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"Pushed by pain or pulled by vision": A study on perceptions, socially responsible leadership development, and short-term, faculty-led international service-learning A Pilot Military Student Awareness Training Program at a four-year university: An action research study A case study of Sister Mary Margaret "Peg" Albert, OP, Ph.D.: Her first year as president of Siena Heights University (2006--2007) A case study of the creation, development, and implementation of a first-year experience course A comparative trend analysis of institutional variables and retention rates in publicly funded institutions A disaster resistant university: A case study of the creation, development and implementation strategies for a higher education emergency response plan A multistakeholder conflict-resolution framework: A case study of the Tanzanian Higher Education Loan Board conflict A predictive study of community college faculty perceptions of student academic preparation, work ethics, and institutional support A qualitative exploratory study: Underrepresentation of African Americans among California community college business faculty A qualitative study of student-facing staff and their perspectives of disability services A qualitative study of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors contributing to job satisfaction and profession longevity in university research administrators A quantitative examination of the relationship between job satisfaction and physical work environment among work staff at an American college A quantitative investigation of the relationship between adult attachment and the leadership styles of Florida's public service leaders A study of community college leadership practices in response to the impending leadership crisis A study of formal mentorship programs to explore experiences of nursing faculty and their retention in the nurse educator role A study of the Clery Act and violent crime rates at public four-year higher education institutions A study of the relationship between assertive parenting styles and career indecision in college students A study of the use of the American Association of Community Colleges' competencies for community college leaders by search committees and their relevancy to newly appointed community college leaders Accepting technology as a solution: A quantitative study investigating the adoption of technology at colleges Addressing student retention at a Historically Black College and University Adjunct online faculty job satisfaction: A phenomenological study Adjuncts on the loose: An examination of satisfaction of adjunct support strategies in Wisconsin technical colleges African American female student perceptions of social engagement and the impact on their persistence in college African American women administrators at the community colleges of Illinois: An investigation of obstacles and persistence Age-related intergenerational tension, harassment, perceived self-efficacy, and job satisfaction of nurse educators in the academic workplace Alignment of information technology hiring manager requirements with bachelor degree learning outcomes: Qualitative inquiry Alumni giving: A case study of the factors that influence philanthropic behavior of alumni donors of historically Black colleges and universities An Exploration of Issues That Influence Pursuit and Utilization of External Research Programs by Historically Black Colleges and Universities An analysis of leadership frame preference of academic administration: Using the Bolman and Deal Four Frame model An examination of emotional intelligence factors: Their relationship to job satisfaction among adjunct faculty An exploration of college students' experiences in a health and wellness studies minor An exploration of historically black colleges and universities' initiative to develop and implement comprehensive emergency management planning An exploration of the leadership style preferences among African American women administrators of the 1890 Cooperative Extension System Assessing how mentoring affects first-year female adjunct instructors' teaching effectiveness and institutional socialization Assessing the benefits of university apartment theme housing: A multifaceted approach Attitudes and perceptions of general education requirements at career focused post-secondary institutions Attrition in an associate degree program: The lived experience of the nursing student Campus life today: What students are really thinking Career college governance: A study of the faculty's propensity to participate Changes in thinking: The transformation from licensed practical nurse to associate degree nurse Closing the professional development, learning outcome and budget proposal gap at a two-year eduational institution: An action resarch study Community college leadership crisis: Identifying and preparing future leaders through succession planning in selected North Carolina community colleges Community college student success within healthcare-related associate degree programs Comparison of the transformational and transactional leadership styles in a faith-based university Creating a village: The impact of the opportunity to participate in synchronous web conferencing on adult learner sense of community Creating organizational change with appreciative inquiry and continuous quality improvement techniques: An action research study Creation of systematic employment phone screening procedure for hiring tenure track faculty: An action research study Dean of deans: Wilfred Bain and the rise of the Indiana University School of Music Differences in job satisfaction between exercise science and non-exercise science faculty Dissonance and discourse in higher education administration: Approaching a lingua franca for leaders of academia Does student perception of quality matter? A study of perceived academic quality and intention to persist Dual enrollment: An analysis of persistence, ethnicity and gender Effective academic advising and African