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A comparative study of the relationship between human capital investment and the growth and decline of two similar communities: A case study Niagara Falls, New York, U.S.A., and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada A quantitative study of the economies of the CARICOM countries to determine homogeneity and optimum currency area feasibility A study of the relationship between CEO compensation and firm performance in the U.S. airline industry: 2002--2006 Classroom mastery of performance standards Defining and managing a denominational economy: An investigation of a conceptual model Econometric modeling of exchange rate determinants by market classification: An empirical analysis of Japan and South Korea using the sticky-price monetary theory Impact of changes in unemployment rate and population on enrollment in North Carolina's rural, urban, and suburban community colleges Regulatory affect on business model success: The California smog check program The hiring practices of minority business owners in the event of corporate income tax reform: A qualitative study