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A Study of Parenting Dimensions and Family Conflict in Hispanic and African American Families: Implications for Social Research A case study of beliefs and culturally relevant practices of four kindergarten teachers and ESL reading achievement A changing paradigm: A case study of a district's shift in communicating with standards-based report cards A comparison of preschool teachers' beliefs regarding student-centered learning, self-efficacy regarding technology use, and perceived value of computers A qualitative case study exploring an early childhood educator professional development program linking teacher efficacy, engagement, and retention A spoonful of sugar works: An experimental study of early childhood teachers' perceptions A study of associations among teacher collaborative activities and student achievement A study of family interactions affecting school readiness for rural preschoolers of poverty A study of parent-child numeracy interaction in families of English language learners A study of the relationship between early childhood program attributes and early childhood reading achievement A study of yoga therapy to increase attention in preschool children After school tutorial program: The effects of a Title I school Alternative seating for young children: Effects on critical early literacy skills An evaluation of quality in early education: The role of curriculum and teacher -child outcomes An intervention that addresses developmental readiness: Entrance into kindergarten An investigation of leadership best practices and teacher morale in six community college child development centers in southern California Analyzing relationships between classroom management strategies, student achievement scores, and teachers' attitudes and beliefs in diverse elementary settings Are we there yet? An analysis of multicultural content in the early childhood education specialization textbooks used by one university's teacher preparation program Assessing dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills as a predictor of reading success for beginning readers Building character education in the preschool Case study: Investigating the impact of the child development associate credentialing process on child care provider performance Characteristics of successful kindergarten students in Georgia public schools Church-based child obesity intervention Collaboration with parents to improve outcomes in young child obesity Comparison of growth in beginning literacy and early reading skills for kindergarteners who received direct instruction to those who received other means of instruction Connecting professional development to current practices: An examination of implementation of developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood education Correlational study of leadership style and teacher job satisfaction in two Head Start programs Couple relationship satisfaction and parenting style among nonmarried parents of children in Head Start programs Developing a measure of parental perceived self-efficacy for implementing Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for a child with autism Developmentally appropriate teacher practice within an inclusive birth to five educational setting Does teaching experience matter? Relationship between length of teaching experience and course achievement in Early Childhood Education courses Early childhood programs and African American educators: Experiences about father involvement Ethnographic study of Nigerian early childhood educators' implementation of constructivist curriculum Examining pre-k professional development programs: Discovering the road to exceptional instructional practices Filling the gap: The impact of male primary teachers on the early school success of father -absent boys Hidden gems: A quantitative study of perceptions of teacher leadership Home & family considerations: Cognitive ability of male, Black preschoolers in urban environments How Appalachian fathers acquire parenting practices: A grounded theory study How moral education instilled in adolescents from parents and teachers improves educational achievement and citizenship Identifying at risk young children: A comparison of the Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales, Second Edition and the Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition Implementing a Parental Involvement Program to Improve Parents' Engagement in Their Children's Learning: An Action Research Study Improving the quality of early childhood programs: Minnesota program directors' use of quality assessment measures Inclusive diversity: Are early childhood teachers prepared? Increasing parent involvement through parent education in an early childhood program: An action research study Increasing student achievement and improving self-esteem through a community building intervention Increasing support for novice teachers working in urban, low -income schools Investigating parents' knowledge of the response to intervention process and its effect on parental involvement Investigating the relationship of in -class tutoring using focused reading strategies and the reading comprehension of struggling readers Is full-day kindergarten worth it? An academic comparison of full-day and half-day kindergarten programs Kindergarten reading readiness: Effects of full day prekindergarten attendance Knowledge before school-age, is power during school-age: A study of urban preschool and the learning disabled Ladders to learning: The effect of pre-kindergarten programs on minority student academic achievement Language development challenges in the home environment of the tube-fed child: An action research study Leadership and its effects on early learning in head start: A case study Linking teacher beliefs to classroom practices that support literacy skills Literacy skills of kindergarten students with preschool experience compared to those with no preschool experience in one Southeastern United States rural school district Lived experiences of men employed by publicly -funded early childhood care and education programs in Los Angeles County, California Nonprofit versus for-profit prekindergarten programs: Which parents hit the academic jackpot? Parent experiences with early symptoms and diagnosis of children with mild autism and Asperger's syndrome Parent involvement, an integral part of the early learning experience for blind children: A qualitative study of the mother's experience Parents' perceptions of the influence of television on preschool-age children: A bioecological systems theory perspective Philosophy within practice: Relationship between philosophical orientations and teaching styles of faculty in early childhood teacher preparation programs Predictive validity of a one-minute measure of comprehension on a state measure of adequate yearly progress Prekindergarten participation as related to performance in primary grades Preschool teachers' experiences teaching coping skills: A qualitative inquiry into non-cognitive skill formation Quasi-experimental study: Head Start preschoolers' cognitive development as assessed by the Learning Accomplishment Profile--Diagnostic Relaxation and learning in the special-needs preschool classroom Rural schools have pre-kindergarten too: Effectiveness of rural pre-kindergarten programs at reducing retention, reducing special education placement and improving student performance Sign Language versus picture exchange communication system in language aquisition in young children with autism Smart boards to chalkboards: Professional development for early childhood teachers in rural East Africa Spiritual and religious intervention: Psychotherapist and client perspective Supportive leadership for Pre-kindergarten public school teachers Teachers' experiences and perspectives of team-based learning strategies in preschool classrooms Teachers' perceptions of reading skill improvement of second-grade African American boys using culturally relevant literature: An action research study Teachers' perceptions of the impact of the McREL Teacher evaluation System on professional growth The effect of differentiated instruction on the achievement of low performing fifth-grade students of low socioeconomic status The effect of school principals' leadership styles on elementary school students' reading achievement scores The impact of differentiated literacy instruction on English language learners in kindergarten The impact of higher order thinking strategies on reading comprehension: A quantitative study in primary education The influence of parental involvement on kindergarten learners' reading readiness The lack of instructional coaches: A qualitative study The perils of preschool: Teacher burnout, perceived efficacy and attitudes towards children with behavioral challenges The professional development of early childhood educators: A narrative case study The relationship between parental involvement and student achievement: A case study of African American students in an urban elementary charter school The relationship between principals' perception of their leadership style and teachers' perception of their job satisfaction The role of reflection: Preschool teachers' use of reflective thinking to translate higher education learning into teaching practice The word on vocabulary instruction: Understanding the kindergarten teacher's perspective Usefulness of a community-based voluntary preschool program's impact: Utilization-focused evaluative case study Using inquiry-based instructional strategies in third-grade science Ways of knowing and doing: Frameworks of practice in family child care What do they know when they get there? The relationship of Head Start, More At Four/NC Pre-K, private preschool programs and no preschool experiences to kindergarteners' reading/literacy readiness Where it begins: Parental strategies that impact the kindergarten readiness of African American students Who am I? Probing racial identity in young biracial children Young potentially gifted learners: Alignment of beliefs, instructional practices, district policies, and district leadership expectations in rural South Carolina school districts