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A case study exploring the impact of managing workplace diversity on diversity awareness and employee job satisfaction A case study of leadership's impact on employee involvement in workplace improvement A comparison study of the satisfaction of American automotive supplier employees at Japanese subsidiaries and U.S. companies An analysis of equity perception related to family -friendly work-life balance of female employees without dependents An exploratory study of the issues and problems influencing federal CIO tenure decisions Black women in the workplace: A perception of how race, gender, and age affect success, fulfillment, job satisfaction, and stress Career influences: A phenomenological study of African American professionals in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry Caution, road-block ahead; 4-year private college graduates' experiences with unemployment in current U. S. economic crisis Comparing police performance in union and non-union municipal departments Creation of systematic employment phone screening procedure for hiring tenure track faculty: An action research study Creative strategies for union revival: An investigation based on a survey of current and former members of the National Writers Union Employee commitment: An examination of the relationships among organizational commitment, occupational commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior in human resource professionals Employee entitlement: A case study on managerial perceptions and responses Examining the effects of night work on accidents, job satisfaction, and the life satisfaction of the United States Postal Service workers at a selected postal distribution facility in central Florida Exploration of employee commitment to their employers by Baby Boomers and Generation X members Exploring the experiences of deaf employees working in deaf and hearing workplaces: A phenomenological study Exploring the lived experience of long-term paramedics: A phenomenological study Factors that affect peer rater accuracy in multirater feedback systems Followership as a complement to leadership: An analysis of the relationship between leader member exchange and followership types Horizontal violence: Verbal aggression of nurses by nurses: An exploratory study of bargaining (union) and non-bargaining (non-union) nurses perceptions of verbal aggression by peers Human resource office grievance procedures: Trust versus intent to quit Impact of generational issues on perception of union value in select manufacturing industries Interviewing in virtual worlds: A phenomenological study exploring the success factors of job applicants utilizing Second Life to gain employment Investigating career barriers of women of color in the 21st century Job satisfaction and intrinsic rewards: A qualitative inquiry Leadership retention strategies for Hispanic employees in the corporate workforce Managing the United States airline pilot shortage Member perceptions of the leadership style of union leaders in Nigeria Mentorship fosters career commitment: The influence mentors have on U.S. Army service members Native American perspectives on leadership in the workplace: An exploratory investigation Nonprofit organization employee perception of ethics program based on years of experience, position and gender Perceived servant-leadership attributes, union commitment, and union member participation: A quantitative analysis Performance appraisal process, job satisfaction, and job performance: Case study of employee perceptions of fairness Power, trust, police unions, and police managers: A quantitative research study Staff retention in human service organizations Surviving a reduction in force: The impact of flexible work arrangements on employee job satisfaction and work/life balance following the 2008 recession Telecommuting from the employee perspective: Examining telecommuting as an influencing factor in effective performance, job satisfaction and productivity Temporal workplace flexibility need: Forms and effects on selected employee organizational citizenship behaviors of discretionary effort, loyalty and intent to leave The Relationship of Work and Family Life Balance to Job Satisfaction for Senior Executive Service Members: A Quantitative Correlational Study The academic expatriate in the United Arab Emirates: A new lens through which to view expatriate sociocultural adjustment The causal relationship inherent in the alliance of lean infrastructures, employee engagement, leadership impact, and team dynamics in modern manufacturing environments The factors that contribute to the survival of a real estate sales associate's career: A qualitative case study The glass ceiling: Does perception have any impact in keeping it in place or removing it? The impact of increased security on the employment options and lives of people with severe disabilities The impact of learning styles on instructional method preferences The impact of workplace factors on the underrepresentation of women in information technology project management The relationship of perceived ethical climate, perceived organizational support and affective well-being: A survey analysis of a military unit The relationship of perceived pay inequity and organizational commitment among hospital -employed nurses: A comparison of two-year and four-year registered nurses The role of Emotional Intelligence in Transformational Leadership Style The underrepresentation of women in athletics leadership: A qualitative study of NCAA Division II women coaches and administrators Transcendental leadership in action: An exploration of how self-identified transcendental leaders build a culture of workplace spirituality Transformational leadership: Its impact on Hispanic immigrant workers in a production /processing plant environment Understanding organizational cultural relationships: A qualitative study of antagonistic relations inside of the workplace Winning applicants: An exploratory case study of the selection factors of recruiters and hiring managers Witnesses of U.S. workplace bullying: A phenomenological study of organizational culture, leadership, and unsafe environments Women of color in higher education administration: An exploration of barriers to advancement Women trailblazers: Strategies to secure top ranking positions often dominated by men