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*Grouping techniques: Forming small project teams in online learning environments for adults "I pay your salary!" Manifestations of Student Consumerism in the classroom "Let us make men": Investigating the causal impact of fraternity intake completion on leadership development in HBCU undergraduates "Missing in action" A study of the underrepresentation of African American male kindergarten through grade 12 educators in public school systems "Pushed by pain or pulled by vision": A study on perceptions, socially responsible leadership development, and short-term, faculty-led international service-learning "STEMulating" success factors: An investigation of the academic talents of successful Black male college graduates from STEM programs "Turn it up": A diversity workshop to prepare preservice teacher candidates for multicultural classrooms 3D virtual reality check: Learner engagement and constructivist theory A California community college district planning committee's perceptions of the effects of the shared governance approach on the strategic planning process A Delphi study of best practices of online instructional design practices in Malaysia A Delphi study: Expert recommendations on employing instructional media in collaborative online learning environments A Qualitative Investigation of Program Directors' Perception of Preparation In Relation to NCLEX-RN Pass-Rates A case study examining the relationship between online course design quality and course effectiveness at a community college A case study of Sister Mary Margaret "Peg" Albert, OP, Ph.D.: Her first year as president of Siena Heights University (2006--2007) A case study of burnout experiences of faculty who teach online graduate courses A case study of strategies employed by Mercer University leadership during its transformation from a liberal arts institution into a comprehensive university A case study of the University of Mississippi and its response to the growth of online institutions A case study of the creation, development, and implementation of a first-year experience course A case study: How do social and academic experiences of African American nontraditional female students on HBCU campuses influence their motivation to graduate? A comparative study of factors related to student performance in online and traditional face-to-face MBA courses that are quantitative and qualitative in nature A comparison of single-purpose and non-single-purpose clinical education on the retention rates of registered nursing graduates A comparison of two teaching strategies on nursing students' knowledge and self-efficacy regarding their geriatric nursing care A conceptual model of a graduate-degree specialization in assessment and institutional effectiveness A correlational study between the critical thinking skills of nursing faculty and their perceived barriers to teaching critical thinking skills to nursing students A correlational study examining retention rates before and after receiving the Title III grant A correlational study of the relationship between grades earned in prerequisite biological science and nursing courses in an associate degree nursing program A correlational study of the relationship of spirituality on college students' academic performance and demographic characteristics A descriptive study of human resource operations in higher education: Are they value-added? A descriptive study of retention of adult online learners: A model of interventions to prevent attrition A disaster resistant university: A case study of the creation, development and implementation strategies for a higher education emergency response plan A foreign affair: A phenomenological study of barriers to adult Liberian refugees' success in the American college classroom A grounded meta-analysis of adult learner motivation in online learning from the perspective of the learner A grounded theory study on the importance of leadership education and student preparation for entry-level leadership roles A key to the dream for adult learners: The acquisition of academic writing skills A measure of first -year student resilience constructs A meta-analytic study of adult self -directed learning and online nursing education: A review of research from 1995 to 2007 A metasynthesis of the transition from novice to expert: Can instructional interventions shorten the process? A mixed method evaluation of an undergraduate physical education and exercise science program as it relates to professional preparedness A mixed-methods study examining the postgraduate career choices of student -athletes on 12 NCAA women's basketball teams A model of continuous feedback for aligning curriculum of bachelor of science degree programs with the changing needs of technical industries A multi-case study of primary circumstances and life experiences contributing to the careers of female presidents in higher educational settings in New England A multi-paradigmatic approach to teaching undergraduate introductory economics courses: An action research study A narrative inquiry study of academic failure stories and "I can't" stories of Adult Basic Education and GED stories A nationwide comparison of academic achievement between accelerated and traditional BSN nursing students A naturalistic investigation into the role of mentoring from the perspective of new tenure -track faculty at Historically Black Colleges and Universities A new paradigm: Strategies for succession planning in higher education A phenomenological exploration of the impact of theological higher education experiences on the development of transformational leadership styles of women A phenomenological investigation into the lived experiences of older undergraduate students A phenomenological study of undergraduate college student perceptions of academic support groups for at-risk students A professional learning e -community as a post -training transfer of learning strategy for new adjunct faculty A qualitative analysis of a multicultural program assisting in the retention of undergraduate business students from under -represented groups at a predominantly White state university A qualitative analysis of cross -cultural mentoring relationships: Examining elements of status and race in a university social work program A qualitative exploration of management education: Business school offerings in comparison to employer expectations A qualitative study examining the role of academic deans and fundraising A qualitative study of nurses' experience of caring and bullying in nursing school A qualitative study of student-facing staff and their perspectives of disability services A qualitative study of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors contributing to job satisfaction and profession longevity in university research administrators A qualitative study on the transition of students with disabilities from high school to college A qualitative study: Retention of first-year learners in higher education A quantitative analysis of factors that influence participation in continuing education among nurses employed in long-term care facilities A quantitative analysis of the impact of e-book format on student acceptance, usage and satisfaction A quantitative study investigating supervisory style, satisfaction with supervision and self-efficacy among female clinical training supervisees A quantitative study of music leaders at National Association of Schools of Music accredited institutions and their four roles: Faculty developer, leader, manager, and scholar A quantitative study of the relationship between transformational and transactional leadership styles and strategic change within the State University of New York A quantitative study on online student faculty interaction and learning experience A quasi-experimental study examining the impact of web-based simulation on the critical thinking skills of associate degree nursing students A study exploring faculty perceptions about the quality and effectiveness of distance learning programs A study into the relationship between observed and model values of men and women leaders in higher education A study of Historically Black College and University faculty's perceptions of university and college presidents' leadership behavior A study of associations between age, race, gender, and adult learners graduating from a distant-learning master's program A study of educational experiences and goal attainment among African American female graduate students A study of ethical practices in educational and corporate environments: Is the climate changing? A study of formal mentorship programs to explore experiences of nursing faculty and their retention in the nurse educator role A study of instructional best practices in online mathematics A study of recruitment, retention, and graduation rates for African American students at four-year predominately White higher education institutions in Georgia A study of sixth grade students and college freshmen: Habits of learning and dispositions of learning A study of the best practices of liberal arts career centers at selected institutions A study of the effects of outsourcing residence life programs on student satisfaction A study of the efficacy of an integrated nutrition assessment, interviewing and counseling, and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) course utilizing problem-based learning A study of the factors that influence persistence of students with disabilities at four-year colleges and/or universities A study of the group assessment procedure for the selection of teacher education candidates at a small, private university in the Midwest A study of the impact of a first-year experience initiative on first-year developmental education student success and persistence A study of the impostor phenomenon among male nurse educators A study of the integration of wikis and blogs into an online course on student interaction and satisfaction A study of the leadership skills needs of businesses in a community college leadership development curriculum A study of the relationship between an intrusive student services model and first year retention of underrepresented at-risk students A study of the relationship between assertive parenting styles and career indecision in college students A study of the relationship between levels of online student engagement and date of course registration A study of the relationship between online faculty caring behaviors and nursing student intent to persist A study of the relationship between participation in synchronous learning activities and learner satisfaction with online courses at a public university A study of the relationship between program accreditation and certification exam passage rates in Health Information Technology workforce training programs A study of the use of the American Association of Community Colleges' competencies for community college leaders by search committees and their relevancy to newly appointed community college leaders A study on nursing education: A consensus on ideal programs for Aboriginal students A survey analysis of the relationship between job satisfaction among higher education employees and their political engagement A synthesis and application teaching approach for group projects in an undergraduate business course: An action research study A teacher action research study: Enhancing student critical thinking knowledge, skills, dispositions, application and transfer in a higher