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A case study on experiential learning and character development at one preparatory military academy A comparative analysis regarding factors related to 13- to 18-year-old African American male adolescents in special education and the justice system A comparison of community college full-time and adjunct faculties' perceptions of factors associated with grade inflation A conceptual model of a graduate-degree specialization in assessment and institutional effectiveness A correlational study examining retention rates before and after receiving the Title III grant A descriptive comparative study examining school-wide co-teaching and student achievement scores A descriptive comparative study of differences in mathematics achievement of eighth grade students enrolled in Common Core remediation courses A descriptive study of freshman academy program data in multiple areas: Student achievement, discipline and attendance A mixed-method analysis of the alignment of Title I Achieving schools' professional development to NCLB professional development provisions A performance improvement intervention to improve college completion rates: A qualitative research study A relationship between interpersonal interaction and course performance among online RN-BSN learners A study comparing the results of a school system's quarterly assessments and the state high-stakes test in eighth-grade mathematics A study of a district-wide vocabulary program implemented to improve reading comprehension on the North Carolina End-of-Grade Assessment A study of discrepancies between high school students' grades and standardized test scores A study of factors that inhibit and enhance at-risk student retention at a community college: Multiple case study A study of homeless children and the implementation of the McKinney-Vento education for homeless children and youth program A study of the effects of constructivist-style lessons on novice players' abilities to play the game of chess A study of the relationship between program accreditation and certification exam passage rates in Health Information Technology workforce training programs A study on the relationship between ability, motivational, and work environmental influences and the degree of transfer of learning of new trainers A utilization-focused program evaluation of Lead for Diversity Academic success of at-risk African American male students who receive culturally relevant teaching, college readiness preparation, and mentorship An action research project to determine the effectiveness of a ninth grade transition program An analysis of the differences in ELA, math, and science student achievement among elementary students based on teacher preparation models: A quantitative study An evaluation of professional development to improve teachers' perspectives and behaviors: An action research study An examination of differences between promotion rates of third grade youth in foster care: A study on one-to-one tutoring An examination of facilitated mentoring on school performance within an urban middle school An examination of instructors' perceptions of older adult learners An examination of the experiences of deaf adult learners in online graduate academic programs An examination of undergraduate engineering students' stereotype of scientists and their career intentions An exploratory study of the longitudinal stability and effects of demographics on student evaluations of teaching An investigation of instructors' cultural competence and its impact on teaching and learning in diverse classrooms An investigation of the effectiveness of pullout and augmented models of Georgia's Early Intervention Program for first- through fifth-grade students Arizona's reading first: A study into sustainability Assessment of developmental education as a means to increase student retention: An action research study At-risk students: Evaluating the impact of school counselors regarding academic achievement Barriers to research utilization by Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Can video sharing enhance student interaction and foster a community of learners in an online learning environment? Changes in discipline in a Correct II school: A phenomenological study Changes in faculty self-efficacy based on orientation strategies Characteristics of successful kindergarten students in Georgia public schools Charlotte Danielson's theory of teacher evaluations: A quantitative study of teachers' perceptions on the four domains Close the gap: A multiple case study about the decision-making process of administrators in Ohio districts Closing the loop: Engaging community college faculty and staff leaders through professional development Co-teachers' level of self-efficacy in the inclusive setting Comparison between charter schools and traditional schools that are located in proximity Computerized testing of Level III associate degree nursing students versus paper and pencil testing methods Connecting professional development to current practices: An examination of implementation of developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood education Content-based curriculum versus concept-based curriculum: A retrospective causal comparative study to identify impact on the development of critical thinking Crossing the cultural bridge: Instructional interventions contributing to effective transfer learning with newcomers Defining assessment: Taking the guesswork out of student evaluation in career technical education Development of an instructional coaching plan to improve an organizational system Do rewards work: The effects of positive behavior