motivation factors of current and first-time online donors Online privacy sensitivity and gender: A case study of a highly -educated adult population Online technology and organization challenges: An examination of Netflix and customer satisfaction Organizational size and culture: The effect on the implementation of the marketing concept Parental attitudes toward children's television advertising: Comparative analysis of the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, and New Zealand Perceived believability of televised green advertising Power hand tool customers' determination of service quality and satisfaction in a repair/return process: A quantitative study Predictors of technological anxiety and self-efficacy and its implications for nonprofit agencies targeting older adults Quality service delivery: A case study of strategic customer relationship management Relationship between type of endorser and patients' attitudes and behaviors in direct to consumer advertisement Relationship of customer trait and situational factor determinants with the technology acceptance of self-service Retailers' multitier private brand strategy and consumers' perceptions of private brand quality Sales influence strategies within the retail scuba diving market Self-governance of Caribbean nations: A correlation and comparative study of the island nations of Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Lucia Situational considerations in information security: Factors influencing perceived invasiveness toward biometrics Social media marketing: An exploratory qualitative study of U.S. small business owner's priority balancing and cognitive strategies Social networking privacy control: Exploring university variables related to young adults' sharing of personally identifiable information Strategic account management programs: A study of the variables that impact their effectiveness The Home Depot paradox: An investigation of the relationship between financial performance and customer satisfaction The Measured Influence of Supplier CSR on Brand Performance Expectations in B2B Relationships The business of video game development in 2009: Statistical representation of Indian video game player trends and habits The critical success factors of the Atlantic Coast Conference: A case study from the perspective of the conference leadership The employee perspective of internal branding processes: A quantitative study The impact of e -business on land-based retail florists: A qualitative study of Boston, Massachusetts The impact of experimentation on product development in companies involved in interactive marketing The impact of labeling: Organic seals and recommendations for gaining consumer trust The leadership culture attributes affecting a global aerospace business environment The market orientation of minority -owned firms: A study of companies in the Small Business Administration's 8(a) program The nursing shortage: A case study of nursing students' beliefs and attitudes towards various marketing strategies designed to recruit additional individuals into the nursing profession The online shopping and purchasing behavior of Millennials who rely on online reviews: A qualitative study The relationship between action identification and style of processing for managers and non-managers in the U.S. manufacturing industry The relationship between advertising and job satisfaction for paid and volunteer non -management associates: An investigation of the non -profit attraction industry in the state of Arizona The relationship between competitive advantage and supply chain management processes for United States manufacturing firms The relationship between customer satisfaction and conflict management styles of call center representatives The relationship between organization culture type and quality service in the retail store: A tale of two surveys The relative effects of congruous peer level identification advertising on Generation Y members who attend college: An analysis of an emerging market The role of the sales force in implementing strategy and developing and managing customer relationships: A grounded theory study of sales professionals in the wholesale auto auction industry The selection of Christian education: An application of the consumption value model of market choice Understanding the factors affecting the influence of children on their parents' total purchases Use of intuition in business strategy development Utilizing child psychologists in marketing products to children: A phenomenological study of the ethical perceptions of child psychologists Voice of the customer: Listening through the call center Volunteer recruitment through market segmentation: A quantitative study using predictive models