education technology course A thematic analysis of self-directed learning in Shelley's "Frankenstein" Academic components that make successful entrepreneurs in the US: A grounded theory in entrepreneurship education Academic dishonesty in higher education: The impact of a student development approach Academic integrity: The relationships between student experience and intellectual maturity Academic probation: A detour on the road to college success Academic self-efficacy and social role modeling in African American college students Academic, social, and economic challenges faced by Latinos to attain a college degree Accreditation benefits whom: A study of accreditation and massage therapy licensure in the state of Ohio Accreditation: A new student outcome model Activities used in the adult graduate business classroom: Analysis of environmental scanning and teaching Addressing student retention at a Historically Black College and University Addressing the workforce development goal of an online for-profit university: An examination of critical thinking skills and self-perception in degree-seeking undergraduate students Adjunct faculty perceptions of needs in preparation to teach online Administrative, faculty, and staff perceptions of organizational climate and commitment in Christian higher education Adult online learning: A study of attitude, motivation, and engagement Advancing interprofessional collaboration in nursing education Advising and retention: An examination of an intended service relationship Affecting change in the State University of New York: Linking the locus of commitment to effective assessment African American Women's Perceptions of Stress and Coping Strategies Associated with Collegiate Sports African American college students' perceptions of how skin tone bias is learned and how it affects perceived self -efficacy African American female student perceptions of social engagement and the impact on their persistence in college African American male high school student's experiences: Success in urban high school's college preparation program Age-related intergenerational tension, harassment, perceived self-efficacy, and job satisfaction of nurse educators in the academic workplace Alabama superintendents' perception of secondary school principal applicants' degree method An action research intervention for improving soldiers' success in their off-duty education pursuits An action research study on students' perceptions of pursuing postsecondary education An action research study on the effect of an examination preparation course on Veterinary Technology National Examination scores An analysis of a current curriculum to prepare junior level BS nurses to think critically An analysis of scholar athlete attitudes and behaviors, and academic excellence An analysis of the leadership practices of the churches of the Plymouth Brethren movement in the United States An analysis of the role of preexisting internal factors in collegiate alcohol abuse within membership of social groups/organizations An evaluation of the Fatherhood Program at Middle Georgia Technical College An evaluation of the National Curriculum Redesign Project: Eighth grade science curriculum pedagogical strategies An examination and analysis of the leadership of Dr. Dolores R. Spikes, president of Southern University, 1988--1996 An examination of a woman's life work: Laura Smith Haviland and the founding of the Raisin Institute An examination of adjunct self-perception in two types of working environments within a private four-year postsecondary institution An examination of administrative actions and their relations to student retention at a proprietary career college An examination of an aspect of the worldview of female college science teachers as revealed by their concepts of nature An examination of grade distribution patterns and grade inflation at a baccalaureate nursing program An examination of the assessment practices of community college instructors An examination of the experiences of deaf adult learners in online graduate academic programs An examination of the lived experiences of successful African American men attending a Historically Black University An examination of the relationship between image-based high-impact instruction and reading comprehension at the postsecondary level An examination of the relationship between self-directed learning readiness and academic achievement in first semester college students An examination of the relationships between agile leadership factors and curriculum reform in higher education An examination of the shared challenges that impede success in the lives of single, multi-cultural mothers enrolled at a two-year community college: A case study An explanatory assessment of institutional commitment to multicultural diversity in higher education: A case study in northwest Ohio An exploration of historically black colleges and universities' initiative to develop and implement comprehensive emergency management planning An exploration of how expert nursing instructors teach nursing's discipline-specific writing in nursing programs An exploration of the attitudes toward multicultural competence among master psychology teachers An exploration of the leadership style preferences among African American women administrators of the 1890 Cooperative Extension System An exploration of the relationship between part-time faculty's job satisfaction and workload in online postsecondary education programs An exploration of the transition to the full-time faculty role among associate degree nurse educators An exploratory study of the A.L.A.N.A. Experience mentoring program and the program's effect on retention and persistence An exploratory study of the relationship between usage of civilian educational benefits and U.S. Army retention An historiographical analysis of the impact of the 1960s on institutions of higher education in metropolitan Boise, Idaho An implementation evaluation of the 2+2 Teacher Peer Performance Evaluation rogram in Lancang County in Yunnan, China An instructional design theoretical framework for iStudents An investigation into the effectiveness of using a smart classroom teaching platform to manage educational outcomes An investigation of Hispanic Millennials enrolled in a teacher preparation program An investigation of caring abilities of nursing students in an accelerated associate degree program An investigation of learning styles in both the online and face -to -face learning environments at a small private university An investigation of transformational leadership in a virtual learning environment Analysis of relationship between associate degree nursing student's self-confidence in learning and their perceived presence of 5 instructional design characteristics Are students really ready for higher education? A Delphi study on factors of academic success Art in action: Traditional art appreciation moves into active learning Assessing and Addressing the Needs of Former Foster Youth in a College Setting Assessing how mentoring affects first-year female adjunct instructors' teaching effectiveness and institutional socialization Assessing the benefits of university apartment theme housing: A multifaceted approach Assessing the need for enhanced mental health services on a college campus: An appreciative action research inquiry Assessment of adult learning practices in health education at a large community college district in Northern California Assessment of depression, anxiety and stress among community technical colleges lacking mental health services Assistive technology management by disabilities services managers in higher education: A phenomenological study Associations between mindfulness and test anxiety in community college students Attitudes and perceptions of general education requirements at career focused post-secondary institutions Attitudes of heterosexual Christian counselor educators toward same-sex orientation Augmenting the clinical clerkship curriculum of a physician assistant training program with distance education technology: Educational outcomes and student perceptions Autism spectrum disorders and higher education: A heuristic exploration of the experiences of students with autism spectrum disorders in college Babes in baccalaureates: A multivariate analysis of accelerated learning programs in the state of Florida Baccalaureate nursing students' experiences using intraprofessional high fidelity simulation Bachelor's degree nursing students' lived experiences of nursing staff's incivility: A phenomenological study Barriers to enrollment, admissions, and retention for international students in the U.S. postsecondary education system Begin with the end in mind: Measuring the effectiveness of remediation on student performance on the test of essential academic skills (teas-v) Best practices for nursing student retention in the United States Beyond graduation: An evaluation of an academic advising model's effect on the retention of General Studies students at Quinsigamond Community College Beyond online: Enhancing caring and professional practice in nursing education Black students' decision to transfer from community colleges to Predominately White Institutions Bloody but unbowed: An exploration of faculty vitality in "the people's college" Breaking the glass ceiling in Oklahoma higher education: A case study of Kate Galt Zaneis, the first woman president of a public four-year college or university in the United States Bridging the gap between enrollment and graduation: An exploratory study of retention practices for nontraditional undergraduate students attending faithbased institutions Bridging the knowledge gap: The effectiveness of compulsory computer-based training in federal employees' professional education Buddhism and the American college: A phenomenological view of the college student's experience Business education faculty members' perceptions of the importance of CSR and sustainability in business Campus life today: What students are really thinking Can Adding an Extra Bioscience Course Enhance a Stronger Scientific Foundation in Bacclaureate Nursing Education? Career advancement in higher education: The experiences of female mid-level college administrators Career advancement: A study of Black American women administrators in higher education Career college instructors' perception of their role and responsibility regarding student retention Career paths to program directorship in physician assistant education Case study on followership and leadership in college teachers Challenges of postmodern thought in Christian higher education institutions: Implications for ethical leadership Changes in faculty self-efficacy based on orientation strategies Changes in thinking: The transformation from licensed practical nurse to associate degree nurse Character development at the United States Air Force Academy: A phenomenological case study of graduates' reflections Characteristics of context for instructional design Characteristics of effective clinical teachers in simulated clinical experiences compared to traditional clinical experiences Cheaters: A case study of plagiarism in composition classrooms Cheating, plagiarizing, and false excuse making: A study in student ethics Clearing the clouds: Factors of technology adoption and their relationship to cloud computing adoption in United States higher education - An extended TAM study Clinical learning needs: Student nurse perceptions of the traditional clinical environment