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"Let us make men": Investigating the causal impact of fraternity intake completion on leadership development in HBCU undergraduates "Missing in action" A study of the underrepresentation of African American male kindergarten through grade 12 educators in public school systems A case study of experienced instructional leaders' impact on charter school student performance A case study of strategies employed by Mercer University leadership during its transformation from a liberal arts institution into a comprehensive university A comparative study of professional school counselor/principal perceptions of the role of the counselor in elementary schools A comparative study of the effectiveness of two instructional methods that affect Hispanic students A comparative trend analysis of institutional variables and retention rates in publicly funded institutions A comparison among stakeholders' perceptions in regards to school climate and safety at a small, private religious school A comparison of academic achievement of urban students in 21 st CCLC after school programs to students not enrolled A comparison of novice and experienced charter school teacher beliefs regarding professional development, collaboration, and administrative support A comparison of special education attitudes of trained and untrained school leaders regarding inclusive education initiatives A conceptual model of a graduate-degree specialization in assessment and institutional effectiveness A critical ethnography of the Hmong experience in the Upward Bound Program A descriptive analysis of the impact of leadership styles on teacher job satisfaction A descriptive case study on African American and Hispanic parents' values of education and the impact on student achievement A descriptive comparative study examining school-wide co-teaching and student achievement scores A disaster resistant university: A case study of the creation, development and implementation strategies for a higher education emergency response plan A mixed methods study of school improvement interventions and theories in action A mixed methods study on the effects of social promotion practices on at-risk ninth graders who are placed in high school A mixed-methods study examining the postgraduate career choices of student -athletes on 12 NCAA women's basketball teams A multi-method qualitative study of a new teacher inservice training program to improve teaching in a primary school A phenomenological exploration of the impact of theological higher education experiences on the development of transformational leadership styles of women A phenomenological research: Teachers' and administrators' perception of project based learning A phenomenological study of the emergence of leadership among female secondary school principals in Nigeria A plan to improve the creation of qualifications from short courses: An action research study A positive and proactive approach to teaching students with behavior difficulties in junior high A qualitative analysis of teachers' understanding and interpretation of authentic assessments A qualitative study of elementary and secondary instructional coaching competencies and practices A qualitative study of superintendent leadership experiences during a top-down organizational change A quantitative investigation of the relationship between adult attachment and the leadership styles of Florida's public service leaders A replication study of attitudes regarding importance versus actual implementation of ninth-grade transition practices A school-based inquiry team model: Its effects on the academic achievement of SETSS students in middle school A study of Historically Black College and University faculty's perceptions of university and college presidents' leadership behavior A study of distance education for the needs of the nuclear power industry A study of family interactions affecting school readiness for rural preschoolers of poverty A study of personal and professional views of professional learning communities A study of school administrators' knowledge of special education procedural safeguards and educational services A study of self-perceived transformational leadership behaviors of special education directors A study of social cognitive theory: The relationship between professional learning communities and collective teacher efficacy in international school settings A study of teachers as leaders and job satisfaction by age, teaching experience, and level of school A study of the impact of scripted reading on student fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development A study of the perceived effectiveness of school principals in creating and sustaining a successful learning environment for rural secondary school students A study to determine a relationship between a response to intervention math program and standardized math assessments A study to determine the relationship between the five types of a principal's leadership practices and teacher retention in a secondary school setting A study to determine the relationship between the new teacher induction program GROW and teacher retention A turn from the worst: Leadership influences on the successful turnaround of a high-poverty school Academic/social integration and retention program effectiveness in south carolina two-year technical colleges: A mixed methods study involving minority students Academically unacceptable: an elementary school's journey to reform Action research study of implementing consistent grading policies on a high school campus and studying the policy's effect on student success Action research study to assess the efficacy of a federal law enforcement faculty development program on the instructors Adaptive leadership and cross-sector collaboration: A correlational analysis of nonprofit CEO leadership styles and cause-related marketing Addressing cardiovascular fitness through accountability in a semester-long wellness course during the freshman year Adequate Yearly Progress outcomes through the Reading First grant Adequate yearly progress in elementary, Title I schools: A study on administrator leadership styles and their impact on