interventions and support on state test scores Does helping parents help? A study on a consultative parent advocacy program and reading achievement Dollars and sense: A study of the impact of school reform on urban high schools Dual enrollment: A qualitative study of a program in a metropolitan area of Georgia E-learning technologies: A comparative study of adult learners enrolled on blended and online campuses engaging in a virtual classroom Effects of California community college students' gender, self-efficacy, and attitudes and beliefs toward physics on conceptual understanding of Newtonian mechanics Effects of consistent observational feedback on teachers' efficacy and motivation to improve instructional delivery Emotional intelligence and academic achievement among senior Black students enrolled in Baccalaureate nursing programs: Implications for nursing education Emotional intelligence as an indicator of academic success for community college freshmen Employer satisfaction with workforce development programs: A survey study Enhancing critical thinking skills in alternative teacher certification programs through authentic learning experiences Evaluating a looping model in a departmentalized and teamed school to improve rigor, relevance, and relationship structures Evaluating and measuring the return on investment of an emergency center health care professional picture archiving and communication systems training program Evaluating faculty perceptions of teaching practices in online asynchronous courses: An action research study Evaluating homogeneous vs. heterogeneous groupings in a K-12 setting: Do same-sex classrooms affect end-of-grade exams? Evaluating music educator effectiveness through student growth: An investigation of the Ohio teacher evaluation system Evaluating readiness for implementation of mentor training at a mentoring program: An action research study Evaluating the effectiveness of the Camelot Learning Math Intervention Curriculum for program implementation Evaluating the impact of teacher-student relationships and student achievement: An action research study Evaluation in instructional design practice: A view from the stakeholders Evaluation of online versus face-to-face accelerated rn-to-bsn pharmacology course Examining pre-k professional development programs: Discovering the road to exceptional instructional practices Examining successful transitions: School administrators implementing a new state teacher evaluation instrument Examining the five dimensions of professional learning communities in Nigerian schools: A study of the perceptions of educators in Delta State Schools Exploring best practices for designing outcomes-based performance assessment: A Delphi study Exploring the perceptions of teachers and principals regarding the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System in Georgia Exploring the use of the human performance improvement model in an academic quality improvement program institution Factors regarding the effectiveness of accommodations on student achievement for students with learning disabilities in the inclusion classroom Faculty attitude toward outcomes assessment at U.S.-accredited universities in the MENA region Faculty engagement with higher education learning outcomes assessment: Transformation in a faculty learning community Failing schools: A study of corrective actions in relation to underperforming elementary schools in California Feedback practices: Faculty perception on the influence of course design on feedback delivery in higher education online classrooms First-term retention activities: A correlational study of students' connectedness to the university and the impact on first-term retention rates Five-year trends in 10th grade alternative high school students' reading and mathematics state-mandated test scores, school Adequate Yearly Progress, and dropout rates Formative assessment in the classroom: A phenomenological study of instructor perceptions of formative assessment strategies From their eyes: A study comparing physician assistant student and physician assistant faculty perceptions of professionalism Funding analysis of maine school administrative units: Finding efficiency in a resource-strapped fiscal climate High-school teachers' experiences with formative feedback and its predictive relationship to self-efficacy and job satisfaction High-stakes tests: Comparative study examining the impact on the achievement gap that causes minority students continued failure How can employee confidence be improved by using an e-learning practicum training course? How data application impacts basic skills program success: An action research study How discussions motivate learners to think critically when responding to postings online How moral education instilled in adolescents from parents and teachers improves educational achievement and citizenship IBSTPI, quality matters, and online learning: What's right and what needs changing? Identifying environmental and individual factors that influence new nurse graduate performance Impact of consolidated training on organizational performance in tri-service medical training: An action research study Implementing Marzano's model: The reality of educational leadership and school reform Improving assessment strategies: An action research study of teacher performance reviews Improving faculty collaboration through development of an online questionnaire at college preparatory academy: An action research study Improving school improvement: Development and validation of the CSIS-360, a 360-degree feedback assessment for school improvement specialists Improving student academic success through