and the simulation environment Closing the gaps: A study of Hispanic students migration to higher education Closing the loop: Engaging community college faculty and staff leaders through professional development Closing the professional development, learning outcome and budget proposal gap at a two-year eduational institution: An action resarch study Cognitive admission assessments as predictors of graduate student registered nurse anesthetists' success on the national certification examination Collaborative learning and ethics in online courses: In search of instructional techniques that promote ethical behavior Collaborative writing: A study on the effects of co-authoring on writing quality in freshman research writing College health nurse social influence and illness avoidance motive as predictors of college students' physical activity College presidents or business CEOs: The role of the college president in colleges owned by publicly traded corporations College professors' description of the lived experience of working with first-year learners: A phenomenological study College student perceptions about satisfaction and priorities by ethnicity: A mixed methods study College students with learning disabilities: A case study of female college students' description of their learning strategies for academic success College students' perceptions of effective teaching personality traits: A quantitative analysis of traditional versus online education Commitment level of professors in post -secondary institutions: An analysis of commitment levels of full -time and adjunct professors in the historically black colleges and universities educational environment Community college and business partnering: A study of factors that contribute to the sustainability of these alliances Community college student perceptions regarding personal development during a study abroad program according to Arthur Chickering's seven vectors of student development Community college students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD): A student perspective Comparison of traditional and nontraditional students on select noncognitive factors relating to college persistence Competencies supporting instructional designers working with faculty-designers Competency: Does high fidelity simulation make a difference? Completing a college degree program following a deployment in an active combat zone: A case study Composition instructors' interactions with classroom discourse communities: A qualitative study Concept-mapping proficiency and reasoning skills in baccalaureate nursing students Concerns of non- and low users of technology in the classroom among part- and full-time community college faculty Confusing crime: The undergraduate student's ability to identify stalking and reporting decisions Connectedness: A phenomenological study of the social experiences of adult learners in an online course Consumerization of information technology: An exploratory qualitative inquiry of Michigan community colleges Convergence on the guidelines for designing a virtual irregular warfare internship: A Delphi study Correlates of excessive use of social networking sites among under-served community college students: A study of students' academic achievement Correlation between course interactivity and reported levels of student satisfaction in hybrid courses Correlation of students' cognitive presence and use of auditory posting in online discussions Counselor educators and social media in practice Creating a village: The impact of the opportunity to participate in synchronous web conferencing on adult learner sense of community Creating and sustaining virtual communities of practice by operationalizing constructs of preparation, collegiality, and professional development Creating passion in the classroom: Using professional development to create behavioral changes in adjunct college faculty Creation of systematic employment phone screening procedure for hiring tenure track faculty: An action research study Credibility challenges to online doctoral graduates seeking faculty positions: A community college perspective Critical thinking dispositions of undergraduate nursing students and nursing faculty in Southwestern Nigeria Critical thinking in online graduate courses: A phenomenological study Critical thinking: Comparing instructional methodologies in a senior-year learning community Cultural competency of associate degree nursing faculty Cultural discontinuities on the learning process for the ethnic minority first-generation college student Cultural understanding: A phenomenological study of non-Native American tribal college faculty lived experiences Culture, customer-centricity, and customer relationship management in an online postsecondary learning institution Dancing in sync: How do Massachusetts community college presidents provide for orientation and development of board of trustee members? Debriefing after high-fidelity simulation and knowledge retention: A quasi-experimental study Dental hygienists' perceptions of preparedness for clinical practice: A phenomenological study Descriptive case analysis of collaborative experiences within bounded communities of practice for online faculty development Designing for change in Equestrian Studies: A study of learner participation in instructional design Designing instruction to match learning style preferences in the online environment: The effect on learner performance Determining professional development needs of aspiring and current division chairs/deans in selected Southern California community college systems Developing a diverse student population: Using critical thinking and remedial English Developing an evidence-based baccalaureate nursing program: An action research study Developing an online chemistry laboratory for non -chemistry majors Development and field test of the multiple intelligences Learning Instruction Congruency Impact Scale Development of a competency-based curriculum for online instruction in a Christian university: The model and an example Development of a program improvement plan for high-fidelity patient simulation in associate degree nursing programs: An action research study Developmental community college students' perspective in using a career assessment tool: An action research study Developmental mathematics: Instructor perceptions of compressed courses in developmental mathematics at the community college level Differences between perceived satisfaction with academic advising of underprepared students receiving prescriptive advising or developmental advising Differences in academic self-efficacy and motivation in Irish and American college students Differences in degree completion between at-risk commuter students and at-risk residence hall students at a proprietary institution in New York State Differences in job satisfaction between exercise science and non-exercise science faculty Differences in preferred teaching strategies: A quantitative study of nursing student perspectives Differentiated instruction in developmental mathematics classes and achievement of ethnic minority students Digging deeper: An examination of achievement gaps Discovering narrative transportation in an education environment Distance education among adult learners in the British Virgin Islands: A phenomenological study Distance education and the financial aid process: A college student's perspective Distance education leadership: Self -perceptions of effective leadership attributes Distance education: A measurement of job satisfaction of full-time business faculty in Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs at accredited colleges of business Distributed cognition aimed at the heart: Faculty motivation and Service Learning Do Christian college students develop into more ethical leaders? An evaluation of moral development and transformational leadership Do changes in state and federal mandates affect teacher motivation in the state of Maine? Do you lead how I lead? Exploring the relationship between chief student affairs officers' and chief academic officers' perceptions of essential leadership characteristics and practices Does higher education correlate to fewer civil rights lawsuits? Does personality matter?: An exploratory study comparing personality types as indicated by the Myers -Briggs Type Indicator between computer science and information technology professors Does quality matter? Measuring whether online course quality standards are predictive of student satisfaction in higher education Does student perception of quality matter? A study of perceived academic quality and intention to persist Does the information systems curriculum meet business needs: Case study of a southeastern college Does venue selection affect the GPA?: A study of online and on campus final course grades Downsizing in community colleges: An exploratory study of survivors' perspectives of leadership communication Driven to succeed: Caucasian female nontraditional college graduates explore characteristics that helped them overcome barriers Dual enrollment experiences: Perceptions of readiness for postsecondary education Dual enrollment: An analysis of persistence, ethnicity and gender E-learning technologies: A comparative study of adult learners enrolled on blended and online campuses engaging in a virtual classroom E-mentoring: Confidence intervention for senior nursing students preparing for readiness to practice Easing the nursing shortage: Student aptitude for the academic rigors of an accelerated non-baccalaureate pre-licensure nursing program Educating transformational leaders for the urban context: A study of formal, nonformal, and informal educational experiences in the effective training of urban ministers Education after incarceration: Adult African American male former offenders and their perception of higher education Education in the twain: Japanese undergraduate readiness for U.S. online graduate programs Educational technology leaders: Competencies for a conceptual age Educators in a strange land: The experience of traditional educators when immersed into the virtual environment of Second Life Effect of a blended learning course in airway management versus traditional delivery Effective Comprehensive Campus -based Child Care services upon the academic success of student-parents: A case study at a higher learning institution Effective academic advising and African American firstyear students: A qualitative study Effective institutional and instructional practices in developmental math education: A study of a southeastern community college system Effective practices for community college adult learners: An exploratory case study Effectiveness of electronic performance support system and training in a higher education setting Effectiveness of strategies to enhance interaction in courses employing different blend categories Effects of tutoring model (instructional versus assignment-assisted) on college undergraduate student reports of self-regulated behavior and academic motivational beliefs Efficacy of a progression policy: Implementing an exit exam benchmark score as a predictor for success on NCLEX -RN(RTM) Efficacy of problem-based learning in promotion of critical thinking in online graduate courses Electronic media choices and their relationships to social adjustment among college students Emerging strategies and change management initiatives for online learning within the Florida College System: A multiple-case study Emotional behavior disorders: