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A Study of Parenting Dimensions and Family Conflict in Hispanic and African American Families: Implications for Social Research A case study of communication between parents of donor conceived children and other recipient parents A case study of fathers' perceptions of mandated child support A comparison of coping styles between mothers and fathers of children diagnosed with cancer: A specialized focus on fathers A comparison of parent and teacher perceptions of parental involvement in elementary schools A correlational study of resilience and social support among National Guard/Reserve families A generic qualitative inquiry of the experiences of family separation among adult survivors of Hurricane Katrina A grounded theory study: Understanding individual realities of living the family business phenomenon A multiple case study of successful family business succession A phenomenological approach to grandmothers' experience of parenting their grandchildren A phenomenological approach to understanding rural grandfather roles A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experiences of active duty Air Force mothers who have young children and have recently returned from a deployment A phenomenological perspective on parenting experience among African American mothers living with HIV disease A phenomenological study of childhood experiences of adult children who had parents with an alcohol use disorder A phenomenological study of parental estrangement A phenomenological study on the meaning of marriage in fragile families A policy on teaching nurses effective communicatio skills with parents of female adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury A qualitative case study on the re-entry experience of the repatriate spouse: Are you sure this is the right way home? A qualitative exploration into the parenting experiences of bipolar mothers A qualitative study of mother-child relationships after leaving domestic violence situations for temporary residence A qualitative study of the lived experiences of single, low-income, African American grandmothers raising grandchildren A qualitative study of younger brothers' lived experience of having an older brother A qualitative study: Reflections on being a LGB adolescent in rural high school settings A study of love factors and marital satisfaction A study of parent-child numeracy interaction in families of English language learners A study of parenting authority styles and self-esteem: Implications for families A study of resilience and locus of control among homeless and non-homeless adults Administering change to domestic violence -- A phenomenological study of nonprofit administrators of domestic violence programs in South Carolina Adolescent Black males living in poverty: Perceived sense of inadequacy, relations with parents and their relationship with attitudes to school and attitudes to teachers Adult Daughter and Mother Relationships After Adolescent Pregnancy: A Transcendental Phenomenology Study Adult music students' experiences with the biopsychosocial impacts of private instruction Adult-youth engagement and the impact on school and community African American families and autism: A phenomenological investigation of the lived experiences of African American parents who care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) African American grandmothers as parents and their perceptions of educational support in a rural setting African American offspring share their experiences of transitioning from a heterosexual to a same-sex family lifestyle: A phenomenological study African American single mothers: Intergenerational transmission, parenting styles, educational, and professional attainment After a late life divorce: A phenomenological exploration into the adjustment process and experiences of ten Latino women living in New York City Air Force single parent mothers and maternal separation anxiety Ameliorating compassion fatigue in family caregivers an appreciative inquiry An adult daughter's perception of childhood maternal verbal abuse in relationship to attachment and social learning An analysis of teachers' and parents' perceptions of the barriers of parental involvement in urban elementary schools based on grade level An evaluation of the Inafa' Maolek's Mediation Program and potential impact in resolution of child -custody cases on Guam An exploration of the lived experience of step-motherhood An exploration of the perceived experiences of social alienation of non -birth mothers in lesbian parent families An exploratory study of adolescents' experiences with their divorced parents' parenting plans An investigation of parental stress among urban grandparents in raising their grandchildren Are conservative Christian school parents involved?: A study of parental involvement in an Association of Christian Schools International school Assessing the relationship between parenting stress and parental involvement of African American fathers of young children Autism spectrum disorder: The relationship between biomedical treatment and healthy family functioning Barriers preventing involvement between nonresident African American fathers and their biological children Barriers to formal care utilization among African American primary caregivers: Perceived stigma, discriminatory beliefs, religious commitment, and distrust Behavioral intervention and parent training within the CASSP system: The effectiveness of using direct commands to manage ADHD/ODD in the home environment Behind the fence: Examining domestic violence attitudes and behaviors between military and civilian wives Biological children in therapeutic foster families: A phenomenological study Biracial Alaska Native-African American adults: Examining the racial socialization process that impacts identity formation Can resiliency in Black adolescent males be correlated with parenting style? Career transitions following childbirth Chaldean mothers' perspectives on the mother-child relationship