student achievement Adjunct online faculty job satisfaction: A phenomenological study Administrators and principals and the implementation process of the leader in me initiative African American male high school student's experiences: Success in urban high school's college preparation program African American male school dropouts: Empowered voices charting the course toward change African American women administrators at the community colleges of Illinois: An investigation of obstacles and persistence African American women perceptions of mentoring in first-time management positions: A qualitative study Against all odds: Exploring the organizational skills of a principal with minimal formal education All work and no play: The role of extra-curricular activity participation on Georgia's ninth grade English End-of-Course Test Alternative programs: Assuring graduation for high school students with emotional and behavioral disabilities An action research of teachers' perceptions and attitudes of professional development: Integrating music into mathematics An action research project: Changing the culture of teaching in silos in healthcare education An action research study on the effect of an examination preparation course on Veterinary Technology National Examination scores An action science research approach to reducing student tardiness at the high school level An analysis of leadership frame preference of academic administration: Using the Bolman and Deal Four Frame model An analysis of service learning programs and mathematics in a K-8 Ohio urban school An entrepreneurial approach to educational leadership: A comparative analysis of educational and corporate leadership skills An examination of bullying from the perspectives of public and private high school children An examination of cognitive, cultural, and emotional intelligences, and motivation in the development of global transformational leadership skills An examination of collaborative inquiry and its influence on Title I schools An examination of the relationships between agile leadership factors and curriculum reform in higher education An exploration of minority parents' values on educational involvement and its influence on student achievement An exploration of the leadership style preferences among African American women administrators of the 1890 Cooperative Extension System An exploration of the relationship between part-time faculty's job satisfaction and workload in online postsecondary education programs An historiographical analysis of the impact of the 1960s on institutions of higher education in metropolitan Boise, Idaho An implementation of a Twitter-supported personal learning network to individualize teacher professional development An instrument to measure traditional and cyber bullying and victimization behaviors in overseas middle years students An investigation into kindergarten teachers' collaboration process for improving English Language Arts instruction An investigation into the effectiveness of using a smart classroom teaching platform to manage educational outcomes An investigation of principals' leadership: Strategies, processes, and techniques An investigation of strategies that promote parent involvement in special education An investigation of technology competence of school-based administrators in the Tri-County secondary schools in the southeastern part of South Carolina An investigation of the relationship between managers' political skill and their likelihood of career derailment: A quantitative analysis An investigation of transformational leadership in a virtual learning environment Analysis of servant-leadership characteristics: Case study of a for-profit career school president Analysis of the relationship between Latino and African American male high schools graduation rates and principal leadership style Are future teachers in North Carolina colleges being trained to use formative assessment, and how is that training demonstrated in public schools? Are middle school principals effective enough to improve the academic growth of students with disabilities? A study of effectiveness of middle school principals Assertive discipline and its impact on disruptive behavior Assessing how mentoring affects first-year female adjunct instructors' teaching effectiveness and institutional socialization Assessing professional development using culturally relevant teaching: An action research study Assessing the organizational effectiveness of a self-defense institute Assessing the technology programming used by community colleges to meet industry needs: An exploratory case study research At-risk students: Evaluating the impact of school counselors regarding academic achievement Attachment and leadership: A qualitative exploration of how adult attachment style is expressed in leadership behavior Attaining and sustaining school success: Examining winning Blue Ribbon elementary and middle schools in Georgia Attitudes and inclusive practices: A dilemma for elementary school principals and special education administrators Attitudes of secondary teachers towards Project Based Learning: A phenomenology Barriers to freshmen academy effectiveness at one high school Breaking the glass ceiling in Oklahoma higher education: A case study of Kate Galt Zaneis, the first woman president of a public four-year college or university in the United States Bridging the achievement gap: A comparison of learning outcomes between service delivery models for students with disabilities and their nondisabled peers Bridging the gap: Identifying perceptions of effective teaching methods for age 50+ baby boomer learners Building relationships with Hispanic families: Administrators' perceptions of parental involvement California community college administrators' perceptions of part-time faculty shared governance participation Can the 4-day school week work: An analysis of the impact of the 4-day school week on a rural Georgia school district Can you hear me now? A study of communication among teachers of at-risk students through response to intervention Can you hear my voice: The role of teacher leaders in Response to Intervention Categorical factors influencing retention rates of remedial