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A Study of Parenting Dimensions and Family Conflict in Hispanic and African American Families: Implications for Social Research A comparison of two bilingual programs on student reading achievement in a public elementary school in Texas A culturally sensitive psychological treatment plan for immigrant Mexican-American women diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder with predominant pain A descriptive case study on African American and Hispanic parents' values of education and the impact on student achievement A qualitative grounded theory study of the immigrant Jewish women's ethnic identity experience in San Antonio, Texas A qualitative study on the perceptions of Mexican Americans regarding the conditions of teen pregnancy A study of employment barriers among Latino youth Access of Hispanic inmates to correctional education (GED) in California and its impact on three year recidivism rates Acculturation and other psychological factors associated with disordered eating in Hispanics After a late life divorce: A phenomenological exploration into the adjustment process and experiences of ten Latino women living in New York City An investigation of Hispanic Millennials enrolled in a teacher preparation program Analysis of the relationship between Latino and African American male high schools graduation rates and principal leadership style Beginning teachers' reading practices: A descriptive analysis of content reading strategies that Hispanic border teachers are using in diverse elementary classrooms Block scheduling: A causal-comparative study examining the impact on Hispanic student achievement Building relationships with Hispanic families: Administrators' perceptions of parental involvement Closing the gaps: A study of Hispanic students migration to higher education Comparison of sentencing outcomes for felony DUI convictions among Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics in South Carolina Considerations influencing Hispanic-American mothers' intergenerational language practices with their children with Autism Creating space for the female voice: Sociocultural influences on being raised in a single parent home Cultivating a passion for excellence in African American and Latino college males: Mentor experiences in multitheoretical organizational ethnography Developing successful Closing the Gaps programs for Hispanic students in urban areas of Texas---rhetoric or reality? Differences between mathematics test assessment scores for middle school Hispanic students Effective paternal parenting among Hispanics: A quantitative analysis of parenting styles Effects of a Chapman Love Language intervention with Hispanic couples: A quasi -experimental study Examining southern New Mexico preadolescent and adolescent drug use in comparison to national statistics Exploring the group processes, dynamics, and individual and collective experiences of academically at-risk, adolescent Latino males Female entrepreneurial self-efficacy among three ethnicities Hispanic faculty's impact on community college Hispanic student retention Hispanic learners in South Texas: Factors that influence them in the pursuit of graduate education in social work Hispanic single fathers experiences of parental involvement in the academic achievement of their children Hispanic students' perceptions of financial security and persistence in a four year, private, urban college Impact of content instructional reading strategies on African American and Latino male students in the secondary school setting Influence of mentoring on African American and Hispanic males in high school Institutional factors contributing to Hispanic male nursing degree attainment Latino students' perceptions of their culture and how this affects their academic progress Leadership retention strategies for Hispanic employees in the corporate workforce Native Hispanic long-term English language learners' experiences in the public school system Parental involvement within the Hispanic community Perceived need for cultural planning by parents following the *adoption of Latino children Power distance orientation in Puerto Rican employees in Pennsylvania Psychosocial stress and alcohol abuse among Hispanic males Purposeful work behaviors of Latina business leaders: A generic qualitative inquiry Retention and ethnic diversity: An historical study of Filipino nurse migration to America during 1965--1985 School and community culture impact on student achievement in a linguistically and culturally diverse setting: A correlational study Spanish reading comprehension, phonological awareness, and oral fluency among Spanish speaking adolescent Latino students Successful aging in a cultural context: Ethnic influences in the golden years Taming high-stakes anxiety among English language learners: The test anxiety of middle school Hispanic ESL students and understanding the consequences The Latino education crisis: School-level factors influencing student achievement The educational and development benefits of utilizing alternative education methods in secondary schools The emerging leader: A phenomenological study of the woman of color mental health nonprofit leader The experience of academic self-efficacy for successful urban African-American and Latino high school students: A qualitative study The impact of Freshman Year Experience courses on Latino/Latina students attending Hispanic serving institutions The lived experiences of Mexican American adolescent grandchildren raised by their grandparents: A phenomenological study The meaning of family storytelling among Mexican American adults: A phenomenological study on the construction of reality through the transmission of multigenerational family structure, traditions, values, and wisdom The non-English speaking Hispanic parents' experience raising a child in an English-speaking education: A generic qualitative approach The performance evaluation of low achieving Mexican American students on the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children II (KABC-II): The role of English language proficiency The relationship between Latina attorneys' family responsibilities and career success in law firms The relationship between academic self-concept and reading competence in second and third grade Hispanic students The relationship between social capital and English Language Arts/reading and Mathematics in charter schools The role of culture in managing diversity: How culturally based heuristics differ in minority and non-minority managerial decision making Transformational leadership: Its impact on Hispanic immigrant workers in a production /processing plant environment Trust, bond, and length in care: Exploring foster care parenting styles Using incentives to engage and motivate elementary school-aged African American and Hispanic boys to improve reading fluency: An action research study Variations in the perceptions of Latinos of non -based medical healthcare compared with the perception of Whites