The lost population of special education Emotional intelligence, career decision difficulties, and student retention: A quantitative study Empathy training for master's level social work students facilitating advanced empathy responding Employer satisfaction with workforce development programs: A survey study Encouraging the dream: A study of the early influences on first -generation college students Engagement in online courses Engaging geographically dispersed faculty: A descriptive study of online universities Engaging students in social welfare policy class using Wiki technology Engaging the paradox of competence: Business and education research develop a Master of Business Competence model English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) nursing students' perceptions of academic support services and their academic performance Enhancing critical thinking, writing and disposition preparedness amongst four-year university teacher education students Enhancing geriatric curriculum in nursing school Enhancing online teaching and learning from students' perspectives Enriching the fabric: The role of cultural competency in higher education Enrollment and persistence factors among single mothers in online learning Entrepreneurial orientation of community college workforce divisions and the impact of organizational structure: A grounded theory study Ethnicity influence: A study of nursing student experiences and perceptions in processing information on standardized tests Evaluating faculty perceptions of teaching practices in online asynchronous courses: An action research study Evaluating learning outcomes in introductory chemistry using virtual laboratories to support inquiry based instruction Evaluating the effects of an ebook to support faculty who teach with VoiceThread: An action research study Evaluating the implementation of a constructivist course redesign model for online college-level mathematics Evaluation of safe medication administration through the use of simulation in an academic setting Examining offshore information technology outsourcing and STEM college pipeline: A quantitative correlational study Examining philosophical perspectives of Soka educators in liberal arts settings for value-creating professional development approaches Examining the brain drain issues in Nigeria: A strategic management approach for higher education Examining the influence of financial literacy education on financial decision-making among graduate level health professions students Examining the use of the College Self-Efficacy Inventory to establish a retention strategy for incoming African American freshmen males Expectations: What college instructors expect of their students behaviorally, emotionally and intellectually Experiences of incivility and ageism in currently enrolled rn to bs nursing students and their intent to quit Exploration of nursing faculty members' lived experiences of objective structured clinical examination (osce) in undergraduate nursing education Exploration of supportive practices in instructional design for undergraduate online developmental pre-algebra/math courses Exploration of the experiences of nursing students during remediation in a baccalaureate program Exploratory study of Asian Pacific American female leaders in higher education Exploring dissonance in demonstrated teaching dispositions as self -reported by cooperating teachers and perceived by teacher candidates Exploring experiences of formerly at-risk African American males and mentor relationships during K-12 school years Exploring leadership within the modern organization: Understanding the dynamics of effective leadership of a virtual, multigenerational workforce Exploring strengths-based leadership in higher education: A case study Exploring the effect of listening and languaging on operational success in undergraduate student work-study employees: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Exploring the experiences of successful first-generation community college students in Florida: A qualitative study Exploring the role of colleges in assisting undocumented Mexican students attain a degree in California Exploring time management as a construct of selfregulated learning in first-year college students taking online classes Exploring undergraduate critical thinking dispositions and use of critical thinking within the fieldwork requirement of a religious and pastoral studies program Factors contributing to completion success of recently graduated hispanic bachelor of science degree in nursing students Factors contributing to higher education online faculty frustration: What is the catalyst to burnout? Factors influencing adjunct faculty participation in online instruction at a midwestern university Factors influencing the pursuit of IT certifications: A study of Minnesota public community and technical college students Factors predicting online graduate students' responsiveness to feedback from their professors Factors that hinder underrepresented minority ADN students from initially pursuing a baccalaureate degree Factors that influence registered nurses' decision to teach in academia Faculty and administrator perceptions of teaching, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and culture at a teaching university Faculty attitude toward outcomes assessment at U.S.-accredited universities in the MENA region Faculty attitude, knowledge, and comfort towards students with disabilities: A community college setting Faculty challenges in undergraduate web-based learning in for-profit learning environments Faculty engagement with higher education learning outcomes assessment: Transformation in a faculty learning community Faculty experiences in higher education institutions teaching hybrid courses Faculty mentor insights on dissertation literature reviews: Critical components and professional practices for scholarship Faculty mentoring in higher education: How can the institution benefit? Faculty perceptions of and experiences with students' use of coercive power Faculty perceptions of educational innovation as it pertains to the community college baccalaureate degree Faculty perceptions of team -developed online courses Faculty perceptions toward the scholarship of teaching Faculty-to-faculty incivility among nurse educators and its relationship to role satisfaction and workplace commitment Family diversity: A quantitative study of the impact of divorce and family structure on the academic performance of college students Fathers and daughters: Using a multivariate analysis through multiple regression to help predict a daughter's self -esteem as experienced by college-age women in rural Nebraska Female faculty and senior male student perceptions of gender bias in nursing education Female graduate students' experiences in an online doctoral degree program: A heuristic inquiry Female students in postgraduate education: Motivations for academic success Filtering access to Internet content at higher education institutions: Stakeholder perceptions and their impact on research and academic freedom Finish the game: A study of adult student persistence in bachelor's programs First year experience courses and latinos in higher education First-Year Experiences of Male Student-Athletes at a Military College: A Generic Qualitative Study First-generation college students: A phenomenological inquiry First-generation female higher education student affairs personnel: The significance of personality and spirituality First-term retention activities: A correlational study of students' connectedness to the university and the impact on first-term retention rates First-time college students' experiences of transitioning from high school to college Followers' perspective of followership in the higher education industry For-profit versus nonprofit colleges: A predictive study of student retention in two-year community colleges Formal university-wide mentoring: A case study on the program development process to meet the needs of novice nursing faculty Formative evaluation of an innovative first -year experience program Fortressing faculty: Improving online faculty training programs Four sensations-seeking personality subtraits predicting the extent of ecstasy use in undergraduate college students Free speech or bias: A study on the impact of hate speech in higher education Freshman-year program leadership intervention: A study of public urban college and university leaders' response to cultural influences From access to engagement: African American female students' engagement at a predominantly White university in the South From headlines to campuses: Exploring campus violence differences between campuses experiencing enrollment decline or growth From soldier to student: A case study of veterans' transitions to first-time community college students Funding Ohio community colleges: An analysis of the performance funding model General chemistry courses that can affect achievement: An action research study in developing a plan to improve undergraduate chemistry courses Generational differences and coping strategies of nursing faculty experiencing incivility Global competencies: Perceptions of faculty, administrators, staff, and international students regarding their cross -cultural understanding and academic adjustments at a public comprehensive university Graphic novels as great books: A grounded theory study of faculty teaching graphic novels Group charters and online group collaboration: Instructional design elements that may enhance the learner's satisfaction with the online learning process Higher education administration in Texas public universities: A comparative study of the personalities and attitudes of White administrators at minority-serving institutions and minority administrators at predominantly White institutions Higher education reform: Modeling business trends Hispanic learners in South Texas: Factors that influence them in the pursuit of graduate education in social work Hispanic students' perceptions of financial security and persistence in a four year, private, urban college How and to what extent do scholarship recipients retain scholarship eligibility after the first year in college How high-stakes standardized tests may affect decisions toward college for Black/African American male California high school students How precollege programs enhance the chances of student success toward college completion How to keep them hooked: A study of social integration and retention among distance learners Human service students' perceptions of people with mental retardation Identifying adult second language teachers' perspectives on andragogy linked with pedagogy in a classroom setting Identifying critical dimensions that shape the business and information technology alignment process: A case study of a university Identifying factors that affect higher educational achievements of Jamaican Seventh-day Adventists Identifying life challenges of women at a branch campus through life course interviews: Implications for service delivery Identifying the factors that predict degree completion for entirely online community college students Identifying the perceptions and experiences of adult students in online art programs Identifying ways to improve learner persistence in GED programs Identity in Christ: Exploring religious identity development of college men Ignore the rankings: A study of the relationship between commercial college rankings and lifetime economic value Impact of internal and