education students at a community college Causes of low graduation rates in a rural high school located in South Carolina: A case study Certified School Improvement Specialist (CSIS) certification as a tool for job performance effectiveness for professional education leaders Challenges of postmodern thought in Christian higher education institutions: Implications for ethical leadership Changes in discipline in a Correct II school: A phenomenological study Characteristics and actions of turnaround school leaders and the implications for student achievement Characteristics and attributes of virtual teachers: A training perspective Characteristics of successful kindergarten students in Georgia public schools Charlotte Danielson's theory of teacher evaluations: A quantitative study of teachers' perceptions on the four domains Collaborative teaming between general and special education teachers of students with autism in an elementary inclusive classroom setting College presidents or business CEOs: The role of the college president in colleges owned by publicly traded corporations College student perception of block scheduling and their experiences with it: A qualitative study Community college and business partnering: A study of factors that contribute to the sustainability of these alliances Community college leadership crisis: Identifying and preparing future leaders through succession planning in selected North Carolina community colleges Community college presidents in a southern state: An exploratory qualitative inquiry of servant leadership Comparison of the transformational and transactional leadership styles in a faith-based university Comparison of traditional and nontraditional students on select noncognitive factors relating to college persistence Composition instructors' interactions with classroom discourse communities: A qualitative study Corporate college: A business model for contract training Correctional education and the reduction of recidivism: A quantitative study of offenders' educational attainment and success upon re-entry into society Correlational study of leadership style and teacher job satisfaction in two Head Start programs Creating healthy work environments to welcome the new generation of registered nurses: What the millennials tell us Creating organizational change with appreciative inquiry and continuous quality improvement techniques: An action research study Developing a new school plan addressing bullying incidents at a private military high school in a region of Georgia Developing urban elementary teacher leaders using Danielson's framework: An action research study Development of an instructional coaching plan to improve an organizational system Developmental community college students' perspective in using a career assessment tool: An action research study Diminishing discipline disparities for special education students: Training the active bystander Dissonance and discourse in higher education administration: Approaching a lingua franca for leaders of academia Do rewards work: The effects of positive behavior interventions and support on state test scores Does discipline only skim the surface? The relationship between teachers' races and student discipline in elementary and secondary schools Does social development affect academic performance in eleven to fourteen year old African American males: Academic success for middle school males Dollars and sense: A study of the impact of school reform on urban high schools Dual credit student enrollment: Does it contribute to academic performance at the community college? Educating transformational leaders for the urban context: A study of formal, nonformal, and informal educational experiences in the effective training of urban ministers Educators' perception of administrative leadership throughout school restructuring Effective leadership practices exercised by elementary principals in turnaround schools Effective leadership: Factors that influence leaders' ethical behaviors in decision making -- Case study Effective strategic enrollment management: Factors influencing strategic enrollment management effectiveness at a four-year public university Effects of a support program on retention rates for African-American male community college students: An action research study Effects of consistent observational feedback on teachers' efficacy and motivation to improve instructional delivery Effects of professional development on the mathematical instructional practices of elementary school teachers: An action research study Eighth-grade English language learnerl students' perceptions of teacher expectations in relation to classroom motivation Emotional intelligence and collaborative learning in adult education Empowerment of African American women leaders in higher education: A multiple case study Engagement in online courses Entrepreneurial orientation of community college workforce divisions and the impact of organizational structure: A grounded theory study Equivalence in dual language schools in Delaware: How principals and teachers define and apply this concept Ethical decision making: The lived experience of junior and senior level college student leaders Evaluating a looping model in a departmentalized and teamed school to improve rigor, relevance, and relationship structures Evaluating collaborative staff development and teacher attitudes towards Positive Behavior Interventions and supports: An action research study Evaluating faculty perceptions of teaching practices in online asynchronous courses: An action research study Evaluating professional learning community training on teacher investment in and effectiveness ratings of Professional Learning Communities: An action research study Evaluating the effects of Kagan Structures on teaching strategies: An action research study Evaluating the effects of a leadership development program on professional development of mid-level leaders at a nonprofit organization: An action research study Evaluating the effects of a modified mentor pairing procedure on teacher induction: An action research study Evaluating the effects of a professional development workshop on the teaching practices of elementary