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A Qualitative Investigation of Program Directors' Perception of Preparation In Relation to NCLEX-RN Pass-Rates A study identifying a relationship between years' experience and the perceptions of emergency department nurses towards factors causing medication administration errors A willingness to donate organs among members of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation in central Oklahoma Addressing the gap in current policies regarding gender-based violence in saint vincent and the grenadines Administrator attitudes, barriers, and diffusion of interprofessional education in United States sub-baccalaureate health sciences programs An analysis of the effects of light emitting diode (LED) lamps in a windowless classroom environment on occupants mood, well -being, general health assessment, and performance Barriers to asthma education and management among pediatric respiratory care practitioners Burden and anticipatory grief in caregivers of parents or spouses with Alzheimer's disease Central line associated bloodstream infections in South Carolina: A correlational study of bed capacity, surveillance techniques, and therapeutic processes Church-based child obesity intervention Collaborative actions for improving transitions to assisted living facilities: An exploratory study Comparing emotional intelligence scores between genders in food allergic and non-food allergic individuals Deep vein thrombosis prevention in post major orthopedic surgery Does patient perception of quality impact health outcomes? Economic value: An examination of single and multipayer policy outcomes Evaluation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Section 2302 implementation Evaluation of safe medication administration through the use of simulation in an academic setting Experiences of close family members of individuals with fibromyalgia syndrome: A generic qualitative inquiry Exploring the Lived Experiences of Paramedics: Influences of Task Failure on Future Decision Making Exploring the experiences of inpatient mental health care administrators during a financial crisis: A generic qualitative study Factors influencing uncompensated health-care cost in South Florida hospitals HIV awareness and sexual behaviors among high school 9th to 12th grade students Implications of pay-for-performance on hospital quality indicators: Outcome-based evaluative case study Improving electronic health record adoption among rural health-care workers: A correlational study Information technology in private medical practice Job roles and burnout among clinical research staff in non-academic community cancer centers Laboratory variations and their influence on cardiac risk placement in wellness programs Leadership Development, Retention and Promotion of Racial and Ethnic Minority Executives in Healthcare Leadership and goals in the 21st century hospice paradigm: A qualitative multiple-case study Learning needs and training interests of health professionals using interprofessional collaboration Locus of Control, God Image, Task Value, Self-Efficacy and Instrumentality as Predictors of Willingness to Use Faithbased Health Coaching Mentoring influences on the retention of part-time nursing adjunct faculty and the enculturation of leadership behaviors Nature and recurrence of unanticipated problems in clinical research Participatory action research for promoting health literacy in a community health center Predicting NCLEX-RN(RTM) pass rates: A regional study in the United States Predictors of patient portal use: Patient engagement through meaningful use Rural healthcare access: A Minnesota community and healthcare system perspective and recommendations Scientific misconduct: Perceptions, beliefs, working environments, and reporting practices in the clinical research associate population Stress, despair, and quality of life: The lived experience of families with children below 26 years of age diagnosed with lyme disease Subjective well-being and exercise: A causal -comparative study of regular and non -regular exercisers The experience of being physically healed at a religious service: A heuristic inquiry The prevalence of defensive medicine: A case study of northeast Florida The ra roller coaster: A grounded theory study of how young adult women experience life with rheumatoid arthritis The relationship between attitude and subjective norms in explaining intention to attend diabetes self-management education The relationship between chronic pain, social support, and depression in college athletes Variations in the perceptions of Latinos of non -based medical healthcare compared with the perception of Whites