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A difference in ELL instruction: A study of 50/50 dual-immersion bilingual literacy program for second grade English language learners A key to the dream for adult learners: The acquisition of academic writing skills A mixed-methods study of mathematics and science achievement of refugee students in homogeneous and heterogeneous groups A phenomenological study of Oklahoma's widening opportunities in the workplace program A qualitative study: Elementary teachers' experiences educating English language learners in the mainstream classroom A study of differentiated instruction based on the SIOP model in Georgia classrooms A study of parent-child numeracy interaction in families of English language learners An examination of the sheltered observation protocol model and its impact on teacher pedagogy An investigation of differentiated instruction: Closing the achievement gap for elementary English language learners Can all students perform? A look at students with disabilities and limited English proficiency in Georgia Comparative-descriptive study of academic vocabulary specific instruction on 3rd grade English language learner reading scores Design or detour? The non-native English-speaking (NNS) student in the community college developmental writing classroom Does growth in overall school achievement really mean no English learner left behind? ELL excel: Using peer mentoring to help English Language Learners excel in American classrooms Eighth-grade English language learnerl students' perceptions of teacher expectations in relation to classroom motivation English language acquisition through bilingual education English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) nursing students' perceptions of academic support services and their academic performance Estoy bien, estas bien: I'm ok, you're ok: The impact of teacher self-efficacy on referral chance Exploring effective vocabulary instructional strategies for ELLs through online professional development Factors contributing to completion success of recently graduated hispanic bachelor of science degree in nursing students Factors influencing middle school teachers when referring English language learners to special education Factors that impact regular classroom teachers' use of sheltering strategies for English language learners Impact of adolescents' first language literacy on second language acquisition Impact of keyword caption ratio, language proficiency, and attitude on foreign language listening comprehension Improving the achievement gap between English language learners and English speakers using a Modified Guided Reading approach Is smaller better? Effect of small-group intervention on ELLs' assessment scores Language labs: Their impact on English language learners Latino students' perceptions of their culture and how this affects their academic progress Mainstream teacher approach to instructional strategies for English language learners Meeting the needs of english learner students in the mainstream classroom: A discovery of practices of effective teachers Native Hispanic long-term English language learners' experiences in the public school system One year to learn: A mixed methods study evaluating Arizona secondary students' acquisition of English through English language development Online asynchronous discussions in a blended English writing course in a Japanese university Perceived barriers to English language learning among international school students Postsecondary education: A causal-comparative research in the acquisition of English language proficiency for English as a second language (ESL) learners Principals' perceptions of the effect that academic English language plays on English language learners' academic performance: A phenomenological study Professional development and instruction for teachers of ESL students Professional development experiences of ELL teachers: A mixed methods study Rhetorical theory: Understanding the writing challenges of undergraduate college Arab ESL students Selling constructivism: Chinese parents' perceptions of western teaching methodology Speaking their language: A quasi -experimental study on effective English as a second language programs Teacher perceptions of using the CSCOPE curriculum management system for improving academic achievement of English language learners Teacher's perspectives on content-based classes for K-12 Arabic speakers in an English-only context Teachers' perceptions of the effectiveness of using sheltered instruction strategies for supporting English language learners Teachers' self-efficacy in instructional practices, motivation and social cohesion with English language learners The adult English language learner in community college: A study of the relationship between ethnicity and gender and standardized testing The impact of differentiated literacy instruction on English language learners in kindergarten The influence of in-situational coaching on the reading success of English Language Learners The language of success: A case study of the academic achievement of ESL students who thrive in spite of language barriers The literacy abyss: A study of English Language Learners with learning disabilities in reading The predictive validity of a sentence repetition test for Japanese learners of English The relationship between academic self-concept and reading competence in second and third grade Hispanic students Two perspectives: Teacher interaction with English Language Learners Understanding the undergraduate experience of the baccalaureate nursing student with English as an additional language Universal design for learning and English language learning Using teacher-participatory action research to improve the performance of high school teachers of students with limited English