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A comparative analysis of factors of success in minority and Caucasian small business owners in North Carolina A comparative analysis of factors related to the performance of ethnic majorities and minority-owned small businesses in Alabama A correlational study: Transformational leadership style and employee trust in small business organizations in the state of Georgia A multi-case study exploring how leaders assemble resources in start-up technology entrepreneurial ventures (STEs) in Maryland A multiple case study of successful family business succession A multiple regression analysis of the relationship between an organization's innovation capability and external factors A qualitative exploration of experiential practitioner dynamics of enterprise executive capability development and a comparison to the educational objectives and dynamic capabilities frameworks A quantative study to uncover predictor factors that differentiate between social or commercial entrepreneurs A quantitative examination of minority women entrepreneurs: Mentoring & self-efficacy Academic components that make successful entrepreneurs in the US: A grounded theory in entrepreneurship education African American and White copreneurs: Comparing education, marriage, business success, and longevity African American entrepreneurs in Alabama: A phenomenological study of their motivation and success strategies African American female entrepreneurs in Atlanta: A case study of critical success factors African American female entrepreneurs in a southwestern urban area: A qualitative study of significant success factors African American women entrepreneurs African American women entrepreneurs' experience obtaining financial capital for business start-up African Americans making a career decision in the area of entrepreneurship An exploration of Blue Ocean Strategy's capacity to sustain small businesses: A qualitative study Behaviors and competencies of leaders/owners of small businesses: The independent sales agency Business ethics: The role of ethics in the millennial entrepreneur's decision to start a business Defining moments: A descriptive-correlational study of the economic *development impact of the business incubators in the state of Louisiana Determining the statistical significance of environmental uncertainty on the relationship among performance, entrepreneurial orientation, and strategy for Washington State manufacturing firms Entrepreneurial alliances: A study of entrepreneurship and strategic alliances in the charter school industry Entrepreneurial analysis: A study to identify traits and demographics of practicing entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial intentions: Making the case for entrepreneurship education Entrepreneurial leadership: A qualitative study of the motivations and sustainable business strategies of American Indian entrepreneurs in North Carolina Entrepreneurial orientation in nonprofit organizations and its effect on the development of social entrepreneurial strategies Examining entrepreneurial motivations of Indian immigrants Examining the effectiveness of mentoring African American entrepreneurs Exploring organizational dynamics of organizational culture, entrepreneurial leadership, and strategy in small family businesses: An ethnographic collective case study Exploring the branding relationship between Facebook and Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises Factors that led to entrepreneurial success: An exploratory qualitative study Female entrepreneurs making connections: Networking by women small business owners From private pay services to social entrepreneurship: A phenomenological study of the experiences of CEOs of nonprofit area agencies on aging Fundraising in rural america: Applying best practices to nonprofit board development strategies Identifying the factors that support and hinder the success of the home-based entrepreneur in Appalachia: A case study In support of strategic decision making: A qualitative exploration of resource requirements and usage of retail entrepreneurs Influence of local government policies on entrepreneurship in St. Charles County, Missouri Innovation and value creation: A cross-industry effects study of patent generation Intentions of self-employment in the real estate industry: Applying Ajzen's theory of planned behavior Introducing leadership into the mix: An investigation of the relationship between personality characteristics and small business success Licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor (LCADC) practice: Professional challenges,changes, and adaptations Micro-businesses and strategic alliances: An exploration of interdependence Motivation and success strategies: A phenomenological study of African American entrepreneurial business owners in Dayton, Ohio Nepotistic ideology in nonprofit and for-profit family-owned and operated organizations Redefined success: A study of the motivation, success strategies, and leadership practices of African American female entrepreneurs in urban North Carolina Self-efficacy and entrepreneurship: A generic qualitative study of the self-perceived attitudes and behaviors of successful online women entrepreneurs Service-disabled veteran small business owners' perceptions of the sole source and set-aside contracting procedures of the service-disabled veteran-owned small business procurement program Strategic planning in small business: Exploring its influence on transitional growth Succeeding as an entertainer: The experiences and descriptions of the process of reasoning used in shaping career aspirations for the successful entertainer: A grounded theory study Success factors for African American entrepreneurs in North Carolina: A qualitative study Successful entrepreneurial leaders with service-connected disabilities: A phenomenological study The "lived-experience" of entrepreneurs intrinsic motivation and feelings about navigating their external environment The Interrelationship of the Actions and Processes Described by Women Working as Life-Coach and Entrepreneur: A Qualitative Study The effect of education and knowledge, experience, mentoring, and risk on the successful entrepreneur: A qualitative study The entrepreneurial experience of successful black females The four components found in innovative organizations: An investigation of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners since 2000 The impact of business curriculum on a student's entrepreneurial orientation The impact of changes in leaders' environments on the success of strategic merger and acquisition: A phenomenological study of the experience of U.S. healthcare executives in transition The new small business leader: Skills for managing today's turbulent business environment The role of networking in the success of women-owned businesses in Virginia: An exploratory qualitative study The role of the interaction of intrinsic motivation with generational cohort on subjective creativity The theory of collective influence: A grounded theory study of small business entrepreneurs' approaches to leader development Understanding the barriers to and strategies for success for African American small businesses: An exploratory qualitative study Veteran entrepreneurship: A phenomenological study of the lived experience of veterans' transition from military service to entrepreneurship Women entrepreneurs: Integrating family and organizational commitments