differentiated teaching within a specialized Learning Resource Center Improving teacher practices through professional development in a low-performing city school: An action research study Improving the professional development of adjunct instructors through purposeful feedback loops: An action research study Incarceration recidivism in the adolescent special education population: Perceptions and challenges Increased enrollments in off-duty education through implementation of improved educational outreach on Air Force installations: An action research study Institutional assessment in colleges with multiple programmatic accreditations: A multiple case research study Institutional effectiveness: A study of differing perceptions among faculty, staff, and administrators at a small, rural, 4-year public college Instructional development skills and competencies for post-secondary faculty-designers developing online courses Instructional innovations: The impact of comprehensive school reforms on middle school students' achievement Is it fair? Compensation directly connected to performance: The relationship between merit pay and special education Language development challenges in the home environment of the tube-fed child: An action research study Looking back and looking forward: The perspectives of African American men on success in college Male survivors of sexual assault: A phenomenological study of the reporting process Meaningful program review for regional campus undergraduate programs within a public research university: An action research study Measuring beginning nursing students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards patient safety: A study of the effects of scenario-based high-fidelity simulation Mentoring's critical components: Four traditional teachers', four alternate -route teachers', and four mentors' perspectives Middle school educators describe the process of revitalization after having experienced burnout Middle school science teachers' perspectives of using virtual labs with low-socioeconomic status students in a Title I school Most likely to achieve: Predicting early success of the practical nurse student Needs assessment of upward bound participants' attitudes and perceptions related to their study skills New teacher engagement: A descriptive study on the role of teacher education on assessed teacher engagement and student performance Nurse faculty mentoring: job satisfaction and mentoring of nurse educators in a baccalaureate nursing program Nursing education experts' perceptions regarding the benefits and drawbacks of using a predictive test as high-stakes testing prior to graduation: A Delphi study One critical year: Understanding college entry experiences, academic resilience, and student persistence among nontraditional community college students One-to-one laptop programs: Do students in some Title I schools have an advantage when high stakes assessments are computer-based? Online faculty satisfaction with formal and informal faculty mentoring at community colleges Online faculty's electronic emotional and interpersonal competence and its relationship to student success Opportunities for effective leadership practices provided by Colorado's new principal quality standards: Discoveries from the field (no principal left behind) Parental involvement: How does it relate to student behavior and academic success? Parental perceptions of communication between educators and parents Parents have options: Does your program meet my child's needs? Passing the high school graduation exam: A comparative-description of Response to Intervention (RtI) in secondary education Perspectives of student combat veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on their experiences in higher education Pre-licensed nursing students rate professional values Predictors of engagement among minority nursing students: Examining the use of collaborative teams, project-based assignments, authentic learning activities, and Web 2.0 technologies Preservice teacher preparedness: Deficiencies and strengths Problem based learning in law enforcement in-service training: A study of use of force Professional educator knowledge of the tenets of the brain and brain-based instructional strategies Program assessments: Identifying the enabling factors and barriers that affect community college administrators Public Montessori educational instructional practices: A deeper look into accountability Reading in the content areas: The instructional practices of high school English and history teachers Real-time evaluation: Exploring effects on instructional quality and learning enhancement Realizing enhanced student interprofessional education through clinical teamwork (RESPECT): An interprofessional education project Recording every word: A study of faculty awareness and use of the recorded presence in the distance education courseroom in higher education Response to Intervention: Are schools prepared to implement? Revising a process of program review to ensure continuous quality improvement in a human resource major School counselors and advisors using data-driven decision-making: Identification and analysis of barriers and enablers Scripted or non-scripted: A comparative analysis of two reading programs Smart boards to chalkboards: Professional development for early childhood teachers in rural East Africa Successful Title I schools: Teacher and supervisor perceptions of the supervision and evaluation processes Supplemental educational services: An action science study of achieving state standards for provider effectiveness TRIO's Student Support Services program: Participant perspectives on program