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A correlation study of organizational values, ethical climate and teamwork in the healthcare setting A correlational study of BSN students' perceptions of horizontal violence in nursing education A phenomenological study of ethical issues experienced by professionals providing home and community based services to individuals with cognitive disabilities A quantitative examination of the relationship of work experience to attitudes of business ethics in graduate students A quantitative study of perception of traditional and nontraditional domestic abuse Accountant's ethical dilemmas: Understanding underlying thought processes and contextual factors influencing accountants' behavior Adolescents' perception of the justice system based on interactions with police An empirical investigation into the relationship of college education and experience on police ethical orientations An examination of the differences in perceptions of the ethical climate within law enforcement agencies An exploration of the relationship between moral reasoning abilities and school accreditation of CPAs in the state of Georgia Business ethics: The role of ethics in the millennial entrepreneur's decision to start a business Determinants of ethical decision making: A study of accountants in a multinational firm Do Christian college students develop into more ethical leaders? An evaluation of moral development and transformational leadership Does ethical climate predict wisconsin nurses' reporting of medication errors? Ethical decision making in small commercial firms: An investigation of ethical maturity Ethical perspectives of MBA graduates, ethics education, and managerial experience: A hierarchical multiple regression analysis Ethics and governance: Understanding board governance practices and the relationship to the disclosure practices for Iowa 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits Ethics and morality in software development: A developer's perspective Ethics education: The implications on ethical dilemmas Ethics training of law enforcement officers: The optimum means of conveyance How ethical codes define counselor professional identity Identifying the ethical challenges encountered by Information Technology professionals working within the Nevada casino industry Identifying the individual and situational factors of ethical and unethical leadership: A Delphi study Influences on national incident management system implementation by law enforcement executives: A quantitative approach Investigating the moral development of working professionals using the Defining Issues Test 2 Leadership styles and ethical behavior: An examination of subordinate perceptions Logistics outsourcing: The value of the relationship between a corporation and the 3PL contractor Management theory and corporate morality: Is there a relationship? Normative ethics: Quantitative prediction of follower ethical leadership perceptions in telecommunications corporations Perceptions of promoting and modeling ethical values in nonprofit and public agencies Personal use of social networking and social work ethics: Designing guidelines for training Pre-licensed nursing students rate professional values Relationships among academic dishonesty, moral obligation, and fraud detection software Secondary teachers' perceptions of an underlying framework of character education Spiritual intelligence: Is it related to a leader's level of ethical development? Stakeholder theory and value creation within corporate communication: Corporate LGBT inclusion and fairness through the lens of Rawls's theory of justice Students as research participants: A study of their experiences The effects of ethical leadership in solving ethical dilemmas in real estate: An exploratory qualitative study The ethics of yield spread premium: A case study of Illinois mortgage brokers/bankers The followers' perspective on the benefits, challenges and perceived personal impact of a servant leader: A generic qualitative study The impact of ethical leadership on employee organizational citizenship behaviors The impact of the relationship between ethical leader behavior, transformational leadership, and organizational performance moderated by organizational hierarchy The influence of attachment style and an online educational experience on male clergy interpersonal boundaries The lived experiences of teachers as they describe their values and ethics within the educational school system The moldable model: Designing an effective corporate ethical management system The moral development and perceptions of academic and clinical integrity of nursing students: An ex post facto study The perceived impact of school restructuring on the veteran teacher: A phenomenological case study The relationship between informed consent presentation styles and participants' comprehension in clinical research The relationship between leadership spirituality and ethical behavior: An explanatory model The relationship of business tenure and management tenure with moral reasoning in business managers The relationship of conscience and ethical climate among registered nurses in the acute care environment The role of senior leadership in ethical behavior of financial institutions: A case study Type of fraud and whistleblowing anonymity: Do situational factors affect employees' intent to report fraud? Understanding a law enforcement officer's decision-making process: The influential factors and resultant effects of an unethical choice Utilizing child psychologists in marketing products to children: A phenomenological study of the ethical perceptions of child psychologists Value-words as predictors of corporate ethicality Variability of ethical values within a profession: A comparative study of CPAs in different client environments Workplace harassment and bullying: U.S. federal employees Workplace spirituality and ethical decision making: A case study of federal government executive women