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A case study of how African American females obtain and retain administrative positions in community colleges A correlational study of the levels of school violence and the school's physical environment as perceived by teachers A study of the effects of integrating instructional technology on student achievement in low socioeconomic status elementary schools A study of virtual reality environments as a venue for social interaction among distance learners Academic, social, and economic challenges faced by Latinos to attain a college degree Adolescent Black males living in poverty: Perceived sense of inadequacy, relations with parents and their relationship with attitudes to school and attitudes to teachers Against the odds: A basic qualitative inquiry that examines teachers' perceptions of how motivational factors contribute to the academic achievement of African American male students An examination of bullying from the perspectives of public and private high school children Associate nurse admission status and baccalaureate enrollment influence: A rural Pennslyvania study Black voices: African-American young adult males' perceptions of teacher-student relationships and implications for academic achievement Campus life today: What students are really thinking Characteristics of high-achieving Kenyan immigrant students Childhood reflections: The affects of bullying experiences on teacher intervention Communication style and conflict resolution among male and female catholic elementary school teachers Differences among temperament identification, racial affiliation, and gender as they relate to perceived social competence of children in kindergarten Dual credit student enrollment: Does it contribute to academic performance at the community college? Dual enrollment experiences: Perceptions of readiness for postsecondary education Early childhood programs and African American educators: Experiences about father involvement Education, work and mental health: Impacts on senior volunteerism: A qualitative study Effects of diversity education on college students in military sponsored classes Examination of perception of stakeholders on universal basic education regarding inclusive education in Kaduna, Nigeria Failure is not an option: A study on the effects of Personalized Education Plans on adolescent African American males Female faculty and senior male student perceptions of gender bias in nursing education Homeschoolers returning to public school: Why do they come back? Identification of variables influencing high achievement among urban Black American middle and high school students in one county in North Carolina Increasing parent involvement in education by implementing parent development initiatives: An action research study Investigating How Teachers' Dominant Multiple Intelligence Influences Implementation of Differentiated Instruction in Secondary Science Investigating the barriers that prevent low-socioeconomic families from becoming more involved in their children's education Is it cool to go to school? An examination of the relationship between the Black-White achievement gap and hip hop music and culture Key factors that contribute to alternative high school diploma graduates' college success Our side of the story: African American parents' perceptions of Caucasian educators Pedagogy of the American oppressed: Understanding online knowledge sharing by impoverished adults Peer victimization in elementary school: Teacher perspectives of bullying, its impact, and resolution Perceptions of hiring managers regarding employment candidates with earned online degrees: Implications for the employability for graduates of online programs Practitioner perceptions related to disproportionality in the most restrictive educational environment Predictors of alternative school success: A study of African American male students' perceptions of Alabama alternative school culture Redefining education: a grounded theory study Retaining African American and female students in STEM majors at a community college School influences on the level of teen volunteerism: A secondary data analysis Single-gender instruction: What educators think about separating the sexes during the middle school years Strategies and techniques successful white high school teachers employ to meet the academic needs of African American male students Teacher and parent perceptions of parental involvement at W. S. Hornsby Elementary School The development of semiurban schools: A response to resegregation The effect of study group participation on Student Naval Aviator persistence The family characteristics, parenting methods, and parental education philosophies, experiences, and expectations of Hmong parents and children The former juvenile delinquents' description of their educational experiences: A case study The impact of accountability initiatives: A phenomenological study of experiences of teachers of the gifted and talented The influence of college choice on the success, ethnic identity, and professional sense of belonging of African American engineers The influence of cultural, social identity and educational factors on academic achievement among African American high school males: A preliminary study The relationship of mentoring on middle school girls' science-related attitudes The voice of choice: Reasons urban African American parents exercise private school choice We're all uniquely human: The essence of efficacy in deaf education as experienced by strengths-based, humanistic, and visionary allies What are parents searching for when faced with school choice options? What power? A mixed methods study of nonformal education teacher perceptions of social power When knowledge is power: An assessment of gang awareness and safety within a Long Island school district