external factors on working women's successful completion of online college level courses Impact of support services on associate level nursing programs Impacts of instant messaging for virtual office hours on student satisfaction, achievement, and retention in online education Implementation and evaluation of a mentor training program and one-to-one mentoring at a community college: An action research study Implementation and evaluation of home health simulation to improve pre-licensure bachelor of science nursing students' learning: An action research study Implementing Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences at the college level of learning Implementing learning communities in American higher education: A meta-ethnographic study Improvement growth and leadership in higher education: A case study of Rowan University Improving academic-skills efficacy and preparedness of students in a community college setting: An action research study Improving faculty professional development in higher education high-tech programs: An action science research study of self-directed professional development Improving the Nigerian film industry through film education: An action research study Improving the collaboration infrastructure of an online inter -institutional consortium Improving the understanding of progressing and emerging health informatics roles and skill sets among health information management professionals: An action research study In God we trust: The experiences of African American women administrators at Council for Christian Colleges and Universities member schools In search of leadership: A look at women presidents in Georgia's two-year colleges and technical colleges Incivility in nursing education: A study of generational differences Incivlity in higher education: A quantitative study of differences in perception of incivility across academic disciplines Incorporating learning community into an instructional design model Incorporation of general education in radiography program curricula: A basic qualitative study Increasing academic integrity in the virtual classroom: An action research study Increasing participation in professional development activities for part-time faculty: An action research study Indicators of academic success: A study of Native American retention Influence of faculty interaction on student satisfaction in online undergraduate courses Influences of horizontal violence: A descriptive study of the experience of expert nursing faculty in higher education Influences of the experience of artmaking on teaching methods in the post-secondary studio Information literacy and the 21st century academic librarian: A Delphi study Information security awareness in higher education: A qualitative case study investigation Information systems program and business needs: Case study of a midwestern university Initial teacher certification in a virtual environment: Student dispositions and program implications Institutional dynamics that contribute to the viability of servant leadership initiatives within higher education: A Delphi study Institutional factors contributing to Hispanic male nursing degree attainment Institutional factors impacting student satisfaction and persistence Institutional factors influencing first-generation college students in the first year: A case study Instructional design for affective learning in online nursing education Instructional design for nursing education: A new modality in the age of information technology transformation as related to the NCLEX -RN Instructional system design and learning effectiveness: Comparison of traditional and distance nurse-midwifery educational programs Integrating critical thinking instruction and assessment into online university courses: An action research study Intercultural competence and study abroad in a language -neutral environment: An analysis of undergraduates at Arcadia University Intercultural competence: An investigation of strategies employed by transnational faculty members Intercultural sensitivity of nursing faculty Internationalization of MBA programs: A review of the international aspect of master's of business -level programs in top domestic institutions Internships in the communication discipline: Forging a pathway through the barriers Investigating barriers for adult students toward student persistence and faculty involvement in retention: A multicase study Investigating the effect of discussion prompts on knowledge construction Investigating the impact narrative storylines have on information retention in online classes Investigation of music student efficacy as influenced by age, experience, gender, ethnicity, and type of instrument played in South Carolina Is cheating always intentional? The perception of college students toward the issues of plagiarism Is iTunes U a mobile learning game changer? A study of instructional design in mobile learning Is information technology education betters learned in teams? An exploratory study of teamwork effectiveness at a higher education institution Is management education better learned in teams? A study of teamwork within the business education curriculum Is my instructor there for me? A study of reflective practice and student perceptions of online teaching presence Is remediation the successful path? A study of a community college preparatory program Is science in danger? A study of the decline in STEM graduates and the reaction by major research universities It effectiveness and flexibility versus strategic alignment: Assessing the correlative effects in higher education Job satisfaction in the matrix Job satisfaction of information technology faculty in educational institutions: A regression analysis based on the job satisfaction survey Keeping 'em down on the farm: Retention best practices for hybrid/blended courses at the community college level Keeping it real: A study of professors' perceptions of using performance reality television in their classrooms Keeping women silent: A study of female leadership in faith-based institutions Kennesaw State University's EMBA coaching program: Determining the benefits to students, coaches and the university Key factors that contribute to alternative high school diploma graduates' college success Landmark cases of American public school education: How the past has influenced the present Late registration and African American males' academic performance in a suburban community college system Latina retention: An historical exploration of culturally responsive leadership in student affairs Leadership and strategic change in a church -based institution: An exploratory qualitative case study Leadership challenges related to separation of church and state facing campus police departments at private colleges Leadership characteristics as determinants of business continuity and disaster recovery planning: A correlational research investigation within institutions of higher education Leadership effectiveness of university deans in Lebanon and Egypt: A study of gender and leadership style Leadership in higher education: An analysis of the leadership styles of academic deans in Ohio's 13 state -supported universities Leadership on the rise: A case study of New Leaders for New Schools in Memphis, Tennessee Leadership practices of clinical trials office leaders in academic health centers Leadership reconsidered: A mixed methods study of developing future leaders in the community college Leadership strategies for implementing online education in traditional academia: A phenomenological study Leadership styles of supervisors: Factors that promote satisfaction of student affairs professionals in higher education Leadership: The strengths of private college and university presidents Leading through influence as ideas: A narrative study of authenticity's effect on academic women's work Lean in higher education: A Delphi study to develop performance metrics and an educational lean improvement model for academic environments Learner perception of audio-enhanced technology in the online classroom in relation to community and communication Learner-centered instruction at a small community college: Faculty perceptions Learning about me: The impact of relationship education on the emotional competence of college students Learning and transfer compared in two teaching methods: Online problem -based learning and the traditional lecture method Learning at the speed of light: Deep learning and accelerated online graduate courses Learning format, satisfaction, and stress as predictors of undergraduate academic performance Learning physics: A comparative analysis between instructional design methods Learning style, seat preference, and past profession: Predicting traditional osteopathic student achievement Leave lecture behind: Team-based learning strategies in baccalaureate nursing education Length of progression to complete an RN to BSN program Lived experiences of at-risk adult students attending historically black colleges and universities: A phenomenological inquiry Living near sexual offenders and fear of victimization: A qualitative analysis Making a smooth transition to online postsecondary education for students with learning disabilities Marketing through online leadership to retain invisible customers: Perceptions of online students Mathematics anxiety in adult undergraduate business students: A descriptive study Matriculation decisions of adult first-generation college students: A grounded theory inquiry into critical life moments Meaningful program review for regional campus undergraduate programs within a public research university: An action research study Media selection and active learning: Design practices of designers-by-assignment within the academic library Medical students' perceptions of the utility of concept mapping Meeting the first year advising needs of nontraditional male and female students enrolled at a small, public university Mental health counselor trainees' advocacy identity development: A qualitative study Mental imagery in the athletic training classroom Mentoring experiences of clinical adjunct nursing faculty: Expert clinician to novice educator Mentorship, preceptors, and debriefing: Quintessential support for new nursing graduates in transition Missing in action: African American males in higher education Missing in leadership: Mentoring African American women in higher education Mission metamorphosis: How community college bachelor degree programs influence the traditional community college mission Models and principles utilized to create constructivist-collaborative learning within Second Life Money matters: A study on the relationship between financial aid programs and policies on student persistence in higher education Motivation of adult PhD business students toward degree completion: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Motivation to degree completion of online doctoral learners: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Motivation to succeed in college students: Quantitative differences between Iranians and Americans Motivations of Baby Boomer doctoral learners: A grounded theory study Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) as leadership assessment tool in colleges and universities: An exploratory study on potential interest in higher education Multiple case study of college faculty experiences with incivility in the classroom Multiple pathways to learning: An examination of universal design and online strategic learning in