teachers: An action research study Evaluating the effects of an appreciative inquiry approach at a nonprofit organization: An action research study Evaluating the effects of an ebook to support faculty who teach with VoiceThread: An action research study Evaluating the effects of principal tenure on student achievement Evaluating the effects of professional learning communities on teacher collaboration Evaluating the effects of structured focus groups on the perception of collaboration time at an elementary school: An action research study Evaluating the effects of the process of assessment at a private university: An action research study Evaluating the effects of using learning frameworks instructors to raise academic levels of low socioeconomic students Evaluating the impact of teacher-student relationships and student achievement: An action research study Evaluation of safe medication administration through the use of simulation in an academic setting Examination of perception of stakeholders on universal basic education regarding inclusive education in Kaduna, Nigeria Examining staff relationships in a special education self-contained classroom Examining students' perceptions of a community college transition course Examining the Impact of Study and Test Taking Strategies on Student Perceptions' of Their Performance Expectancy: An Action Research Study Examining the process of leader self-identity development among college and university leaders: Developing a grounded theory Examining the relationship between the quality matters rubric workshop and faculty knowledge and perceptions of course design: An action research study Explaining the relationship between the identification of academics with self-leadership: A study of MBA graduates Exploring leadership within the modern organization: Understanding the dynamics of effective leadership of a virtual, multigenerational workforce Exploring leadership's business cultural assumptions and practices within the higher education industry influencing graduate employment success in the 21st century: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Exploring mentoring relationships within a leadership development program: A qualitative inquiry Exploring mentoring strategies in a university principal preparation program: A case study Exploring the effect of listening and languaging on operational success in undergraduate student work-study employees: An exploratory qualitative inquiry Fact or fiction: The influence of leadership styles on student achievement in private primary schools in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Faculty engagement with higher education learning outcomes assessment: Transformation in a faculty learning community Faculty perception of the effectiveness of management education programs in developing management practitioners: A qualitative case study Faculty perceptions of participatory governance: A community college case study Fighting through resistance: Challenges faced by African American women principals in predominately White school settings Financing public education in Texas: Past, present, and future First-term retention activities: A correlational study of students' connectedness to the university and the impact on first-term retention rates For-profit versus nonprofit colleges: A predictive study of student retention in two-year community colleges Freshman-year program leadership intervention: A study of public urban college and university leaders' response to cultural influences Funding No Child Left Behind: The relationship between funding and making Adequate Yearly Progress Fundraising in rural america: Applying best practices to nonprofit board development strategies Generational differences in the perception of leadership styles and practices between members of the Society for Public Health Education Gifted high school student underachievers: Student perceptions on the reasons for underachievement Help needed: A hermeneutic phenomenology study of the experience of Teach for America participants Hidden gems: A quantitative study of perceptions of teacher leadership Hire or not to hire: A study of highly qualified teachers Horizontal hostility: The lived experiences of nurse educators who teach in an academic setting How associations of feedback delivery influence performance improvement in operations managers: A transfer of training study How can employee confidence be improved by using an e-learning practicum training course? How can service learning impact reading comprehension in children in third grade: An action research study How clinical instructors identify, implement, and evaluate professional behaviors in physical therapy students during clinical learning experiences How do managers handle organizational rumors effectively, and does emotional intelligence help? A qualitative inquiry How leadership attributes influence employee loyalty in the aerospace industry: An exploratory qualitative inquiry How precollege programs enhance the chances of student success toward college completion How professional development can enhance teacher effectiveness and student success How rural school superintendents in Illinois impact student achievement How teacher training affects the implementation of differentiated instruction at the elementary level How the Behaviors of Transformational Leaders Affect Autonomous Teacher Motivation Identifying leadership styles that influence the willingness of community college faculty to teach online courses Impact of consolidated training on organizational performance in tri-service medical training: An action research study Impact of content instructional reading strategies on African American and Latino male students in the secondary school setting Impact of using teachers as check & connect mentors for middle school students at risk for educational failure Implementation and evaluation of home health simulation to improve pre-licensure bachelor of science nursing students' learning: An action research study Implementation of peer-assisted learning in an intermediate algebra course at a community college Implementing Marzano's model: The reality of educational leadership and school reform Implementing