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A correlation of quality reviews and fourth grade performance in English language arts A delphi study: Expert recommendations on utilizing rapid prototyping to meet common core standards A key to the dream for adult learners: The acquisition of academic writing skills A study of the impact of scripted reading on student fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development Action research: Effectiveness of the Fry Words iPad application on achievement and motivation Altering negative teacher perceptions towards African American Vernacular English speakers An investigation of teacher perceptions and implementation of differentiated literacy instruction with advanced students Appreciative assessments: A strengths-based approach to assigning grades in the developmental English classroom Cheaters: A case study of plagiarism in composition classrooms Code -based reading intervention strategy versus comprehension -based reading intervention use to increase students' reading comprehension as measured by STAR Reading Test for middle school students Does small school reform influence literacy achievement of African American students at two urban high schools? Dynamic language learning: Comparing mobile language learning with online language learning Effective oral language development strategies for elementary teachers Eighth-grade writing: A mixed-methods study of the impact of criterion-referenced peer feedback on students' writing achievement English language proficiency in mathematics on large -scale assessments: A study of eighth graders Espoused theory and theory-in-use of instructional designers in the use of constructivism in online writing instruction programs Exploring teacher and administrator perspectives of a vocabulary instructional intervention program Graphic novels as great books: A grounded theory study of faculty teaching graphic novels Integrating technology with face-to-face instruction: Student and teacher perceptions Interactive writing is teaching: A correlational study of eighth-grade writing Language arts concepts infusion for improved math learning Moving at the speed of potential: A mixed-methods study of accelerating developmental students in a California community college Online instructors discuss teaching students with inadequate writing skills Prospect toward the future and sustaining the American dream: Building the writing infrastructure with high-quality instruction Reducing college students' writing deficiencies utilizing online remediation approaches Resiliency in American Library Association award winning juvenile fiction: A correlational content analysis Smarthinking: An action research study measuring the effect of on graduate student writing Soul work: A phenomenological study of college English professors Spanish reading comprehension, phonological awareness, and oral fluency among Spanish speaking adolescent Latino students Stories teachers tell: An analysis of published teacher narratives Students' perceptions of effective teaching strategies in a developmental writing course Supplemental literacy instruction: Examining its effects on student learning and achievement outcomes: An action research study Supporting additive bilingualism of online English as second language (ESL) students through instructional design Surveying undergraduates' news consumption habits: Journalism education in the age of media convergence Teachers of English language learners: A comparative study of their qualifications Teachers' experiences with use of instructional video to bridge fingerspelling and English print Teaching for success: A comparison study of teachers' perceptions of different approaches to the instruction of reading Technology and student achievement: The effect of integrating wikis into eighth grade English language arts classes The conscious thought processes of college English faculty when reading wordless books: A verbal protocol study The correlation of Latin, Greek and the Classical Education model with learning other subjects The dynamics between the writer and the text: A study of the writing process and self-handicapping tendencies The effect of differentiated instruction and universally designed reading curriculum on English language arts achievement scores of at-risk students The effects of First-Year Experience course on students' grades in remedial English and mathematics courses The experience of eighth grade Language Arts students using Moodle in a Language Arts classroom The fully inclusive classroom: The academic impact of full -inclusion on student achievement as assessed on standardized testing protocols in middle school language arts The impact of parental involvement on the literacy success of students The implementation and evaluation of an intervention designed to impact attitudes about writing: An action research project The lived experiences of teachers in implementing differentiated instruction in the inclusive classroom The relationship between social capital and English Language Arts/reading and Mathematics in charter schools The word on vocabulary instruction: Understanding the kindergarten teacher's perspective Third grade English language arts: Underperformance on statewide assessments To write or not to write? Students' perceptions of their lived experiences within the academic writing process What do they know when they get there? The relationship of Head Start, More At Four/NC Pre-K, private preschool programs and no preschool experiences to kindergarteners' reading/literacy readiness Writing the path to victory: A study of peer-led writing workshops