post divorce Changed or shaped feelings: Young adult daughters' perceptions of their relationships with their fathers after divorce Changes in women's status: Union with younger men Childhood exposure to family violence among African American males: A proposed model of understanding parental experiences with their daughters Children in the Middle: Evaluation of a divorce education program Children of incarcerated parents: In the children's own words Cognition, behavior, and communication: Does awareness of self improve relationships among married couples? Collaborative action for women's shelter programs improvement: An outcome-based evaluative case study Conducting psychotherapy with children suffering from multimorbidity: A case study Conflict resolution styles and strategies in marriages of African American heterosexual couples Coping with medication non-adherence in adolescent renal transplant patients: Parents speak out Counselors' emotional reactions when treating couples facing infidelity: A generic qualitative inquiry Creating space for the female voice: Sociocultural influences on being raised in a single parent home Cross-cultural adaptability and satisfaction with Army way-of-life Cultural beliefs, behaviors, and marital satisfaction among first and second-generation Haitians Cultural conflicts and crises in marriages among the Igbo ethnic group of Nigerian -Americans living in metropolitan New York Differentiation of self and leadership effectiveness in Christian clergy: A mixed methods study Dimensions of family satisfaction: A relationship between family size and family satisfaction Does a military spouse's employment status affect the retention of the active-duty spouse? A study of military spouse employment Does substance abuse treatment change incidents of intimate partner violence? Domains of risk in the prediction of divorce in women Domestic violence and working women: The relationship between employment status and women who seek assistance Effective paternal parenting among Hispanics: A quantitative analysis of parenting styles Effects of a Chapman Love Language intervention with Hispanic couples: A quasi -experimental study Employees' descriptions of the experience of surviving layoffs and downsizings in their organizations: A qualitative descriptive study Employment status, choice, and psychological need fulfillment as predictors of individual well-being in highachieving mothers Enhancing parent-child interaction therapy in low-socioeconomic status African American communities Entrepreneurial lives: A phenomenological study of the lived experience of the entrepreneur, including the influence of values, beliefs, attitudes, and leadership in the entrepreneurial journey Equine therapy: what impact does owning or riding a horse have on the emotional well-being of women? Examining family member involvement during the domestic violence fatality review process Examining the relationship between parenting style, the home environment, and placement stability for children in foster care Experiences and challenges of parents who have children diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Exploring how women's family-work enrichment experiences contribute to organizational cultural and success in the workplace: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Exploring self-perception and body image appearance Exploring the complexities of family business decision making: How the second generation makes decisions Exploring the correlation between parental supervision and recidivism among juvenile offenders at a juvenile detention facility Family experiences of the terminal illness and death of a family member Family member perspectives on collaboration: An exploratory study Fatherhood and the psychological well-being of Black men Fathers speak: The lived experiences of fathers of adolescents with autism regarding transition planning for their children Fathers' experiences after their child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome: A phenomenological study Hidden violence: A phenomenological inquiry into the experieces of abused male partners Home & family considerations: Cognitive ability of male, Black preschoolers in urban environments Homeless parents seeking employment: A phenomenological study Homicidal patterns of filicidal parents: A correlational study How moral education instilled in adolescents from parents and teachers improves educational achievement and citizenship Ideal versus reality: A phenomenological inquiry into the lived experience of retirees achieving retirement expectations Implications of counseling mentally ill parents seeking family reunification Increasing parent involvement through parent education in an early childhood program: An action research study Informal caregiving: The African-American experiences, associated with caring for children in the extended family Integrated treatment for women with co-occurring disorders: The experiences of community mental health professionals Internalized homophobia, self-esteem, education, income, and the use of partner violence in a group of self-identified bisexual and lesbian women Intimate partner violence in Appalachia: Examining women's experiences with community support Investigation of extra-work-hour status and quality of life indicators using 2010 General Social Survey data Is there a relationship between attachment style and marital satisfaction? A study of couples married at least seven years Juvenile recidivism reduction: A phenomenological investigation of successful juvenile reintegration Latino mixed status families and poverty: A phenomenological study Law enforcement stress and its impact on spouses Leadership analysis: An investigation of the relationships between leadership styles of the African immigrants' heads of the households and success of the African immigrants in the United States Life after the homicide of young urban African American males: Parental experiences Life satisfaction of Air Force civilian male spouses Lived experiences