American firstyear students: A qualitative study Emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, and students' perceptions of the quality of online adjunct faculty Employee commitment in the community college: A case study resulting from a Baldrige-based quality journey Empowerment of African American women leaders in higher education: A multiple case study Evaluating the effects of a planning process that results in a faculty training plan for collaborating classroom teaching: An action research project Evaluating the effects of the process of assessment at a private university: An action research study Examining students' perceptions of a community college transition course Examining the impact of organizational and team dynamics on the implementation of AQIP team outcomes in community colleges Expectation versus reality: The impact of academic advising on nontraditional community college students seeking a career change Exploratory study of Asian Pacific American female leaders in higher education Exploring the convergence of the liberal arts model and the Ecuadorian culture in a Latin American university Exploring the lived experiences of first and second-generation undergraduate Black female students at a predominantly White university Exploring the role of colleges in assisting undocumented Mexican students attain a degree in California Factors related to stress among administrators at historically Black colleges and universities Faculty and administrator knowledge of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act at select U.S. complimentary and alternative healthcare educational institutions Faculty perceptions of participatory governance: A community college case study Female faculty and senior male student perceptions of gender bias in nursing education First year experience courses and latinos in higher education First-generation female higher education student affairs personnel: The significance of personality and spirituality For-profit versus nonprofit colleges: A predictive study of student retention in two-year community colleges Four-year colleges in Ohio: An investigation of economic influences that impact enrollment Freshman-year program leadership intervention: A study of public urban college and university leaders' response to cultural influences From headlines to campuses: Exploring campus violence differences between campuses experiencing enrollment decline or growth Funding Ohio community colleges: An analysis of the performance funding model Great expectations: The lived experiences of high-achieving college graduates with faculty expectations as self-fulfilling prophecy Higher education administration in Texas public universities: A comparative study of the personalities and attitudes of White administrators at minority-serving institutions and minority administrators at predominantly White institutions How and to what extent do scholarship recipients retain scholarship eligibility after the first year in college Identifying leadership styles that influence the willingness of community college faculty to teach online courses Impact of changes in unemployment rate and population on enrollment in North Carolina's rural, urban, and suburban community colleges Impact of consolidated training on organizational performance in tri-service medical training: An action research study Implementing learning communities in American higher education: A meta-ethnographic study Improving academic-skills efficacy and preparedness of students in a community college setting: An action research study Improving engagement for distance learning students through non-face-to-face counseling: An action research study In or out: The cultural integration of part-time faculty at two New England community colleges Institutional assessment in colleges with multiple programmatic accreditations: A multiple case research study Institutional factors influencing first-generation college students in the first year: A case study Investigating barriers for adult students toward student persistence and faculty involvement in retention: A multicase study Is the process the problem? Impact of selection methods on reported job satisfaction among academic department chairs Job satisfaction in the matrix Job satisfaction of information technology faculty in educational institutions: A regression analysis based on the job satisfaction survey Justice perceptions of union and nonunion employees within an urban technical college Keeping women silent: A study of female leadership in faith-based institutions Late registration and African American males' academic performance in a suburban community college system Leadership Development, Retention and Promotion of Racial and Ethnic Minority Executives in Healthcare Leadership effectiveness of university deans in Lebanon and Egypt: A study of gender and leadership style Leadership strategies in high performing community colleges: A qualitative phenomenological study Leadership styles of supervisors: Factors that promote satisfaction of student affairs professionals in higher education Leadership: The strengths of private college and university presidents Leading the leaders: An examination of effective strategies in a leadership development program for technical colleges Learning analytics in post-secondary education: The utilization of big data to support part-time adjunct faculty members in the academic advisement of nontraditional students Looking back and looking forward: The perspectives of African American men on success in college Meaningful program review for regional campus undergraduate programs within a public research university: An action research study Navigating uncharted waters---the effect of mentoring on the success and retention of first-generation college students at two Texas community colleges: A case study Nursing faculty members' perspectives of faculty-to-faculty workplace incivility among nursing faculty members Observing faculty culture: Faculty attitudes and perceptions toward program changes due to