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A comparison on overage middle school students achievement test scores in reading and math A historical comparative look at African American teachers after Brown v. Board of Education An examination of a woman's life work: Laura Smith Haviland and the founding of the Raisin Institute An historiographical analysis of the impact of the 1960s on institutions of higher education in metropolitan Boise, Idaho Dean of deans: Wilfred Bain and the rise of the Indiana University School of Music Immigrants take over schools: A historical study of minorities influencing educational *policy Latina retention: An historical exploration of culturally responsive leadership in student affairs Redefining education: a grounded theory study Shaping the quality of public education teachers in the United States of America; 1830s--1950s Single -gender education: Educators' perspective Standardized education and minority culture: A study of private Jewish school settings and modern Israel studies The changing nature of church college relations: A history and case study of Concordia University Texas The development of semiurban schools: A response to resegregation The history of American Sign Language interpreting education The impact of Montessori public elementary experiences on high school students The intersection of free speech and technology: A study of the history of acceptable discipline procedures for K-12 schools The three eras of Hmong educational history in Laos: French colonial, Laotian independence, and USAID, 1917--1975 Women, minorities, and tenure barriers: A sampling of the experiences of women and minority faculty in pursuit of tenure at a public university in the United States