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A case study of fathers' perceptions of mandated child support A comparative analysis of factors of success in minority and Caucasian small business owners in North Carolina A comparison of covert and overt aggression between men and women A comparison of male and female student perceptions of male friendliness A comparison study of adult male and female students' perceptions of the glass-ceiling barriers in Alabama A gendered quantitative examination of performance and pay fairness A longitudinal study of gender differences in Advanced Placement participation and scoring A multivariate analysis of masculine gender role strain and its relationship to degrees of substance dependence and degrees of violence in an adult incarcerated population A phenomenological study of the emergence of leadership among female secondary school principals in Nigeria A qualitative exploratory inquiry of male automotive manufacturing managers' perceptions of the glass ceiling A qualitative study of female airline pilots and how they achieved their goals A study into the relationship between observed and model values of men and women leaders in higher education A study of the impact of single sex classes on the self -efficacy of urban African American adolescent males A study of the impact on student achievement of single-gender classes in coeducational public schools A study of the impostor phenomenon among male nurse educators A study of women leadership styles and the glass ceiling Academic success of at-risk African American male students who receive culturally relevant teaching, college readiness preparation, and mentorship Addressing the gap in current policies regarding gender-based violence in saint vincent and the grenadines Adult attachment and value orientation in marriage Advancing women's careers: A look at mentoring and leadership behaviors African American Women's Perceptions of Stress and Coping Strategies Associated with Collegiate Sports African American female delinquents, caretaker and other adult relationships: A phenomenological study African American men in organizations: A critical interpretation of work-life balance through role determination and organizational support African American offspring share their experiences of transitioning from a heterosexual to a same-sex family lifestyle: A phenomenological study Against the odds: A basic qualitative inquiry that examines teachers' perceptions of how motivational factors contribute to the academic achievement of African American male students An assessment of nongovernmental organization practices in The Gambia: Strategies for economic empowerment of Gambian women An evaluation of gender leadership preference in the government contracting industry: An examination of the glass cliff phenomenon An examination of the role that positive physical contact plays in team sport performance and team dynamics in girls high school basketball Benefits of single-gender education: Perceptions of middle grade teachers Binge drinking behaviors among new and experienced male and female firefighters CEO leadership attitudes towards change and gender: An upper echelon perspective Changes in women's status: Union with younger men Class act: A qualitative study of how an accepting or non accepting environment affects transgender teachers' professional lives Closing the achievement gap: A study of single-gender education in the public sector Coming out: A grounded theory approach to understanding the gay bear culture Communicator style, cohesiveness, and conflict management style: Differences between African-American male and female athletes Counseling male victims of domestic violence: A phenomenology study Differences in leader self-efficacy based on mentor relationships and leader gender Differences in male and female counselors' attitudes toward male and female sex offenders Does gender matter? Collaborative learning in a virtual corporate community of practice Domestic violence: Case study of twelve Muslims living in the United States Effect of gender-related communication differences and awareness of gender-related communication barriers on communication effectiveness Effectiveness of a correctional treatment program in the prevention of recidivism among adjudicated female juvenile delinquents Effects of attitude, norms, and perceived behavior control on intentions to become a teen father Essential elements for women's promotion: A comparison of leadership and communicator styles among women in upper and middle management positions Exploring self-perception and body image appearance Factors affecting substance abuse in adolescent females in rural residential communities Factors influencing resilience in military personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder Factors influencing the adoption of green it practices by decision-making it managers Fatherhood and the psychological well-being of Black men Female HR executives' contributions to firm performance: The effects of gender on decision-making and strategic-planning Female entrepreneurs making connections: Networking by women small business owners Female faculty and senior male student perceptions of gender bias in nursing education Female officers who achieved general officer status in the u.s. army: A multiple-case study of motivation and success strategies Female students in postgraduate education: Motivations for academic success Filling the gap: The impact of male primary teachers on the early school success of father -absent boys First-Year Experiences of Male Student-Athletes at a Military College: A Generic Qualitative Study Gender and age differences in coping behaviors of young adults who were orphaned during childhood Gender differences in e -mail and instant messaging by undergraduate students: A replication study Gender differences in secondary diagnoses with paranoid schizophrenic clients Gender differences in the expression of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptomology: A program to address gender-specific externalizing and internalizing behaviors Gender differences in the field of information security technology management: A qualitative, phenomenological study Gender inequality in role leadership in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination: A phenomenological research study Gender stereotypes and self-perceptions among college students Gender, personality, and coping: Unraveling gender in military post -deployment physical and mental wellness Gender-based comparison of project manager leadership behaviors: A quantitative study Generational differences in the perception of leadership styles and practices between members of the Society for Public Health Education HIV/AIDS in Cameroon: A quantitative correlational study of knowledge, attitude, and behavior of women regarding unprotected sex Hidden violence: A phenomenological inquiry into the experieces of abused male partners How young women describe the process of understanding their life plans after college: An exploration using grounded theory I just want to learn! How gender affects perceptions of and experiences with bullying in pre-licensure BSN programs Improving male student enrollment in the high school choral program through the use of a youth barbershop program Increasing the enrollment of African American males in advanced mathematics and science courses in high school Internalized homophobia, self-esteem, education, income, and