a Parental Involvement Program to Improve Parents' Engagement in Their Children's Learning: An Action Research Study Implementing an effective and efficient system to manage the National School Lunch Program in a private preK-12 school: An action research study Improving academic-skills efficacy and preparedness of students in a community college setting: An action research study Improving assessment strategies: An action research study of teacher performance reviews Improving cross-institutional collaboration in the curriculum and course development process with appreciative inquiry Improving engagement for distance learning students through non-face-to-face counseling: An action research study Improving reading for secondary students through a focused program emphasizing phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension: An action research study Improving student success in developmental math courses at a two-year college: An action research study Improving support provider quality through coaching on coaching: An action research study Improving the achievement gap between English language learners and English speakers using a Modified Guided Reading approach Improving the administrative role and function in teacher evaluation systems: An action research study Improving the professional development of adjunct instructors through purposeful feedback loops: An action research study Including students in the policy development process through appreciative inquiry: An action research inquiry Incorporating democratic leadership for career center instructors and staff: An action research study Increasing academic outcomes: A study of positive behavior support and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in second grade Increasing access to health care providers with nurse practitioner competencies Increasing alumni giving at historically Black colleges and universities Increasing support for novice teachers working in urban, low -income schools Increasing the enrollment of African American males in advanced mathematics and science courses in high school Individuals with disabilities education improvement act of 2004 noncompliance determination complaints in commonwealth states Influencer: The principal's role in promoting a professional development environment that increases and sustains student achievement Insider experimentation with leadership development in a healthcare setting Institutional effectiveness: A study of differing perceptions among faculty, staff, and administrators at a small, rural, 4-year public college Instructional and grading practices that change grading fidelity: An action research study Instructional innovations: The impact of comprehensive school reforms on middle school students' achievement Intentional youth development in after school programs Investigating barriers for adult students toward student persistence and faculty involvement in retention: A multicase study Investigating the relationships among leadership influence, collective teacher efficacy, and socio-economic status as predictors of student achievement Is full-day kindergarten worth it? An academic comparison of full-day and half-day kindergarten programs Is high school graduation an illusion? A study to determine the academic and graduation progression between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers in Georgia public high schools Is the process the problem? Impact of selection methods on reported job satisfaction among academic department chairs Job satisfaction in the matrix Keeping 'em down on the farm: Retention best practices for hybrid/blended courses at the community college level Keeping the ones you want: A study of faculty satisfaction and faculty retention in higher education Keeping women silent: A study of female leadership in faith-based institutions Kindergarten teachers' attitudes, roles, and responsibilities toward implementing the standards-based core curriculum Lack of school values leave children behind: A study of the impact school mission statements have on academic achievement Landmark cases of American public school education: How the past has influenced the present Leader behaviors and organizational change effectiveness Leadership and its effects on early learning in head start: A case study Leadership as a distributed phenomenon: A study of shared roles and 3rd grade student achievement Leadership characteristics needed to implement a successful Response to Intervention model Leadership effectiveness of university deans in Lebanon and Egypt: A study of gender and leadership style Leadership practices of clinical trials office leaders in academic health centers Leadership practices of female principals Leadership qualities found in administrators performing simultaneous duties identified by teacher experiences Leadership strategies in high performing community colleges: A qualitative phenomenological study Leadership styles and ethical behavior: An examination of subordinate perceptions Leadership styles in higher education of male and female chief financial officers in the southeast Leadership styles of female healthcare executives: Comparison of transformational, transactional, and passive-avoidant leadership styles Leadership styles of supervisors: Factors that promote satisfaction of student affairs professionals in higher education Leadership that promotes teacher empowerment among urban middle school science teachers Leadership to success: A study of the leadership behaviors of dropout recovery program leaders Leading a learning school: Perspectives on implementing a learning community Leading the leaders: An examination of effective strategies in a leadership development program for technical colleges Leading toward the letter of the law: A study of the impact of principals' perceived leadership styles on special education placements Learning for tomorrow's leaders: A study of management education and practice for Millennials Learning to read and reading to learn: The relationship between Scholastic Reading Inventory scores and CAS mathematics achievement tests scores Mainstream teacher approach to instructional strategies for English language learners Male and female