accreditation Online discussion forums and their connection to student learning outcomes Participatory action research: Threat assessment team training and team membership at universities Perceptions and persistence: The impact of culture and environment on African American students enrolled in predominantly white institutions Perceptions of distance education coordinators concerning administrative support services for online adjunct faculty Perceptions of expatriate minority employees in relation to diversity initiatives: A qualitative study Perceptions of high academic achieving community college transfer students Predictors of involvement in online teaching among faculty in technical colleges Preparing future leaders: A study of leadership skills among chief enrollment managers at small, private, religiously affiliated institutions Private college tuition increases: Do discount, endowment and prestige affect yield? Program assessments: Identifying the enabling factors and barriers that affect community college administrators Revising a process of program review to ensure continuous quality improvement in a human resource major Service learning and first year experience students in a community college setting: An action research study Shared governance and regional accreditation: Institutional processes and perceptions Small midwestern private colleges and universities' recruitment and retention of non-Caucasian faculty: A phenomenological study Structuring to support the creation of a multicultural campus: A cross-case study of liberal arts colleges in the northern portion of a Middle Atlantic State Successful student goal completion: A community college case study Teacher certification and its relationship to student achievement in Guam public high schools The Obama effect: A study of African American leadership in the community college The changing nature of church college relations: A history and case study of Concordia University Texas The educational administrator: A correlational study of emotional intelligence and organizational citizenship behavior in a proprietary university The effect of collective bargaining on policy development at institutions of higher education: A comparative analysis The evaluation and implementation of a strategy to improve entry-level employee retention in a utility call center The experience of bereaved college students: A hermeneutic phenomenological study The impact of an explicit questioning strategy using a personal response system on student self-efficacy of undergraduate learners The impact of career exploration upon the success of underrepresented students in higher education The impact of organizational culture and accreditation change on faculty perception of assessment The impact of peer mentoring on first-time college students in a student success course: An action science research study The indispensable leader: The study of leadership qualities of the chief enrollment management officer The influence of educational leaders on curriculum design in higher education at a Northeastern U.S. university The influence of nursing faculty workloads on faculty retention: A case study The lived experience of being an online learner in a graduate program The lived experiences of faculty in an online teaching environment The lived experiences of women leading as Northeast United States community college presidents: a phenomenological examination The relationship between inspirational motivation, retention, and profitability within publically traded for-profit colleges The relationship between student success and institutional programs among college students: A phenomenology study The relationship between the presence of ethnic minority faculty and growth of student cultural competency The relationship of group cohesion on motivation and performance for adjunct faculty members The role of organizational culture change in effective strategic planning: A community college action research project The smart money: A case study illustrating the impact a global economic recession has had on endowment funds at three Ohio higher education institutions The success and persistence of African American female college students Three shifts, one life: Personal and professional experiences of female student affairs administrators Trailblazers: An examination of community college Black women in senior level administrator roles---their stories through their eyes Transformational leadership and organizational commitment: A study of UNC system business school department chairs Understanding decision making within the changeless: Board culture, revenue adjustments, and mission shift Veterinary technician program director leadership style and program success Virtual communities of practice: A netnographic study of peer-to-peer networking support among doctoral students Wanted---more than a few good men: Institutional factors that support African American degree attainment at historically Black colleges and universities What are the leadership talent themes of allied health university academic deans? A study of their strengths What are you? Rainbow students, services, and identity What is the process of persisting among nontraditional students in traditional baccalaureate programs? When is it enough: The impact of financial aid on the retention of nontraditional students majoring in public safety programs Will enhancing academic advisor knowledge about online learning increase retention in distance education? Wise practices for managing community college librarian burnout: A Delphi investigation Women in the c-suite: A study of how succession planning may best be utilized for career advancement of medical college executives Women of color in higher education administration: An exploration of barriers to advancement Workplace bullying and its influence on the perception of organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior in higher education Would you have enrolled?: Decision factors in baccalaureate-only nursing among associate degree nursing students