higher education My brother's keeper: The counternarrative of Black men in higher education Native American student resiliency within southwestern tribal colleges Nature versus nurture in online education: An analysis of retention in e -learning Navigating turbulent times: Linking departmental leadership style and positive student outcomes Navigating uncharted waters---the effect of mentoring on the success and retention of first-generation college students at two Texas community colleges: A case study Never too late to be: Women's yearnings for self -realization New graduate joins passenger airline: A study of aircraft mechanic certification No Child Left Behind: The impact of exit-level standardized testing on dropout rates and college readiness No laughing matter: Student perceptions of instructional use of humor in the college classroom Nontraditional female students' perceptions of factors influencing retention in a New England community college Nurse educators as change agents: Exploring diversity among nursing students Nurse educators' perceptions of quality in online graduate education as a credential for hiring nursing faculty Nurse faculty mentoring: job satisfaction and mentoring of nurse educators in a baccalaureate nursing program Nursing education experts' perceptions regarding the benefits and drawbacks of using a predictive test as high-stakes testing prior to graduation: A Delphi study Nursing faculty and academic integrity Nursing faculty experiences with student evaluations Nursing faculty perceived needs and barriers to pursuing doctoral education in nursing Nursing faculty professional development: A study using the National League for Nursing (NLN) core competencies for nurse educators for development of novice to expert nurse educators Nursing students with learning disabilities: Perceptions and attitudes regarding the role of disability support program services and access to accommodations Observing faculty culture: Faculty attitudes and perceptions toward program changes due to accreditation Older African American female adult learners: Their persistence in the pursuit of higher education and steady academic progress One critical year: Understanding college entry experiences, academic resilience, and student persistence among nontraditional community college students Online asynchronous discussions in a blended English writing course in a Japanese university Online faculty incivility and RN-BSN program satisfaction Online faculty satisfaction with formal and informal faculty mentoring at community colleges Online faculty's electronic emotional and interpersonal competence and its relationship to student success Online instructor strategies: A study of instructor immediacy and student perceived learning at a community college Online instructors discuss teaching students with inadequate writing skills Online law school faculty perceptions of journaling as professional development: Influences, barriers and pitfalls Online orientation courses that promote learner autonomy Online pedagogical quality questioned: Probing instructional designers' perceptions of leadership competencies critical to practice Online pre-licensure BSN nursing programs: A study of faculty perceptions Online study tour. China and U.S.: The feasible future for all institutions Organizational commitment among employees at a private nonprofit university in Virginia Organizational learning, innovation, and employees' mental models of change following a disaster: A case study of the Morgan Library at Colorado State University Organizational structure and the instructional design process Overcoming the odds: The association between location, preparation, and financial obligation on graduation rates of African American college students Parental Role in Developing College Readiness Skills in Young Adults Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum: A Qualitative Study Passing the totem: Successful high school graduation of Native American students Patron attitudes toward automated checkout: A study of customer satisfaction at a private university library Pell Grants are a waste of taxpayer money: A study of the effects of Pell Grants on persistence in for-profit four-year colleges Perceived impact of academic support program participation on persistence of first-generation African American male students at a Historically Black College Perceived sense of subjective well-being of highly successful online college educators: A generic qualitative study Perceptions and attitudes of occupational therapy faculty towards the scholarship of teaching Perceptions and writing experiences of nursing students: A mixed methods exploration of writing self-efficacy Perceptions of Arab students, faculty members, and administrators at the American University in Cairo towards e -learning: An exploratory case study Perceptions of change: In-service teachers' reflections on multicultural education, culturally responsive teaching, and transformative learning Perceptions of collaborative learning from African American males at a predominantly white institution (PWI) Perceptions of expatriate minority employees in relation to diversity initiatives: A qualitative study Perceptions of faith integration online versus onsite in Christian higher education Perceptions of high academic achieving community college transfer students Perceptions of hiring managers regarding employment candidates with earned online degrees: Implications for the employability for graduates of online programs Perceptions of the persistent: Academic experiences of first generation community college students Persistence factors among single mothers in two -year colleges Persistence factors of first-generation learners Persisting beyond barriers: Impact of a mentoring program on the retention of African American students at a predominately White Florida university Picasso flunks: A retention study Podcasting for online learners with vision loss: A descriptive study Practice to pedagogy: A study of the lived experiences of part-time nursing faculty transitioning from expert nurse to novice educator Practicing accounting profession criterial skills in the classroom: A study of collaborative testing and the impact on final exam scores Predicting NCLEX readiness from the strength of metacognitive self-regulated learning behaviors in urban baccalaureate nursing students Predicting NCLEX-RN(RTM) pass rates: A regional study in the United States Predicting burnout among online post-secondary instructors from personal and professional factors, and perceived organizational support Predicting student of color persistence: A conceptual model using student, institutional, and environmental characteristics Predicting success: A study of admission processes and passing the national physical therapy examination for physical therapist assistants Predictors of Job Satisfaction Amongst Baccalaureate Nurse Faculty Predictors of involvement in online teaching among faculty in technical colleges Predictors of success for developmental students in higher education Preparing future leaders: A study of leadership skills among chief enrollment managers at small, private, religiously affiliated institutions Preparing proficient practitioners: Problem-based learning in athletic training education Presidential leadership: The perceptions of presidential effectiveness characteristics Principles of universal design for learning: What is the value of UDL training on accessible pedagogy? Private college tuition increases: Do discount, endowment and prestige affect yield? Professionalism in physician assistant education: A modified Delphi study Professors as instructional designers: Lived experiences in designing and developing online instruction Program directors' perceptions regarding the initiative to transition nurse anesthesia education to the clinical doctoral level Psychology instructor viewpoints of the efficacy of qualitative research QSEN competencies for teamwork & collaboration: A delphi study Quad Cities' Upward Bound Program and African American male college enrollment Qualitative Inquiry of Nurse Educators Transitioning from Classroom to Online Teaching Quality in online education: The impact of using a content management system in the definition of higher education curriculum Quantifiable outcomes from corporate and higher education learning collaborations Quantitative study of differences in leadership frames of community college presidents of the baby boomer and generation X generations Ready or not: Examining the efficacy of the academic preparation of BSN students and readiness to enter practice Reasons community college students transfer to four-year institutions before earning associate degrees Recording every word: A study of faculty awareness and use of the recorded presence in the distance education courseroom in higher education Recruiting faculty of color: An analysis of strategies, challenges, and perceptions of effectiveness Reducing college students' writing deficiencies utilizing online remediation approaches Regaining America's leading global position in the innovation of science and technology: Increasing engineering program enrollment in higher education Registered nurse preceptorship orientation: A study of the relationship between burnout rates of new graduates and number of preceptors worked with in the clinical orientation phase Relationship between the self-efficacy and self-directed learning of adults in undergraduate programs Relationships among academic dishonesty, moral obligation, and fraud detection software Relationships between college students with early maladaptive schemas and their instructors Relationships between diversity climate and organizational performance in accredited, U.S. evangelical Christian colleges and universities: Applying Cox's interactional model of cultural diversity Reshaping adjunct faculty training by employing an andragogical approach: An action research study Residence life staffing: A qualitative study to determine the reasons college students become resident assistants at small private institutions Responding to reported rapes: A comparison of human services students' attitudes, knowledge, and counseling skills Retaining African American and female students in STEM majors at a community college Revising a process of program review to ensure continuous quality improvement in a human resource major Rhetorical theory: Understanding the writing challenges of undergraduate college Arab ESL students Rounding the wheel for students with disabilities: A collaboration between disability service providers and academic advisors in higher education Scaffolding techniques used by educational developers to support academics in the design of learner-centered courses Scholarly community in the 21st century: Hanging out in cyber space Science courses in the online environment: A needs assessment of instructor attitudes that affect the design process Second-degree learners in associate degree nursing programs: Characteristics and progression success Self assessment as learning: Finding the motivations and barriers for adopting the learning-oriented instructional design of student self assessment Self-directedness among american sign language learners: A study of first semester college students Self-efficacy as the primary success factor for nontraditional African American female students pursuing college degrees Self-leadership and self-regulated learning: An investigation of theoretical relationships Self-regulated