of grandparents raising grandchild(ren) with conduct disorders Living with Alzheimer's disease: Daughter caregivers and their contemporary families Location, location, location: Do school size, family socioeconomic status, and levels of rurality affect the outcome of WESTEST scores Making a child's education a priority: A case study of factors influencing the lack of parental involvement in a Georgia public high school Marriage and sex: A study comparing sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction in age and gender Measures of marital satisfaction among husbands and wives in dual-earner African-American families Military spouses: Experience with relocating multiple times Mother-daughter conversations on pre- and post-menarche: A phenomenology Noncustodial strain and criminality: A phenomenological study of fathers Older children adoptions: Effects on marital satisfaction and parenting stress On the homefront: The experiences of active duty army wives during an Afghanistan deployment Parent to grandparent to parent again: Correlational study on differing parenting styles Parental involvement in their child's education Parental involvement: Motivation factors among African American parents Parental perspectives of homeschooling: A qualitative analysis of parenting attitudes regarding homeschooling as opposed to public schooling Parenting alliance in blended and intact family systems Parenting among Pentecostal Nigerian Yoruba in the United States: A phenomenological approach Parenting special needs children adopted from residential treatment programs Parenting styles, self-efficacy, and benefit to parents of youth in performing arts Parenting styles: Their impact on adolescent separation and college adjustment Parents' reactions to their adolescents' delinquency Perceived need for cultural planning by parents following the *adoption of Latino children Perceptions of caregiving by African American males caring for an individual with Alzheimer's disease: An exploratory qualitative study Perceptions of the role of a father: The perspectives of Black women from low-income environments Perspectives of spirituality, aging and caregiver stress among adult caregivers Physical child abuse between siblings: Child protection workers and compensatory decision making Predictors of distress among grandmothers raising grandchildren: The role of community service utilization and social supports Priorities of the Latter-Day Saint woman: Stay-at-home mother or higher education? Prisoner reentry: Examining the lived experiences of wives of ex-offenders Qualitative inquiry into the experiences of in-school parent liaisons and their role in family preservation Qualitative research exploring fathers' experience of alienation and court interventions in the process of divorce involving child custody Relationship between gender roles, parental attachment, and life satisfaction in young adulthood Relationship between placement type, time in placement and number of placements and juvenile delinquency: An exploration of African-American males in foster care Resilience development among adult offspring with schizophrenic mothers Resilience development through humor Social cognitive theory: Adolescent alcohol initiation decision Special education teachers' and parents' perceptions of parent involvement in special education Stress among court officers who preside in criminal and family court Survey of hearing children with deaf parents regarding their role as sociolinguistic agents Surviving sexual abuse: A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of adult females who were sexually abused in childhood by their biological fathers Surviving suicide: Understanding the lived experiences of bereaved parents Teachers' perceptions of students' needs for family counseling and attitudes toward school-based family counseling Teleworking: Work/life balance of online instructors with disabilities: A phenomenological study The Army Family Team Building program: Facilitating a transformative learning process: An intrinsic case study The Lived Experience of Spirituality of Custodial Grandparents: A Phenomenological Study The Predictive Relationship of Prayer Behavior, Spirituality, Religiosity, Demographics, and Marital Fidelity with Marital Satisfaction The Relationship Between Family Risk Factors And Youth Impulsivity In The Development Of African American Adolescent Antisocial Behavior The adolescent mother's experience and perception of motherhood The couple as a pair bond and the lived experience of dyadic coping with fibromyalgia: A phenomenological study The daughter's experience of her mother's having breast cancer: A phenomenological study The earliest warning signs of intimate partner violence The effect of child's input in custody placement on one's adulthood adjustment The effect of fathering skills training on the parental self-efficacy of single African American fathers The effectiveness of the Advocacy and Benefits homeless programs in reducing homelessness or at -risk for homelessness The effects of age range, gender, and presence of helpers in measuring the stress and strain of baby boomers caring for aging parents The effects of deployment on partner harmony through a feminist perspective The experience of Jewish women in a second marriage: A qualitative study The experience of a female being raised in an isolated polygamous community in British Columbia: A heuristic study. The experience of being a mother of an adult with autism: A generic qualitative study The experience of being a single mother during adolescence: A qualitative study The experience of equity in long term African American marriages: A descriptive phenomenological study The experience of having a mother with a crack-cocaine substance abuse disorder The experience of leaving home for emerging adults who grew up with a mentally ill parent The experience of parents self-directing the care of their children with developmental disabilities: A hermeneutic phenomenological study The experience of single