perspectives on women's success strategies and cultural experiences for achieving leadership positions in a male-dominated field in guam Marketing through online leadership to retain invisible customers: Perceptions of online students Maximizing the use of effective instructional strategies among career and technical education teachers in K-12 education Mentoring and leadership development of independent K-12 administrators and leaders: Exploring practices, support, and barriers Mentoring and retention in first-year teachers: A mixed-methods study Mentoring influences on the retention of part-time nursing adjunct faculty and the enculturation of leadership behaviors Middle school educators describe the process of revitalization after having experienced burnout Middle school teachers' conception of college readiness Mindfulness reflective practice and creative novelty among leaders More bang for your buck: The effect of Minnesota's Alternative Pay for Teachers on the math achievement of high school students Motivate, empower, support: The mission of the state Principal of the Year Moving the needle: The effect of faculty development on part-time teachers at a technical college Multicultural self-efficacy: A study of the differences of high school counselors in relation to the principal-counselor relationship Multifunctional job design interventions: Influences on commitment to organizational performance My brother's keeper: The counternarrative of Black men in higher education National Incident Management System: A case study of collaboration and the 2012 Chardon, Ohio, high school shooting Ninth grade student attendance: Teacher perceptional study Ninth-grade academy impact on achievement of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds No Child Left Behind Act: Transformational leadership and adjudicated students' achievement in secondary school North Carolina teachers' perceptions of sense of efficacy Nurse managers transform nursing: A study of leadership behaviors and the relationship to leadership training and employee satisfaction Nurses' organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and perception of their managers' leadership style as predictors of perception of patient safety culture Observing faculty culture: Faculty attitudes and perceptions toward program changes due to accreditation Old MacDonald sold his farm: How a change in the traditional school calendar has affected site level leadership On the job: A study of resilience, teacher burnout, and coping styles Online pedagogical quality questioned: Probing instructional designers' perceptions of leadership competencies critical to practice Opportunities for effective leadership practices provided by Colorado's new principal quality standards: Discoveries from the field (no principal left behind) Organizational structure and the instructional design process Outside the box leadership: A mixed method study of alternative leadership professional development Outside the principal's office: The principal's role in implementing the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) Overcoming challenges: First generation college students who begin in remedial courses and went on to graduate Overcoming obstacles to implementing student advisory programs: Effective leadership practices Parent perspective on the home-based interim alternative educational setting: A phenomenological study Parental involvement, is it real? A study of viewpoints promoting parental involvement that enhances student performance Parental involvement: Motivation factors among African American parents Parents have options: Does your program meet my child's needs? Parents' perceptions of the referral process for special education services in a large Florida school district Parents' perspectives on parental involvement and post high school opportunities for students with learning disabilities Pbis: A multi-tiered approach to changing school culture Pell Grants are a waste of taxpayer money: A study of the effects of Pell Grants on persistence in for-profit four-year colleges Perceived principal leadership style and teacher retention: A quantitative study Perceived self-efficacy of teacher leaders: A case study Perceived servant-leadership attributes, union commitment, and union member participation: A quantitative analysis Perceptions of distance education coordinators concerning administrative support services for online adjunct faculty Perceptions of parental involvement: A quantitative study in one rural Arizona school district Perceptions of teaching and learning in an intergenerational classroom: A mixed methods study of traditional and returning adult learners Perceptions vs realities: How high school principals view and utilize professional school counselors Perspective of spirituality: Influences on K--12 leadership Perspectives of disciplinary problems and practices in elementary schools Planned success: A study of strategic planning processes in Wisconsin schools Planning for excellence: A case study of the execution of strategic planning practices on a California community college campus Police supervisors' authentic leadership influence on employee work engagement: A phenomenological examination Positive behavioral interventions systems and test scores Preparing future leaders: A study of leadership skills among chief enrollment managers at small, private, religiously affiliated institutions Prevailing wisdom of the astute technological instructional leader: An investigation of technologically proficient school leaders Principal leadership styles and association with instructional coach morale Principal on the rise: A case study of leadership practices Principal's length of service versus high school dropout rates Professional development experiences of ELL teachers: A mixed methods study Professional development in cyberspace: A descriptive case study analyzing the professional learning community culture within one virtual charter elementary school Professional development in language arts: Triggering the levers for teacher learning and student achievement Professional development program for mentors in a reentry mentoring program: An action research study Professional