learning strategies of successful developmental reading students Self-reported factors that influence choice of college-bound students in Lebanon Separate but equal? A study of freshman orientation programs and retention Service learning: Providing the building blocks for a socially responsible nursing role Shadows and acts: Effects of perceived stereotypes on persistence of Black men in North Carolina community colleges Simulation and praxis in nursing education: A study of the experiences of nurse educators Simulation of an adaptive e-learning environment: A research and development platform for online instructional designers Sister to sister: Dynamics of mentoring relationships among African American women in leadership and nonleadership positions within higher education Sitting down to stand up: Black student suspensions /expulsions at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), 1960--1962: A phenomenological study Soccer coaches' leadership behavior: The perceptions and expectations of both NCAA Division I and professional German coaches: A comparison study Social accountability of medical schools: Examining the perceptions of a medical schools' stakeholders on the achievement of the school's specific social accountability mandate Social networking privacy control: Exploring university variables related to young adults' sharing of personally identifiable information Social networking: Indicators that connect instruction and learning in online courses Soy mujer!: A case study for understanding Latina achievement in higher education Square pegs, round holes: An exploration of teaching methods and learning styles of millennial college students Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF: The first fulltime woman president of Saint Bonaventure University. A case study of Franciscan leadership in higher education Statistical anxiety in adult learners: Anxiety level in statistics courses and the use of software Strategic synergistic cross-sectoral alliances: A study on developing sustainable community college -business -community relationships to promote innovative educational programs, rural community, workforce, and economic development Strategy: A case study of a community college and the dynamic forces at work in its environment Structuring to support the creation of a multicultural campus: A cross-case study of liberal arts colleges in the northern portion of a Middle Atlantic State Student adjustment: The freshman dilemma Student athlete persistence patterns: An analysis of retention factors at a small, faith-based institution Student athletes at small private colleges: Why do they persist to the second year? Student interaction and community building: An evaluation of social networking in online learning environments Student perception of relevance of biology content to everyday life: A study in higher education biology courses Student perceptions and use patterns of alcohol and illicit drug use at a large university Student perceptions of classroom discussions in an African American institution of higher learning Student retention: Helping underprepared students succeed at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Student satisfaction: An examination of the impact of a first -time student mentoring program Student-faculty interaction and faculty validation: Do they lead to engagement for developmental English community college students? Students as research participants: A study of their experiences Study of effective approaches for teaching adults Study of the relationship between leader-member exchange (LMX) and individual objective performance within a university learning community Supporting additive bilingualism of online English as second language (ESL) students through instructional design Survivors of a silent epidemic: The learning experience of college students with a history of traumatic brain injury Synchronous and asynchronous online writing session preferences for university adult distance learners TRIO's Student Support Services program: Participant perspectives on program components that impact student persistence toward bachelor degree attainment Teacher education program accountability: In search of meaningful outcomes evidence Teaching in the multiage college classroom Teaching professional nursing accountability: A phenomenological investigation of faculty experiences Teaching self -directed learning theory to enhance online course satisfaction: Preparing graduate level information technology students Teaching styles of technical college core and occupational faculty: Their relationship to student achievement Teaching teachers: A study of teacher educators' perceptions of the effect of meeting mandated NCATE standards Teaching with technology in the higher education classroom to affect student engagement and success: An action research study The African American male college student mentoring experience: A phenomenological study The African American woman in higher education administration: Exploring the challenges and experiences in colleges and universities The Career Experiences of the Hispanic Female Faculty in Higher Education: An Exploratory Qualitative Inquiry The Millennial milieu: A study of instructional strategies The Relationship between Trained Preceptors' Knowledge and Skills and Student Nurses' Academic Success The Relationships among Shyness, Shame, and Attachment Style with Respect to College Student Persistence and Grade Point Average The SIRIUS project: Innovations in constructivism and textbook creation to improve student retention and student success The bilateral dimensions of transformational leadership in selected university constituents: An empirical study within the context of institutions of higher education The characteristics of problem-based learning triggers as valued by designers and learners: How can those differences inform the field of instructional design The coaches' experience of the process of coaching non-traditional undergraduate students in higher education: A grounded theory inquiry The college-educated African American perception of asynchronous distance education The collegiate expectations of millenial college students The connection between problem-based learning and student learning outcomes: An action research study The design of online instruction: Learner-centered activities and learner satisfaction based on the use of Kolb's Learning Style Inventory 3.1 The designer-by-assignment in practice: Instructional design thinking of subject matter experts The development of a scale for measuring faculty perceptions of barriers to scholarship of teaching and learning: A mixed methods inquiry The difference in cognitive processing in military veteran college students with and without PTSD The differences between associate and bachelor degree nurse education pathways and longevity in nurses' first hospital positions The digital divide: Best practices for training online faculty in the use of educational technology The educator's portrayal of learning transformations in a positive psychology adult learning course room: A qualitative study The effect of diffused aromatherapy on test anxiety among baccalaureate nursing students The effect of following learning style pathways on learning and satisfaction in online biology laboratories for non -science -major undergraduates The effect of race on retention rates of elementary education students at Liberty University The effect of targeted marketing strategies on tutoring participation rates of at-risk students: An action research study The effectiveness of using a student response system on baccalaureate nursing student dominant learning approach The effects of different levels of high fidelity simulation on teamwork in senior-level undergraduate aviation students The effects of five specific leadership behaviors on productivity, job satisfaction and organizational commitment at a private for -profit college The effects of hybrid and traditional courses on student attrition at the university level within the Puerto Rican culture The effects of students' approach to learning and instructional strategy (delivery) on academic success The effects of the federal work-study program on student persistence and accrued loan debt The emerging academician: The rise of the online adjunct faculty The epistemological beliefs of social work students The essences of *interaction in online education: The experience of six doctoral students The experience of bereaved college students: A hermeneutic phenomenological study The experience of first-year African American male college students who did not achieve academic success: Case study The experience of single parent adult learners who have obtained an undergraduate degree: A generic inquiry The experience of success among African-American male college students: A grounded theory study The experiences of undergraduate nursing students with bots in Second Life(RTM) The experiences of women engineers who have completed one to five years of professional engineering employment: A phenomenological study The impact of *simulation in nursing education on the self -efficacy and learner satisfaction of nursing students The impact of Sarbanes -Oxley Act on information technology scholarship and curriculum in colleges and universities in the United States: A descriptive survey of faculty The impact of active and collaborative learning on student engagement of part-time adult learners attending Canadian community colleges The impact of an educational intervention on self-directed learning readiness and behaviors in undergraduate nursing students The impact of business ethics courses on student moral development: A mixed methods study at three Iowa Christian colleges The impact of career exploration upon the success of underrepresented students in higher education The impact of collaborative groups versus individuals in undergraduate inquiry-based astronomy laboratory learning exercises The impact of computer assisted instruction: A comparative study on the course completion rates of remedial community college mathematics students The impact of digital achievement badges on undergraduate learner motivation The impact of distributed leadership on faculty members at a public and a private university in South Texas The impact of dual-processing metacognitive scaffolding on architectural student writing The impact of family structure on African American male college success The impact of goal setting on the use of self-regulated learning by at-risk community college students The impact of lesson study on faculty development in post-secondary education The impact of mentoring on job satisfaction and occupational commitment among African American nurse educators at historically black colleges and universities The impact of organizational culture and accreditation change on faculty perception of assessment The impact of peer mentoring on first-time college students in a student success course: An action science research study The impact of pre-matriculation variables on the persistence of freshman students to their sophomore year The impact of short -term meditation program on criminal justice college students The importance of assessments: How portfolios can impact students' self-efficacy and comprehension in an online graphic design course The importance of mentoring African American women administrators at selected historically Black institutions in the state of Mississippi The inclusion of preassigned roles in online