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A case study of the applicability of organizational innovativeness factors on the implementation of flexible retirement programs A case study on experiential learning and character development at one preparatory military academy A comparative analysis of Jesuit secondary school curriculum and constructivist methodology A comparative examination of the perceptions of cultural competence of associate degree and baccalaureate nursing graduates A comparison of community college full-time and adjunct faculties' perceptions of factors associated with grade inflation A correlational study exploring relationships among reported play behavior and preferences and individual development A journey through co-teaching: A study of effective co-teachers in urban middle school inclusion classrooms A phenomenological study: Creating urban educational renaissance using appreciative inquiry A qualitative case study on the influence of leadership and student achievement A quantitative study of alphabet letter name knowledge among students with significant cognitive disabilities Adolescent alienation and Native Hawaiians: Impact of 9th grade students' participation in an academy program Adults' experiences learning traditional music notation: A phenomenological study An assessment of the effectiveness of Transition Assistance Program (TAP) with U.S. military veterans' transition after returning to civilian life An evaluation of a personalized education program for at -risk ninth grade students An evaluation of academic advisors' roles in effective retention An evaluation study of a training program to prepare community college faculty for online teaching An exploration on teachers' cultural perceptions and readiness for incorporating culturally responsive teaching in a high accountability epoch: A qualitative case study An investigation of the relationship between movement breaks and attention Barriers that impede parental involvement in urban high schools: The parents' perspective Beliefs of high school teachers and progressive instructional theory Boulder City 31ers: A phenomenological study of a community-based history preservation project Case study of employee perceptions of organizational planning for Baby Boomer retirement Challenges in education: A study of safety in service -learning Cheating, plagiarizing, and false excuse making: A study in student ethics College students with learning disabilities: A case study of female college students' description of their learning strategies for academic success Community college leadership crisis: Identifying and preparing future leaders through succession planning in selected North Carolina community colleges Conflicting pedagogical philosophies and methodological approaches toward teaching art education: Art education methods determination to distinguish art education as a valued core subject in the educational curriculum of Suffolk County Public Schools Cooperative learning: Knowledge and perceptions of urban primary and secondary mathematics teachers Correlational study of leadership style and teacher job satisfaction in two Head Start programs Creating passion in the classroom: Using professional development to create behavioral changes in adjunct college faculty Effects of diversity education on college students in military sponsored classes Examining and analyzing international high schools' teacher and student perceptions of the classroom learning environments Exploring positive learning experiences in the community college mathematics classroom in a midwestern state: A qualitative study Help us succeed: A phenomenological inquiry into the effective mentor relationship from the resident's perspective Human performance technology practice in the small to medium-sized business sector Improving responsiveness to Intervention in a virtual publically supported program: An action research Inclusion and co-teaching: A qualitative study of general education teachers' perceptions of the inclusive classroom Inquiry-based instruction: The impact on student achievement in New Jersey public schools Institutional dynamics that contribute to the viability of servant leadership initiatives within higher education: A Delphi study It's the little things: A study of the development of an early indicator system for at-risk students Latino parents' perception of parental involvement Merging paradigms: The integration of objectivist and constructivist approaches in university settings Philosophical orientations of part-time faculty -practitioners in adult higher education Philosophy within practice: Relationship between philosophical orientations and teaching styles of faculty in early childhood teacher preparation programs Quantum linguistics and didactics of foreign language intensive teaching Seeking Nirvana: The nature of teachers' spiritual growth through professional development Suggested instructional improvement plans for African American students Teaching transnationally: Examining the experiences of American teachers in foreign K--12 schools The California female superintendent as instructional leader: Reported practices and self-perceived capabilities The Millennial milieu: A study of instructional strategies The creative soul of Emily Bronte: What "Wuthering Heights" reveals about its author The development of semiurban schools: A response to resegregation The effects of the highly qualified component of the No Child Left Behind Act on the Florida educational system The impact of Montessori public elementary experiences on high school students The lived experiences of African American girls in relation to the mentoring services utilized to address their participation in delinquent activities The relationship between parental involvement and seventh-grade students' performance To what extent does 3D immersive virtual reality engage students in learning and academic achievement We're all uniquely human: The essence of efficacy in deaf education as experienced by strengths-based, humanistic, and visionary allies What is the impact of faculty development workshops in multicultural education for teachers? When knowledge is power: An assessment of gang awareness and safety within a Long Island school district Why "school sucks": A qualitative study inside the mind of the middle schooler Work environment factors hindering training transfer: A case study of military intelligence specialists Workforce readiness: Changes in critical thinking skills of adult learners in an accelerated undergraduate degree program World of studentcraft: An ethnographic study on the engagement of traditional students within an online world