parent adult learners who have obtained an undergraduate degree: A generic inquiry The experience of using Social Thinking(RTM) in parenting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A case study The experiences of the parents of a depressed child The extent to which raising a young autistic child impacts the marital relationship of the parents The family characteristics, parenting methods, and parental education philosophies, experiences, and expectations of Hmong parents and children The family system: A study on the satisfaction levels of immediate support systems through individual coaching The impact of family structure on African American male college success The impact of pre- and post-release support on ex-offenders' self-stigmatization The impact of socioeconomic status on parenting styles of male single parents The involvement of single African American mothers in the educational lives of their children: Experiences, engagements, and perceptions in an urban school The lived experience of African American custodial grandparents who assume the role of parent The lived experience of adoptive mothers raising children diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A phenomenological study The lived experience of adult children during and following a parent's entry into nursing home care The lived experience of counselors working with English-speaking Caribbean immigrant parents who use physical discipline with their children: A phenomenological study The lived experience of parents raising adolescents diagnosed with bipolar disorder The lived experiences of African American men between the ages of 45 to 65 recovering from alcohol abuse: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of grandmother guardians The lived experiences of having a parent with multiple sclerosis: A phenomenological study The lived experiences of military spouses during the different stages of deployment The lived experiences of mothers raising a child diagnosed with bipolar disorder The lived experiences of welfare recipients: A phenomenological study of intergenerational dependency on the welfare system The maternal lived experience of conceiving through in vitro fertilization and raising triplets: A heuristic study The meaning of family storytelling among Mexican American adults: A phenomenological study on the construction of reality through the transmission of multigenerational family structure, traditions, values, and wisdom The military child: An examination of anxiety occurring during parental deployment The military experience: Perceptions from senior military officers' wives The missing link: Parental influences on student academic achievement The nature of the improved subjective well-being of adult children of alcoholics The outcomes for African American Christian women raised without their biological father: A phenomenological study The relationship between a child's diagnosed disability and child maltreatment The relationship between deployments and the marital satisfaction scores of civilian male spouses The relationship between fathers' pre -natal involvement with the mother and post -natal involvement with the child(ren) The relationship between parental involvement and student achievement: A case study of African American students in an urban elementary charter school The relationship between spirituality and marital satisfaction in Christian heterosexual marriages The relationship between therapeutic foster parenting style and placement longevity The relationship between witnessing verbal marital conflict as a child and the behavioral anger responses in adulthood The relationship between young adults' spiritual well -being and attachment to God and their recollections of parental and faith -group spiritual influences The role of family cohesiveness helping adult female offenders prevent recidivism The role of self-esteem and self-adequacy as mediators between perceived parenting and a student's preferred seat location via structural equation modeling The role religion plays in Christian women's decisions to remain or leave an abusive relationship The strongest link: A study of the parent liaisons' /coordinators' influence on parental attitudes in a Title I elementary school The study of parenting stress and social support among African American mothers The use of rituals and routines in military families experiencing deployment Therapists' perspectives on the contributions of in-home therapy in developing family cohesion in a central northern state Trust, bond, and length in care: Exploring foster care parenting styles Understanding the ways that program mentoring influences the decision of urban, at-risk, high school students to apply for college Using Facebook to communicate with husbands while deployed: A qualitative study of Army wives' experiences Vaccination decison-making of family members of children with autism Voluntary family counseling and therapy in the home: A theoretical framework Well-being of mothers when an adult child is incarcerated What are the Perspectives of Mothers Whose Adolescent Sons are Engaging in Prolonged Video Game Play? What are you? Rainbow students, services, and identity What did you expect?: A study of the expectations of military parents whose children attend youth summer camp What factors predict White male prisoners to join the Aryan Brotherhood? What is the lived experience of becoming a parent as described by the working professional woman? A heuristic inquiry When female married Army war veterans return from Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars: A qualitative assessment of the husbands' lived experiences When students miss school they miss out: Evaluating the effects of face-to-face meetings on student attendance among high school students: An action research study Why play golf? Youthful voices: An exploratory case study of successful youth intervention and development programs relationship between characteristics and outcomes in adolescents who completed family preservation services