the use of partner violence in a group of self-identified bisexual and lesbian women Interpersonal needs and job satisfaction of nonprofit female executives: A correlational study Interpreting the relationships between single gender science classes and girls' academic motivation and interest Is charter school an answer for inner-city students? A study of inclusion among disadvantaged Black male students with disabilities Learning in female-dominated nursing schools: Is there a gender advantage? Lessons learned from examining how African American males experience developing a sense of masculinity Lived experiences of Batswana women in national leadership positions Minnesota Providers' Reflection on Health Care Change for Transgender People and Ongoing Barriers to Care Minority women teachers' quest for upward mobility: An investigation of minority women's preparation for leadership Motivation that impacts job satisfaction, involvement and commitment of men in nonprofits Online privacy sensitivity and gender: A case study of a highly -educated adult population Organizational behavior: Gender and its relationship to employee job satisfaction within the Department of the Army Out of the closet, onto the battlefield: Life for gay servicemen before and after the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Parenting alliance in blended and intact family systems Partner violence, help-seeking, and coping: Perceptions of African immigrant women survivors Perceived stress levels in relationship to win/loss records: A large urban public school district in Florida Perceptions of sexual harassment experiences and tolerance levels: A study of the commonalities and differences between male and female equal opportunity advisors Perceptions of the role of a father: The perspectives of Black women from low-income environments Phenomenological study: African American women and strategies for advancement in the federal government Phenomenology of Two-Spirit identity: Reservation to urban social landscapes Predicting violence among incarcerated male adolescents in Texas: The role of resilience Problem-based learning versus traditional science instruction: Achievement and interest in science of middle grades minority females Quantitative analysis of the gender differences in learning styles of IT professionals and the impact on leadership outcomes: Implications for STEM Relationship between gender roles, parental attachment, and life satisfaction in young adulthood Relationships between perceived racial discrimination and self-efficacy: The roles of race, gender, and resilience Rites of passage: The African American women's journey to educational leadership Sentencing in South Carolina: A comparison of race, gender and age on the sentencing outcomes of drug offenders Sex Differences in Affect Construction Sexually or gender non-conforming adults' description of the meaning of difference within a rural high school context: A grounded theory study Single gender classrooms: A study of gender in relationship to math performance Single-gender instruction: What educators think about separating the sexes during the middle school years Social dominance orientation and attitudes toward women: Modern hiring discrimination in the workplace Staff attitudes and male victims of intimate partner violence: Implications for human service professionals Staff turnover of assertive community treatment teams: A matter of gender and ethnicity Statistical analysis of secondary principals' demographics versus high school dropout rates Stay at home fathers: The mothers' perspective Student retention: Helping underprepared students succeed at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Teachers' perceptions of leadership effectiveness based on gender The African American male college student mentoring experience: A phenomenological study The Interrelationship of the Actions and Processes Described by Women Working as Life-Coach and Entrepreneur: A Qualitative Study The adult English language learner in community college: A study of the relationship between ethnicity and gender and standardized testing The ascent of women to senior leadership positions in the financial services industry: A phenomenological study The assessment of prior learning: Gender differences in experiential learning The effect of value differences in workplace motivation: A study comparing worker value priorities across generations and gender The effects of gender conformity/nonconformity and ethnic identity on workplace sexual identity management among LGB African Americans The effects of gender, age, and education on cloud computing adoption: A correlational study The efficacy of substance abuse treatment, as regards patient gender, life stage, primary diagnosis, and level of care: A retrospective analysis The experiences of self-guided weight loss among obese men The experiences of women engineers who have completed one to five years of professional engineering employment: A phenomenological study The gender divide: The effectiveness of departmentalized gender-inclusive classrooms The gender factor: A further investigation of the data from the Housing and Urban Development study of housing discrimination The identification theory: A quantitative study of women's charitable giving motivation The impact of gender on global leadership effectiveness: Building a model for female global leaders The impact of gender responsive treatment on recidivism The impact of socioeconomic status on parenting styles of male single parents The influence of gender identity on job satisfaction in female police officers The influence of stem initiative programs for middle and high school students on female STEM college majors The influence of university culture on women with young children achieving tenure The learning experience of new nurses completing an emergency department precepted orientation The myth of sisterhood and management effectiveness: An investigation of intragender diversity and group conflict The personality characteristics of homosexual entrepreneurs: An examination of gender and minority differences The relationship between gender and leadership style in the Massachusetts high school principalship The relationship between gender role attitudes, coping strategies, and satisfaction with life in Asian Indian women. The relationship between project managers' age, gender, and professional experience on career success: A correlation study The relationship of emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and gender in predicting grade point average for visual arts students The sexual and social experiences of adult African American/Black men who have sex with men (MSM): A qualitative study Treatment experiences of adult substance dependent females: A qualitative study Understanding the experience of suicidality during adolescence among lower socioeconomic strata gay males: An exploratory qualitative research study Voices of our sons: A phenomenological study of African American adolescent males living with parents in a lesbian relationship Women and the organizational chess game: A qualitative study of gender, discourse, power, and strategy Women engineers: Stories of persistence Women leading men: A look into the phenomenon of leadership from the perspective of women officers in the military Workplace spirituality, workaholism, and gender: A quantitative study of higher education employees at a small, private college in the northeastern United States