learning communities and their impact on student achievement Program assessments: Identifying the enabling factors and barriers that affect community college administrators Promoting success: Examining the principal's role in high school athletic programs Providing a new approach to behavior management training for faculty and staff in a private daycare setting Quad Cities' Upward Bound Program and African American male college enrollment Quality health services in Wyoming: Access to primary care Quality special education programs: The role of transformational leadership Quantitative examination of first-year community college student factors for success Questioning leadership: A study of leadership style, teacher perceptions, and student achievement Reaching New Heights and Executive Development: Evaluation of leadership development Reaching to the next level: A study of Response to Intervention Ready or not?: A portrait of the professional development of Michigan charter school principals and its affect on student academic performance Reforms that affect organization and leadership within a Danish upper secondary school: A case study Revising a process of program review to ensure continuous quality improvement in a human resource major Rites of passage: The African American women's journey to educational leadership STEM: Integrative instructional strategies used by effective teachers in North Carolina School administrators' perception of the school counselors' role School leadership retention: A study of servant leadership and school leader satisfaction School whisperer: A study of common leadership practices that affect student achievement in high performing schools in the state of Georgia Senior pastors in African American megachurches leadership development process: A grounded theory study Servant leadership characteristics among senior executive service leaders in the U.S. Federal Government: A phenomenological study Service delivery models: An effectiveness study in select schools Service learning and first year experience students in a community college setting: An action research study Setting a good example: Supervisor behavior modeling and transfer of learning Shared governance and regional accreditation: Institutional processes and perceptions Sister to sister: Dynamics of mentoring relationships among African American women in leadership and nonleadership positions within higher education Solving performance problems through first-line supervisors Special education and principals: What gets taught in Georgia K12 educational leadership preparation programs Special or not so special: Special education background experiences of principals and adequate yearly progress Sports bounce GPAs: The relationship between athletic involvement and academic performance in high school students Standardized testing: How principals perceive and respond to accountability Statistical analysis of secondary principals' demographics versus high school dropout rates Strategies for the successful acculturation of expatriate teachers in international schools: An action research study Strategies that produce results: Reducing the dropout rate of overaged special education students Strategies to change disruptive behavior in a junior high school learning environment Strategies to increase student attendance at an elementary school Student athletes at small private colleges: Why do they persist to the second year? Student retention: Factors that cause attrition in minority engineering students Students as research participants: A study of their experiences Study of the relationship between self-reported leadership styles of charter school principals and their performance Successful African American women school leaders in Florida Successful student goal completion: A community college case study Succession pathways for leader development in California community colleges: A phenomenological study Summer school for the arts: A study of arts classes and creative thinking in urban teenagers Supportive leadership for Pre-kindergarten public school teachers Sustaining change: A case study of sustaining a bottom-up change initiative in a military training organization Teacher and student perceived reasons for dropping out of high school in an urban Alabama city between 2004--2008 Teacher attitudes: Factors contributing to teacher attitudes toward students with autism spectrum disorders Teacher certification and its relationship to student achievement in Guam public high schools Teacher education programs' development of preservice teachers for instruction of students with disabilities Teacher implementation of professional learning: A description of teacher experiences of their implementation of required, weekly professional learning Teacher knowledge of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and teacher perceived effectiveness Teacher layoffs: Teachers' experiences surviving a reduction-in-force Teacher perceptions of music as a supplemental teaching method for reading and literacy Teacher selection in the accountability era of public education: A study of teacher dispositions and student achievement Teacher self-efficacy amongst novice nurse educators in an associate degree nursing program Teacher-to-parent communication techniques after a one-hour training session: An action science project Teachers' and parents' attitudes and perceptions of parental involvement in a Louisiana school district Teachers' perceptions of instructional management in elementary and middle schools Teachers' perceptions of leadership effectiveness based on gender Teachers' perceptions of principals' leadership practices in public elementary schools Teachers' perceptions of using culturally responsive teaching strategies to impact classroom engagement: An action research study Teaching practices used by successful nursing preceptors that influence the ability for the novice nurse to transfer learning from theory to practice Teaching with high probability-strategies in the elementary classroom to affect student engagement, learning, and success: An action research study The African American female superintendent: Barriers and facilitators to success The African American