components that impact student persistence toward bachelor degree attainment Teacher perceptions of music as a supplemental teaching method for reading and literacy Teacher use of achievement test score data Teacher-assigned math grades: Can they accurately predict student success on end-of-year math tests? Teachers' perceptions of the impact of the McREL Teacher evaluation System on professional growth The Mississippi school dropout quandary: An examination of zero tolerance as a school discipline through the eyes of rural African American high school dropouts in the Mississippi Delta The Texas Professional Development and Appraisal System: Links to student achievement The academic impact of co-teaching on non-disabled high school Integrated Math I students The combined effects of low socioeconomic status and high mobility on elementary achievement scores in Pennsylvania The effect of intentional remediation to mitigate attrition rates in a nursing program: An action research study The effect of study group participation on Student Naval Aviator persistence The effect of the implementation of a response to Intervention model on grade 9--12 student achievement/behaviors The effect of widespread teacher furlough implementation on student performance on the reading, mathematics, and science portions of the Hawaiii State Assessment The effects of an after school program on at-risk tenth grade students' achievement in English/language arts and mathematics The effects of character education in South Carolina's secondary schools The effects of curricula delivered learning assistance: Cross-discipline learning assistance through curriculum based assessment, intervention, and instruction The effects of project-based learning on student achievement in psychology: An action research study The effects of students' approach to learning and instructional strategy (delivery) on academic success The efficacy of active and collaborative learning environments in community colleges The identification of effective models for developing professional learning communities The impact an integrated workforce of a rural southwestern school district has in the making of a blue ribbon school The impact of a freshman academy on science performance of first-time ninth-grade students at one Georgia high school The impact of alignment coaching on Christian teachers' worthy performance The impact of background characteristics on rater severity in a cross-discipline composition assessment The implementation and evaluation of assessment tools for a time-sensitive language program: An action research study The implementation and evaluation of improvement in professional development for teachers teaching character education: An action research study The implementation of a focused school renewal plan to increase student achievement in a low performing rural school district The implementation of character education in Alabama high schools The implementation of incorporating student data into teacher evaluations to inform online instruction: An action research study The influence of educational leaders on curriculum design in higher education at a Northeastern U.S. university The influence of lesson plans on student learning: A mixed methods study The lack of instructional coaches: A qualitative study The lived experience of associate degree nurses in decision making of academic progression The lived experience of being an online learner in a graduate program The lived experience of masters-prepared academic nurse educators decision-making process for pursuing doctoral education The lived experience of professional learning community feedback and its impact on the instructional practice of elementary school teachers The perceived impact of school restructuring on the veteran teacher: A phenomenological case study The relationship between English Language Learners' language proficiency and standardized test scores The relationship between music test attitude and test anxiety: An action research study The relationship between school effectiveness and student achievement: A study of middle school performance in Palm Beach County, Florida since the implementation of NCLB The relationship of course work, grades, and ethnic variables on 10th-grade math FCAT scores The relationship of instructional strategy intervention and student achievement The role of a principal monitoring instructional practice during the implementation of a Readers Workshop model The role of the principal in successfully shaping school culture: A basic qualitative study To succeed or not to succeed: Evaluating the application of management training in the nonprofit environment To what extent does 3D immersive virtual reality engage students in learning and academic achievement Training evaluation within the federal government Transformation of nursing student attitudes toward care of the dying Transforming high school to promote ninth grade success: A study of the factors in ninth grade that impact achievement Understanding and use of online formative assessment data to create individualized learning plans Video conferencing in the high school classroom: Application of the concern-based adoption model (CBAM) What are professors doing in the classroom that might attenuate learning issues that challenge students with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What do they know when they get there? The relationship of Head Start, More At Four/NC Pre-K, private preschool programs and no preschool experiences to kindergarteners' reading/literacy readiness Who is being left behind: A study of inclusive disabled and nondisabled urban eighth-grade students based in Florida