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A learning paradox: Students who are gifted and learning disabled Academically gifted adults' experience as students in mainstream rural high school classrooms Anomaly or regularity: A phenomenological study of gifted certified teachers' lived experiences with gifted students in an urban Title I elementary school Babes in baccalaureates: A multivariate analysis of accelerated learning programs in the state of Florida Closing the achievement gap through the retention of African American students in gifted programs Failing our best and brightest: Are eligibility criteria related to the underachievement of gifted high school students? Gifted high school student underachievers: Student perceptions on the reasons for underachievement Implementing a literacy program to improve student achievement for potentially at-risk and academically advanced K-5th-grade students: an action research study Implementing math ability grouping to improve engagement of academically advanced students: An action research study Planting seeds in rich soil: A quantitative study of the reading and math growth of gifted and talented learners Preparation and support for working with student diversity: Adding the voice of rural educators The efficacy of differentiated instruction in meeting the needs of gifted middle school learners The experiences of gifted education teachers' working with gifted students: A case study The impact of accountability initiatives: A phenomenological study of experiences of teachers of the gifted and talented Unraveling the gift: A study of classroom teachers' perceptions of African Americans' giftedness Young potentially gifted learners: Alignment of beliefs, instructional practices, district policies, and district leadership expectations in rural South Carolina school districts