principals' perceptions of how race impacts their leadership in Georgia The Career Education Program for special operations forces enlisted leaders: An action research study The Catholic school leader as change agent: Case studies of two Catholic school principals The Obama effect: A study of African American leadership in the community college The Texas Professional Development and Appraisal System: Links to student achievement The attraction of the arts: A study of students' retention in arts education following enrollment in an elementary arts magnet school The critical role of positive race-relations to avoid cultural discontinuities with African-American male students from disadvantaged families The effect of "clickers" on attendance in an introductory statistics course: An action research study The effect of a local school district leader preparation program on student achievement The effect of collective bargaining on policy development at institutions of higher education: A comparative analysis The effect of differentiated instruction on JROTC leadership training The effect of school principals' leadership styles on elementary school students' reading achievement scores The effect of suspension as a deterrent to student misconduct The effects of a nurse preceptor training program on turnover rate and job satisfaction The effects of a site-based mentoring program on teacher confidence and effectiveness The effects of implementing a basketball program in order to improve leadership skills in elementary students at Scholarly Athletes For Excellence (SAFE): An action research study The effects of leadership traits in change management on operational excellence The effects of perceived leadership style on instructional methods The effects of training in the area of classroom management for beginning teachers---An action research study The evaluation and implementation of a strategy to improve entry-level employee retention in a utility call center The experience of academic self-efficacy for successful urban African-American and Latino high school students: A qualitative study The federal turnaround model: Is there a difference when the principal of a school is changed? The identification of effective models for developing professional learning communities The impact an integrated workforce of a rural southwestern school district has in the making of a blue ribbon school The impact of alignment coaching on Christian teachers' worthy performance The impact of an online professional development training module on adjunct higher education faculty and institutions The impact of collaborative learning protocols on Professional Learning Communities: An action research study The impact of lesson study on faculty development in post-secondary education The impact of online staff development on teacher capacity to differentiate instruction The impact of parental involvement on students' academic success for grades 6--12 in urban alternative schools The impact of positive role models of the successful African American male student's school performance The impact of school facilities on the learning environment The impact that improving teacher morale has on school culture: Action research The implementation and evaluation of a transition to high school program for middle school students The implementation and evaluation of assessment tools for a time-sensitive language program: An action research study The implementation and evaluation of formative feedback on students' attitudes and perceptions on their learning: An action research The implementation and evaluation of study skills components in developmental mathematics courses: An action research project The implementation of a focused school renewal plan to increase student achievement in a low performing rural school district The implementation of an orientation for adjunct faculty: An action research study The implementation of incorporating student data into teacher evaluations to inform online instruction: An action research study The importance of implementing staff development to promote organizational change: An action research study The indispensable leader: The study of leadership qualities of the chief enrollment management officer The influence of organizational leadership on "minority" student success in inner city schools The intersection of free speech and technology: A study of the history of acceptable discipline procedures for K-12 schools The investigation of faculty training needs for instructing adult nonstandard English speakers The investigation of turnover intention antecedents amongst information technology professionals in higher education The journey: A study of the career paths of female leaders in a Hispanic serving institution The lived experiences of african american college students taught by white teachers: A phenomenological inquiry The lived experiences of mentorship and other support provided to novice nurse educators The perceived value of certification among certified nurse educators The phenomenon of student powerlessness and student achievement: An instrumental multi-case study on the practices of three teachers identified as successfully serving low-income African American students The principal's instructional leadership influence on East African immigrant at-risk students in a K--8 charter school in Minnesota The process of accepting technology innovation for rural teachers The progress of students with disabilities on Pennsylvania's state assessment compared to nondisabled peers The relationship between leadership styles and the ethical leadership behaviors of public school administrators The relationship between music test attitude and test anxiety: An action research study The relationship between ninth-grade academies and academic performance as students transition from middle school to high school The relationship between organizational performance and leadership style across organizations The relationship between principal leadership styles and student achievement in elementary schools The relationship between school culture and student achievement: Perceptions of Georgia suburban and 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