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A case study exploring the impact of managing workplace diversity on diversity awareness and employee job satisfaction A generic qualitative inquiry of the perception of English-speaking West Indian immigrants in the US towards psychological services A historical comparative look at African American teachers after Brown v. Board of Education A phenomenological case study of ethnic minority Medicaid diabetic patients in Virginia: Providers' viewpoints A phenomenological investigation of student achievement: Perceptions of academic success as told by single African American and Hispanic mothers A qualitative grounded theory study of the immigrant Jewish women's ethnic identity experience in San Antonio, Texas A qualitative phenomenological exploration of fatherhood, Islam and African American male converts A qualitative study on the perceptions of Mexican Americans regarding the conditions of teen pregnancy A quantitative study of the relationship between organizational culture and turnover intent among minorities in a federal agency A sacred affair: A case study of the sociopolitical activist traditions of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Acculturation and the subjective well -being of Somali immigrants in the United States: An explanatory mixed methods investigation Acculturation of Ethiopian women refugees/immigrants with families in the USA from 1989--2004 An analysis of the effect of STEM initiatives on socially responsible diversity management in the US aerospace and defense industry An explanatory assessment of institutional commitment to multicultural diversity in higher education: A case study in northwest Ohio An exploratory study of the A.L.A.N.A. Experience mentoring program and the program's effect on retention and persistence Anti-Asian American stereotypes and resistance to change: A quantitative study of employed European Americans in the Southeastern United States Being a non -Indian teacher in a reservation school: A case study on the experiences of three white former teachers---the novice, the experienced, and the seasoned Beyond race: The impact of physical appearance on police officers' decision making Charity and women: A study of the philanthropic giving patterns of African American, Asian, and Hispanic women Counseling low-income African American men post-2008 presidental election: a phenomenologocial study of lived experiences Couple relationship satisfaction and parenting style among nonmarried parents of children in Head Start programs Cultural discontinuities on the learning process for the ethnic minority first-generation college student Cultural understanding: A phenomenological study of non-Native American tribal college faculty lived experiences Cultural variance in personality trait structure: The NEO PI -R and Haitians Culture and management: A study of Vietnamese cultural influences on management style Describing the competencies of healthcare providers in the delivery of health services to ethnic minorities Does racism exist in the online classroom learning environment? Perceptions of online undergraduate students Ethnic minority leaders' experiences pursuing hospital C-suite positions: A multiple case study Exploring the lived experiences of first and second-generation undergraduate Black female students at a predominantly White university Factors affecting substance abuse in adolescent females in rural residential communities Factors that hinder underrepresented minority ADN students from initially pursuing a baccalaureate degree Female entrepreneurial self-efficacy among three ethnicities Gendered racism in the workplace as experienced by women of color managers Health disparities: A focus on race/ethnicity in the primary care setting among African American women with HIV/AIDS Hispanic learners in South Texas: Factors that influence them in the pursuit of graduate education in social work Hospital based nurse cultural competence program evaluation: A mixed methodological study Identity as a function of acculturation for Afro -Caribbean immigrants in the U.S.: A heuristic approach Immigrants and U.S. organizations: A case study of Iranian immigrants in the United States of America and an examination of organizational commitment toward immigrants Immigrants take over schools: A historical study of minorities influencing educational *policy Increasing alumni giving at historically Black colleges and universities Intercultural sensitivity of nursing faculty Investigating career barriers of women of color in the 21st century Leadership development and the retention and promotion of racial and ethnic minority nurses Leadership perceptions of Asian Indian professionals: A case study of the high tech industry in North Carolina Lecturing and the Samoan student: The Samoan culture's influence on delivery methods and its effectiveness on student learning Lives in transition: Examining transformational learning processes in ethnically diverse women Low-income minority access to preventive medicine to avert diabetes Menopause and health-promotion behaviors of English-speaking Caribbean women in New York City Mentoring minority women: A case study Minority women teachers' quest for upward mobility: An investigation of minority women's preparation for leadership Multicultural teams: The role of bicultural individuals in achieving team effectiveness Our side of the story: African American parents' perceptions of Caucasian educators Parental involvement: How does it relate to student behavior and academic success? Parenting among Pentecostal Nigerian Yoruba in the United States: A phenomenological approach Parenting style, assimilation, and social competence in children of Southeast Asian immigrant families Partner violence, help-seeking, and coping: Perceptions of African immigrant women survivors Practitioner perceptions related to disproportionality in the most restrictive educational environment Race and gender in illicit drug transactions Racial attitudes and cultural awareness in White social workers: A cross-sectional, correlational study Relationships between diversity climate and organizational performance in accredited, U.S. evangelical Christian colleges and universities: Applying Cox's interactional model of cultural diversity Retention of faculty of color as it relates to their perceptions of the academic climate at North Carolina community colleges Second -generation Iranian-Americans: The relationship between ethnic identity, acculturation, and psychological well-being Sentencing in South Carolina: A comparison of race, gender and age on the sentencing outcomes of drug offenders Social and family support and bicultural ethnic identity development: First- and second-generation Nigerian-Americans in New York City Staff turnover of assertive community treatment teams: A matter of gender and ethnicity Statistical analysis of secondary principals' demographics versus high school dropout rates Student retention: Helping underprepared students succeed at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University The achievement gap and the role of Black community church leaders The adult English language learner in community college: A study of the relationship between ethnicity and gender and standardized testing The correlation between education and color -blind racial awareness in European American mental health professionals working with African American women The cultural impact of societal and organizational culture on ethnocentric Japanese leaders: A phenomenological collective case study The effect of race on retention rates of elementary education students at Liberty University The effects of gender conformity/nonconformity and ethnic identity on workplace sexual identity management among LGB African Americans The experiences of African Americans when encountering Caucasian Americans The family characteristics, parenting methods, and parental education philosophies, experiences, and expectations of Hmong parents and children The gender factor: A further investigation of the data from the Housing and Urban Development study of housing discrimination The glass ceiling: Does perception have any impact in keeping it in place or removing it? The impact of ethnicity/race on substance abuse treatment admissions: Factors that influence African American, Latino American, and European American populations The impact of transformational leadership styles among minority leaders in the federal government The influence of organizational leadership on "minority" student success in inner city schools The lived experience of ethnic discrimination stress in the workplace among high-achieving Adivasis The lived experience of low-income minority students who receive state merit aid at a Georgia postsecondary institution The lived experiences of racism and discrimination among biracial adults The phenomenon of student powerlessness and student achievement: An instrumental multi-case study on the practices of three teachers identified as successfully serving low-income African American students The relationship between race/ethnicity and inpatient hospital utilization and outcomes for heart failure among older adults: A national perspective Unilingual English speaking therapist working with limited English speaking (LEP) Haitian clients in substance abuse and mental health treatment Variables related to prison sentences in Alabama Variations in the perceptions of Latinos of non -based medical healthcare compared with the perception of Whites What are you? Rainbow students, services, and identity Who am I? Probing racial identity in young biracial children Why play golf? Women of color in higher education administration: An exploration of barriers to advancement Women who endure: A grounded theory study of Black female former student -athletes Women, minorities, and tenure barriers: A sampling of the experiences of women and minority faculty in pursuit of tenure at a public university in the United States