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A cross-sectional analysis of release method as a correlate of recidivism among female prisoners in the state of Georgia A management systems perspective of Islamic terrorism: A case study of Islamic Law A qualitative study of job satisfaction experiences of forensic scientists A quantitative study of the impact of California's three-strikes sentencing practices on minority offenders A study of differences between completers and non-completers of family drug court programs A study of the measurement of wisdom in the Missouri State Judiciary An evaluation of the Inafa' Maolek's Mediation Program and potential impact in resolution of child -custody cases on Guam An examination of the impact of current medical malpractice issues on the quality of obstetrical healthcare services in Michigan An investigation of the relationship between dark leadership and the effectiveness of transformational leadership in law enforcement Burnout in a public defender office Computer technology, digital transactions, and legal discovery: A phenomenological study of possible paradoxes Did you see my cry for help? Suicide in law enforcement Exploring the role of colleges in assisting undocumented Mexican students attain a degree in California Factors affecting the sentencing outcome of offenders in domestic violence cases in the state of Georgia Faculty and administrator knowledge of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act at select U.S. complimentary and alternative healthcare educational institutions Functionality of school resource officer arrests in schools: Influencing factors and circumstances Georgia's Domestic Violence Laws: A Study of the Effectiveness in Reducing Domestic Violence Incidents Individuals with disabilities education improvement act of 2004 noncompliance determination complaints in commonwealth states Influences and effects of subjective post-Furman death-penalty aggravators on Oklahoma death penalty cases Internet identity theft: An insight into victimology and law enforcement response Job satisfaction among paralegals: A qualitative case study Judicial characteristics and their impact on incarceration rates of minority youth Juvenile justice system stakeholder perspectives of the juvenile transfer process and the impact it has on juvenile offenders Landmark cases of American public school education: How the past has influenced the present Lived experiences of attorney ethical dilemmas related to technology in their profession: A phenomenological study Management-based regulations: Perspectives on its impact to combat structural discrimination in private law firms Measuring the civil society legal environment in developing nations: The case of Nigeria Oklahoma residential real estate brokerage: An investigation of the impact of the new Broker Relationship Act Plea bargaining: The lived experience of female prosecutorial discretion and decision-making Prosecutorial discretion under Georgia's Two Strikes provision: A quantitative analysis Restorative justice alternative to the traditional criminal justice system in Nigeria Socialization of new lawyers: The influence of values congruence and mentoring on job satisfaction Staff preparedness perceptions when confronting violent incidents in school: A qualitative inquiry State human trafficking legislation: Does it matter to human trafficking victim identification Student free speech: A historical -legal analysis of First Amendment challenges on college campuses The experience of providing therapeutic services to sexually violent predators: A case study The impact of Senate Bill 1301 on patient safety culture and the financial stability of Central California acute care hospitals The impact of Sex Offender Registration and community notification on recidivism in Alabama The intersection of free speech and technology: A study of the history of acceptable discipline procedures for K-12 schools The phenomenological essences of the experiences of drug court attorneys: An examination of moral development The psychological impact of civil litigation: A comparison of perceived anxiety levels in civil litigation as viewed by trial and alternative dispute resolution litigants The relationship between Latina attorneys' family responsibilities and career success in law firms The relationship between demographic factors and recidivism in adult drug court offenders Trial art and science: An exploratory study examining experiential and rational decision -making systems, work specialization and career experience of trial consultants Victimized students: A study of sexual harassment liability in higher education Working with sex offenders: Factors that influence attitudes of correctional officers