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A descriptive comparative study of differences in mathematics achievement of eighth grade students enrolled in Common Core remediation courses A historical comparative look at African American teachers after Brown v. Board of Education A mixed methods study of school improvement interventions and theories in action A multiple case study describing the impact of collaborations between Seventh-Day Adventist principals and pastors in the United States A study of factors that inhibit and enhance at-risk student retention at a community college: Multiple case study A study of school administrators' knowledge of special education law in Federal overseas schools A study of the academic progress of students with disabilities in urban public middle schools in Georgia A study of the impact on student achievement of single-gender classes in coeducational public schools Alternative prison-based educational programs for women: A phenomenological inquiry of Girl Scouts Beyond Bars in a central Midwestern state An action science research approach to reducing student tardiness at the high school level An examination of the relationship between work-life benefits, turnover intentions, and organizational commitment of child nutrition professionals in small public school districts in Mississippi Breaking the glass ceiling: A mixed methods study of female superintendents in Georgia and the issues impacting their careers Can the 4-day school week work: An analysis of the impact of the 4-day school week on a rural Georgia school district Career decisions among reintegrating military veterans: Implications for postsecondary and adult education Charter and non-charter schools: Show us the money Childhood reflections: The affects of bullying experiences on teacher intervention Class act: A qualitative study of how an accepting or non accepting environment affects transgender teachers' professional lives Co-teaching as a solution to challenges faced by general and special education teachers Continuous calendar and academic growth: A study of the impact of continuous calendar schools on academic growth of low-socioeconomic-status students Developing a critical-thinking mind capable of making a lifetime of personal financial management decisions Developmental education---untangling the knot: A study of disaggregated developmental education data from selected Pennsylvania community colleges Dual credit student enrollment: Does it contribute to academic performance at the community college? Evaluating academic achievement of African-American male students in relationship to African-American male teachers in Guilford County, North Carolina Public Schools Evaluating the effects of a modified mentor pairing procedure on teacher induction: An action research study Examination of perception of stakeholders on universal basic education regarding inclusive education in Kaduna, Nigeria Exploratory study on the implementation and impact of an anti-bullying policy in school districts of a Western state Exploring the use of the human performance improvement model in an academic quality improvement program institution Fact or fiction: The influence of leadership styles on student achievement in private primary schools in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Faculty challenges in undergraduate web-based learning in for-profit learning environments Funding No Child Left Behind: The relationship between funding and making Adequate Yearly Progress Funding for K--12 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area: A case study utilizing a flexible research design Funding student achievement: A study of the relationships between federal transformation grant funding and student achievement for Texas high schools High school GPA: An alternate placement tool Homeschoolers returning to public school: Why do they come back? Homeschooling guidelines and statutes: An analysis of public school superintendents' perceptions in Ocean county, New Jersey How congruent is a strict uniform policy with enhanced academic achievement and self-beliefs in early adolescence? How instructional designers bridge learner - content transactional distances in virtual high school courses Identifying ways to improve learner persistence in GED programs Improving middle school parental engagement in transition to Common Core State Standards: An action research study Improving school improvement: Development and validation of the CSIS-360, a 360-degree feedback assessment for school improvement specialists Including students in the policy development process through appreciative inquiry: An action research inquiry Instructional innovations: The impact of comprehensive school reforms on middle school students' achievement Instructional leadership, change, and political culture: The relationship between superintendents' perceived self-efficacy with policy implementation and student achievement Internships and their relationship of narrowing the gap between curricula and the insurance industry Is it fair? Compensation directly connected to performance: The relationship between merit pay and special education It's the little things: A study of the development of an early indicator system for at-risk students Keeping the ones you want: A study of faculty satisfaction and faculty retention in higher education Maximizing the use of effective instructional strategies among career and technical education teachers in K-12 education Mentoring's critical components: Four traditional teachers', four alternate -route teachers', and four mentors' perspectives Modifying open-campus lunch policy to reduce discipline violations: An action research study Ninth-grade academy impact on achievement of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds No Child Left Behind Act: Transformational leadership and adjudicated students' achievement in secondary school One critical year: Understanding college entry experiences, academic resilience, and student persistence among nontraditional community college students Opportunities for effective leadership practices provided by Colorado's new principal quality standards: Discoveries from the field (no principal left behind) Over 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education: Perceptions of academic achievement Perspectives of international students returning to persist in a GED preparation course: A case study Postsecondary aspirations of rural high school seniors Proactive strategies by law enforcement and the relationship to school violence preparedness Questioning leadership: A study of leadership style, teacher perceptions, and student achievement Self-reported factors that influence choice of college-bound students in Lebanon Standardized education and minority culture: A study of private Jewish school settings and modern Israel studies Supplemental educational services: An action science study of achieving state standards for provider effectiveness Teacher attrition and retention: An uphill climb that education must overcome to save schools Teachers' perceptions of safety and preparedness for acts of violence within schools in light of recent school shootings Teaching with technology in the higher education classroom to affect student engagement and success: An action research study The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program and achievement in grades six through eight The Mississippi school dropout quandary: An examination of zero tolerance as a school discipline through the eyes of rural African American high school dropouts in the Mississippi Delta The achievement gap and the role of Black community church leaders The effect of collective bargaining on policy development at institutions of higher education: A comparative analysis The effect of the implementation of a response to Intervention model on grade 9--12 student achievement/behaviors The effect of widespread teacher furlough implementation on student performance on the reading, mathematics, and science portions of the Hawaiii State Assessment The effects of classroom settings on deaf and hard of hearing students' reading achievement The effects of the federal work-study program on student persistence and accrued loan debt The four-day school calendar: A comparative study of student performance indicators in a Colorado school district The relationship between school effectiveness and student achievement: A study of middle school performance in Palm Beach County, Florida since the implementation of NCLB The relationship of extended school time and student academic achievement in urban elementary schools Transformation of standards-based reform Transforming high school to promote ninth grade success: A study of the factors in ninth grade that impact achievement Unfunded mandate: Does more money mean better special education compliance? Utilization of interactive whiteboards in classroom instruction: A case study Would you have enrolled?: Decision factors in baccalaureate-only nursing among associate degree nursing students