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A multiple case study examination of municipal financial distress in Pennsylvania A quantitative comparison of financial wellness between boomerang and non-boomerang children ages 18-35 A quantitative study examining minority-owned small business and non-minority small business use of alternative financing A quantitative study of the economies of the CARICOM countries to determine homogeneity and optimum currency area feasibility A study of the relationship between CEO compensation and firm performance in the U.S. airline industry: 2002--2006 A study of the relationship between executive compensation and corporate financial performance using regression and bootstrap approaches African American women wealth builders in the $100k Club: An exploratory qualitative study of the motivation and success strategies An empirical study of financial planning theory and practice Business aircraft investment and financial performance Can a combination of financial variables adequately explain firms' market value? Challenges facing fragile states in the use of country public financial management systems for donor-financed projects: The case of Liberia Changing trading: Perceptions of options market participants toward changes in a traditional open outcry stock options exchange Comovements and stock market integration between India and its top trading partners: A multivariate analysis of international portfolio diversification Corporate failure prediction: Z-score model and PBT model investigated in different external situations Corporate social responsibility and its relationship with financial performance Econometric modeling of exchange rate determinants by market classification: An empirical analysis of Japan and South Korea using the sticky-price monetary theory Effect of consumer confidence and income on stock market participation in the United States Effect of integrated reporting on financial performance Goodwill impairment: Effects of SFAS 142 and agency theory on earnings management Implications of transitioning to IFRS for financial analysts in the oil and gas production industry Innovation and financial performance: A study of the effects of patent data from emerging cluster analysis Innovation and value creation: A cross-industry effects study of patent generation Investment performance of foreign state-owned companies in U.S. capital markets Middle management and telework adoption: Development of an instrument using Delphi and exploratory factor analysis for the financial services industry Multi cycle U.S. equity price model: A non-experimental, ex post facto correlation study Mutual funds: A study of selected attributes on long -term performance NPO sustainment strategy in response to changing environments and financial uncertainty Nigerian national leadership style influence on economic, political and social development: A case study of direct foreign investment Performance, leverage and risk: An earnings analysis among U.S., U.K., and Japanese banks Relationship of financial literacy to retirement preparedness among female baby-boomer cohorts Revenue recognition fraud: Effective and efficient detection Servant leadership in the finance industry: Relation to desired employee outcomes Strategic use of financial ratio to prevent bankruptcy: A study of opportunity for business enterprises The acceptance and effectiveness of federal and state information security regulations in multi-branch community banks: A phenomenological analysis conducted in central California The application of path goal theory of leadership to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance: An investigation within small public corporations The endless pursuit for independence: A grounded theory study from the chief audit executive's perspective The impact of financial literacy competencies in faith-based organizations: A multiple case study of independent churches in Midwestern USA The impact of prior strategic alliance between an acquirer and a target on mergers and acquisitions performance The relationship between information security breaches and the financial performance of retail companies The role and effectiveness of financial advisors in bank mergers The smart money: A case study illustrating the impact a global economic recession has had on endowment funds at three Ohio higher education institutions The subprime mortgage crisis: A phenomenological approach to understanding the loan officer's experience Uncertainty avoidance and country-risk ratings Understanding the lived experiences of loan officers before, during, and after the financial crisis of 2008: A phenomenological study Utilization of knowledge management in improving information technology investment return: A qualitative study