problem-based learning to increase social presence and student achievement The indispensable leader: The study of leadership qualities of the chief enrollment management officer The influence of college choice on the success, ethnic identity, and professional sense of belonging of African American engineers The influence of participating in an international clinical experience during baccalaureate nursing education on interprofessional collaboration and teamwork for new registered nurses The influence of simulated IPE learning in a nursing skills lab on the socialization skills of undergraduate bachelor of science nursing students The influence of university culture on women with young children achieving tenure The investigation of faculty training needs for instructing adult nonstandard English speakers The language of success: A case study of the academic achievement of ESL students who thrive in spite of language barriers The leadership style of Dr. Mable Parker McLean: First female president of Barber -Scotia College and first female president of the Presidents Council of the United Negro College Fund The learning experiences in a college environment for African American students diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): A qualitative case study The lived experience of adults with hearing loss as they acculturate into deaf communities The lived experience of associate degree nurses in decision making of academic progression The lived experience of being an online learner in a graduate program The lived experience of highly religious Orthodox Jewish students in graduate programs in psychology and social work The lived experience of how adult nursing students blend lifestyle obligations with nursing school expectations The lived experience of low-income minority students who receive state merit aid at a Georgia postsecondary institution The lived experience of novice nurses who have based decisions on intuition The lived experience of novice nursing faculty in academia The lived experiences of faculty in an online teaching environment The meaning baccalaureate nurse educators ascribe to their remediation experiences: Qualitative study The moral development and perceptions of academic and clinical integrity of nursing students: An ex post facto study The motivations of online learners The negative impact on student performance with teacher-imposed external locus of control: A study of the relationship between self-efficacy and teacher regulated performance feedback among community college nursing students The online classroom: A comparative study of the effects of perceived learning and connectedness The ontological architectures in the application of a knowledge management system for curricular assessment The perception of Web 2.0 technologies on teaching and learning in higher education: A case study The perception of higher education in law enforcement: A qualitative exploratory study of practitioners in the field The phenomenon of learning: The lived experience of distance education baccalaureate nursing students The presence of faculty diversity in counselor education programs accredited by CACREP: A quantitative analysis of universities in the midwestern United States The process of achieving academic success in higher education for minority students: A grounded theory study The process of adjusting to college during the first-year for students with learning disabilities: A grounded theory study The qualities, practices, and theories held by award-winning second language college teachers The relationship between authentic leadership and job satisfaction in a university setting The relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement: Implications of birth order based on social rank for nontraditional adult learners The relationship between emotional intelligence, selfefficacy, and clinical performance in associate degree nursing students The relationship between incivility and learning: A study of how students interpret the affects of faculty incivility on student learning achievements The relationship between information technology maturity and business alignment in higher education: A quantitative investigation The relationship between learning styles and self -directed search: An exploratory study of adult graduates from XYZ Midwest University The relationship between nursing instructors' transformational leadership behaviors in the clinical learning environment and associate degree nursing students' communication apprehension The relationship between self-efficacy and student persistence in nonprofit postsecondary clergy education The relationship between student success and institutional programs among college students: A phenomenology study The relationship between the timing of the admissions and financial aid application on satisfactory academic progress and retention at a large urban community college The relationship between the use of self-regulatory learning strategies and academic achievement among undergraduate science and nonscience students The relationship between video-based instruction and student achievement in an online math course The relationship of group cohesion on motivation and performance for adjunct faculty members The rivalry between simulation and problem-based learning: A study of learning transfer in physician assistant students The role of organizational culture change in effective strategic planning: A community college action research project The role of self-esteem and self-adequacy as mediators between perceived parenting and a student's preferred seat location via structural equation modeling The role of social identity and learning community participation in students' perceptions of academic persistence The role of student services in retention of students: Student perceptions and expectations The role service-learning plays in the transition from college to work The teaching role of librarians at the United States service academy libraries The transfer of learning process: From online faculty development to the college classroom The transformative essence of servant-leadership in the higher education environment: A case study The underrepresentation of women in athletics leadership: A qualitative study of NCAA Division II women coaches and administrators The use of blended learning to facilitate critical thinking in entry level occupational therapy students The use of humor as a teaching strategy in nursing education The use of teaching strategies that complement learning styles in freshman nursing students The use of technology in the medical assisting classroom Thinking smart: Incorporating Smart Buildings design theory, Building Information Modeling, and Integrated Project Delivery into architecture design school curriculum Tightening the belt: The effects of budget cuts on higher education in South Carolina To be or not to be globally competent: A qualitative study exploring the perceptions and realities of business graduate skill-sets on employability in the 21st century To question or not to question: The effects of two teaching approaches on students' thinking dispositions, critical thinking skills, and course grades in a critical thinking course Transcending ethnocentrism: A phenomenological study of Arab and American college students who experienced the other culture Transformational leadership behaviors of winning college athletic program directors: A qualitative exploratory study Transformational learning and first-generation nontraditional learners Transition to a blended learning environment for joint Special Operations education Undergraduate attitudes toward student-centered learning Undergraduate nursing student experiences with faculty bullying Understanding decision making within the changeless: Board culture, revenue adjustments, and mission shift Understanding the educational experiences of single parent nontraditional learners: Understanding common experiences to improve persistence Understanding the undergraduate experience of the baccalaureate nursing student with English as an additional language Universal design for learning: Implementation and challenges of community colleges Universal design for online learning: A conceptual model University faculty members' perceptions of group work: How knowledge and experiences guide practice University students perceptions and attitudes of corruption in Nigeria Use of admissions data to predict student success in postsecondary freshman science Use of online assessment tools by Instructional Designers-By-Assignment: Necessary features and functionalities Use of professionally qualified accounting faculty at AACSB public universities: A transcendental phenomenological exploration Using a cognitive approach to improving critical thinking in lpn students Using an educational electronic documentation system to help nursing students accurately identify nursing diagnoses Using innovation diffusion theory and the technolgy acceptance model to evaluate the security of wireless mobile devices at a post secondary institution Using knowledge of transactional distance theory to strengthen an online developmental reading course: An action research study Using personality data in higher education: A preliminary examination of personality differences based on professional orientation and skill level Using personality preferences to predict persisters and dropouts among residential students at a two -year technical college Utilizing financial literacy to reduce the cohort default rate an action research study Values that motivate faculty to relinquish or decline tenure Victimized students: A study of sexual harassment liability in higher education Wanted---more than a few good men: Institutional factors that support African American degree attainment at historically Black colleges and universities Weekend warriors at college: A study of the factors affecting the academic persistence of U.S. Army National Guard soldiers What are professors doing in the classroom that might attenuate learning issues that challenge students with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What are the perspectives of community college chief academic officers regarding faculty vitality and to what degree do these leaders support this phenomenon? What are you? Rainbow students, services, and identity What is the relationship between implementing a patient-centered care model in a VA medical center and patient satisfaction scores? What makes them stay? A study of nursing faculty persistence What prevents nurses from entering faculty positions early in their professional career: A qualitative study What's stopping them? A study of teachers' use of formative feedback with students learning in the clinical setting When is it enough: The impact of financial aid on the retention of nontraditional students majoring in public safety programs Whose responsibility is it? Advising and retention among undergraduates Why students leave the community college: Experiences of at-risk students in the Arkansas Mississippi Delta Women engineers: Stories of persistence Women, minorities, and tenure barriers: A sampling of the experiences of women and minority faculty in pursuit of tenure at a public university in the United States Workload and work environment of nursing faculty World of studentcraft: An ethnographic study on the engagement of traditional students within an online world Would you have enrolled?: Decision factors in baccalaureate-only nursing among associate degree nursing students