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A study of differences between completers and non-completers of family drug court programs Age -dependent effect of cerebrolysin and glucose on old -aged memory An analysis of the effects of light emitting diode (LED) lamps in a windowless classroom environment on occupants mood, well -being, general health assessment, and performance Emotions: An experimental study on increasing positive emotions Factors leading to job satisfaction among the United States Air Force squadron recruiters Measures of marital satisfaction among husbands and wives in dual-earner African-American families Organizational learning: A management education analysis of the learning styles and strategies of a multi-generational workforce in the HR profession The correlation of test anxiety and academic performance of community college students The effect of neurofeedback training on PTSD symptoms of depression and attention problems among military veterans The effects of quality circles on the self-esteem and organizational performance offront-line call center employees The experience of providing therapy services to sex abusers: A case study The lived experience of therapists practicing psychodynamic group therapy: A phenomenological study The sexual practices of African American women in regard to having unprotected sex